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Mar 13, 2020 28 tweets 10 min read
Governor starts by saying we now have 10 cases of presumptive positive cases of COVID19. Three more cases in Bernalillo County - one in Santa Fe County. One in the hospital. Three in isolation at home. They are talking about #flatteningthecurve evidence they say shows why the state is taking measures to limit the spread of #COVID19.

“We are not yet in the case of community transmission.”

All cases so far in N.M. are travel related.
Aug 29, 2018 58 tweets 7 min read
We’re back in court today for the #TaosCompound case. Today the defense will making a motion to dismiss charges while the prosecutors will be appealing the decision to grant release. Live updates here. Sheriff Hogrefe going over things with prosecutors. Defense attorneys are in courtroom. We had a 10am start time, still standing by.