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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total cases cross 150K, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.3% - so doubling every 16 days. Finally a slowdown in infection after a week of rising growth. 🤞
How are TOTAL and ACTIVE cases changing?
Look at the right panel - to observe the decline in growth rate of active cases, after 7 days of rising speed.
7 Day moving average:
1) Daily cases
2) Daily deaths
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
(1) Total confirmed cases continue to rise. ACTIVE cases growing at 4.2% - so doubling in 17 days. Active cases have to stop rising for us to #FlattenTheCurve.
(2) How are TOTAL cases and ACTIVE cases growing?
(a) Total cases doubling in 13 days.
(b) Active cases doubling in 17 days. It was down to 23 days on 16th May.
(3) 7 Day moving averages:
(a) Daily cases
(b) Daily deaths
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Total cases increase, as ACTIVE cases grow at 4.2% - so doubling in 17 days. We are witnessing a significant reversal in trend.
1) Total cases are doubling in 13 days.
2) Active cases are doubling in 17 days.
7Day moving average:
1) Daily new cases
2) Daily deaths
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
As total cases mount, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3.6% - so doubling in 19 days. We are struggling to #FlattenTheCurve - need better isolation, tracing and testing strategies at local district levels across the country.
This is where the trouble lies: we are clocking ~5000 new cases over last several days. 5 Day moving average of new cases:
1)MH accounts for ~2000
2)TN (~700)
3)DL (~500)
4)RJ, GJ, UP (~300)
5) Several states reporting their highest number of new cases now: DL, RJ, UP, KA, AS
How are ACTIVE cases growing across states?
1) Rising speed: KA, MH, RJ, MP, JK, WB, GJ, UP, TS (these states need better isolation+tracing+testing)
2) Slowing down: KL, OD, TN, PB...
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Must Watch: Debunking The Narrative With Prof. Dolores Cahill


Immune system takes 10 days to clear this virus & then ur immune for life

There is no cause for imposing #lockdown, #SocialDistancing, #Masks

#FakePandemic #Scamdemic…
There has never been a #vaccine for this type of virus & none is required Nor is any new drug required. If ever developed it must be tested against hydroxychloroquine

Vaccines cause diseases & deaths, are the main cause of the #CytokineStorm

#Plandemic #Event201 #NWO
Vaccines suppress immunity

We have to call this out now! Or this is a trick they will keep playing every year

Alexander #Solzhenitsyn said if we had spoken out on day 1, we would not have ended up in the #gulag

#CoronaHoax #FlatteningTheCurve #NewNormal
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total cases are 90,648 and the rate of growth of ACTIVE cases = 3.1% - so doubling in 23 days. This implies that the recoveries are growing fast. Press on India!
Total COVID cases, total COVID-related deaths and the growth rate of total cases - according to different data sources. All show growth rate of 4.9% - so doubling in 14 days. @WHO @ECDC_EU @JHUSystems
The CGDR of total cases = 11.26%
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total cases are 78,055 and growing. ACTIVE cases are growing at 4.2% - so doubling in 17 days. This is the slowest growth in active cases India has achieved (but base is large too). Press on!
Total COVID cases and growth of total cases in India - according to different data sources. @WHO @JHUSystems @ECDC_Outbreaks
7Day Moving average of:
1) Daily cases
2) Daily deaths
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Sadly, we’ve progressed from “testing would be nice” to “nasty tests sometimes are negative and then positive so they’re not great.” It’s now clear we have to ease the harshest restrictions as carefully as possible, but in the absence of widespread testing and contact tracing.
I wish that weren’t the case. I wish we’d used the harsh measures imposed in March to rapidly ramp up public health infrastructure and testing capacity so the sacrifices made would result in a lasting reduction in deaths.
Each day we keep the harshest possible restrictions in place this spring/summer will make it harder to re-impose some or all of them when they may be most needed in fall/winter.
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Thread on my #CovidDataProject: #ReOpenAmerica edition.

For those not familiar with my work, the original (and still primary) aim of my model was to answer the question, “Where would we be on #COVID19 deaths had @realDonaldTrump acted quickly and responsibly?” The answer is

is shocking. As of midnight UTC last night, we stood at 72,271 deaths, and my model shows 90.905%, 65,698 American souls, would still be alive had he acted quickly. In other words, this would have been another tragic but relatively small blip on the epidemic radar, similar in
scale to the #SwineFlu under @BarackObama. And that’s without taking into account the added deaths globally, those caused by America’s failure to act.

Another, secondary goal has been predictive, looking at trends to make an educated guess about where we’re headed. That’s

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#COVID__19 #FlatteningtheCurve Isolation is a key strategy to limiting transmission. It's important we remember that the virus is in the throat & noses of people positive for the infection and this is the major source of transmission. @Fmohnigeria @FMICNigeria @FMEnvng @NCDCgov
#COVID__19 people understanding this is critical. Isolation is not just for the sick, it is for anyone positive even if having no/very mild symptoms. Bcos as long as one is positive, even while talking, the person sheds the virus & exposes others @nighealthwatch @DailyPostNGR
#COVID__19 This is also the reason why physical/spatial distancing is critical. You don't know the status of the other person. S/He may be shedding the virus, so gatherings are discouraged, was why everyone was requested to #StayHomeStaySafe @NigeriainfoFM
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total confirmed cases growing, Active cases growing at 4.8% - so doubling every 15 days.
Total confirmed cases growing at the doubling rate of 12 days - consistent across different data sources.
7Day moving average of Daily confirmed cases and Daily deaths in India.
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#DailyUpdate #StateHealth #Covid19India
Total cases=Active+Recovered+Deaths
1) Alarming: MH, GJ
2) Rising active cases: MP, UP, AP, WB, BR
3) Good recovery: KL, HR, TN
4) Improving: KA, TS, PB
5) Second wave: DL, RJ
5Day Moving average of New Confirmed cases: this MUST be brought under control by local administrations. And the ONLY formula available —

Recovery formula = Containment + Contact Tracing + Testing
Total COVID cases in India: Projected Vs Actuals
1) Even at the current rate, we will have 1,12,149 by May 17th.
2) SO, we need to continue #FlatteningtheCurve
3) Containment! Contact tracing! Testing!
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
As total Confirmed cases grow in India, Active cases are growing at 6.8% - so doubling every 10 days.
The Compound Daily Growth Rate is 12.84% ...and falling. Good.
1) 5Day Moving Median of New Confirmed cases.
2) 5Day Moving Median of Daily COVID deaths.
3) #NewGraph Long term trend - 7Day Moving Average: the trend and deviations.
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Number of positive cases per day April 1 - 18, 2020
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THREAD: It's a different time. Every day more folks're questioning the assumptions behind our entire system. A non-zero number of countries'll choose to build anew rather than rebuild a system needing enormous structural changes. Canada'll be one of them. What of Alberta? #abpoli Image
The brightest countries'll make the switch to the next generation of energy, a circular and/or donut economy & a future-facing climate-friendly approach. Canada'll choose this route & it's up to Albertans to decide whether we show leadership or get dragged kicking & screaming /2 Image
The challenge facing Albertans during the coronavirus (other than #FlatteningTheCurve) is the same one we've been staring down & *mainly* ignoring for many decades now. Maybe the history books'll say it took a global pandemic for us to finally start making the right decisions /3 Image
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#DailyUpdate #COVID2019
India is flattening the curve. The growth rate has shown a consistent decline - from April 6th onwards - approximately 2 weeks after the #Lockdown . Active cases are doubling every 7 days.
The 5Day Moving Median for new confirmed cases has been stable. Good!
The compound daily growth rate marginally declining in last few days.... this needs to fall significantly!
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The Paradox of Elected Representation in Times of #COVID19

- This is a thread (1/11)
What does the future hold for all Malaysians post #MCO? What if this new “NORM” is extended beyond 12-18 months pending release of #COVID19 vaccine? Will there be more unity and solidarity among MPs to support Supplementary Budgets and New Legislations initiatives? (2/11)
#COVID19 is crippling Global politics, economy & social structures leading to government mandated lockdowns & #MCOs. These decisions, in addition to compulsory quarantine & travel bans can be challenged as unconstitutional, which seems unimportant in the face of #COVID19. (3/11)
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•Trump tweeted in all caps
•George tweeted in all caps

WHY? Also with WYWY.
2. This article has been mentioned by @TheCollectiveQ…
@andweknow there is something with flattening the curve.
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Update on #COVID19 situation in Australia. Overall good ! Detected cases 6,019 (+96), Recovered cases 2085 (+322), death 50 (+2). 2x more recovery than detected cases. Doubling time 13 days ! Follows Korea #flatteningthecurve due to #border closure #SocialDistancing & lots tests
At State level, all #flatteningthecurve. Looking at NSW + VIC overseas travelers detected cases steady. Interestingly community still steadily increases (~12.9% cases today) -> slow growth rate (0.1%/day). National level 560 community acquired cases 9.6% total (growth 0.2%/day)
Testing rate. Today over 318,000 tests performed in Australia with hit rate at 1.8%. Interestingly we are first days of relaxations of testing criteria and no surges in cases. In fact I see hit rate decreasing (0.1% today) ! Very good early signs ! Hopefully this will continue.
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Despite COVID-19 deaths topping 10,000 in the U.S and case numbers surpassing 350K+, 79% of Fox “News” consumers who responded to a Pew Research survey believe the media “slightly or greatly exaggerated” the risk of the pandemic. | via @VanityFair 🦊😷… ImageImageImage
How Trump and his gang of intransigent @GOP Governors are fundamentally incapable of managing #COVID19 altruistically b/c their profit motives & false pride take top priority, but Democrats are turning the tide with science & empathy | via @RickSmithShow…
“Two Texas prison units are on a complete lockdown after most of their inmate population was placed in medical restriction for possible exposure to COVID-19...”
| via @HoustonChron 😬😷… ImageImageImageImage
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The initial gains in #flatteningthecurve have been reversed. From the last five days, India is back to a growth rate where confirmed cases double every 3 days.
Growth rate in last 5 days is 23.3% - so cases doubling every 3 days. Everything that we do as a country (and don’t) will impact this outbreak. Without the early travel bans and closures we would have a total > 5200 today. So #StayAtHome and #savelife 🤞🏽
Compound daily growth rate is inching higher - and stands at 13.25% (need to reverse this!). Hopefully the effect of #Lockdown21 will begin to show in 3/4 days. 🤞🏽
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Cases rising. At lower rate.
Think of a truck on a highway, coming towards you at 100km/h... and now it’s coming at 60km/h! We’ve bought time.
India in detail - and following effects of early measures. India is #flatteningthecurve - but cases will continue to rise.
Total death numbers are insightful. India must not follow France, where death numbers were few in the beginning, but shot up later. Need to ramp up testing. To test - is to know! And to know is to act.
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The growth rate of confirmed cases began declining in India from March 23rd - probably due to strict measures taken on March 12th. Travel ban (to certain countries) + closure of schools/colleges + Epidemic Disease Act invoked by some states.
How is India #flatteningthecurve ? This is how👇🏼
And here is the breakup of all confirmed cases into:
1)Active (2)Recovered (3)Death.
a) Recovery looking good in India, Germany - with few deaths.
b) UK and US not showing any recovery (why?)
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This is incredibly disturbing.

Non peer reviewed study used to argue against social distancing and an early end to lockdown produced by company linked to the nudge unit which first suggested the herd immunity strategy.

Now being held up by RW commentators in UK and US
The media jumped on the "Oxford University' report, using the university's name to add a veneer of respectability that the public would trust.
Yet Oxford University had nothing to do with that report, it came out of a PR company.
When government says its following the science its worth noting that all the herd immunity as strategy came from the behavioral psychologists not the medical scientists.

There have been reports of differences of opinion at the centre of government.

3 weeks ago I had my worries
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