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(1) Thread #6 about the #TaosCompound #NMCompound case, starting 9/12/18.

Catch up with Thread #5 here:

Learn the whole story by starting with Thread #1 on 8/14/18 here:

#RuleOfLaw #NewMexico #RememberAbdul
(2) Update as of today:
>The 5 defendants will remain in custody pre-trial in the firearms case that is in the FEDERAL jurisdiction.
>Further federal charges are possible.
>Further STATE jurisdiction charges are possible.
>Dumb things are still being said by LWNJs & RWNJs.
(3) Yes, there are nutjobs at the far end of both sides of the political spectrum.

I disavow bigotry against anyone that is SOLELY on the basis of their religion, race or any other "constitutionally protected class."

It's wrong AND it could ruin the prosecution case.
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(1) Thread #5 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Politics, corruption, incompetence & passing the buck. This case has it all.

And it's NOT too late to fix the mess!

Read my series of threads about this case:
… …

(2) Shoot, the first tweet has the wrong date. This thread starts on 8/31/18 not 8/30/18. I hate little mistakes, but continuing on is quicker than fixing it all up.
(3) I realize 5 threads are a lot to read, but if your reply shows you haven't read even some of this unpaid research work I've done, you probably won't get a reply from me. I don't mind being unpaid, I prefer it bc I can say what I want.

I'm j/s, read some facts b4 replying.
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(1) Thread #4 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Read my series of threads about this case:

NM has a GOP Governor with power to direct the state AG to take over the case from the small-town DA.

Facts > Speculation

(2) You're not helping #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by accepting the cherry picked talking points of either Democrats OR Republicans.

On the GOP side, we must clean up our act when it comes to reporting & discussing this case. It is serious!

Don't be a hypocrite. Use your brain.
(3) Trust me, I've heard everything people are saying about this case. And I have assembled the facts that correct the misinformation. Anyone can do this, I'm not special. It just takes an open mind & a couple of hours of searching online, & I've done most of it for you.
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We’re back in court today for the #TaosCompound case. Today the defense will making a motion to dismiss charges while the prosecutors will be appealing the decision to grant release. Live updates here.
Sheriff Hogrefe going over things with prosecutors. Defense attorneys are in courtroom. We had a 10am start time, still standing by.
Morton and the Wahhaj women enter the courtroom. All smiles before the hearing to dismiss their charges.
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(1) #TaosCompound New Mexico case updates thread #3 starting 8/26/18.

List of links to my series of threads about this case:

If you're new to my tweets about this case, you might want to read the earlier threads before commenting.
(2) At the end of the previous thread I wrote:

You can't outlaw religion. You can't outlaw thought crimes such as fundamentalist beliefs. You can outlaw delusional adults being around small children.

Sane adults had multiple opportunities to rescue these children in 2017-18.
(3) People on both the political left & right are so caught up in identity politics that they have lost sight of the central issues in this case.

A medically vulnerable child was abducted by people who told others they oppose modern medicine. LEOs had opportunities to save him.
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(1) The #TaosCompound #AmaliaCompound New Mexico case is extraordinarily complex. Each new thread I write about it in the coming years will be linked below.

I honor the memory of 3 year old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, whose death was preventable.
(2) My first reluctant thread clarified that the anger towards the initial Judge in the case, Sarah Backus, was misplaced. She was only legally allowed to work with what the DA had submitted.

(3) Then I explored the wider context, including the actions of New Mexico Democrat and Republican elected officials.

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(1) #TaosCompound New Mexico case updates thread starting 8/16/18.

Please read my initial thread about one aspect of the case:

If you are familiar with NM law & politics, please add any relevant info below. Sources, links, documents etc preferred.
(2) In my initial thread linked above, I didn't say that the prosecution had a full 10 days between the raid of the compound on 8/3 and the bond hearing on 8/13. This makes their poor performance even less excusable.
(3) AFAIK, the 3 defendants eligible to be released once conditions are met remain in detention as of today. It is looking increasingly difficult for them to satisfy the housing condition, but their attorneys are working on it. Honestly I'd stay inside if I were them, for safety.
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(1) The #TaosCompound initial detention case is a test of our commitment to the #RuleOfLaw & the great US Constitution.

Have you read the full court order?

My controversial opinion: Scalia, Gorsuch & Kavanaugh would have ruled the same as Backus did.…
(2) I object to child abuse, manslaughter, terrorist training, and Democrats as elected officials.

I support state & federal prosecutors presenting the best possible cases to protect the public and prevent further crime.
(3) I admire, respect, & indeed love the late Justice Scalia, Justice Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh. For their skill, consistency, courage, and humanity.

Their greatest strength was & is faithful adherence to the rule of law, without fear or favor.
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