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📢 Florida's newly signed Framework for Freedom Budget brings significant tax relief and record-breaking funding for education. 💰

💸 Florida residents have a reason to celebrate! The Framework for Freedom Budget includes $2.7 billion in tax relief, the largest in our state's history. #TaxRelief
📚 Education takes center stage with a remarkable $26.8 billion in K-12 funding, surpassing previous spending records. Thank you for putting our children first!
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I want to applaud @POTUS for taking another step toward reducing gun violence and making our communities safer. This Executive Order will increase the number of background checks conducted before a firearm sale takes place. #endgunviolence
The EO will also keep more guns out of dangerous hands by increasing the effective use of “red flag” laws, strengthening efforts to hold the gun industry accountable, and accelerating law enforcement efforts to identify and apprehend the shooters menacing our communities.
Baltimore has something to say about tackling the issue of gun violence. In 2022, we seized more guns than in any other year since 2014. Notably, 2600 weapons were seized, including 485 ghost guns. Homicides are down 23% and non-fatal shootings are down 26% year over year.
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🧵Do-it-yourself (DIY) air cleaners: Evidence on effectiveness and considerations for safe operation

Angela Eykelbosh, Environmental Health and Knowledge Translation Scientist, @ncceh National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health
Jan 18/23

LINK:… Key Messages - A review of ...
Do-it-yourself (DIY) air cleaners: Evidence on effectiveness and considerations for safe operation

Angela Eykelbosh, Environmental Health and Knowledge Translation Scientist, @ncceh National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health
Jan 18/23

PDF:… Key Messages  - A review of...
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On 28 October 2022, our Wild Surakshe team conducted a workshop on 'Zoonotic Diseases and Human First Aid' for the Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary Forest Department, Tamil Nadu.
#wildsurakshe #wildlifeconservation
A total of 30 participants consisting of Forest Range Officers, Foresters, Forest Guards, Forest Watchers and Anti-Poaching Watchers from five different forest ranges of Tamil Nadu attended the workshop.
#wildlifeconservation #zoonoticdiseases #PublicHealth #PublicSafety
We were later joined by Dr. Jaya Deepa from the Srivilliputhur Urban PHC, who shared her insights on zoonotic diseases with the Forest Department.
#Healthcare #RuralHealth #RuralHealthcare #Health #HealthEducation
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Microwave Weapons, Electromagnetic Weapons, Electronic Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Neuroweapons: Call it what you will but these are NEUROHACKING and BIOHACKING Weapons: Basic Education for "Law" Enforcement employees who KNOWINGLY use DEWs yet hope no-one notices the FACTS 👇
Those responsible for setting up a Smart Grid, for approving the use of Electronic Weapons on people (without telling them so) in #PublicSafety #CommunityHealth #CommunityPolicing #WeaponsTesting et al Covers are All #TopCrims, who've sanctioned, ok'd, approved, allowed TORTURE.
Those engaged in #TechSurveillance #CIA #MK projects, #DARPA Neuro Disruption projects, #NSA & Univ Mindreading projects, all know perfectly well they're doing things they shouldn't be: They're harming people, remotely, with conducted energy, RNM, REA, etc. #Amoral and #Inhumane.
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Just FYI to the Bogus #BehaviouralHealthOpsters out there who like to project that everything is a "health crisis" from which people are "recovering" and need "healing" and "therapy" from: #PsychiatryCrime #SpyStateCrime #Spychiatry cannot be hidden ANYMORE & is #BeingExposed!👹
7:31 pm: Direct response to this tweet from the Opsters right next door calling out (they do this Only when Spychiatry is exposed at my pen, on social media, online on my Bentley logs, or in an article & in real time) to their conveniently named dog. Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna!
And since it appears #Spychiatry is such an elemental subject provoking immediate attention, may they all be warned: I am now at the #Spychiatry Desk, and the endless stream of subject flowing in is sure going to keep me busy!
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#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
* In our country everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial. This is true even though they may have been arrested & charged w/a crime.

*#Wisconsin & the fed. gov't both have ... 1/9
#WisPol ImageImage
#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
...criminal laws, but different approaches re: protecting constitutional #RightsOfAccused AND #PublicSafety.

*U.S. government procedure does NOT generally rely on cash bail — it only considers ... 2/9
#WisPol Image
#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
... public safety. #Wisconsin, in contrast, relies on setting an amount of #CashBail to ensure defendant shows up for trial.

*Wisco’s system of cash bail gives great advantages to ppl w/money... 3/9
#WisPol Image
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Take 15 mins. Watch this video. It's more important to you than you know.

This is what China is doing, but Western governments are on exactly the same path #technologically; they just have a different set of #rationalisations.

The #DatabaseState isn't coming. It's already here.
It doesn't matter if your Government's #justification is #innovation ("AI is cool!"), #PublicSafety ("Think of the kids!"), or #efficiency ("People are expensive, let's use algorithms instead") - installing the #tools of #totalitarianism only ends up in one place.

It was true...
...of @ukhomeoffice's centralised #biometric National Identity Register - the heart of the #IDcards scheme in the 2000s - and is as true of @DCMS's "Identity & Attributes Trust Framework" 👇 of which the first 'adopters' include the #HomeOffice (again)...…
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"Biographies of late bloomers...might leave us with lessons about how some people can be helped to flourish earlier— will show us that some talents come to fruition differently. We should encourage a diversity of paths to success." @HenryEOliver…
The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future | Soil | The Guardian…
#SoilCharacteristics, #EcosystemSustainability
For top-quality patient care, invest in nurses | McKinsey & Company…
#PatientCare, #NursingStaffs, #HealthcareSystem, #COVID19
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Doing a thread on #StormEunice building failures - from the millennium dome, scaffolds down & cladding failures

Pls post to this thread or DM pictures, footage or thoughts

We have a number of press enquires for support & pls state if you any your footage cited or featured
Note this work is self funded & undertaken in the public interest + informs wider representations to @GOVUK on #publicsafety

We don’t charge for this, have any cost recovery but instead requests that any applicable media fees are donated to @LondonFire1666 #BurnResearchCharity
#StormEunice leaves the O2 arena roof in tatters this afternoon
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Report from EU Commission highlights major inadequacies in materials submitted to #AnBordPleanala for remedial assessment on unlawful #DerryBrien #Windfarm. This is compounded by really serious failings in Board's handling of #PublicParticipation process…
An application went to Board in August 2020, but a further round on consultation was triggered given changes made to the Irish legislation for this process to address issues identified in a Supreme Court ruling in July 1 in case taken by An Taisce. But ....
Despite the fact the Oireachtas had required in primary legislation the new info to be made available online by An Bord Pleanala they didn't do so for over 3 weeks of a 5 week consultation - buried in height of August holiday period & weeks after the issue was highlighted to them
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#COVID19 and kids: "This virus scares me. Some of my friends have gotten it. My grandmother got it and was really sick. I think we should all do what we can to stop this. I’m wearing my mask at school. Hope I can get the vaccine soon.” -- Jim, 14. (1/7)
Kids and #MaskMandates: "Coronavirus has hurt all of us. I hate missing school. All of us are wearing masks. Not sure when kids can get the vaccine. I hope it’s soon.” -- Lauren, 12
Kids and #vaccination: "My mom and dad think the virus is under control now. They keep telling me not to worry about it. They let me wear my mask but they don’t push it. I don’t think they’ve been vaccinated. I hope they will let me get the shot.” -- Mike, 15 (3/7)
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This week marks 100 days since @POTUS & @VP took office. We’re looking back at the work we contributed during the first #100Days of the new @WhiteHouse administration.
@POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Cybersecurity is a top priority for this administration. We've been helping public and private stakeholders protect their networks.

We issued two Emergency Directives and continue to help agencies and organizations detect, mitigate, remediate, and evict threat actors. #100Days Emergency Directive 21-03: Mitigate Pulse Connect Secure ProEmergency Directive 21-02: Mitigate Microsoft Exchange On-Pr
@POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Our Computer Emergency Readiness Team - @USCERT_gov – continues to provide timely direction on Microsoft Exchange and Pulse Connect Secure vulnerabilities to federal civilian agencies and recommended urgent actions for public and private sector partners. #100Days
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Fresno City Council meeting March 18,2021! Among the items is a proclamation for outgoing Fresno Housing Authority’s CEO Preston Prince; Storyland/Playland 31-year lease at $1 per year; homeless Youth shelters;adding one full-time position to Council District 7 Office Division;
Appearance by Chicago’s Anthony Tassone to discuss Remove Racial Bias by Analyzing Police Body Cams While Reducing City Spending @GreenKeyTech #publicsafety #police Watch Live at 9 am #Fresno
Selected items on CONSENT CALENDAR 1-B BILL No. B-4 (Intro. 3/4/2021) Amending Article 15 of Chapter 7 of the Fresno Municipal Code relating to certain technical amendments required by the California Department of Tax /Fee Administration and as required due to the passage time
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1/7 The key question is: will the firearms bill announced yesterday make Canadians more safe? The answer is no. #canpoli #publicsafety #firearms
2/7 Nearly 500 shootings in Toronto last yr. Near record yr (despite existing gun ban & lockdwns) & vast majority by gangs- with illegal guns. Bill C-21 muni power & confiscation-in-place program only targets already law abiding firearms owners.
3/7 #CPC opposes the OiC & the confiscation of firearms from law abiding, licensed owners. How can #LPC actually not have brought forward compensation details while prohibiting use, transfer, transport, or sale?
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TONIGHT 5:30pm: I am observing the #SanFrancisco #Police Commission for @lwvsf on this thread. 📢Big Change to the agenda: PUBLIC COMMENT will now open the meeting! How to join:… Round image. Top two thirds red. Bottom two thirds white. Lo
The meeting hasn’t started yet, but it looks like all are present in Webex: President @MaliaCohen, VP Cindy Elias, @DJYBG, @HamasakiLaw, Petra Dejesus. Also present are @SFPDChief Scott & @SF_DPA Department of Police Accountability Executive Director @PaulHendersonSF.
While we’re waiting, here’s the agenda:… and the supporting documents:….
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/05/2020…
Study: Countering hate on social media | Santa Fe Institute…

#SocialMedia #hate
Comparative host-coronavirus protein interaction networks reveal pan-viral disease mechanisms | Science…

#comparative #disease #networks #interaction #protein #science
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/21/2020…
This entrepreneur is plugging the world’s drinking water into the (digital) cloud…

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #digitization #entrepreneurism #WaterAccess
Farmers in One Iowa County Help City Cut Mississippi River Nutrient Flows (YouTube)

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #iowa #agriculture #MississippiRiver
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🇸 🇹 🇷 🇦 🇾 🇧 🇺 🇱 🇱 🇪 🇹 🇸 𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐀𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐦

Stray-bullet shootings are situations where a bullet skips an intended person or sociogeographic space, resulting in the injury or death of an unintended person(s)
either from the gunshot itself or by a secondary mechanism, such as broken glasses or objects sent flying by a stray bullet.

Typical examples are: gunfire exchanges, gunshots to disperse large crowds, shootings of bystanders who had no active role in a violent incidents,
shooting sports, celebratory gunfire and related activities. However, Stray-bullet shootings are largely a byproduct of intentional violence, what we euphemistically call collateral damage.

I͟t͟'s͟ E͟f͟f͟e͟c͟t͟s͟

Stray-bullet shootings create fear and
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