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21 Nov 20
URGENT: In its last months in office, the Trump Administration is seeking to deport vulnerable children and their parents from the Berks Family Residential Center and the South Texas Family Residential Center. (thread)
These parents and children fled unspeakable violence in their home countries in Haiti, Central America and South America. For many of them, deportation is tantamount to a death sentence. /2
Included is this group is a girl (15) who fled Honduras after gang members tried to torture, rape, and kill her; a boy (14) who fled domestic violence and human trafficking in Guatemala; a three-year-old who was ripped from his mother’s arms and held captive by gang members... /3
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22 Sep 20
Our Nation has reached another painful milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic. Two hundred thousand Americans have lost their lives to this cruel virus. Every death represents a human life lost, a family shattered, a community forever changed.
We have lost parents, sisters and brothers, grandparents, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors and heroes on the front lines.
My prayers and my deepest sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones, and those who are living with the long-term health repercussions of the virus.

It didn’t have to be this way.
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21 Sep 20
The next Supreme Court justice is likely to be the deciding vote on whether the Affordable Care Act will be overturned, which will mean up to 5.5 million people in PA will lose their protections for pre-existing conditions, and 996,000 more will lose their insurance entirely.
It is disturbing and hypocritical that Republican Senators would attempt to fill this vacancy now while Americans across the country have already begun casting their ballots in this presidential election…
…especially when they were unwilling to even grant a hearing to President Obama’s nominee to the court in early 2016.
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10 Sep 20
Today’s vote was another bad faith effort by Republicans, who refused to engage in meaningful and bipartisan negotiations all summer. This proposal fails to meet the needs of workers and families who have been struggling for months.
It has no support for food assistance, no relief for renters facing eviction, no funding for state and local governments which are laying off employees because the federal government isn’t helping them.
The Republican bill doesn’t provide any additional money for nursing homes. And it has no investment to help seniors and people with disabilities receive the services they need to stay safe at home,...
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26 Aug 20
Proud to support the #CaseForClimateAction — the product of over a year’s worth of work by @SenDemsClimate uncovering how Americans are experiencing the climate crisis & charting a path toward big, bold solutions. Let me tell you why (THREAD)
JOBS: We don't have to choose between good jobs and a clean environment. The @SenateDemsClimate plan makes clear that any climate action MUST also promote the right to organize, better wages and higher labor standards.
HEALTH: The health of our children and our communities depends on commitment to invest in meaningful climate action now. We can save lives and make Americans healthier by addressing air quality, heat exposure, vector-borne and infectious diseases, access to safe water and more.
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17 Aug 20
Mr. President, there’s nothing great about delaying medication delivery to our veterans & seniors. Or making it harder for small businesses to engage in e-commerce. Or cutting off a lifeline for rural America. Don’t take it from me though, my constituents can tell you:
Norman, U.S. Army Vietnam veteran from Erie County, wrote in a letter to me that "there are already delays in service. I receive several medications through the VA for a service related disability. I have prescriptions right now that are not being delivered."
Anne wrote from NEPA: "As a rural Wayne County voter, the post office is a lifeline. My husband is disabled and receives a worker's comp check every two weeks. It now arrives five days later than it used to."
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13 Aug 20
In Mitch McConnell’s Senate, 2 mos. have passed w/o action on COVID-19. No vote on the HEROES Act, no real relief. Republicans focused on corporate immunity while hardworking Americans continue to suffer the effects of this vicious virus. And now he’s sent everyone home.
Here’s just a short list of who the Majority Leader has turned his back on:
✅ Those who desperately need additional unemployment benefits
✅ SNAP recipients struggling to put food on the table
✅ Americans teetering on the brink of eviction w/o rent assistance
✅ State & local governments who may be forced to cut services and lay off first responders
✅ Nursing home residents and workers who will continue to suffer and die at shocking rates
✅ Workers who need enforceable OSHA standards to keep them safe on the job
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10 Aug 20
President Trump and Congressional Republicans rejected Dems’ compromises and instead, President Trump has issued unworkable executive orders that fail to provide relief for workers and families. By failing to enact the HEROES Act, here is some of what POTUS has left behind:
The President wants a $200-$300 weekly cut to a program that has been overwhelmingly successful, keeping millions of families out of poverty. Economic studies have shown there is no evidence that individuals who received the extra $600 benefit were less likely to return to work.
We need #HCBS and nursing home funds - over 62,000 residents and workers have died. 800,000 seniors and people with disabilities are waiting for home and community based services to protect them against COVID-19. After executive orders: still waiting.
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31 Jul 20
What we saw on the Senate floor this week was a disgrace to our democracy. It’s an insult to working families that Senator McConnell and his allies blocked the Senate from passing relief for those impacted by the virus when R's are sitting in the muck of their own complacency. /1
Democrats passed the HEROES Act in MAY. Republicans sat on their hands for TWO MONTHS blocking relief for working families, and what did they come up with? A demand for corporate immunity and a skinflint proposal which would be catastrophic for our economy. /2
Millions of workers are unemployed and families are losing their paychecks through no fault of their own. Just last week 1.4 million Americans filed new claims for unemployment. And Republicans want to take $1,600 out of their pockets every single month. /3
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28 Jul 20
From what I’ve seen from the Republican proposal released last night, one thing is clear – if enacted, it would be an economic catastrophe for America and a disaster for middle-class families and essential workers.
Republicans want to offer struggling workers who have lost their job—through no fault of their own—2/3 less additional UI than @SenateDems. The economic crisis will continue until we get the public health crisis under control. In the meantime, people need real help.
It would be a huge mistake to slash assistance by the amount proposed by Republicans. Working families across this country who currently have no job to return to need these benefits to help them afford their rent, pay for health care during a pandemic and put food on the table.
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23 Jul 20
Between meetings so let’s break down this cesspool of lies.

Claim #1: “defeating the virus is the Senate’s top priority.”

Republicans have spent the last month putting up right-wing judges. @SenateDems are the ones pushing for increased funding for testing & #COVID relief.
Claim #2: “the Republican plan is focused on saving lives.”

The President wore a mask for the first time last week, over 144k American deaths into the pandemic. Have you seen Senate Republicans urging him to wear a mask? Or demanding a national testing strategy? Didn't think so.
Claim #3: “Democrats have made it clear they have different priorities.”

This one is true. The HEROES Act includes $75 billion to ramp up a national effort for testing and contact tracing critical to any effort to reopen, and extends UI through Jan for the 36 mil out of a job.
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9 Jul 20
Lt. Col. Vindman is an American hero who bravely spoke out in the face of President Trump’s abuse of power. Once again the President manipulated his office to exact political revenge against someone who dared hold him accountable. The President’s conduct is a national disgrace.
As Vindman’s lawyer wrote after his dismissal: “In this country right matters, and so does truth. Truth is not partisan. If we allow truthful voices to be silenced, if we ignore their warnings, eventually there will be no one left to warn us.”
Lt. Col. Vindman believed in a United States that honors and protects those who work to advance the best interests of our country with integrity. Many Americans honor that standard even if this President refuses to.
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8 Jul 20
As we come together during these challenging times, I'm inspired by everyday Pennsylvanians whose incredible acts of kindness and service have been bright lights in their communities. Here are some of the folks I've had the pleasure of speaking with. #ThankYouPennsylvanians
A serious car crash that put her out of work has never stopped Dawn Galia from seeking out opportunities to give back to SWPA. She's now hand sewn hundreds of masks for community members, health care workers and first responders. #ThankYouPennsylvanians…
24 yr-old Drexel University student Evan Ehlers is the founder of @sharingexcess, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that has stepped in during COVID, to the tune of a 300% increase in food donations. #ThankYouPennsylvanians…
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2 Jul 20
It's unconscionable this Administration is making it HARDER to get health care during a pandemic. Congress should immediately take up my Coronavirus Medicaid Response Act, which will speed federal aid to states providing vital #Medicaid services to those hit hardest by #COVID19.
Losing your job during a pandemic is scary enough—you should not have your health insurance ripped away too. My bill provides support to state Medicaid programs to keep people covered, and provides states with security when planning their budgets.
Experts like Harvard professor @jasonfurman agree: “The Coronavirus Medicaid Response Act would not just protect American workers and communities against damage from the COVID crisis, it would permanently reduce the severity of recessions, improve healthcare, and protect jobs.”
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27 Jun 20
I have never known a child to be a threat to national security. The order issued last evening by Judge Dolly M. Gee to release migrant children held in U.S. custody is the right decision, but it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to treat children with basic compassion.
We have heard of the inhumane conditions asylum-seeking children and their families face in detainment, including troubling accounts of medical care not being provided until children are very ill.
I’ve long expressed opposition to child and family detention, including specific concerns about the facility in Berks County. Enough is enough. There’s no legitimate reason to hold children and families in detention.
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24 Jun 20
George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight, in full view of the American people, by a police officer who was aided and abetted by several other officers.

To not explicitly ban the blatant injustice we all saw in that video is a colossal defect in this watered-down GOP bill.
The GOP "JUSTICE" bill isn't written in a way that would convey that they're serious about accountability. Police training and education are important but Republicans have a gaping hole in their bill on accountability and they’re not dealing with the heart of the problem.
I used to believe you could hold the bad apples accountable one by one, but I was wrong. It's not a few bad actors, it's a systemic racism problem that pervades the entire criminal justice system & requires a systemic approach to reform. The Harris/Booker bill takes that approach
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20 Jun 20
Today I’m thinking of the remarkable courage displayed by the millions of refugees who flee persecution, violence and war. On #WorldRefugeeDay and every day, we must protect America’s role as a beacon of freedom and welcome the world’s most vulnerable. #RefugeesWelcome
The world is witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. According to the UN, an unprecedented 70.8 million people were displaced at the end of 2018. Among them were nearly 30 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.
On September 26, 2019, President Trump announced plans to restrict admission of refugees to the U.S. to 18,000 for FY 2020--a historic low limit on the number of refugees. Any efforts to deny asylum to the world’s most vulnerable are antithetical to American values.
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19 Jun 20
Juneteenth is a day to celebrate Black culture and history across our Nation. It is an inspiration for this generation & generations to come. And it is a day for allies like myself to pledge to lift up Black Americans year-round and reaffirm our commitment that #BlackLivesMatter
This day came two months after the end of the Civil War & more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, a gap which represents a delay in justice that persists to this day. Recent events in our Nation highlight that we have yet to overcome all the vestiges of slavery.
I’m proud PA is one of 47 states which recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday, and I believe our Nation should recognize this important day in American history as a federal holiday. But this is not a substitute for taking decisive action to protect the lives of Black Americans.
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9 Jun 20
UPDATE: online grocery purchasing for PA #SNAP recipients is now active at approved retailers. Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth all deserve equal and safe access to food, especially amidst the #COVID19 pandemic, and this is a step in the right direction.
SNAP recipients will begin with access to a few grocers online, and I encourage more retailers to join this initiative and create a more inclusive food market for all Pennsylvanians. No one should have to go hungry to keep themselves and their family safe.…
In May, I wrote to @USDA to ask about what steps they are taking to ensure SNAP participants can receive home food delivery and curbside pickup during #COVID19, and introduced legislation to expand delivery support.…
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31 May 20
Pennsylvanians and people across our Nation are angry, sad, tired and desperate for change. As leaders, we must recognize this pain. As a Commonwealth & country, we must raise our voices and call for justice in a system that has, for too long, turned a blind eye to the injustice.
We can and we must reform these systems and hold those accountable who abuse them.
As Pennsylvanians protest not only for the murder of George Floyd, but the decades of injustice and oppression that came before it, I urge all involved to be peaceful and to keep each other safe. We should not let these demonstrations eclipse their purpose.
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21 May 20
Over 34,000 nursing home residents have died from #COVID19. This pandemic disproportionately impacts nursing homes, but we are trying to help residents and workers with one hand tied behind our backs because the Administration is not releasing any data on these outbreaks.
We need to do more to help our seniors and their families at every turn. Congress should start by passing mine and @SenWhitehouse's bill, the Nursing Home COVID-19 Protection and Prevention Act, to provide states with additional funding for testing, PPE and other resources.
For the generation that fought our wars, taught our children, built the middle class and gave each of us life and love, we have to do more for our seniors. Grateful for the support of folks like @AARPadvocates @SEIU @LeadingAge & @RepAnnaEshoo who introduced the House companion.
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