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@TravisZimpfer @MOLegDems @PeterforMO @TeamBosleyMO79 @RepSheenBean @Ingridburnett @Fogle4MO @MaggieforMO @KWindham85 @Manlove4M @SarahUnsicker @cmillburg The options for Parson’s incentive?
None sounded terribly inventive.
Just expand #Medicaid
— like Oklahoma made;
it’s universally preventive!
On taxpayers no irony’s lost to
hear -Mike- bellyache about cost.
#MedicaidExpansion 🇺🇸🗽⚖️
@mikeparson @MoSenDems
@TravisZimpfer @MOLegDems @PeterforMO @TeamBosleyMO79 @RepSheenBean @Ingridburnett @Fogle4MO @MaggieforMO @KWindham85 @Manlove4M @SarahUnsicker @cmillburg @mikeparson @MoSenDems Mike’s attention to detail is keen.
“½” 🤔 the state has now had its 💉.
While Mike’s PPP “loan”
helped bring federal funds home, 👀
he now owns the 💵 free and clean.
Textbook cases of hypocrisy?
Mike’s subsidized aristocracy!
@MoRural 👇🏼 @AuditorGalloway
@TravisZimpfer @MOLegDems @PeterforMO @TeamBosleyMO79 @RepSheenBean @Ingridburnett @Fogle4MO @MaggieforMO @KWindham85 @Manlove4M @SarahUnsicker @cmillburg @mikeparson @MoSenDems @Morural @AuditorGalloway Vintage shows I enjoyed in my youth seen in retrospect reveal a truth: by preparing too late, final outcomes aren’t great. I hope you won’t find me uncouth if I ask where #Missouri will land under 57’s “steady hand.”


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I am perplexed how #RogerChou can not only sit on the #CDCOWG but is a lead author. He recused himself at the #CDC meeting due to #COIs bc of his work as ‘expert witness’ in Purdue litigation but is lead author 🤷🏻‍♀️ @CDCDirector @CDCInjury could you explain how this is ethical? 1/
Listening to the #CDCOWG from perspective of #caregiver & advocate was disheartening. For me @CDCDirector assurances that #patients voices were heard was meaningless. She may say that we’ve been heard but then how are so many feeling as we haven’t been? Why are the #legislation 2
of these guidelines continuing? Why are those who have benefitted from #opioid #pain medications being removed, shamed & stigmatized? Why is care not individualized? It’s very clear our #voices have not been heard. There is nothing that was said that eased my concern for 3/
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Thread: Senate Budget Committee Democrats’ agreement on a budget resolution marks an important step toward robust and critically needed recovery legislation to build an equitable economy and address our nation’s long-standing challenges. #EquitableRecovery
There are many key details that haven’t been released and, in some cases, haven’t been worked out, but the last 48 hours demonstrate encouraging progress towards transformative change.
Once a budget resolution is in place, lawmakers will turn to the important work of crafting reconciliation legislation, consistent with that framework, that can transform our economy…
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Lots going on with #Medicaid expansion! Senators Warnock, Baldwin & Ossof introduced a bill to address the coverage gap and increase the incentives included in the #ARPA to encourage non-expansion states to adopt the expansion.…
We are continuing to follow developments in MO - today, the MO Supreme Court heard an appeal of the circuit court decision on #Medicaid expansion…
In the 12 states that have not adopted the ACA #Medicaid expansion there are 2.2 million uninsured people with incomes under poverty who fall in the “coverage gap” and do not qualify for either Medicaid or premium subsidies in the ACA marketplace.…
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#ncsen budget proposal bumps up #childcare center reimbursement by 2%, with increase intended to go to teacher salaries. #ncga #ncpol
#NCsen budget increases the #medicaid Innovations Waiver slots by 420 this fall, by another 580 in 2022, subject to @CMSGov approval, etc. distributed statewide.
There are 15,000 on wait list that is often >10 years long. #ncga #ncpol
@CMSGov #NCsen budget allows for postpartum women to remain on #Medicaid for up to 12 months. Starts in 2022, allowed for under #AmericanRescuePlan
#NCGA once again rejecting #Medicaidexpansion despite federal incentives…
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First up from the #ncsen budget: state/ county special assistance #medicaid rates for adult care homes unchanged. Last time we saw a budget, it was $1182 for regular residents, $1515 for people with dementia. #ncga
And the personal needs allowance for residents in those facilities goes from $46/ month to $70
We wrote about this back in 2019, two years later, the bump up remains the same.…
$1.5M in one-time funding for #telepsychiatry program run out of @EastCarolina (NC-STeP) to continue #mentalhealth response to #COVID19 #ncga #NCSen budget
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#ncsen #ncpol 15M for PFAS research. dozen new positions to investigate emerging compounds. #ncga
Funding for GREAT program w 30M + 700M in federal funds for rural broadband. #ncsen #NCGA budget
#ncsen budget does not do #medicaidexpansion but uses #ARP funds to allow for #Medicaid extended #postpartum coverage for up to 12 months #NCGA also adds 1000 #innovationswaiver slots for #peoplewithdisabilities
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1/ New report from ⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ provides:

•Detailed look at official US healthcare spending estimates through 2019 using data from ⁦@CMSGov
•Preliminary estimates of 2020 health spending from ⁦@Altarum…
2/ •Health spending was 17.7% of GDP in 2019 and increased by 4.6% to $3.8 trillion ($11,582 per capita).
•Spending in hospital care (6.2%) and prescription drugs (5.7%) grew faster than physician services (4.2%) in 2019.
3/ • In 2019, spending growth in #Medicare (6.7%) and out-of-pocket payments (4.6%) reached their highest rates in the last decade while private #healthinsurance (3.7%) and #Medicaid (2.9%) were on a downswing.
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Okay, I love @POTUS #CaregiverInChief but lowering drug prices is a complicated economic web — healthcare isn’t something that you pay for like a new car, it’s mediated by a third party 1/x #drugprices #pharma #medicare #medicaid
Take International Reference Pricing for example. (Lost you already, haven’t I?) This type of negotiation tool ties drug prices to caps set using “QALYs” - Quality Adjusted Life Years 2/ #health #pharma #medicine #innovation #caregiving #advocacy…
3/ Don’t get me wrong - #health care needs to be affordable & #accessible & costs should be accessible. But tying access to medicines based on the economic “value” of a person’s life unfairly discriminated against older #adults & ppl w/ #disabilities, see…
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Today the Biden administration sent a message to Texas: start getting serious about Medicaid expansion.

For the past decade, Texas has been abusing a short-term waiver to receive federal $ intended to be a bridge until the the state comes up with a long term solution.

The state of Texas has never had a long term solution on Medicaid expansion or access to affordable care.

That's why they relied on multiple Obama bailouts as reported by the Texas Tribune in 2016:…

While @GovAbbott and the @txlege have failed to take action, rural hospitals have been closing at an alarming rate. /3…
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I would say that society is at fault. The government was not behind Jenny McCarthy, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
#vaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #MedTwitter #ScienceTwitter
What the government DID do wrong: “#security” & espionage via vaccines Frankenstein monster unleashed on Muslims

If the US government does do things like this it’s not a “#conspiracy

...all while what led to #CapitolRiots was brewing 🤦🏻‍♀️

If Prius-driving Whole Foods-consuming suburbanites would STOP #misinformation #disinformation to #trauma ridden #refugee populations


the jobs of minority & Muslim doctors would not be so hard

This is lack of *societal* control
of the most privileged
who HARM
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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Is happening in the spaces I least expected (but that shows how naive I often am) #FQHC & #safetynet. Read up on Hahnemann Hospital closing & sale of assets: land, residency.... yup Medicare funded residencies among “assets” #MedTwitter

“The bankruptcy affected the lives of more than 2,500 employees in the city and displaced more than 550 physician trainees. The hospital’s underserved, ethnically diverse patient population was left to redistribute their own care around the city” #MedTwitter #healthcare #Medicaid
“became the institution’s first and only female professor of emergency medicine...assumed a leadership role as the associate dean of graduate medical #education. In that role, I and my team were asked to identify opportunities to improve the tenuous financial situation” #MedEd
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Those who:
do not touch patients & never have
who maintain no clinical licenses
who feel free of any commitment to #ethics

are put in charge, by administrators, to control, often via fear & shame, clinicians.

This harms on many levels.
It is anti-#safetyculture.
We have lost >500,000 Americans to #COVID19 alone. Preventable deaths. These are mostly the marginalized, vulnerable.

Either document measurable work to save lives, or get out of the way and out of budgets that could be used to save lives.
I’ve seen SO much over the years, in the name of #compliance consulting to siphon off money to block &, ultimately, harm.

No this does not save money.
It harms families.
It monetizes coded racism.

There are a multitude of such vendors & consultants.…
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Doctors, especially female doctors, are rushing to defend Dr. Birx

“male-centered” world is problem = latest knee jerk “feminist” defense

Men cause female doctors to not speak on scientific facts in public?

Why isn’t female doctors saving lives of WOC part of “feminism”?
The same doctors who will jump on the “racism!” bandwagon vs @JAMA_current if vs a *man*

will rush to cover up for a woman/peer who *operationalizes* structural racism

The face of structural & medical racism is female

And women will defend women rather than be held accountable
@DrJRMarcelin published this in @JAMA_current. Women of color, specifically black women, need to be leading the conversation on #COVID19 in America because when #publichealth systems fail on top of medical racism, you get exactly the results we got.…
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🎉🎉🎉 The #ACAGoesTo11 TODAY...and #ACA 2.0 is on the way! #ACA11
At 11:00am, the House @EnergyCommerce Committee will be holding marathon hearings on not one, not two, but *18* different healthcare bills which would repair & strengthen the #ACA, #Medicaid & #CHIP. Here's the first 9 on the agenda:…
#HR1790 would reverse the Trump Admin's decision to modify how ACA subsidies & maximum out of pocket expenses are calculated. The Trump version made subsidies weaker/costs higher; reversing it would make subsides stronger/costs lower.
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"It is now well-established that most pediatric #antidepressant trials were #industry-sponsored & had serious methodological limitations; many trials remained unpublished due to unfavorable results, "

#Children: the sacrificial lambs of capitalism.…
"& those published were mostly ghost-written, selectively reported efficacy outcomes & misrepresented the true rate of treatment-emergent #suicidal events"

Those that claim to care about your health allow #pharmacological & #psychological experimentation on #children & #youth.
"in most countries #antidepressant use has considerably increased in #children & #adolescent over the last 10–15 years (11–13), despite #suicidality warnings, the serious limitations of the evidence-base, & ongoing controversies surrounding risks [] [and] #placebo response."
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This happening today: Confirmation of @XavierBecerra to lead #HHS.

Will @POTUS @JoeBiden soon thereafter identify his nominee to lead #FDA?

#pharma #biotech
Also today, #NIH Fauci, @CDCDirector Walensky & #FDA Peter Marks are back on Capitol Hill -- virtually -- today along with @DavidAKesslerMD to testify this time at @HELPCmteDems on #COVID19 starting at 10amET… #COVIDvaccinations #vaccines #CDC
The House @AppropsDems Commerce, Justice, Science & Related Agencies Subcommittee also examines #COVID19 outbreaks at federal prisons at 2pmET… #MaskUp
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The entire field of #professionalism is rotten to the core, racist, sexist, ableist

=glorified cyberstalking taught by creepy older men
carried out by younger folk
as we saw from #MedBikini

Academia rewards this w/ peer reviewed publications…
I first started to see it when I worked in #Medicaid on #compliance side, some women in particular took excessive pleasure & identity being “the policewoman.” At the time was starting to learning the preschool to prison pipeline (but NOT from @AmerAcadPeds)
= scary underpinning
Who polices “the police”?

There are SO many jobs that need to go away

that merely exist cuz someone whips up fear, hatred, disgust
then monetizes it

“Let me police ‘those people’ for you”

while delivering not zero value but NEGATIVE value

= Waste…
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CCHP’s Executive Director, Mei Kwong, kicks off today’s webinar with an introduction to @CCHPCA and @TheNCTRC! #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
Sheri Gaskins from @CMSGov provides a great overview of telehealth in Medicaid! "Telehealth is not a service - it is a delivery mechanism." #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
A telehealth toolkit has been developed by @CMSGov and provides an up-to-date view of telehealth in Medicaid! #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
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1/ @AmerMedicalAssn⁩ submitted comments to ⁦@CMSGov⁩ regarding a NPRM on provider burden reduction and #priorauthorization:

The NPRM cited #OurAMA prior authorization survey data and grassroots website
2/ The rule proposes policies to help make the prior authorization process more efficient and transparent.

The NPRM would require #Medicaid, CHIP, and federally facilitated health exchange plans to:

•Support technology that would convey #priorauthorization requirements
3/ The NPRM would also require impacted payers to:

•Automate the exchange of supporting clinical data from physicians’ #EHR workflow

•Publicly report data on #priorauthorization programs and comply with processing timeframes
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