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I am a United States Senator from the great state of Utah. Please help me restore constitutional leadership to Washington!
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4 Jun
The Jones Act turns 100 years old tomorrow, but this anniversary deserves little celebration. 1/4
The Jones Act, which restricts shipping between U.S. ports to vessels that are U.S. built, flagged, and crewed, makes it difficult for the U.S. to serve certain domestic markets with U.S.-produced natural gas. 2/4
In fact, the U.S. currently has no Jones Act compliant ships to transport natural gas! As a result, certain parts of our nation are forced to import natural gas and jet fuel from geopolitical adversaries like Russia and Venezuela. 3/4
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21 Mar
If this is a joke, it’s not funny.
If it’s not a joke, we’ve got much bigger problems.
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6 Feb 19
It was great seeing Matthew Charles, the first person to benefit from #TheFirstStepAct, as a guest of President Trump tonight. Criminal justice reform is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together on a bipartisan basis. (1/4)
There should be a commonsense solution to the migration crisis on our southern border. One that involves more beds, more judges, and yes, more wall. There is also much we can do on drug prices. (2/4)
I have co-sponsored two bipartisan bills to lower drug prices, the CREATES Act and the Short on Competition Act, and I hope we can move these bipartisan efforts forward to lower drug prices for all Americans. (3/4)
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19 Nov 18
I highly respect my colleague from Arkansas but everything in his tweet and this thread is 100% Fake News. 1/
First, the House Judiciary committee passed the First Step Act out of committee on May 9 of this year, and the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the highly similar Sentencing and Corrections Act out of committee on Feb 15 of this year. These are not new policies. 2/
Second, and more importantly, the First Step Act does not “give early release” to anyone. Anyone claiming it does, does not understand how the bill works. 3/
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4 Sep 18
What is the real context of today’s #SCOTUS hearing? Here are some facts:
Over the next few days, senators will ask Judge #Kavanaugh questions about #SCOTUS cases, his record, and his qualifications. Some of these questions will be fair. Many others will be unfair.
Some of these unfair questions will ask him to promise to vote a certain way in particular cases likely to come before the Court.
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2 Aug 18
Democrats have made it clear that their goal is to bury the Committee in paper, just to delay a vote. Their minds were made up before Kavanaugh was even nominated. They don’t want to see the papers, they want to see his nomination stalled.
None of these papers will shine light on his legal approach. Being the inbox and outbox for a President doesn’t include giving legal advice; that’s the role for White House counsel, not the Staff Secretary.
The Committee is acting in a manner that is principled and consistent with Senate precedent. All members of the Senate have the ability to fully and fairly review the materials relevant to Kavanaugh’s judicial history.
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29 Jun 18
WATCH LIVE: Major speech on public lands policy at @SutherlandInst: “Federal Lands and Royal Forests." facebook.com/SutherlandInst… #utpol #SIPublicLands
How did it come to pass that nearly half of the land in the West is owned by the federal government, compared to just 5 percent of the land in the East? #utpol #SIPublicLands
Throughout the 19th century, Lawmakers sought to facilitate expansion of the nation by acquiring land—and then transferring it to the people, so they could live out their lives as responsible citizens of the republic. #utpol #SIPublicLands
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14 Jun 18
The Due Process Guarantee Act would protect U.S. citizens on U.S. soil from being detained indefinitely without charge, counsel, or trial.
@SenFeinstein and I introduced the DPGA in 2012. It passed with 67 votes, but was somehow removed from the NDAA before final passage.
Ever since 2012, @SenFeinstein and I have been trying to put the DPGA back into each year’s National Defense Authorization Act.
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20 Mar 18
Some quick thoughts on @WSJopinion claims that the War Powers Resolution is unconstitutional: 1/6
The WSJ claims that the War Powers Resolution is somehow unconstitutional, citing no authority other than themselves and saying that presidents since then have regarded it as wrong or unconstitutional. 2/6
Now, that’s not surprising because the whole purpose of the War Powers Resolution was to allow Congress to exercise its power to declare war, so presidents are naturally going to resist efforts to restrict and restrain their power. 3/6
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