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If you’d like a sneak preview of what Rep. Steve Christiansen will claim about election fraud, here are his slides. #utpol…
Rep. Lowry Snow: You would like taxpayers to expend money on an audit without any verifiable information that the election results are not valid?

Rep. Lyman: “The fact that 53% of people are concerned should be a red flag to the Legislature.” #utpol
Christiansen and Lyman will present evidence at a later meeting.

Snow can’t attend, will meet separately. If you are alleging collusion by elected officials “You are attacking people who are above reproach.”

Christiansen says he’s not attacking election officials. #utpol
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Your Tuesday Covid report:
🌡 1,343 cases, ⬆️242 from last Tuesday
🎓284 school-aged cases
😔 5 deaths, 3,095
🏥 523 hospitalized
🧪 Testing numbers are messed up. I’ll have to add them later.
📈 7-day avg, 1,283 cases/day, 15.2%/10% pos
💉 8,358 new vax doses
Suspect this is a little rebound from a lot of schools being out over the wkd. We were down 265 for the wkd, this puts us about flat for last 4 days and still down 842 for week.

Hospitalizations up 6. ICU cases up 5 to 202. Referral ICU 90.2% full.

Info on the 5 deaths. #utpol
Risk Ratios
For past 4 weeks, unvaxxed Utahns are:
• 5.8x as likely to test positive for Covid
• 10.7x as likely to be hospitalized
• 14.7x as likely to die

School cases make up 21% of total.
5-10: 137 cases
11-13: 64
14-17: 83

5 kids under 14 hospitalized since Mon.
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Utah’s weekend Covid report:
🌡 3,036 cases, ⬇️265 from last weekend
🎓608 school-aged cases
😔 23 deaths, 3,090
🏥 517 hospitalized
🧪 18,891 people tested, 16.1% pos. 35,550 total tests, 8.5% pos
📈 7-day avg, 1,247 cases/day, 15.5%/10.2% pos
💉 12,731 new vax doses
Some weirdness in the weekend numbers.
10/15: 1,329 ⬆️ 85
10/16: 1,092 ⬆️ 232
10/17: 639 ⬇️ 582

Not sure what explains that big swing. Also 24 cases were removed from the total.

Hospitalizations down 42 since Friday. ICU cases down 12 to 197. Referral ICUs 93.7% full. #utpol
Risk Ratios
Over the past four weeks, unvaccinated Utahns are:
• 6x as likely to test positive
• 11.1x as likely to be hospitalized
• 13.1x as likely to die from Covid

Below is the info on the 23 Utahns who died. #utpol Image
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Let's all take a journey and see what ARPA funds are being used for in some of the States for K-12 education according to plans submitted by each State's Department of Education.

@DrKarlynB @insomnochick

Highlights from Alabama's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Needs


Highlights from Alaska's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Supports

#AKLeg #akpol

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Update 9/28: Feeling bewildered-I cannot understand why we are still dealing with #COVID. We know what will stop the spread and preventable deaths. Please do your part.

Get Vaccinated
Wear a mask
Stay home when sick
Improve ventilation

Consider COVID an open-book quiz.
Current hospitalizations (top, orange), ICU (red, middle) and new admissions (blue, bottom). Might be seeing the first signs of the hospitalizations coming down. Still so very high - please be kind to a healthcare worker today (or all the days). @utahhospitals
A very slow decline in positivity rate (one way to monitor community transmission). If these numbers stay steady, we should expect the number of cases (reported or not), hospitalizations, and deaths to also remain steady. #covidtest
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“Every journey starts with another journey of a thousand steps.”
So this post, over on my @Facebook wall, was meant as light comic relief and not as a detailed policy review or proposal. But, well, this is me… and of course I’ve thought about the built environment of the airport.

So just a few observations, in no particular order…

1. @slcairport isn’t the longest hoof among American airports. Not by a long shot. Its current longest walk (from “security” to B24) is about 3,400 feet (a mile is 5,280 feet). When the rest of the south concourse is completed, the longest walk will be about 4,800 feet.
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A big Thurs. Covid report:
🌡 2,165 cases, ⬆️ 478 from last week.
🎓544 school-aged cases
😔 10 deaths, 2,703
🏥 516 hospitalized
🧪 17,441 people tested, 12.4% pos. 27,882 total tests, 7.8% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 1,431 cases/day, 12.3%/9.2% pos
💉 19,255 vaxxes given
Kinda expected this — catch-up from a couple low days coming out of the weekend.

School-age cases are still about 1/4 of all cases.

Hospitalizations jumped up by 33. ICU cases up 16 to 191. Referral ICUs 92.5% full.

Info on the 10 dead below. #utpol
7-day avg is highest since 2/1 & 1st day over 2,000 cases since 1/26.

Risk Ratios
In past 28 days, unvaxxed are
• 5.4x as likely to test positive for Covid
• 6.2x as likely to be hospitalized
• 4.7x as likely to die

Also: important context. #utpol
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The WEDNESDAY Covid report:
🌡 1,539 cases, ⬇️ 146 from last week.
🎓362 school-aged cases
😔 8 deaths, 2,693
🏥 483 hospitalized
🧪 10,349 people tested, 14.9% pos. 18,148 total tests, 8.5% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 1,362 cases/day, 12.4%/9.3% pos
💉 No report on vax doses
Got the day right on the 3rd try.

The vaccine data is undergoing quality analysis and will be back tomorrow.

School-aged cases are 23.5% of total.

One of the eight deaths was a 15-24 year old female from Iron County. Here is the info on all eight. #utpol
People tested metric was down 20% since last Wednesday. So the decrease cases is nice, but we need to watch the rest of the week.

Hospitalizations are down 1. Covid patients in ICU even at 175. Referral ICUs 88.2% full.

Three kids under age 14 hospitalized since yday. #utpol
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Your weekend Covid report:
🌡 4,657 cases, ⬆️ 135 from last weekend.
🎓1,151 school-aged cases
😔 27 deaths, 2,685
🏥 482 hospitalized
🧪 38,555 people tested, 12.1% pos. 58,564 total tests, 8% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 1,382 cases/day, 12.6%/9.5% pos
💉 15,438 new vax doses
Keep in mind this includes the holiday (when cases were down) so it’s four days, not three.

9/3: 1,871 ⬆️ 267
9/4: 1,187 ⬆️ 58
9/5: 922 ⬆️ 321
9/6: 707 ⬇️ 511

Labor Day dip kept this from being much worse. Pediatric cases are 1/4 of total.

Here’s info on the 27 deaths. #utpol Image
Risk Ratio
Over the past 28 days, unvaccinated Utahns are
• 5.4x as likely to test positive
• 5.9x as likely to be hospitalized
• 4.1x as likely to die.

Over the past week, unvaxxed people account for 88% of cases.

We are up to 64 breakthrough deaths. #utpol
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Here we go again:

Tomorrow (Friday 9/3), the @UTBoardofEd is considering banning teachers from using trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming students' correct name and pronouns "without parental consent." The new rule the USBE will be debating #utpol #utleg
"requires permission from a legal parent or guardian to use a different name/pronoun (even a nickname) other than the given name/pronoun on record for all students regardless of gender identity."

This means teachers and counselors, could risk losing their job just by calling
some students their preferred name without parental consent. There are great resources available here from Salt Lake Community Mutual Aid on how to help.…

You can:
Sign up to make a public comment at the meeting: September 3rd, 9am-12pm,
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A reminder: many faiths see the Texas abortion ban as a VIOLATION of #ReligiousFreedom. #utpol…
While we're a big tent on abortion and public policies related to reproduction, we find this from @johnastoehr to be an important gut-check. At what point does a law violate moral agency and cross into unrighteous dominion?…
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Now @GovCox giving his Covid briefing here…

In last three weeks cases and hospitalizations have steadily risen. We don’t want to be here. Good news is vaccinations have been steady. Discouraged by large number not vaxxed. #utpol
@GovCox Cox: To those health care providers, our heart breaks that you’re going through this again. Especially caring for people who didn’t take the opportunity to protect themselves.

For first time in pandemic we had a moment Friday evening where there was no ICU space. #utpol
Cox: Rural hospital was looking to transfer a patient to a referral ICU and was turned away. Only lasted a few hours but in critical care every minute counts.

Cox says he will meet with the Lege this week. He’s met with Lege leaders regularly over last two weeks. #utpol
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Your weekend Covid report:
🌡 3,229 cases, ⬆️ 603 from last weekend.
🎓715 school-aged cases
😔 5 deaths, 2,628
🏥 465 hospitalized
🧪 23,026 people tested, 14% pos. 36,480 total tests, 8.9% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 1,263 cases/day, 15.1%/10.8% pos
💉 20,683 new vax doses
Daily numbers for the weekend:
8/27: 1,604 cases, ⬆️ 383
8/28: 1,129, ⬆️ 266
8/29: 601, ⬇️ 46

We’ve had 8,836 cases in the past week and our 7-day average jumped by almost 100 since Friday.

School cases for the wkd:
Age 5-10: 298 cases
11-13: 205
14-18: 212

Hospitalizations down 2 since Friday. There are 178 Covid patients in ICU, down 6 from Friday. Referral ICUs 88.5% full.

Risk Ratios:
In last 28 days, unvaxxed Utahns are:
• 5.1x as likely to test positive
• 6.2x as likely to be hospitalized
• 4.9x as likely to die.
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Covid report for Wednesday:
🌡 1,585 cases, ⬆️ 97 from last week.
🎓374 school-aged cases
😔 12 deaths, 2,605
🏥 471 hospitalized
🧪 10,411 people tested, 15.2% pos. 17,759 total tests, 8.9% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 1,122 cases/day, 15.1%/10.7% pos
💉 10,904 new vax doses
Today 23.6% of the cases are pediatric cases.

Hospitalizations jumped by 33 to 471, highest since Jan 22. Covid patients in ICU up 12 to 189. Referral ICUs are 87% full.

Here is the info on the 12 deaths reported. #utpol
In the past week, 1,001 kids age 5-13 tested positive compared to 153 for same period last year. The chart is below.

Four more kids under 14 were hospitalized since yesterday. That’s 11 since Friday and 16 in the past week. #utpol
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Now @DrAngelaCDunn is updating the council on Covid. Everything is up.

Rate among 5-11 is up. And last year we had Test-to-Play, masking, etc. That’s a best case scenario.
@DrAngelaCDunn 5-11 had the highest rate of infection and most cases. 3 new hospitalizations.

Winder Newton asks if Primary is the only hospital that admits kids. It is not.

Overall case count up 156%.

School starting. Had 174 cases school-related. 200 cases pending verification. #utpol
Herriman and Riverton continue to be top hotspots.

Primary Childrens is at 117% capacity. Very large number of RSV cases and there are trauma and accidents.

Vaccinations have flattened after a small uptick.
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Your Covid report for Tuesday:
🌡 1,140 cases, ⬆️ 177 from last week.
🎓246 school-aged cases #utpol
😔 9 deaths, 2,593
🏥 438 hospitalized
🧪 Testing data appears to be missing. I’ll get it later.
📈 7-day avg, 1,108 cases/day, 14.8%/10.5% pos
💉 5,747 new vax doses
Daily case average is back to where we were Feb. 8.

Hospitalizations up 19. There are 177 Covid patients in ICU, up four from yesterday. Referral ICUs are 84.3% full.

Here is the info on the nine deaths. #utpol
Risk Ratios:
Over the last 28 days, unvaccinated people are:
5x more likely to get infected
6.6x as likely to be hospitalized
5.9x as likely to die.

Of the 7,757 cases in the last week, 6,575 were unvaxxed. (84.8%)

There were 3 new breakthrough deaths reported. #utpol
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Weekend Covid report:
🌡 2,718 cases, ⬆️ 276 from last weekend
🎓 534 school-age cases
😔 12 deaths, 2,584 total
🏥 431 hospitalized
🧪 17,564 people tested, 15.5% pos, 28,929 total tests, 9.4% pos
📈 7-day avg, 1,084 cases/day, 14.7%/10.5% pos
💉 20,896 vax doses given #utpol
Here’s breakdown by day:
8/20: 1,221 ⬆️ 83 from the prior week
8/21: 863 ⬇️ 23
8/22: 647 ⬆️ 230

13 cases were removed from the tally for quality control.

Hospitalizations up 12 from Fri. There are 173 Covid patients in ICU, up 15 from Friday. Referral ICUs 85.2% full. #utpol
Over the weekend there were 335 kids age 5-13 who tested positive.

For the past week 948 kids in that age group tested positive, compared to 134 same time last year. (7x last year’s level).

Four kids under age 14 were hospitalized over the weekend. #utpol Image
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@SenMikeLee is doing one of his famous phone Town Halls right now, where you get no notice but if you're on the list, they call and say this is happening right NOW, stay on the line. Many of us have suspected the staff screens the calls and only allows in friendly questions.
So I am testing that theory.
I actually got in to the queue to ask a question, rather fast. The staff asked what the question is "in case we get disconnected". 🙄
Since I want to ask about the For the People Act, if I don't get to ask it, I'd say that's proof. We shall see.
I told them I'll ask which part of the For the People Act he dislikes, given we have successful & broad voting in Utah. And if his issue is voter ID, would he support a national voter ID card being given for free to all?

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Everyone say hello to Deseret Nationalist Athen Joseph Jensen, 26, of Highland, Utah. Athen is an all around bigot, antisemite, homophobe, misogynist, and a huge fan of white nationalism.

Recently, he became part of a DezNat's city council campaign team. #utpol


Racism, misogyny, queerphobia, antisemitism, references to violence. As disturbing as this content is, it's important to show examples of this person’s hateful ideology in his own words, rather than simply describing it.
The stated purpose of Deseret nationalism is to create a Mormon, or Deseretian, ethnostate ruled by a theodemocracy so when we see DezNats getting into politics that is deeply concerning.

Learn more about Deseret nationalism / DezNat by reading our guide:
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You are wrong on this. These statues were donated by Confederate states during Jim Crow era. Most statues were erected in 18th & 19th century to intimidate Black Americans during Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement. #utpol… via @RepJohnCurtis
During these times the number of lynchings accelerated. You’ve had one year to research. If it was a knee-jerk response in 2020, what is it a year later? If we are lucky, and if we educate our children to proper history, what they will do is look back and ask the question,
“Why were these statues ever erected in the first place?”
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Here are your Covid numbers for Tuesday:
🌡 361 cases, ⬆️ 112 from last week
😔 3 deaths, 2,368 total
🏥 225 hospitalized
🧪 3,272 people tested, 11% pos., 5,452 total tests, 6.6% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 364 cases/day, 9.7%/6.4% pos.
💉 2,851,187 vaccines given, up 4,519 #utpol
Highest Tues. since March 30.Highest 7-day average since May 7.

Hospitalizations up 5. ICU cases up 7 to 79. Referral ICUs are 75.9% full.

Three deaths:
• SLCo male, 45-64,hospitalized
• Box Elder female, 25-44, hospitalized
• Davis male, 45-64, hospitalized
Variants: We added Added 22 new Delta variant cases, total now 834.

The rest:
B.1.1.7 (UK) up 8 to 3,082
B.1.351 (S. Africa) even at 37
B.1.427 (Calif.) even at 231
B.1.429 (Calif.) even at 747
P.1 (Brazil) even at 128
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Time for the Monday Covid numbers:
🌡 254 cases, ⬆️ 94 from last week
😔 2 deaths, 2,365 total
🏥 220 hospitalized
🧪 2,121 people tested, 12% pos., 6,936 total tests, 3.7% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 348 cases/day, 9.6%/6.4% pos.
💉 2,846,668 vaccines given, up 2,722 #utpol
Quite a bit not to like here. Cases are up 19% from last week.

Hospitalizations are up 5. Covid patients in ICU up 4 to 72. Referral ICUs are 70% full.

Info on the 2 deaths:
• Emery female, 65-84, hospitalized
• SLCo male, 85+, hospitalized

We now have 5th death from a breakthrough case. But should emphasize these are very, very rare.

And of the 2,437 cases in the past week, 2,237 have been in unvaxxed people. The 7-day infection rate per 100k for unvaccinated people is 120 compared to 14.9 for fully vaxxed. #utpol
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I’m blocked by @BurgessOwens. So friends get screenshots of posts they believe I should see. Like, this one. To @spidadmitchell I admire your talent as well as your courage & willingness to use your voice & privilege to speak truth to power about racial & social justice. #utpol Image
You know enough about Utah politics to know that the only two things you and @RepBurgessOwens would share if you’re ever in a conversation about racial justice is that you are both Black and men. The only one to have an “unique perspective” on Critical Race Theory is him. As
Congressman @RepJeffries has said about Burgess Owens, “He lives in a warped reality.” We would all be in great debt, if you were to have a conversation with Rep. Owens that you would inform and educate him that the way he‘s chosen to use his voice and…
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Here are your Sunday Covid numbers:
🌡 282 cases, ⬆️ 33 from last week
😔 8 deaths**, 2,363 total
🏥 215 hospitalized
🧪 2,574 people tested, 11% pos., 3,673 total tests, 7.7% pos.
📈 7-day avg, 335 cases/day, 9.4%/6.2% pos.
💉 2,843,946 vaccines given, up 5,759 #utpol
** Seven of the eight deaths were prior to May 27.

Case counts still rising. 7-day average now back to where we were May 9.

Hospitalizations up 14 from yesterday. Covid patients in ICU up 6 to 68. Referral ICUs are 72.8% full.

Here is the info on the eight deaths. #utpol Image
One of these deaths appears to have been a breakthrough case, so now four vaccinated people have died (compared to about 612 unvaccinated, give or take a couple).

For the past week 2,022 unvaccinated people have tested positive, compared to 226 (~10%) vaccinated people. #utpol
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