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"Man arrested for breaking into Provo temple, claiming he was just cold"

This is a 🧵on homelessness in Utah County (and Utah), the Church of Jesus Christ, and housing affordability

My cousin and one of my bests friends growing up served an LDS mission in Baltimore, MD. On his mission he had a psychotic episode and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Eventually he became homeless and lived homeless in the Rio Grande area…

My cousin died by suicide 2 years before the controversial "Operation Rio Grand. Schizophrenia is a complex illness, but housing insecurity undoubtedly played a major role in his passing.

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So it appears that the first actual thing the Utah Inland Port Authority is building is a truck parking lot. Tax dollars at work. 😐 #utpol
The *new* Utah Inland Port Authority Strategic Business Plan is 10 pages long double spaced. And it’s as vague as those few words would suggest. #utpol
The Inland Port staff discuss their extremely vague new business plan and then talk about how they’re going to use metrics- except they haven’t defined what they’re measuring. #utpol
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Ways to still vote in Utah:
1. Take your mail ballot to a drop box.
1a. If you must use the post office, walk your ballot up to the attendant and have the ballot hand-stamped with the date on the postmark. 1/
2. Election Day: Salt Lake County has 47 voting centers:… Bring one form of ID to vote (already registered) and two forms if you need to register.
3. Utah is both a same-day registration state and a voter ID state. Here is the list of acceptable identifications:…
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BIG DEAL: Actual legal expert, recent DC Circuit Court judge, and former BYU gen. counsel, Thomas Griffith joined with others in an amici curiae brief AGAINST the spurious independent state legislature (ISL) theory used by @SenMikeLee to justify his efforts to...(1/3) #utpol
overturn the 2020 Presidential election. ISL theory claims that state legislatures can disregard their own state constitution & state supreme courts to do pretty much whatever they want re: elections - which is so clearly absurd. It's an affront to our form of government ...(2/3)
and our tradition of peaceful transitions of power. Lee is wrong for Utah in so many ways but the facade of constitutional expertise and loyalty is now gone and Utah voters should show him the door. (3/3)

The amici curiae brief:…
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Big action yesterday for the Utah Inland Port Authority. UIPA Board and Salt Lake City Council vote same day to approve Authorizing the SLC Mayor to execute the Interlocal Agreement between the City, the Redevelopment Agency, and the Utah Inland Port Authority. #utpol #utleg
BIG WIN if Mayor Mendenhall and Exec Director Ben Hart get the Health Impact Assessment, Traffic Assessment, and Community Impact Assessment completed by 12/31/23. Big nail in the coffins of their careers if they waffle too much along the way.
Kudos to SLC Council and lawyers. Each seems genuinely committed to their districts and the process. They are also gaslit repeating the port is getting built anyways. The port is getting built because the #utleg is subsidizing it to the tune of $40 million to date.
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One thing that fascinates me about @EvanMcMullin is he was so eager knee-jerk oppose anything Trump did that he ended up taking a lot of stupid positions.

But opposing killing Soleimani as he was planning to kill Americans was a required position for MSNBC talking heads. #utpol
Mike Lee worked hard for a strong conservative Supreme Court majority.

@EvanMcMullin joined conspiracy theorists like Michael Avenatti to smear them.

Go back 6 years - you won’t find a conspiracy theory McMuffin didn’t jump on so he could get booked on TV.

#utdebates #utpol ImageImage
Of COURSE @EvanMcMullin went all in on the Steele Dossier.

Why would anyone believe anything this snake oil salesman had to say about anything? #utpol #utdebates
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I'm here at @IECHS for the @UTBoardofEd district 8 seat debate tonight, between @audryn_d and Christina Bogess. Full disclosure, I am Team Audryn all the way. And my battery is low. But I will love tweet as best I can as long as I can and link the YouTube recording later. #utpol Image
Election day is in 4 weeks, but ballots will come in the mail soon. 2 minute opening statements. Questions from the moderator and 90 s to respond. Option to rebut responses, as desired. Last half hour will be audience and viewer Qs. Candidates do no know Qs. CB goes first.
CB a mom of 3 young boys and an educator. 21 years experience teaching in a variety of schools. Deeply rooted understanding of education. Education and secondary, rural and urban, active shootings and aftermath, award winning schools. Been there for 20 years. Touched every facet.
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1/ Recently, I told you how @goud4clerk made posts on Telegram where he claimed Democrats cheated and stole the 2020 election.

There were lots of other posts from Maragani expressing anti-vax, anti-mask and other far-right beliefs #utpol…
2/ In this post from July, 2021, Maragani responds to a story alleging students were told to hide 'equity survey' questions from parents.

"It's what commies do. We need 100% school choice so parents can pull their kids out of government schools," Maragani wrote #utpol "It's what commies do. We need 100% school choice so pa
3/ Also from July, 2021, Maragani says he wants elected officials who will "impeach" the chief justice of the Utah Supreme Court because he issued a mask mandate during the COVID pandemic.

"If he's issuing mask mandates, he won't rule conservatively on other issues" #utpol
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1/ The question remains: When did @goud4clerk determine the 2020 election was not stolen?

That change had to have happened sometime within the last four months.

He has not responded to my questions about when the shift happened #utpol
2/ I recently found a video of @goud4clerk participating in a panel discussion prior to a screening of the election conspiracy movie "2000 Mules."

That was May 27 of this year #utpol
3/ "2000 Mules" is the widely debunked "documentary" from Dinseh D'Souza that claims non-profit groups are paying volunteers (the mules) to traffic ballots to different drop boxes #utpol
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Maragani's claim that 14,000 ballots cannot be attributed to registered voters is not true.

It comes from an analysis from Cindy Butler, who was a speaker at election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell's "Moment of Truth" summit #utpol…
The Clerk's office walked me through the claim which is based on comparing multiple data sets from different points in time.

They say they've explained this to Maragani and others several times.
I'm going to try to explain this, so try to follow along. It's complicated #utpol
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I’m proud of Utah’s Compact on Immigration. We are a Red State that welcome immigrants. That still doesn’t stop Congressmen like @RepBurgessOwens who flock to the Southern border to exploit the desperation of people seeking a better life. Instead of drawing on the #UtahWay #utpol
and working with Democrats on long overdue immigration reform, they use immigration, immigrants, and human suffering to scare and enrage their base. There is a crisis at the border and a majority of it exists because it’s used as a campaign talking-point. The party of ‘fiscal
responsibility’ used Florida’s taxpayer’s money to pick up migrants that weren’t even in his state. Republicans brag about inroads the GOP has made with Hispanic voters. DeSantis and Abbott doing this on the eve of Hispanic Heritage Month reeks of Trump wanting to hold a rally
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Good morning from Alta High School.

I'm here for the Salt Lake County GOP's quarterly central committee meeting.

Almost all of the seats in the #utleg in play are in Salt Lake County, so this meeting is very important with just over two months to go until election day #utpol
County party chairman @cnull tells me they feel good about picking up some seats in the #utleg this year, but he's also feeling pressure to deliver.

Null says redistricting was favorable for the GOP, which is a reason why he's feeling some optimism #utpol
As the meeting gets underway, somebody in the back yells, "Let's hear it for Republicans!"

His exhortation gets a smattering of applause.

"That was weak," he said.

Chairman Null jokes about playing AC/DC music to pump everybody up.

"Not everybody likes that," he says #utpol
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1/ A conservative non-profit political organization run by longtime activist Leonard Leo received a massive $1.6 billion donation.

Why does Marble Freedom Trust list a North Salt Lake address on its tax filings? #utpol…
2/ Marble Freedom Trust is controlled by Leonard Leo, who was one of the first paid employees of the Federalist Society. He's now co-chairman of the group's board of directors #utpol…
3/ Tax documents show Marble Freedom Trust is headquartered at an address owned by Tyler Green, who is listed as a trustee of the nonprofit.

Green, a native Utahn, was Utah's solicitor general from 2015 to 2020 #utpol…
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Just saw the Club for Growth ad against McMullin. I was told awhile ago that negative and dirty politics doesn’t play well in Utah. Was that a lie? #utpol
Watching the Club for Growth ad admonish “liberals” reminded me of the Jimmy Smit-Alan Alda debate from the West Wing series (last tweet). Republicans love to ‘remind’ folks that the Republican Party freed the slaves. MAGA Republicans love to do this, too. I remember hearing the
former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s RNC speech from 2000. She said the fIrst Republican she knew was her father, and that he was a Republican because the Democratic Party in the Jim Crow South would not register him the vote. That would be a true statement backed by
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We are the company we keep. CPAC featured speaker was Viktor Orban. He doesn’t believe in ‘race-mixing’. Loving vs Virginia wouldn’t exist. He doesn’t agree with immigration. The Statue of Liberty would be returned to France. He’s a white nationalist, racist authoritarian. #utpol
Viktor Orban is anti-semitic who doesn’t believe in America’s ideals or democracy. He believes in ethnic-states and that countries like Russia and China should be world’s leaders. #CD4 voters, @RepBurgessOwens shares a stage with Viktor Orban.…
Are these your beliefs, too? If not, then you cannot cast another ballot for Burgess Owens. It’s time to stand up for our beliefs and for democracy. Burgess Owens does not represent my beliefs or ideals. #utpol
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Buttigieg-a-palooza (TM) has moved from the Capitol to a Unified Fire Station in Emigration Canyon as we prepare for a roundtable discussion with Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson and others about firefighting efforts and improving transportation infrastructure #utpol
SLCO Mayor Jenny Wilson and Secretary Pete Buttigieg join several other people for the roundtable discussion.

"This is an important time for our nation, and it's an important time for our county," Wilson says to start #utpol
Wilson recounting 2020 with the start of the COVID pandemic followed by the Salt Lake earthquake and the BLM protests in Salt Lake City and the massive windstorm.

I'm sure this will tie into transportation issues, but it's a long way to get to the point #utpol
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Good morning from the Utah State Capitol.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is in town to announce a new $7.3 billion program to help states and communities prepare for and respond to extreme weather events #utpol
The funding is available to states over five years to make transportation infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather and natural disasters.

The funds can be used on highway and transit projects, port facilities and improving evacuation routes #utpol
Gov. Cox is up first.

He praises the program noting that "many of our communities are up against the mountains, making them vulnerable to wildfires" #utpol
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Once again, the Utah County Commission is discussing the topic of "election integrity" and taking public comments from election conspiracy enthusiasts.

It's a lot of the same people who show up every time to yell about non-existent election fraud #utpol
One woman just said she could not believe that nearly "every patriotic America First candidate" lost in the primary election.

Once again, for the people in the back: GOP primary voters are MUCH MORE MODERATE than candidates favored by the convention crowd #utpol
Oh dear, a woman just said Commissioner Bill Lee should have had a sheriff accompany him to get election records he requested.

Here's my story on that #utpol…
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1/ Nomi Health, Domo and Qualtrics leveraged their connections to then-Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and other Republican leaders to secure millions of dollars in no-bid contracts during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic response #utpol…
2/ Cox said he had never heard of Nomi Health, but they were recommended by leaders within Silicon Slopes.

Cox (and others) were contacted by leaders in Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee who also gave Nomi lucrative contacts #utpol…
3/ Utah paid Nomi Health nearly $79 million.

Before the pandemic, the company had no public health experience.

A Utah audit found Nomi's cost per test was an "unreasonable" $235. The cost per test for other companies was about $125 or less #utpol…
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1/ Following a recount, Joseph Elison defeated Willie Billings in the HD72 GOP primary by just 10 votes.

Billings is making allegations about potential irregularities with vote counting machines, and plans to sue to force a hand recount #utpol…
2/ Billings and his supporters point to a post-recount audit where the county randomly selected just under 3% of the ballots to see if they matched up with the machine count.

The votes in that random sample favored Billings 61-39% #utpol…
3/ Billings claimed the 20-point margin in the random sample leads him to believe something is amiss with the counting machines.

He plans to sue to force a hand recount #utpol…
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If you're still on the fence about whether to continue science-based restoration of Utah Lake or give away sovereign land for artificial islands, here is a short thread and a link to the deep dive.


#UtahLake #utpol #utleg
Last November, I wrote a blog post describing 7 problems with the idea of transforming Utah Lake into an island city.

The limited liability company behind the project (LRS) sued me for $3 million.

The lawsuit forced me to learn more than I ever wanted about LRS and their boondoggle.

This new blog post lays out some of these details. I hope you'll read the whole blog post, but this thread gives a summary of problems 8-14.

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1/ This @USATODAY investigation of Nomi Health is damning.

The company, with zero public health experience, leveraged relationships with GOP officials in five states into a $219 million payday during the COVID pandemic #utpol…
2/ Tennessee officials had "no confidence" Nomi's COVID tests would provide reliable results.

Tennessee terminated its contract in June of 2020.

Utah, and other states, continued to pay Nomi millions of dollars #utpol…
3/ "No test is 100%, but these were not good," said Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee's former top vaccination official.

Emails showed Utah health officials expressed concern about the accuracy of Nomi's tests, but the contract continued #utpol…
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1/ Rep. Joel Ferry is holding on to his seat in the Utah House while simultaneously working as acting director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources — an arrangement which appears to violate the Utah Constitution's separation of powers #utpol #utleg…
2/ Gov. Spencer Cox's office says the situation is okay because Ferry has been removed from assignments that deal with natural resources, and he is not taking legislative compensation #utpol #utleg…
3/ Ferry is working in an acting role while he awaits confirmation by the Utah Senate.

It's not clear when the GOP-controlled Senate plans to take up his nomination.

Ferry did not answer questions about whether he'll resign once confirmed #utpol #utleg…
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‘Rally for Reproductive Freedom’ underway at the state Capitol #utpol #utleg Group of people gathered outside the Utah Capitol on July 4,
“We stand in solidarity with all AFAB individuals, and recognize that our country has never truly ensured the rights that they deserve,” organizers Pro Choice People of Utah said Person holds up a sign displaying the message: “My reprodu
Attendees are carrying signs emblazoned with messages like, Red, white and trash,” “Land of the free, my ass,” and Abortion is Liberty” Sign: “Abortion is liberty.”Sign: “Give us freedom to choose!”Sign: “Keep God out of my girlfriend’s pussy!”Sign: “Free country my ass!”
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