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5 Oct
Most journalists aren’t scientists & engineers. Most scientists & engineers aren’t journalists. Too often the details, nuances & solutions are lost in popular culture in favor of a click-bait doomsday narrative.

TL;DR Stop headlining climate stories w the phrase “End Times”
Consider: For every headline you see about the extreme storms, droughts, fires, floods & famines approaching (they are), how many pieces catch your attention on the ways agriculture is already changing, the impact of limiting food waste or why land use matters here & now? /2
Most headlines you see aren’t even composed by the journalist who penned the piece. They’re written separately to sound as shocking, counterintuitive or mysterious as possible bc the point is to get you to click. In part, it’s driven by advertising.

The incentives are wrong. /3
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26 Sep
As a former Senate staffer, I can confirm the interactions between scientists & policy folks in this scene are fairly realistic #DontLookUp
Also, @michiganstateu does indeed have one of the top-ranked physics & astronomy departments in the country. #GoGreen /2
This #DontLookUp clip will now be included in the talk I’m giving next week on science communication in policy. /3
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11 Sep
Perhaps news shouldn’t be entertainment.
Perhaps entertainment shouldn’t be news. /2
Imagine if news anchors had the freedom to prioritize delivering accurate information regardless of ratings, clicks or subscribers. /3
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27 Aug
Gulf waters are warm which worries me watching Ida strengthen as it approaches approach Louisiana.

The storm is headed toward gas & oil platforms, agriculture shipping points, refineries & chemical plants & given its path & timing, I can’t help but think of Katrina.
I'm not an alarmist but my expertise lies in marine science.

As a grad student in 2003, the science of hurricanes in LA terrified me. It seemed clear NOLA didn't stand a chance. We knew a Katrina-like storm would come. And we know there will be more. /2…
We don’t know what #Ida will do yet & I’m not a meteorologist, but an oceans person.

But the science is clear. Warm ocean surface temperatures fuel more powerful storms, meaning climate change is part of how this story develops. /3
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26 Aug
We spend far too much time dreading what our climate future *may* look like instead of collectively envisioning better outcomes & working together w determination to achieve them.
How often are climate articles you read hopeful?

Yes, we need to hear about extreme storms, floods, droughts, biodiversity loss & resource conflicts. But we also need to know about the incredible work being done by people around the world to meet these challenges. /2
Doomsday narratives on climate serve as effective clickbait, but reality is far more complex than what much media highlights.
We still have opportunities to change course. And so many scientists, engineers, innovators & communities are working toward a more resilient future. 3/
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30 Jul
The climate is changing. But We need to change.
To be clear, we don't need to change the planet through geoengineering.

*We* need to change our behavior to be more sustainable, equitable & resilient.
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10 Jul
Listen to the people you don’t agree with.
Include people you don't agree with.
Eat with people you don’t agree with.

I don’t mean extremists, Nazis, fascists, etc. But neighbors & community members w different experiences & backgrounds that shape their perspectives.

You may discover there’s plenty you do agree on after all.
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30 Jun
Your votes overwhelming support a thread about The Science of Kissing. So let's get to it. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing:

1) Our lips are the body’s most exposed erogenous zone. Unlike in other animals, human lips are uniquely everted, meaning they purse outwardly.
2) Kissing is about more than bacterial exchange or romance. Our 1st experiences w love & security often involve lip pressure & stimulation through nursing or bottle feeding. This lays down neural pathways in a baby’s brain that later associate kissing w positive emotions.
3) Even Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary biology, was fascinated by kissing across cultures. He discussed what he observed in his 1872 book The Expression of the Emotions in Man & Animals, concluding that the drive for humans to “kiss” in some form appears to be innate.
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6 Mar
I keep seeing articles bemoaning a "baby bust" due to declining birth rates.

But they all seem to miss a big part of the story. All around the world fertility rates are ⬇️ except in parts the world where health conditions are poor & child mortality is high. 1/
When women have access to family planning, healthcare including antibiotics & vaccines, an education & the ability to have a career, we often opt to have fewer children.

Declining birth rates = more women making our own choices. 2/
Also, while I don't buy the "population bomb" alarmism that Earth has reached some arbitrary human carrying capacity (it's not about total # of ppl, but how we collectively use & waste resources), I'll add that less pressure on the planet's limited resources isn't a bad thing. 3/
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5 Feb
We cannot begin to recover from the #COVID19 pandemic unless we enact policies that support women. 1/…
Women are being forced out of the workforce during this pandemic at much higher rates than men. Single mothers have been hurt most. 2/
Keeping women in the workforce benefits everyone. Study after study demonstrates that equity & diversity in the workforce translates to better decisions & higher profits. 3/
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17 Jan
Anyone else frustrated by the majority of Phil Spector articles being published about his death?

Most writers seem to express that he was a pretty amazing guy, who unfortunately happened to murder a woman & what a shame it marred his legacy. 🤔
Headline @people below. Down the page: “Throughout the marriage, Phil Spector subjected Ronnie to psychological torment before she escaped. "I thought I was going to die”

This, before he killed a woman.

Why are journalists celebrating this guy? “Lousy” isn’t the word I’d use.
And don’t get me started on everything wrong w @RollingStone. “A legacy marred by murder?”

Seriously? It’s 2021.
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27 Dec 20
Did you know Monopoly was invented by a woman named Elizabeth Magie in 1903? She created board games to express her political beliefs.

Originally called ‘The Landlord’s Game,’ it was designed as a protest against the big monopolists of her time like Carnegie & Rockefeller. 1/
The Landlord’s Game was intended to show that an economy rewarding wealth creation is better than one where monopolists work w few constraints.

It demonstrates how families build wealth & amass fortunes. There were diff versions before Parker Brothers released theirs in 1935. 2/
Monopoly aside, you should know more about Elizabeth Magie.

Her father, James Magie, was a abolitionist & newspaper publisher who traveled w Abraham Lincoln around Illinois. He introduced Elizabeth to Henry George’s best-selling 1879 book, “Progress & Poverty.” 3/
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11 Jul 20
Many friends & neighbors think I’m overly cautious w #COVID19. But my experience w hospitalization has profoundly shaped how I view this threat.

In 2009 I almost died bc of an anesthesiologist’s error during a straightforward cyst removal in the hospital. 1/
I aspirated during surgery & woke up literally coughing up lung tissue.

I couldn’t breathe.

I was by myself in the recovery area, still hooked up to beeping monitors & scared. And at first no one noticed my 02 levels crashing. 2/
I had expected to be home that evening, but landed in the hospital for a week w aspiration pneumonia.

They pumped me w loads of antibiotics & for the first time I had allergic reactions to several. They checked my lungs a lot. Continually scanned me for clots. 3/
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