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1/9 Can an innovative fundraising model using #NFT sales along with on-chain payments facilitate affordable and #climate-smart housing projects in Mozambique? Image
2/9 We’ve launched a pilot with @empowa_io, a unique decentralized property development and NFT digital collectibles platform seeking to harness the power of community to enable affordable home loans for financially excluded groups Image
3/9 @empowa_io partners with @CasaReal13, an affordable housing development enterprise offering housing solutions to low-income earners starting from as low as $10,000 per unit — the second cheapest newly built housing offered in Africa in 2021
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[1/10] 🆘#BreakingNews:
Please #share 🔁 this video:

Calling employees from every company in the country to take action from the inside and challenge their #employers to do more in protecting the #environment
[2/10] Take action on six steps - Read more on detail:…
[3/10] One - Awareness:
When you are aware of #climatechange negative impacts, you will also question if a project is detrimental to the #environment.
The challenge is to apply that personal awareness and thinking to the projects we are professionally responsible for.
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(1) Today's story was the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida. It is one of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike Florida, and in the coming days, we will learn more about the damage and victims.

🧵 Beginning of a thread

(2) Expect lots of shocking photos and heartbreaking videos on social media that will remind us of the power of nature, specifically when boosted by the additional energy we have trapped in the system.

🧵 #IanHurricane #Hurricane_Ian

(3) Man-made climate change has raised sea levels and warmed the oceans, which fueled Ian to a hurricane that, at a certain point, was just two mph shy of a Category 5.

🧵 #climatecrisis #Ian #Hurricane
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This storm is nearly the size of the entire state of #Florida and it’s relatively unprecedented for a storm this large to also be this powerful. The storm surge is catastrophic. #StormSurge

#climate change denying is going to get more difficult and more expensive
The move from #coal to #nuclear #uranium will keep gaining momentum. I’m deeply invested in this space because I believe it’s the only practical solution that we have. Coal consumption just keeps going up each year. The push to electric vehicles is just pissing in the wind…
The full cycle effect of EV’s without getting the global grid off coal is completely meaningless. Possibly negative when you consider the pollution and power consumption to make and recycle batteries with specialty metals.
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(1) Storm surge of #HuricaneaIan is seen pushing into #Naples, FL

Thread 🧵

#Ian via @growingwisdom

Heavy flooding in Naples

#Ian #Florida #Hurricane via @NBCDFWWeather

(3) Overnight, Hurricane Ian gained strength. It is now a monster storm in Category 4, and at 155 mph, it gets very close to a Category 5 hurricane.


#Ian #HurricaneIan #climate #weather #Florida #Tampa #news
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🇪🇺 #energycrisis response measures: here's them all together, plus assessment, brought to you by the @RegAssistProj team.

💡SAVE gas, tax corporate windfall profits, provide direct financial support. Don't cap.

Yesterday saw the dramatic #Nordstream sabotage. Despite this, #fossilgas prices remain relatively stable.
They dropped significantly over the past weeks, but remain very high.

Governments feeling the pressure seek for solutions, some good and some bad.
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We are here 👇

"By the end of the 2022/23
crop year, the world's buffer
stocks of corn will be
enough for just 80 days'
worth of consumption"

Crops ruined by widespread drought in the US & Europe, flooding in Pakistan, incessant rains in India & more…
"Tight grain supplies reflect the impact of climate change on crop production as well as growing global demand for livestock that feed on corn, eating away at stockpiles"

& guess what?

The #ClimateCrisis is ramping up as our leaders pour fuel on the fire…
☝️All these warning signs at the same as we know models are likely highly conservative in predicting how #ClimateChange will impact global food production-

Our leaders are clueless or incompetent-

Please do what you can to wake them up!

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A new special issue! 📚

@swenhutter & I are happy to announce the publication of "New Contentious Politics. Civil Society, Social Movements, and the Polarisation of German Politics". Check out the great contributions! #protest

➡️… @GermanPolJnl (1/11)
Our SI studies "new contentious politics": A #double #transformation of contemporary protest arenas, marked by (1) new issues & claims from the left to the far-right as well as (2) hybrid organisational forms & a close interaction between protest and electoral politics. 🪧 (2/11)
In "Civil Society, Cleavage Structures, and Democracy in Germany", E. #Grande studies the importance of new political #cleavages for understanding protest. Crucially, he points to the ambivalent relationship between civil society & #democracy.

➡️… (3/11)
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After 50yrs of 'area-based payments' under EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), there are some concerns about #FoodSecurity

The Liz Truss govt seems to be saying that the answer is to carry on with area-based payments?!…
Their argument is to 'concentrate' on food production, rather than sustainability (exactly what EU CAP did)

And yet, a 2021 @DefraGovUK report concluded that biggest threats to our #FoodSecurity come from the #climate and #nature crisis

Go figure…
There is no such thing as #FoodSecurity if our soils are knackered and being washed away, our pollinators are in decline, and our crops facing heat & water stress

We @WildlifeTrusts run 26 working farms, so we do know a thing or two about this..
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THREAD - Startling example of feedback loops in Nature that are disrupted by #GlobalWarming:
- normally large colonies of algae can't grow in the #Arctic seas because they are bereft of nitrogen
- but enormous algal blooms have increasingly appeared appeared in this century

- turns out #climate induced wildfires in No America & #Siberia produce large amounts of nitrogen in the atmosphere
- that nitrogen falls on #Arctic seas, fueling algal growth
- and huge algal blooms block oxygen entry to the seas
- fish & other marine life forms suffocate, as the massive algal blooms block oxygen infusion into oceans
- the blooms also block sea ice formation, so
- the white ice albedo effect, reflecting hot sunlight away from the North Pole decreases
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It’s #ClimateWeek! Supporting sustainability efforts is a central part of Chia’s mission and we believe our work sets us apart. Our partnership with @IFC_org on the Carbon Opportunities Fund is just one example of the ways we're contributing to climate action. 1/5
The Carbon Opportunities Fund will source, tokenize and sell high-quality, verified carbon credits, via the @WorldBank @ClimateWarehous metadata layer – operated on Chia public blockchain to build trust and transparency in the carbon trading market! 2/5

We’re developing an open-source platform with the government of Costa Rica to improve the management of #climate and #carbon inventories, software which will be shared feely with other nations. 3/5
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US congressional hearing released 226 pages of e-mails and documents from Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP - and deserves so much more airtime: they are full of gems showing how they're pretending they're in an energy transition while in fact they want to sell more & gas forever

BP's internal documents show how carbon capture and storage (CCS) is, for them, a PR tool to “enable the full use of fossil fuels across the energy transition and beyond”

Shell is at it too: internal email discussing carbon capture and storage warns executives "to be careful to not talk about CCUS as prolonging the life of oil, gas or fossil fuels writ large”

Because "prolonging" is exactly what it's about, it's best not to talk about it

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“Chapter 2, Truth’s Solitary Journey:

“War, Nukes, & the Media…
“the Comfortable Ignorance of Grade School Propaganda Gone Forever”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M. Adzema

(pub 9/22)…

CW22Q 2/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #media #press #FBR

CW22Q 2/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “… when I had my first personal experience with a major national lie at the age of 19—one that involved an obvious collusion of State Dept, Dept of Defense, & all the major newspapers in America—I was shaken.”


CW22Q 2/3
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Several people asked if I could share the slides from our #TippingPoints conference session. So I thought I'd put them up here too.

Thanks to all who took part. I look forward to working together to grow our understanding of social movements can accelerate tipping points🧵1/n
The importance of building powerful social movements with carefully targeted campaign goals came up repeatedly throughout the conference.... 2/n

Movements are a crucial to achieve social change, as it is not enough to just have evidence, or even to communicate it with compelling stories, you also need to build counter-power that can force change in the existing system 3/n
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This is the most important paper you can read right now.
"We identify 9 global 'core' tipping elements which contribute substantially to Earth system functioning & 7 regional 'impact' tipping elements which contribute substantially to human welfare or have great value..."
MORE Image
"... as unique features of the Earth system. Current global warming of ~1.1°C above pre-industrial already lies w/in the lower end of five CTP (#Climate Tipping Point) uncertainty ranges. Six CTPs become likely w/in the #parisagreement range of 1.5 to <2°C warming..."
MORE Image
"...including collapse of the #Greenland & West #Antarctic ice sheets, die-off of low-latitude coral reefs, & widespread abrupt #permafrost thaw. An additional CTP likely & another 3 possible at the ~2.6°C of warming expected under current policies."…
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#ClimateChange Heads of Delegation are in Cairo to discuss #LossAndDamage.

I made an intervention for @CANIntl in the opening plenary urging them to put L&D Finance on the #COP27 agenda to establish L&D Finance Facility and deliver #ClimateJustice.

Excerpt as a THREAD – 1/11
#We are already in the era of #LossAndDamage!

In the last few months, we have seen unfathomable levels of suffering because of #climate impacts

We've seen #heatwaves #droughts #wildfire and #floodings sweep through the world and the horrific devastation by #PakistanFloods

Science tells us how much worse this situation is and why that is.

Because #polluters keep polluting and those who are most responsible refuse to do their fair share.…

#BigOil #CarbonBomb @dpcarrington @mrmatthewtaylor

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A new study was released in @ScienceMagazine today: if we don't cut emissions and stay below 1.5°C, we'll witness 4 critical tipping points:
1) collapse of the Greenland and 2) West Antarctic ice sheets,
3) loss of coral reefs
4) thawing of permafrost
Published in @ScienceMagazine, the study is a wake up call on #climate, if there ever was one. Here's the conclusion:

"Our assessment provides strong scientific evidence for urgent action to mitigate climate change..."
"We show that even the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to well below 2°C and preferably 1.5°C is not safe as 1.5°C and above risks crossing multiple tipping points. Crossing these CTPs can generate positive feedbacks that increase the likelihood of crossing other CTPs."
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🚨 New paper 🚨

Green #hydrogen and derived #efuels are critical for #climate #mitigation, but when will they be available at scale?

In a new Nature Energy study, we look at a key bottleneck: the market ramp-up of #electrolysis capacity.

Summary 🧵⬇️…
2/ #GreenHydrogen, produced from renewable electricity via electrolysis, is vital for the #EnergyTransition. In the #EnergyCrisis hydrogen is also considered an option to limit Europe's fossil fuel imports.

However, scaling up supply is a huge challenge!
3/ There's a lot of momentum in electrolysis project announcements. This is also much needed because global capacity needs to grow a staggering 6,000-8,000-fold from 2021-2050 to meet #NetZero scenarios. Yet, most projects still lack an FID, making them uncertain. Image
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Yet another new study says Carbon capture and storage is not new, does not work as a climate solution and is a tool used by oil & gas companies to deceive and obfuscate: 72% of the (little) CO2 captured is anyway reinjected into oil fields to push more oil out of the ground

Fundamental problem: IEA Net Zero 2050 report clearly says that there must be no new oil & gas to reach net zero by 2050 and avert the catastrophic consequences of climate change

Therefore, any new oil and gas development should not get a green light, with or without CCS

In any case, CCS does not work: The power sector has not had a single successful carbon capture and storage project: Lots announced, 2 failed, and 1 was mothballed

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I recently wrote a series on Charles #Koch's political influence machine for @EXPOSEDbyCMD.

Despite waning media scrutiny, Koch's fleet of nonprofits is spending more than ever. The branding is more sophisticated, and its political impact is still pervasive.

\/ Big 🧵 \/ Image
@EXPOSEDbyCMD Let's start with the big numbers, from post #1:…
@EXPOSEDbyCMD From 2019 - 2020,

28 organizations controlled by Koch Ind family & execs had:

* $2.7 billion in combined net revenue

* $1.1 billion in combined net spending
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(1/) Pakistan's horror floods are our horror floods too

A thread 🧵

➡️ RT

#PakistanFloods #floods #ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #climate #water #Pakistan
(2/) The Planet newsletter:

The Pakistan floods are not an isolated incident for the back page of your newspaper. The scale, and relevance for all of us, should make this the main headline wherever you live.

(3/) This summer was marked by extreme weather events all over the northern hemisphere. As a reader of this newsletter, you have likely experienced this too. For instance, many European readers will remember the record-breaking drought in Western Europe.
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Its been about 5 days now reporting on #PakistanFloods for @SBSNews

A thread on what we've seen and heard, from getting here to visiting some of the hardest hit communities 🧵👇 1/15
We set off from Karachi early Wednesday, planning to reach the worst affected areas of Sindh province.

Not far out of the city, the #PakistanFloods appeared on both sides of the road, and we lost reception 2/15
We had been driving for a few hours when the main road we were on ended abruptly, completely cut off by water.

So we turned back, and continued along a long series of back roads through villages 3/15
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I am having fun with this story folks! Probably I should write a comic book about it!
#Russia #Oil #EU #Biden #US #PriceCap Image
The Biden administration and the EU want to put a cap on the price of imported Russian oil.
#Russia #Oil #EU #Biden #US #PriceCap Image
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The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change @SRclimatechange has just dropped an *amaze-balls* report to the UN General Assembly, starting later this month. Governments will have to respond.…
We are being confronted with an enormous climate change crisis of catastrophic proportions. It is happening now.

The result of a catastrophically inadequate response from historical emitters / developed countries.
The members of the Group of 20 account for 78% of emissions over the past decade. Noting: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea and USA are falling short

By contrast, the 55 most vulnerable economies have lost over half their economic growth potential owing to the #climatecrisis.
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