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Railway Manager & sustainable transport advocate. Travel, rail, transport & languages enthusiast. Mainly here for the trains... He/him 🌈♻️🚅 🛤🚇🚋🚲🕎
Dec 22, 2020 26 tweets 15 min read
So we start with the 1st line & hit the buffers as we hit the “reallocate funds fallacy”. This has been explained so many times. Cancelling #HS2 means no money for anything else. Funds raised for #HS2 can ONLY be spent on HS2 & these funds are borrowed against future use. If there’s no HS2, there’s no funding for HS2 & no money. Also please explain how NR received an initial £48bn for CP6 back in 2019 if HS2 was “hoovering up funds”. As for value, as seen with existing lines, heavy capital costs are made back over the lengthy operational timespan
Dec 22, 2020 11 tweets 18 min read
DAY281: 28/07/2019 it’s @RHDR thread time! My 1st ever visit was on this day having had a lovely weekend camping in East Sussex with friends. We started at #Dungeness behind Hercules #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel #TravelbyTrain
#CoronaAlone #CoronaLockdown Departure from #Dungeness behind Hercules! It’s situated on a uni-directional loop as we head back towards the beach & the single line section towards Romney Sands via the spring loaded points. #RHDR #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel 🚂 🌊
Dec 21, 2020 7 tweets 8 min read
Seen the news this morning peeps? You ain’t seen nothing yet... #InterestingTimes #Robertsbridge Quaint & damp.
#Rail #Freight #SiteVisit #Quagmire
Dec 20, 2020 5 tweets 8 min read
OTD a year ago 20/12/2019 I met the likes of @DavidHorne @RAIL @MrTimDunn @gawuffy @KateLNER1 @richardsalkeld @geofftech @VickiExplores @Modern_Railways @richardprice101 @Coastway_Will for the last day of #LetsGoRoundAgain #HSTFarewell #Intercity125 on @LNER
What a day it was! ImageImageImageImage I joined from @NetworkRailLDS to @NetworkRailKGX We had a good trip, up the ECML with everyone in good spirits on the train! I grew up with the HSTs on the ECML & it was a nice way to remember my late grandfather who used to take me to spots along the line to see them... ImageImageImageImage