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We've seen a lot of evidence over conference week and today that @TheGreenParty is still some way from being able to discuss #HS2 constructively, based on a good understanding of what it offers as well as what it costs. The party's policy on high speed rail remains confused. /1
We say again: we are Party members who support #HS2 because it furthers the Green agenda rather than hinders it. We are happy to explain this case to any other member, including senior party figures, if asked. We aren't shills, trolls, astroturfers or trainspotters. /2
HS2 is being built. We aren't going to stop it. But we can campaign along the way: for HS2 Ltd to behave respectfully to the habitat and communities they disturb, for freed capacity to be used for local benefit, for transport policies to be put in place for road pricing, ../3
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HS2 respects the right to peaceful, lawful protest. However, we must correct the incorrect and misleading information about the #HS2 project, such as false claims that entire woodlands are being destroyed.
HS2 is very conscious of its impact in building the new railway and takes its responsibilities very seriously, employing world leading ecologists delivering many miles of ecological and landscape investments.
The UK, in particular the Midlands and North, need this vital investment to bring more job opportunities and better connect towns and cities, as well as help decarbonise our transport network. We are committed to delivering the greenest major project ever delivered in the UK.
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We often hear from Greens, including very senior ones, that #HS2 is a climate disaster because it won’t be CO2-neutral for a long time. “120 years!” is quoted, “HS2’s own figures!”. One big problem with this: it isn’t true. Let’s take a look at HS2 and CO2... /1
HS2’s official position is that after 60 years #HS2 will either be slightly CO2-negative (if construction doesn’t improve its CO2 efficiency) or slightly CO2-positive (if it does). (The Oakervee review covers this:… - sections 5.30 to 5.37) /2
The modelling is covered in more detail in this document:…. We’ve extracted the numbers below from that. They consider 2 future scenarios - Scenario A in which electric cars and grid decarbonisation happen slowly, and a more optimistic B. /3
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A thread.
Today I sat in Wendover reflecting on not only the last couple of weeks, recent months but also the last 34 years since I first came to this village as a 16yr old recruit. It is hard to process the changes that have taken place since Nov '86 #StopHS2 @Hs2Rebellion 1/9 Image
Back then I was pretty clueless, some might say I still am. I had never flown, that came the following year with a trip to Corfu. I hadn't had my heartbroken, or broken anyones heart come to think of it. I've been married, had children divorced & I am now a Grandfather. 2/9
The pressure I feel right now as the climate crisis accelerates is almost overwhelming. I currently have many responsibilities, #Councillor, Co-chair of Eight Bells in Newbury but it is the future of mankind that scares me the most & weighs most upon my shoulders. 3/9
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Yorkshire has given the world the Brontë Sisters, the first-ever football club, Wensleydale cheese, the selfie and #Yorkshire puddings. It's also home to what's thought to be the world’s first public #railway. Wakefield’s Lake Lock Rail Road opened in 1798. #YorkshireDay 1/3 Credit: Chronicle / Alamy S...
Two centuries later, Yorkshire’s pioneers are helping to build Britain’s new low-carbon railway, #HS2, including @soil_eng in #Leeds who have spent 5 years investigating ground conditions for #construction of the high-speed route, while growing their business by 35%. 2/3 Image
Once complete, #HS2 will directly serve three of Yorkshire’s main cities – #Leeds, #Sheffield and #York – making it easier for people to live and work where they want; opening up new employment and leisure opportunities. 3/3 Image
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There is a huge amount of false and misleading information about #HS2 on social media. Below is a myth buster thread which corrects some of the most repeated misconceptions about the project…
Myth 1: ‘HS2 only saves 20 minutes to #Birmingham’. FACT: #HS2 services will call at 25 stations in England and Scotland connecting 30 million people. It also frees up space on the existing network for more frequent stopping local services benefiting those who may never use HS2.
HS2’s budget is spread over 30 years and evens out at less than the annual roads budget. We will support 30,000 jobs at least 2,000 of which will be apprenticeships. The arrival of #HS2 is spearheading economic growth and is expected to create nearly 500,000 jobs around stations.
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There has been a call to cancel #HS2 and use the money on more immediate needs like properly funding the NHS or buying everyone a bike. We all want the NHS to be funded - but it doesn't work that way: in fact we'd be worse off. A thread to explain why... /1
We Greens believe in borrowing to invest. Our 2019 manifesto proposed £94bn, to be invested in the national grid, energy storage, renewable electricity, home insulation, R&D, railways, cycle paths, electric vehicle infrastructure and so on (… p85) /2.
The point about investing is that you invest *in* something - an asset which has value and generates a return (in accountant-speak, "CAPEX"). /3
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One of the criticisms of #HS2 is that because it's so fast, it uses up much more energy than normal trains - so Greens should push for lower speed railways. There is just enough truth in this to make it plausible, but it's not the whole story. A thread to explain why... /1
For sure, if you run a train twice as fast, it needs nearly four times as much energy to maintain speed. (check out Davis Equation if you want to know more. Aerodynamic resistance, that dominates at high speeds, goes up by the square of the speed). However .... /2
... other things to consider. Firstly, a better measure when comparing is how much energy is used to move *each passenger*; and if our interest is really CO2, it's how much greenhouse gas is generated to do that. /3
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We keep coming across some misunderstandings from Greens about what #HS2 is, where it goes , what it's for and how much it costs. So here's a thread dealing with a few. /1
Let's start with where it goes. "Just 20 minutes quicker to Birmingham", people say. Nope: on the day that #HS2 starts, in 2029, its trains will also serve Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Here's the service pattern for day 1. Each line = one train per hour both ways: /2 Image
The trains run on the new railway between London and Birmingham, then continue their journeys on the existing railway - which will be being upgraded in the meantime to smooth things out. This is just like French TGVs do. /3
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News in late last night: the #HS2 station at Old Oak Common, the largest new station built in UK for many years, has been granted planning consent. 14 platforms (6 high speed, 8 conventional) with a 850m station area. Engineers WSP, architects WilkinsonEyre. Work starts in June. ImageImageImageImage
(“Conventional” rail is above ground. High Speed below, accessed by escalators and lifts from the main concourse)
I was filming at OOC with @GWRHelp’s @paulrgentleman & @paulbyrail when they were preparing to shut the depot down in 2017. Still got the FGW high-vis! The last thing I saw were these ex GWR steam locos stabled, dropping their fires there that night. Infrastructure never stops. ImageImage
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We say demand for rail travel will grow in future. Why? This thread explains./1
Our Green travel strategy for a zero-CO2 world involves: 1 reducing total travel; 2 moving fully to sustainable modes of travel; 3 integrating sustainable modes so multi-mode journeys are easy (Objectives: TR011 So why will rail travel increase? /2
To reduce CO2 for distances further than you can walk or cycle, shifting from car or air to electrified rail is by far the best option. (BBC: 👇. The numbers are here:…). /3 Image
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“HS2 is just 20 minutes quicker to #Birmingham” is a well-trodden myth. #HS2 will transform the UK with the 3Cs: More CAPACITY across the country’s #rail network. A low CARBON #transport network. Better CONNECTIVITY in the #Midlands and #North. Image
Capacity: #HS2 will add vital capacity to our overcrowded #rail network by placing long distance services on their own pair of tracks. This will create thousands of extra seats and space for more local, commuter and #freight services on the existing #railway. Image
Carbon: #Rail is the low carbon option for long distance travel, with #HS2 taking cars and lorries off the road. HS2 emits 17 times less carbon than the equivalent domestic flight and 7 times less carbon than the equivalent car journey.
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You’re right. UK ancient woodlands are priceless heritage sites and should be treated as such!
The last 2.3% ancient woodland is our equivalent to Brazilian rainforests.
@WoodlandTrust @stophs2 @LeighDay_Law @HS2ltd @grantshapps @gregsmith_uk #NHSnotHS2 #woodlands #HS2 #stopHS2
Surely, as well as heritage sites, such important cultural & historical woodland areas (which take centuries to be created) should be considered national monuments, areas of outstanding natural beauty and as well as bats, birds and other wildlife contain plants and trees which
Take hundreds of years to grow into such balanced ecosystems. This cannot be created by simply planting new trees. Some of the trees are Veteran trees, which we now know communicate chemically with other trees in the surrounding area. They intercommunicate and support
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Did you know - The #carbonfootprint of 120 years of HS2’s railway between London and the West Midlands (including construction & operation) will be equivalent to less than 1 month’s UK road emissions?
1/10 Image
Climate Change poses the biggest threat to the UK’s environment. #HS2 is an important part of the Britain’s response and will help us meet our commitment to reach #netzero by 2050.
HS2 will free up extra space on the existing rail network. It will take cars and lorries off the road and reduce the need for domestic air travel. This will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions and improve air quality.
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Really engaging Q&A with #AVFC chief exec Christian Purslow via last night's @Villa_Trust AGM. Off today putting some flat-pack up & had it on. CP confirms Kappa budgeted for 30k units of kits this year but 80k cleared. 100k units all set for next year puts...
#AVFC in top 8 in UK & top 15 clubs in Europe commercially for merchandise, an area that's "exploding" at Villa compared to previous 4/5 years. Has been challenges given uncertainty w/ promotion last term, meaning planning impossible to get right. Merch side of Villa...
sub-contracted & run by Kappa, with contract running until 2023. Question came from dad wanting Villa kids' bedding, towels & more merch. Owner of Kappa at Villa Park on Sunday for first time for Spurs game. Elsewhere, #AVFC "banked an incredible windfall benefit" from #HS2...
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This 'China to build #HS2 ' story has got more coverage than I expected. Here are some reasons why it won't work (thread)
Firstly, as the letter from Chinese contractor CRCC indicates, the Chinese way is to do a deal privately and bilaterally with a government to build an infrastructure project. They do this a fair bit in Africa. So far, Chinese contractors have been shy of taking part in 2/ competitions to win big infra contracts. Perhaps they don't like having their bids scrutinised too much? Anyway in the UK we are bound by EU law (still) and government guidelines, which would rule out handing the entire project to a contractor with no contest 2/
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My view on #HS2 is simple.
Good in principle, but they should have started from the North and worked down. Instead, by 2033, all we'll have is 45 minutes shaved off the time from Birmingham to London.
Stop focusing on London 'Trickle-up economics' doesn't work!😉
"But commuter capacity is at breaking point between Birmingham & London."
The lack of decent transport infrastructure/investment in the North & Wales has been a strangle-hold on those economies for GENERATIONS. And we've just begun to see the political consequences of that...
My mates were in the middle of having a conversation and I just randomly burst out with: "Not to f***** mention, if you start from the North, that's where the jobs go when it comes to building it!"
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1/5 Today I took the London to Birmingham train – a journey that will be turbocharged by our investment in #HS2. Image
2/5 Levelling-up means transforming travel for people right across the country.
3/5 Therefore it’s right that our infrastructure revolution includes the big national projects like HS2 - as well as schemes that’ll help improve local journeys now - like our £5bn for buses & bikes.
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Today’s #HS2 announcement shows that our expert opinion, that of other NGOs, and the concerns of the public worried about the destruction of the irreplaceable habitat, has been utterly disregarded.
Some 61 #AncientWoods along the #HS2 route are earmarked for total or partial destruction while a further 47 will suffer damage from noise, vibration, light, and pollution.…
“The Government is riding roughshod over its own environmental ambitions and ignoring lessons learned from the past, by allowing destruction of #AncientWoodland and other important habitats on this scale." - @AdamCormack_ #HS2
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#HS2 estimated £106bn, or £300m/mile. I'm not speculating on the relative econ benefits, but I'm deeply nervous about environ impact, it won't reach net zero carbon within 120yrs, & to put into @muirgray-type units, it's approx. 106,000 social workers in work from now til 2035.
This is basically equivalent to the current vacancy rate in the adult social care workforce (@AnitaCTHF @BenGershlick @HarryAEvans among the authors):…
(v quick back of envelop stuff: all at 2019 prices using PSSRU costs for adult social worker, including mean salary, on costs, direct and indirect overheads, not including qualification costs, and not discounted/adjusted for inflation. But gives some perspective.)
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I'm starting my (hopefully) final thread on the Govt's still unpublished review into HS2. Again, this isn't a complete list of conclusions but I think it's in the public interest that it's out there and everyone, pro, anti or otherwise can have a read #HS2reviewconclusions #HS2
On phase 2a (Brum-Crewe): "if more ground investigations take place and design of 2a matures it may be poss. to bring this cost contingency down (see last tweet of previous thread) #HS2reviewconclusions #HS2
"Estimate of cost and schedule on 2b (Crewe-Mancs & Brum-Leeds) is least mature...cost estimate may need to be revised." #HS2reviewconclusions #HS2
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Climate Change poses the biggest threat to the UK’s environment. #HS2 is an important part of the Britain’s response and will help us meet our commitment to reach #netzero by 2050.
HS2 will free up extra space on the existing rail network. It will take cars and lorries off the road and reduce the need for domestic air travel. This will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions and improve air quality.
In 2017, for the first time, the transport sector overtook the energy sector to become the UK’s largest #carbon emitter. Transport was responsible for producing 27% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions.…
3/9 Image
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So here goes for the 63 (headline) conclusions from the Govt's official, so far unpublished review into HS2# CONCLUSION 1: "Overcrowding on the UK network the principle rationale" (for HS2) #HS2 #HS2reviewconclusions
CONCLUSION 2 (part a): "Inter-city connectivity is important but so too is regional and commuter connectivity. HS2 delivers inter-city improvements but also frees capacity for regional and commuter services to be improved..."
CONCLUSION 2 (part b) "No overarching strategy and analysis to optimise the allocation of released capacity on the basis of the project’s objectives. Given that it’s a core rationale, more work needed on integrated rail plan to maximise benefit and articulate them clearly."
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I'm starting another thread now for key points from the so-far unpublished Govt-commissioned review into #HS2. See previous thread for first lot of conclusions #HS2 #HS2reviewconclusions here come a few more...
"Primary need is for capacity, speed should not be primary driver of decision making." #HS2 #HS2reviewconclusions
2) “govt should recommit to the principle of the full Y-shaped railway, serving both sides of the Pennines” #HS2 #HS2reviewconclusions
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