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26 Dec 19
About to see CATS.

I don’t often see movies because they’re supposed to be terrible...but when I do, I make it a movie that’s supposed to be EPICALLY terrible.
I just hope I won’t traumatize myself like I did the time I saw the last Alien movie TWICE because I’d promised I’d see it with Steve...and I’d already seen it without him.


CATS is so bad. It broke me.

I literally had tears streaming down my face. I was still laughing like a lunatic in the bathroom stall afterward.

Me in the third act trying not to laugh so I wouldn't "ruin" the movie for someone near me who might be enjoying it
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6 Oct 19
Please follow and amplify the #JoshuaBrown hashtag.
This courageous witness was found shot to death after testifying against former police officer Amber Guyger for murdering #BothamJean.

Please learn about this story and share it.


UPDATE: This #JoshuaBrown story gets more troubling as I learn more:

"Merritt wrote in a Facebook post Saturday night that the medical examiner told him Brown was shot in the mouth and chest."

Remember that we still do not have an official report on where #JoshuaBrown was shot.

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4 Aug 19
Please don’t expect the people who have sacrificed and fought white supremacy for generations to do your work now that it has come to your attention.
First, retire the sentence “This is not our country.” Read the history books. Watch some documentaries.

Of course we can be better, but not if we can’t acknowledge what we have been. This history is tied to the guns. How Tr*mp rose to power. Why so many are complicit.
White supremacy only felt like it had “gone underground” to people it wasn’t affecting.
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30 Mar 19
On my way back from a great visit to the science fiction collection at Cushing Library @tamulibraries @TAMU - one of the largest in the country. Fantastic exhibition is called "The Stars are Our: Infinite Diversities in Science Fiction & Fantasy" - A quick thread on what I saw
My novel Blood Colony (#3 in my African Immortals Series), about immortals illegally distributing their healing blood in an "Underground Railroad" for the sick, is on display above a collector's edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Also, Lt. Uhura meets Commander @SonequaMG
A marked up manuscript for Samuel R. Delany's Triton (later Trouble on Triton), an homage to Afrofuturistic music queen @JanelleMonae & @nnedi's Binti (#Africanfuturism) alongside Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, ed. by @RosariumBill and @edwardahall.
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7 Jan 19
I was so excited I forgot to say it’s a BLACK HORROR doc - but I’m on my phone at Starbucks and can’t wait to tweet more about this when I get home!!!
Me, after months of waiting, when I saw the @shudder announcement drop on my phone while I was at the grocery store

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27 Oct 18
In Charlottesville, after shouts of "Jews will not replace us!" & anti-racism activist Heather Heyer's murder, Tr*mp said "very fine people on both sides" and helped normalize violent anti-Semitism & white supremacy. This is his legacy. His followers still refuse to see it.
On Wednesday, the day the first explosive devices were found, a white gunman tried to walk into a black church in Kentucky to shoot worshipers. When he couldn't get in, he went to a parking lot and killed a black man & woman." WEDNESDAY.
No, mass shootings are not new. But the deadly combination of poor gun control and a president who uses rhetoric to activate violence has created a crisis Congress has REFUSED to address. TR*MP is all of the worst things we said he would be, and Congress has done NOTHING.
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23 Apr 18
This is life for black people under y'all's police state. Black men, women and children. Don't complain to me about "identity politics." It's called trying to live. Trying to raise our families. Trying to survive.
A year ago, my son & friends were as upset when they saw police handcuff a black teen at the park. "He wasn't doing anything." I wrote to our local police chief. To her credit, she called immediately to address it. But in the end, it was neighbors: "See something, say something."
So, yes, we need a drastic reimagining of policing practices in the U.S. The word "reform" doesn't even begin to cover it. But then we're still stuck with too many whites for whom black and brown skin alone is often cause for alarm. And the entitlement of calling police over B.S.
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9 Feb 18
Since we have a week to fill until #BlackPanther I'll kick off an #AfrofuturismShortFilmFestival of black scifi, magical realism and horror. First up is PUMZI (2009) directed by @wanuri Kahiu of Kenya. I love this film!
(Use the hashtag to suggest faves.)
Before Daniel Kaluuya was W'Kabi in #BlackPanther or an Oscar-nominated actor for Get Out, he starred in this masterful and heartbreaking short film by @kibwetavares, JONAH (2013). vimeo.com/58646255
Before @SterlingKBrown made history with his acting awards or was N'Jobu in #BlackPanther he co-starred in this chilling web series pilot, The Abandon (2012), by @keithjosef
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7 Jan 18
7 Reasons Scholars Are Teaching GET OUT & Why You Should Too –
I teach a @UCLA class, "The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival & the Black Horror Aesthetic." The linchpin: @JordanPeele’s Get Out. Last quarter, he surprised my class.
@GetOutMovie #GetOut #BlackHorror #GetOutSyllabus
MASS INCARCERATION. Jordan Peele told my class: “When I had this image of Chris in this dark hole…I realized I was talking about the prison industrial system.” The system is “abducting black people and throwing them in holes.”
@GetOutMovie #GetOut #BlackHorror #GetOutSyllabus
WHITE SUPREMACY. Jordan Peele tweeted that Get Out is a “documentary” because it allegorically documents the history of white supremacy and its effects on blacks.
@GetOutMovie #GetOut #BlackHorror #GetOutSyllabus
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12 Oct 17
.@JordanPeele in today's #BlackHorror class at @UCLA on The Sunken Place: "I realized it was the prison industrial complex." So many lives.
"It's the entire system that keeps us down, external and internal." --@JordanPeele on The Sunken Place in today's #BlackHorror class.
Today we snuck @JordanPeele into a back row while I was screening a scene from Get Out in my #blackhorror class. Then he raised his hand.
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