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Jun 18 24 tweets 20 min read

Is democracy and freedom of expression under threat in Tamil Nadu?

A thread on the arrests made by MK Stalin-led DMK government.

#MKStalin #DMK #DravidianModel #Democracy #FreeSpeech #SGSuryah

(1/n) TN BJP State Secretary @SuryahSG was arrested under non-bailable sections for his remarks against Madurai CPI-M MP Su Venkatesan over the death of a hygiene worker who was forced to clean a faeces-filled drain by a CPIM councillor. (2/n)

#SGSuryah #DMK…
Apr 24 12 tweets 8 min read
With G Square being raided by IT Dept, here's a look at how the realtor is connected to the DMK. (1/n)
#GSquare #GSquareRaid #ITRaid #DMK G Square Realtors Pvt Ltd is a real estate company which has seen a meteoric rise in a short span of time especially after the DMK came to power. To understand the connect between DMK and G Square, a few dots need to be connected. (2/n)
#GSquareRaid #DMK
Mar 3 4 tweets 5 min read
With news coming in about migrant workers in Tamil Nadu leaving the state, here is a look at how hate against them have been mainstreamed by DMK, Naam Tamilar Katchi, and popular YouTube channels. (1/3)

#TamilNadu #MigrantWorkers #NorthIndianWorkers #BihariMajdoor Slurs like ‘Vadakkan’, ‘Paani Puri wala’ ‘Panparag vaayan’ have been normalised through social media.

Read to know more. (2/3)…
Dec 24, 2022 12 tweets 5 min read
Busting the saintly halo created around EV Ramasamy Naicker, hailed as 'Periyar' by his followers.

A thread exposing the hidden side of EVR. (1/11)

#Periyar #EVR #PeriyarForever #periyarism Many in Tamil Nadu, celebrate him as the leader of Tamils and protector of Tamil rights. But his entire life has been contradictory to these claims.

Read this article to know how ‘Periyar’ viewed Tamil And Tamil society. (2/11)…