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Most recents (24)… #EnoughIsEnough Together we march this Saturday from 13-16.00. @RightProtest #Brits2020 #HoldThemToAccount Do you care about #climate & #democracy & #Judiciary & #racism & #inequality & #NotInMyName & #Fascism
Enough devastating droughts,
floods and storms.
Enough of police clamping down on peaceful protesters.
Enough fires decimating wildlife and homes from the UK to the USA, Australia to Amazon & Africa.
Enough of being labelled extremists for standing up for each other.
Enough racism. Enough
Enough of the media controlling our story.
Enough government failure.

More courage.
More collaboration.
More love.

Movements, individuals, organisations, families and communities are marching together in resistance and solidarity THIS SATURDAY
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After nearly 34 years I said goodbye to a career that I loved. It is a strange feeling to transition from decades of communicating in careful words of a diplomat to a person free to speak exclusively for myself. MANY ASK WHAT ABOUT OUR FUTURE? #maddow
What do the events of the past year mean for our country’s future?
It was an honor for me to represent the United States abroad because, like many immigrants, I have a keen understanding of what our country represents.
When #civilservants saw senior officials taking actions they considered deeply wrong in regard to the nation of #Ukraine, they refused to take part.
When Congress asked us to testify about those activities, we did not hesitate, even in face of #IMPOTUS45 efforts to silence us.
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#FakeTory #BlockedByOToole' that's ok I believe in a real Blue Tory @jimkarahalios not a damn establishment candidate at the CPC. Who believes real supporters of the party and won't slap the soldiers that died for us and our country. We are Canadian's, we follow by example #PPC
I can see His tweets anytime!
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PROF CHIBITA: An #InauguralLecture is an opportunity to close the gap between the ivory tower & the public square. The Inaugural Lecture is a joyous occasion that allows a University to 'launch' its new Prof with a degree of celebration! 1⃣ #BetweenFreedomAndRegulation
PROF CHIBITA: Under #Museveni, the #Uganda press has had a degree of editorial independence. However, the NRM Govt has been uncompromising with the media when they have published stories deemed to threaten 'public order' & 'national security.' 2⃣ #BetweenFreedomAndRegulation
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1. At no point in history was #Iran ever a democracy. To suggest otherwise is factually wrong.The narrative that America overthrew #Mossadeq,often falsely cited as Iran’s “1st dem. elected PM,” denies 1000s of Iranians who took part in his ouster their agency @AymanM @yasminv
2. From 1941-1979 Mohammad-Reza Shah #Pahlavi appointed & dismissed 22 PMs (incl. #Mossadeq x2) in accordance w/ the 1906 Constitution. Yet, Mossadeq is the only 1 referred to as “democratically elected” despite the fact that all were appointed and dismissed in the same manner.
3. Under the Iranian Constitution of 1906, the Shah, and only the Shah, appointed the Prime Minister. The Constitution also gave the Shah the authority to dismiss the Prime Minister.
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Liberal democracies are entering this new decade under heavy strain. Virulent populism. Weakened parties. Pervasive misinformation. (A thread.) 1/14

#democracy #delibdem #demopart #participation #Canada
Let’s make 2020 the year that good governments recognize the magnitude of these threats and respond with imagination and resolve. I’d like to share one idea how. 2/14
More than a decade spent working in the borderlands between formal and informal politics has taught me that to ensure a future for democracy, we need to redouble our commitment to the idea of representation — which remains the basis of our democratic system. 3/14
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#AUSPOL #ClimateChange radicals
#theirABC institutions @conversationEDU @abcnews @QandA
#ExtinctionRebellion child soldiers
#UN eco-#Socialists
#Twitter activists @slpng_giants_oz
#labor/#lib/#green politicians

All of whom seek to SILENCE debate in our democracy.
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "The whole essence of #Freedom is that it is freedom for others as well as for ourselves.

Freedom for people who disagree with us as well as for our supporters.

Freedom for minorities as well as for majorities."
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "All things considered, the worst crime of #Fascism and its twin brother, German National #Socialism, is their suppression of #FreeThought & #FreeSpeech.

It is one of the many proofs that, with all their cleverness, they are primitive & reactionary movements."
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Wanted to share earlier...but couldn't quite. I recieved an amazing present this week. Mom always manages to find extremely thoughtful gifts-a skill I wish I had. This picture is of me and my Dad. Ironically, I had just shaved my head for #Cancer (THREAD) 1/
Last spring, Dad was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He went through chemo with flying colors-even helping to design his own birthday present, a garden statue, in September. 2/
He is an adventurer, and a homebody, if that is even possible. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he was a #community leader and a silent snow angel for his elderly neighbours. 3/
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This is your daily pension announcement: The "What Would AIMCo Do?" edition. Or, when I get it made into a T-shirt it will be just "WWAD?"

Sorry, my announcements have not been quite daily lately. I have been busy working all day and all evening with concerts and the like.
If you asked AIMCo how to compare the investment return of two funds what would they say? #wwad #handsoffmypension #compare

The answer was published by AIMCo in their November missive available on their website. I quote:
All aspects of portfolio construction must be considered to compare asset managers, including:
• Respective Plan’s Reporting Period
• Respective Plan’s Maturity
• Respective Plan’s Funded Status
• Respective Plan’s Asset Mix
• Respective Plan’s Risk Tolerance #really
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Good to see @Sulliview address #FoxNews' uniqueness in trafficking in pro-Trump disinformation. @MSNBC @CNN hew to reality & standards which Fox does not. It amounts to the difference between #journalism & #propaganda. Let's address its impact too—brainwashing, radicalization etc
@Sulliview @MSNBC @CNN #FoxNews is America's Pravda. Relentless disinformation & pro-Trump conspiracy theories isn't journalism—it's #propaganda. #Journalism informs the public. Propaganda does the opposite—it misinforms—deliberately—poisoning our politics & our minds, eroding truth & our #democracy.
@Sulliview @MSNBC @CNN In 2016 America was assaulted by information warfare—Russia's & Trump's. The assault has only intensified b/c disinformation now has a WH megaphone & FoxNews propaganda machine, picking up where Russia left off. You hear its impact when voters repeat GOP lies about impeachment.
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Sajid Javid says the Tory government will oppose another indyref completely. "There already was an independence referendum, there will not be another."

Can we have that in writing, please? Asking for #Scotland's lawyers. 😁✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
No, REALLY, guys. A flat out No from Number 10 is great news and can totally be challenged in court. If @theSNP get a move on UK might even miss another Brexit deadline and we might just be able to still challenge at ECJ level.

How might such a court case look? How about...
Imagine the Scottish government's sec 30 request has been barred by WM and British courts. Scotland can now seek clarification from the ECJ:

Which democratic means will the EU accept as legally valid expression of the will of the Scottish people to become an independent nation?
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Personal funding documents from @georgesoros funded @GretaThunberg and @ExtinctionR

Apparently not only is their aim to fight Climate change but to prepare for the collapse of western #democracy

These are 100% Real documents
#ExtinctionRebellion Find It documents.

Open Society @georgesoros company.
The most interesting part is their (ER) internal documents hide from even their own staff Soro's amount of money he is giving.
Pics detail a bit more in for about the other companies involved

@SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
@LisaMei62 @DocRock1007
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Day 2 #Gambia v #Myanmar #ICJ begins, w/#ASSK up first. She declares #genocide is a crime, applied by #ICTR to #Rwanda but not to #Kosovo or #Croatia by #ICTY or #ICJ, because of a lack of dolus specialis.
Gambia has put fwd 'Incomplete & misleading factual picture'. Situation in #Rahkine is 'complex & not easy to fathom'. (same rhetoric as we have heard for years)
Complexities go back for yrs. Claims conflict btwn Arakan Army w/5000 fighters & the #Myanmar Army, w/Arakan Army seeking independence. The conflict has led to displacement & security measures such as curfew & checkpoints, applied to all regardless of background.
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1 to 40 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
41 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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No @jimgeraghty this issue is not that @DavidAFrench disagrees with @realDonaldTrump!

The issue is that his way was losing and wouldn't have worked. @JebBush was never or no other establishment @GOP was going to win any other elections!

...had found THE key to keep the young and progressive on a perpetual readiness to wage war. SOCIAL JUSTICE was broken down & replaced with @washingtonpost @nytimes validating 1 sides thoughts over the other!

The issue with @DavidAFrench is he is ready to throw away his...
....principles when his sensibilities are hurt. @judgeroymooreAL was a God sent and the best test for true conservatives!

The purity tests! All those who failed are easy to list. Suddenly the constitutionalists like @JonahDispatch @jpodhoretz @DavidAFrench @stephenfhayes...
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[Thread] Throughout my research on #Islamophobia, one of the most common tactics by anti-Muslim figures is to smear politically active Muslims/Muslim orgs, who are critical of govt policy, as "#Islamist."
As, @andreas_krieg states, the word is vague, & remains a contested catch-all concept, describing ideology, political movements, & forms of government that borrow Islamic references but are essentially presented as separate from Islam.…
@andreas_krieg In the Middle East, Arab autocrats use the label to dispel any social movement calling for #democracy.…
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8.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
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3.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
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SFI President David Krakauer introduces our annual board of trustees symposium on New #Complexity #Economics - follow this thread for live coverage of talks by @EricBeinhocker @AKStanger @ole_b_peters @JacksonmMatt @cmoncap & W. Brian Arthur today...
"I think we have to be aware that we're not just discussing financial systems. We are discussing the future of the stability of the planet."

- David Krakauer
on #Complexity #Economics
"What is the #economy? I would argue that it doesn't exist in the physical world. It is a product of our #imagination. It is made out of #ideas. It does have an effect on the physical world. But the imagined order that we have is not succeeding."

- @EricBeinhocker
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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A Free Speech Credo—update

Now a video:

kindly illustrated by @viziandrei

Read here:…

Please RT if you care about #freespeech, #politicaltolerance, #democracy, and other requirements of civilization.

Poll below.
Does Western society in 2019 need *more* or *less* freedom to engage in what some call "disinformation," "hate speech," and "offensive/harmful speech"?

More freedom to offend?
Or less?
Free speech just is the right to say offensive things.
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Judge G R Wani, a muslim Judge wrote in her bail order for Bitta Karate - "I know this man is guilty, but the prosecutor is not interested in prosecuting the case."

This was the perversion of democracy that 3% #KashmiriPandits faced as a majority in Kashmir valley.
@neelakantha The minority 97% Kashmiri Muslims committed a genocide on the majority 3% Kashmiri Pandits. Remember Hindus are majority, wherever they be.

Approx. 1,40,000 Kashmiri Pandits were arm-twisted, bullied, looted, maimed, stabbed, raped, killed, slaughtered. 1,00,000 fled.
@neelakantha Our pervert democracy stood silent, shameless to not even shed a tear or two, insolent to go as far as shaking hands with murderers-terrorists turned separatists like Yasin Malik.

#Bangladesh found the spine to try it's war criminals, We can't. Is this how #Ambedkar imagined it?
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