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17 Sep
I have transcribed interesting bits from this interview with department of mathematics at Simon Fraser University and a member of the #COVID19 modelling group.

Markham Hislop asks "And do we know that the government the alberta government had access to your?"
"um well, we, we, um, we released the report and met with alberta government and that's um and shortly thereafter you know sort of simultaneously with that they cancelled the reopening that they had so uh so i think i, i feel that we were heard by them" Dr. Paul Tupper
Markham Hislop asks "okay what about the timing though? When? When did this happen? Like when did you release the report and meet with [the government?]"
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11 Aug
Since #Alberta govt still hasn't released their "Models" they are using, I've released mine: #CellularDefenseAutomata v0.0.9 #MemeLab 🧑‍🔬🦠

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Tired of waiting for your herds to reach immunity?

Now you can simulate serial passaging in your web browser instead of feeding real children to the virus!

#MemeLab is a toy model and Javascript contagion simulator for your web browser.…
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24 Mar
Here is a summary of #COVID19 Planning for 2021: Comparing the #Economic Impact of Alternative Recovery Scenarios report.…
@LimestoneAnalyt together with economists from @queensu, developed this model to measure the economic impact of #COVID19. The model is designed to provide #GDP and workforce projection captures dynamic input-output interactions between industrial sectors.
It can accommodate various scenarios regarding how the disease is likely to spread and consumer behavior likely to change. It provides economic projections for the period of January to December 2021 for three mitigation and recovery strategies.
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