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Lo que usted debe saber sobre la #tuberculosis (TB).

La TB es una enfermedad infecciosa causada fundamentalmente por la bacteria #Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

La enfermedad suele afectar principalmente a los #pulmones 🫁 pero puede comprometer cualquier órgano del cuerpo.

🧵 Image
¿Como se transmite?

De persona a persona por vía aérea.

"Cuando una persona con #tuberculosis expulsa la #bacteria al #toser, estornudar, hablar, entonces los que se encuentren cerca pueden inhalarla e infectarse"

Generalmente ocurre en contactos cercanos y prolongados. Image
¿Quiénes tienen más riesgos?

❗️Las personas que viven con #VIH (sin TARV) tienen 18 veces más probabilidades de desarrollar TB activa.
❗️La personas desnutridas.
❗️El trastorno por consumo de alcohol y el tabaquismo.
❗️Otros estados de inmunosupresión.…
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We welcome all the awareness about #COVID19 and the change it has brought in the way masses give importance to healthcare. But what is silently eating poor people of India? It's much more morbid than COVID, it's #tuberculosis !
Sharing a recent case that broke me😕 1/n
34/M history of fever recurring as soon as antipyretics stopped, shortness of breath gradual onset, progressively increasing, now even at rest. H/o weight loss of over 10kgs in 2 months.
Diagnosed as typhoid first somewhere based on 1:80 titres (another nuisance) 2/
Has been constantly given antibiotics since the last 2 months by different private hospitals in rural India. Then diagnosed as pneumonia by somebody else.
When he came to us in the emergency, on examination was
In respiratory distress, febrile, pale, BP normal, pulse high 3/
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Today is #WorldTBDay.

#Tuberculosis - also known as TB - remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious killers.
Each day, over 4,100 people lose their lives to it & close to 28,000 people fall ill with this preventable & curable disease.

More: Image
WHO is proactively supporting efforts to enable access to #tuberculosis care services for the people with TB, refugees and displaced populations at risk, including in Ukraine which has a high burden of drug-resistant TB

#WorldTBDay Image
Over half of the children and adolescents with #tuberculosis miss out on livesaving TB prevention, diagnosis and care services

#WorldTBDay Image
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👹 The Devil Inside 👹

This paper describes a T cell immune response to bacterial infections. Its description appears similar to the response SC2 creates, and to the Giant Cells found in Covid autopsy patients.

"These T cells participate in immune responses that protect hosts>
from microbes such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Cryptococcus neoformans, Leishmania major, and Salmonella enterica, which have EVOLVED TO LIVE IN THE PHAGOSOMES OF MACROPHAGES and dendritic cells. Although it is clear that CD4+ T cells control phagosomal infections, it is>
equally clear that infection is rarely eliminated. GRANULOMAS, WHICH FORM IN THE LUNGS, skin, and liver in M. tuberculosis, L. major, and S. enterica infections, respectively, MAY BE INVOLVED IN THIS PROCESS.
Granulomas consist of tight clusters of macrophages>
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@DCharabaty @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @P_DeepakIBDMD @IBDimmunology @nehagastrord @ibdesis @ownyourcrohns @FITWITMD @crohnsbabble @rebelliousgut @ibdseb @drsumitbhatia @DrAnjaliPandit A1/n One of the most difficult clinical situations which a clinician could encounter: the two entities are remarkably similar
At our center almost half of such situations the underlying condition is ITB and in the rest half CD
Crossed fingers
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I tweeted this yesterday literally hangry and waiting for my takeaway food. Time for a more considered thread on discrimination, failures, empathy and way forward. 1/n
First let's just get this out of the way. I nearly threw my phone when I saw this. Everyone needs to call out this kind of racist, discriminatory BS for what it really is. No one here thinks it's clever or funny. 2/n
The biggest failure around our response to #omicron is the #travelbans. The cancelled flights are hugely disruptive to the supply chain in southern Africa. 3/n
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✨🆕 IHME researchers published today in @sciencedirect – "Estimating the population at high risk for tuberculosis through household exposure in high-incidence countries: a model-based analysis" using #TB data from the 2019 #GBDstudy. #tuberculosis…
The researchers estimate that in 20 high-incidence countries, 38 million individuals live in a household with someone with pulmonary #tuberculosis — with children under 5 making up 12% of populations with home exposure.
➡️Findings include: #Zimbabwe, #Mozambique, #Zambia, and #Pakistan have the highest proportion of the population with household exposure.
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We are starting Dr. @SaraSuliman13's talk on #TB and #BCells! Let's go! #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
A great paper by Dr. @SaraSuliman13 on her work with Dr. Luo on #tuberculosis in #Peruvians:… #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
#GWAS can be hard to link genes together and that's okay. This means we need to regroup #BIIW21 #BIIAtTheBench
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Debido a la pandemia, los recursos dedicados a luchar contra la #tuberculosis han disminuido, lo que ha dado lugar a un repunte de muertes, según un nuevo informe de la #OMS. 🧵…
En 2020, más personas murieron de tuberculosis en comparación con el 2019. El gasto general en servicios esenciales de la terapia contra esta enfermedad también disminuyó. Image
Las dificultades para acceder a los servicios esenciales han hecho que muchas personas no hayan sido diagnosticadas en 2020.

En 2019 se notificaron 7,1 millones de personas que habían sido diagnosticadas, mientras que en 2020 se redujo a 5,8 millones. Image
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Las personas con #tuberculosis (TB) ya no son físicamente como mostraban los libros: con musculatura esquelética. Desde hace algunos años, se han empezado a verlas obesas o con sobrepeso. La #diabetes es la principal comorbilidad de la enfermedad. 🧵 (1/6)… Image
En esta #entrevista, la directora ejecutiva de la Dirección de Prevención y Control de Tuberculosis del @Minsa_Peru, Julia Ríos, explica la necesidad de una buena alimentación en la lucha contra la #TB y de un enfoque integral para erradicarla. (2/6) Image
📌 “Una persona que se infecta tiene 10% de probabilidad de hacer la enfermedad en el tiempo que le queda de vida. Si es una persona con #VIH, con una inmunidad muy baja, el riesgo de que se enferme es de 10% por año”. (3/6)
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🆕 WHO's Global TB Report reveals deaths from #tuberculosis rise for the first time in more than a decade due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

1.5 million people died in 2020 & the number will continue to rise unless urgent action is taken 👉 #EndTB
In 2O20, the #COVID19 pandemic has

🚨 disrupted access to #tuberculosis services
🚨 reduced financial resources in many countries
🚨 limited the availability of essential tB services

🆕 Global TB report explains more 👉 #EndTB
People have also struggled to seek tuberculosis care during #COVID19 lockdowns, reversing years of global progress to #endTB.
More investments & innovation are needed to ensure access to care for the millions of people affected by tuberculosis 👉
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Our new systematic review and meta-analysis in @TheLancetInfDis on diagnostic performance of newer skin tests for #tuberculosis infection compared to TST and IGRA: a quick tweetorial! @LeleRangaka @cdenki @McGill_TB @UCLTB @StopTB @FINDdx…
With an estimated 2 billion ppl w/ #TBinfection (TBI) worldwide, TBI screening is important for TB control - but, scalability of commonly-used TBI tests is limited (eg. high cost of IGRAs, low specificity of TST),making it a priority to evaluate the dx performance of newer tests
We included studies reporting on the performance of index tests alone or with a comparator. 37 studies were included in qualitative synthesis, (29 evaluating Diaskintest, 5 C-Tb, 2 EC-skintest, and 1 DPPD) and 22 in quantitative analyses (15 Diaskintest, 5 C-Tb, 2 EC).
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LIVE NOW: @DrTedros' opening remarks at the #WHA74 ⬇️…
"Lucy Nyambura is a health promotion officer in Mombasa City, 🇰🇪. When #COVID19 arrived last year, a strict lockdown was introduced, but it was met with strong resistance by the local community, who refused to be tested, isolated or treated"-@DrTedros #WHA74
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It's #WorldTBDay

Even as we battle #COVID19, we must not ease up the fight against #Tuberculosis, which remains the 🌎🌍🌏’s deadliest infectious killer. Each day this preventable & curable disease causes:
🔸>4000 deaths
🔸~28000 new cases

Let's #EndTB
Only 2⃣ in 3⃣ people with #tuberculosis are known to be getting quality care and #COVID19 is making this worse. We need to scale up systematic screening and access to essential TB services to #EndTB.

It's #WorldTBDay
Only 1️⃣ in 3️⃣ people with drug-resistant #tuberculosis are known to be getting the treatment they need. We need to expand access to WHO-recommended fully-oral treatment regimens that improve treatment outcomes and save lives.
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63 million lives have been saved since 2000 by global efforts to #EndTB—efforts at risk from #COVID19. Achieving @WHO's #EndTB Strategy targets requires urgent action and investment.

On #WorldTBDay, access related content from across The Lancet titles 👇
Every day, nearly 4000 people die from #tuberculosis. Although considered a public health emergency for over 25 years, only modest progress has been made.

On #WorldTBDay, explore how recent advances could revolutionise #TB control & care in this Seminar:
An estimated 568,000 missing childhood #tuberculosis cases in 2019 were neither diagnosed nor adequately treated. With childhood TB cases on the rise, the case detection gap must be narrowed, writes @Esinofils, @TogunToyin, and @BeateKampmann. Read how:
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.@DrTedros : #Tuberculosis is preventable & treatable, but remains 1 of the 🌎’s top infectious killers because too many people go undiagnosed. Improved screening is essential to rapidly identify people with TB infection or disease & connect them with car.…
.@DrTedros : We have the means to avert this failure, but it’s shocking how little has been done to avert it. The gap between the number of vaccines administered in rich countries & the number of vaccines administered through #COVAX is growing & becoming more grotesque every day.
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"This Wednesday is #WorldTBDay.

In the past year, the #COVID19 pandemic has caused severe disruption to services for many diseases, including tuberculosis"-@DrTedros #EndTB
"An estimated 1.4 million fewer people received care for #tuberculosis in 2020 compared with 2019, and we fear that more than half a million more people may have died"-@DrTedros #EndTB
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Listen to this story of #tuberculosis
Real, not fiction. Even though may sound like super fiction. Of a patient now admitted under me.

56 yr man. Prior #smoker No #alcohol use, no #DRUGS. Family guy. Starts havin cough. Nagging no sputum
Keeps him awake at night
He goes 2 a GP. Clinical examination and blood tests done. Says some chest infection. Puts him on antibiotics for a week. Asks for review. 1wk later some change in symptoms, but not fully ok. GP extends antibiotic course 7 more days. C, no fever and no signs of infection yet.
After 14d course, no change. Patient chucks the GP. Goes for a senior GP. Senior GP does clinical exam,blood tests AND chest X ray. X ray comes back as "not looking normal" 🙄 But no diagnosis. So he says. Let's try a short course of #antibiotics AND antifungal. Again 14 days
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Como especialista en Neumologia; veo las infecciones más comunes (neumonías- #COVID19 y #Tuberculosis), el #Cancer más letal (Ca Pulmón), alergias de alta prevalencia (#asma ), enfermedades degenerativas (#EPOC).
Trastornos genéticos muy prevalentes (#FibrosisCistica y #DAAT -deficiencia de alfa 1 antitripsina). Enfermedades con consecuencias metabólicas como #SAHOS (Apnea del Sueño). Enfermedades raras como #LAM e Hipertensión Arterial Pulmonar.
Y como Medicina del Paciente Crítico; veo a las enfermedades en su etapa más grave. Desde un infarto hasta un embarazo complicado (a la mamá, no al bebé). Pasando por hemorragias a traumatismos severos.
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Today is #ZeroDiscrimination Day

Viruses don’t discriminate and neither should we.

𝚆𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚢, 𝙽𝙾𝚃 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚐𝚖𝚊 in fighting the spread of #COVID19
It's time to END DISCRIMINATION, on #ZeroDiscrimination Day & beyond!

The right to health means ending all kinds of discrimination in healthcare settings. Everyone has a right to health. Together we can achieve #HealthForAll
Today is #ZeroDiscrimination Day

𝗔𝗡𝗬𝗢𝗡𝗘 can contract #COVID19 regardless of race, gender, age or other personal qualities.

𝚆𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚢, 𝙽𝙾𝚃 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚐𝚖𝚊 in fighting the spread of #COVID19
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7⃣ of the world's top 🔟 causes of death are noncommunicable diseases. This is an increase from 4⃣ of the 🔟 leading causes in 2000.

Discover latest data from our WHO’s 2019 Global Health Estimates 👉
According to WHO’s 2019 Global Health Estimates, an intensified global focus to prevent and treat

🔎cardiovascular diseases
🔎chronic respiratory diseases

is needed 👉
Ranking #1 in the top 🔟 causes of death, heart disease is now killing more people than ever before, increasing from more than 2 million since 2000, to nearly 9 million in 2019.

More details 👉
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"We published the first global report on the burden of #sepsis, and a charter on health worker safety"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll #WHA73

"We’ve drawn new & much-needed attention to #mentalhealth, with new guidelines on stress management & adolescent & mental health, & we hosted the Big Event for Mental Health, a global advocacy event seen by more than 600,000 people"-@DrTedros #WHA73

"On maternal & child health, we’ve published new standards for improving the quality of care for small & sick newborns & provided intensive support for 20 countries to address the indirect impact of #COVID19 on mothers & children"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll
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1/x A #FridayFun #LabLife #poem courtesy of Bob Freeman @H2Lift → TB Testing by the Numbers | Dry scientific manuals are so passé

A tube, almost filled, slanted, with egg, potato, salts.
A pinch of malachite green, colorful & loved for its wonderful bacterial toxicity;
2/x Add molecular poisons, inspissate to coagulate, and we're set.

A few drops of extracted, grotesque, human sputum, maybe harmless, always ugly, brought back to life after its spin in a hellish liquid bath.
3/x A human's saliva, a liquid collection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi; digested, cell walls NALC'd; melted away, then murdered in the alkaline fire of Sodium Hydroxide.

Only the toughest bug coiled, covered with lipopolysaccharide glue, . . .
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