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Got a box of 3M VFlex 9105 #N95 respirators. Very comfortable, large surface area, easy to shape, VERY easy inhale. It seems to retain more heat from my own breath (good for winter!) and is a little bit harder to don/doff than the Eclipse Arc. Highly refined design. Hand holding a 3M VFlex respirator in front of a box of 50 o
The fold over the edges of the 3M VFlex #N95 really adds to the comfort. View inside of the respirator. There is a gentle reminder of
Got these from United Canada. $50 for 50.…
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Dear friends and followers: an update.

I'm going to be broadening the focus of my commentary beyond primarily Covid to include societal issues related to democracy.

Here's why and how it can benefit you.

The strategy around Covid isn't gaining traction without the support of a broad swath of the population.

We know what works:

1. Masks (#N95-type+ best)
2. Staying up to date on vaccination
3. Isolating when sick
4. Testing to exit isolation
5. Reducing indoor contacts

Tweeting for each other rallies the troops, but doesn't broaden the base.

To build consensus, we have to step outside our echo chamber and reach out to people who might have different views.

I'm shifting my focus from community support to Covid-safe recruitment.

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Short🧵 on the story of the swollen toe - A known of mine phoned 2 days ago, their 19 yr old daughter had suddenly developed a swelling in toe - 2 hrs earlier along with sore throat & slight fever. On my urging they did a rapid test-ve, the RT-PCR ordered for next day -ve ctd) Image
2/n The fever subsided with naproxen but thereafter neded paracetamol to keep it under check. The mother did not want further testing currently BUT the kid would be in isolation because they have a 90 yr old grandmother living with them .They will watch carefully &masked ctd)
3/n while I was reassuring the mother that it is okay to watch carefully and even though it is most probably #Covid toe , we just need to be very careful she said something and I quote " Dr I am fed up ,this girl is getting fever every 5 weeks ,nothing seems to help" ctd)
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“Focusing on Covid morbidity/mortality is bad b/c…to protect older Cdns has come at high cost to our youth” Dr. Krajden
In BC, our public health leaders have protected neither seniors nor youth.
BC Public Health leaders have not protected our seniors. They have manipulated the definition of outbreaks in LTC, and left it at the discretion of the Medical Health Officer of the regional health authority, or their official designate, to even declare an outbreak.
Guess what happened? Some Health Authorities have had little to no outbreaks declared since week 1 of 2022. Spot the missing colors after week 1.
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BREAKING—White House COVID Coordinator @AshishKJha46 is now discussing COVID—highlighting there are new strains popping up, he says, including those that can “evade” existing treatments. ➡️Anyone paying attention knows the looming crisis. Please get the new bivalent #Booster! ImageImage
2) Our team’s model shows late November is when variant cases will be surging very quickly again. “Pentagon model” is our nickname for the 5 fastest surging sub variants added together.

HT @JPWeiland Image
3) What about prior infection or hybrid immunity of combo infection+old vaccination against these new variants??? Bad news— the new variants are highly evasive against hybrid immunity too. Don’t count on hybrid immunity to protect you much. Get the new bivalent #booster. Image
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Misinformation Alert! Inaccuracies and dangerous recommendations. @CTVNews do better.
True or False? “some data suggests wearing a mask can reduce the rate of COVID-19 infections at the community level”
False. Science is unequivocal: masks work, better masks work better, everyone masked better still.
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Pediatric hospitalizations are surging. Cases of all respiratory viruses surging. #COVID is rising again too. It’s time we #BringBackMasks and use that hashtag #️⃣ going forward.

#COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
2) Not just in US, but after the start of Oktoberfest, #Covid infections in Munich have increased significantly, per 🇩🇪 RKI.

Case numbers rose 77% vs the previous week, compared to 43% in Bavaria & 29% in Germany.

Covid hospitalizations are also up.…
3) There is a definitely a new #COVID wave hitting Western Europe.…
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Empowered communities want free #N95 masks!

Our new pre-print shows that people are excited to use N95s during COVID surges when given them for free w/helpful information on their evidence & how to use them.
1/ Study abstract: People want...Project banner: Free N95 Qu...Aegle N95, given away in th...
You might remember when we posted about the study back in December!

I hope you find the results useful. We tried to make the figures relatable, even if you're not reading science articles every day. Please let me know if you have questions!

We gave out 2,500 #N95 masks in 5 packs to our racially & socioeconomically diverse community. Many used N95s for the 1st time. People treated us like we were giving them kidneys. So grateful!

97% used at least 1 N95 & 40% used all 5 within 1-mo!

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Know someone having a baby soon? CONGRATULATIONS! 🍼🍼🍼

As hospitals drop universal COVID protections, these are my top 7 tips for protecting unmaskable un-vaxable newborns from #nosocomial (hospital-acquired) COVID.

What did I miss?

THREAD of Top 7 Tips 🧵
Tip #1 – Determine your #mask rules. Some parents require staff to #N95. Compliance would vary by region/hospital. Prep for what you’ll say if staff don’t comply.

With our newborn twins, we supplied medical staff w/free N95s & tests. Nobody wanted N95s; 1 took a #RAT. 🤣
Tip #2 – U.S. hospitals SHOULD have excellent ventilation (air cleaning) by reg. But HVAC repair doesn’t have a CPT code. Many of my best & worst air quality readings are from hospitals.

Consider buying a #CO2monitor, read on that hashtag, & follow @joeyfox85 for basic tips.
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Incredibly sad—material to make 5 million N95 respirators are going to be just thrown away. All because the public now misled that the “pandemic is over”. Wait until the winter surge comes—we will regret this. #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Thanks for sharing @larmbrust
2) And hell no, the pandemic is definitely not over whenever it’s killing this many people per week… ranked as #2 killer as of early September.
3) unless we change course, we will be on this high death rate plateau for quite a long time. And winter will inevitable bring a bigger surge.
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🧵⭐️⭐️⭐️ A list of my main #covid19 information threads with supporting evidence, practical advice, and resources.
1. Masks and Indoor Airborne Risks 😷

#Masks #CovidisAirborne #Omicron #onhealth #onted #N95
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Soy #psicólogo clínica de la salud, #investigador médico y #estratega.
Si me seguiste el año pasado, probablemente estuvo relacionado con nuestro #COVID #mitigation trabajo. ¡Estas son algunas de mis publicaciones que pueden resultarle más útiles! 1/16
Mike Hoerger, PhD MSCR MBA
En primer lugar, #COVIDisAirborne . Ninguna estrategia de mitigación tendrá éxito sin reconocer esa verdad.
Necesitamos rastrear COVID. Con los sitios de prueba federales de EE. UU. cerrados, el mejor rastreador de positividad de los últimos 6 meses ha sido Walgreens.
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📍N95 MASKS WORK—"We found combination of a #N95 mask that passed a quantitative fit-test & portable #HEPA filter **provided near complete protection** against high viral aerosol loads at close range for prolonged periods of time"—while surgical did not.…
2) Damning—“Critically, surgical masks provided inadequate protection against skin and upper airway contamination, even when combined with HEPA filtration and at distances of 2.70 m."

Lesson—use #N95 masks, not just flimsy surgical masks. @projectn95
3) Please remember that #COVIDisAirborne — very much so. Which means faceshields and plexiglass are minimal benefit — and hence any health leader who still tells you to use them or tells you to not get N95 or KN95 or KF94– needs to get dismissed.
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#Covid #N95 What do we do with our justified anger in a world where abject ignorance holds power? My partner took my son to the GP today, for pretty bad cystic acne (forehead, shoulders and back primarily - not masked areas) because we're good parents who don't sit on a problem.
No masks on patients or staff - expected. I knew my son would need to remove his mask briefly for the check up, but we balanced it up against ignoring a problem that might need a dermatologist/prescription. As soon as they walked in the GP immediately addressed my son...
...not his farther, telling him he did not need his mask. "Do you know that? You don't need to wear that. There is no requirement in the NHS to wear a mask" . What is a 12 year old supposed to think when a person of authority tells them that?
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Join us today 8/22 at 12EST for a virtual webinar and press conference to call for a #COVID preparedness plan for a safe Fall and Winter in MA! #mapoli…
w/@jonlevyBU @JuliaRaifman @FamCOSa @Lzj961 @ToriCowger @DPC_MA @Harvardfxb @MassNurses @massteacher Flyer states "Massachusetts Public Health and Community
It's time to take #COVID seriously amid CDC warnings of 100 million COVID infections and a predicted resurgence of flu, which threaten to strain the health system this…
Instead @MASchoolsK12 have stopped testing and decided to let kids with #COVID return to class after 5 days only, while they are likely still contagious according to @CDCgov's own data.
This is a recipe for outbreaks! 🤒🤒🤒…
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Image from the same article depicting these vaxxed CDC researchers all suited up to do their sampling of rodents in an area with endemic #MPX 3 people dressed in blue gowns, gloves & helmets
From the CDC page on *traveling* to an area where #MPX is endemic "People infected with monkeypox can spread the virus to others through the air when they cough, sneeze, or talk."
..."Clinician Information

When a patient presents to a health care facility with fever and vesicular or pustular rash, a combination of standard, contact, and #airborne  infection control precautions should be applied" #MPX ...2/3
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Top 10 tips everyone should know about wearing #N95 & #elastomeric masks.

What did I miss?

Tip #1: Masks buy time. Context matters too: Ventilation (HVAC/outdoor air), filtration (HEPA), & ⬇️ people buy more time.

The longer you’ll be someplace or the worse the context, the better the mask you’ll need.

In a “typical” setting, you might expect this (per @akm5376): Image
Tip #2: If you’re going to be someplace a long time (home, office, hospital, wedding), open windows, add #HEPA, turn HVAC from ‘auto’ to ‘on' & do testing.

BOOM, you just improved your mask. Better context = less work for the mask.

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Over the past week, I’ve had several family members and friends text me that they have a running nose, a sore throat, an intense headache or neck pain and they are wondering if they may have #COVID.

Hence, I’ve made the following thread for anyone in a similar situation. 1/18 Over 48-72 hours ago, you went to an event or met up with a
Whatever the case, you aren’t feeling well and you are scared that you may have #COVID19.

Do not panic.

We have all been there and there certain steps that you can immediately take.

2/18 Whatever the case, you aren’t feeling well and you are sca
You may feel caught off-guard regarding #COVID19.

You maybe now looking through Twitter or new sites trying to learn how you were caught off-guard.

What is BA.5? What is BA 2.75? How did I miss all of this?

I repeat. Don’t panic. I’m here to get you up to speed.

3/18 You may feel caught off-guard regarding COVID-19.  What is B
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Last weekend I needed a new dishwasher installed, but the installation techs arrived wearing cloth masks, one with the mask falling off his face.
When I asked them to wear high-quality #N95s (which I offered), or at least something that would cover the nose, they REFUSED. 🧵
One of them said: "I'm the boss here and we wear our own masks. If you need us to wear something different we will leave, and you can wait until the pandemic is over to get a new dishwasher."
I should be able to keep the air in my own house safe. #COVID19 spreads in the air like smoke, when people breathe, talk, cough or sneeze and the virus can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours after an infected person leaves the room. Two images on top of each other. First image shows an infect
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I and another family member had COVID last week despite being fully vaxxed, and was worried about a vulnerable family member that I am sole carer for. I protected them from infection by universal #N95 use at home, windows open (brrrr) and air purifiers running 24/7. 1/2
I also checked my RAT daily to monitor how infectious I was (a negative RAT is a good indicator u r not infectious). I also had a private prescription for AVs which cost $1200. All these things were expensive - the air purifiers, the N95s, the RATs.
When people cite "freedom" and "choice" or pour scorn on those of us who mask or who seek to protect vulnerable loved ones, freedom and choice are a privilege available to those with means.
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Long Thread on Health Risks with Reinfection . While the Herd Immunity brigade has been pushing their agenda,we need to understand the risk of multiple reinfections .It is an interesting cohort with 12.29% with 2 reinfections 0.76% with 3,.08 with 4 ctd)…
Ctd2)Clearly the time for reinfections is getting shorter 79 for 2nd to 65 days for 3rd & so on.Also the hazard is not only to the lungs BUT also to heart,blood vessels ,Gastrointestinal systems, kidney , the brain, the soft tissues and bones & the brain in that order ctd)
Ctd3) clearly if you are not vaccinated you are at higher risk BUT only vaccination isnt enough #VaccinePlus strategy is important , the risk remains high for 6 months with measurable reduction every 30 days BUT we are getting reinfected in that period (now 65 days ) ctd)
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Was talking to a physician colleague 50/M who said he has increased incidence of migraine like attacks lately and also reported a bad #Omicron bout 4months ago that caused him bed bound with weakness 1 week , cough for 3 weeks.Then while discussion he casually described ctd)
Ctd2) That after 3 months of the infection he faced a peculiar situation- for 4 days he was trying to remember the name of anti fibrotic agent , he said he could have easily opened the book or internet and checked BUT he wanted to assess , the antifibrotic he was trying to ctd)
Ctd3) remember he has used in at least 300 pts during the wave 3 months before & at least 500 overall , still his memory was failing him for 4 full days ,he also reported that he is unable to remember the songs that he was singing on & off which he loved ,remembered earlier ctd)
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Why I feel we will have a much bigger outbreak of #MonkeyPox & top 70 updates ( we had 50 yesterday ) in the thread below . Let's start by what we already know & then go further

51/n Spain is seriously looking at whether the 80K strong LGBT community get together was a super spreader , they are also trying to find if one of the Saunas ( where gay men go for sex) has been the source , so the consequences are not due to genital spread but congregation ctd)
52/n The problem is its large number of likely reservoirs and things we probably can't entirely avoid including animal droppings : rats, mice, squirrels, shrews, opossums, ground hogs etc . So once it gets into a geographical location #monkeypox will be a tough nut ctd)
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Small thread on why I think we will see a bigger outbreak of #monkeypox d/t #COVID19 .We know Covid causes T cell response suppression in some & also complement mediated injury leading to effective reduction in levels of complements (hypocomplementemia) ctd)@fitterhappierAJ ctd)
2/n We know for a fact that at least in kids the complement induced injury caused hypocomplementemia in young , this was one of the pathways of acute liver injury in some kids , if the complement system is exhausted
doi: 10.1097/INF.0000000000002804. PMID: 32639461.
@medriva @VirusesImmunity @britsocimm @KunstJonas @ManojShukul @Kanupriya78 @kumarmanish9 @RonaldKlain @G_LaryeaAdjei @amrit_lohia 3/n We also know that #Covid causes direct infection of T cells and leads to lymphopenia , we need to understand that post #Covid the T lymphocytes arent there to save infection ctd) .
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