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13 Sep
@alsaidie_ali @HDMshk 1️⃣ من فمك أدينك.

تقول: "الأنظمة العربية لم تنصر الإسلام يوماً".

كأنه لا توجد دولة اسمها السعودية تعتنق التوحيد نظاماً وقيادة وشعباً وتمنع مظاهر الشرك، وتسعى في مصالحها ومصالح المسلمين حول العالم قدر استطاعتها، فما الإسلام إذن؟

#الخوارج_والمبتدعة سأحظرك حتى أنتهي من الرد.
@alsaidie_ali @HDMshk 2️⃣ من فمك أدينك.

تلمز المسلمين الموحدين بالمداخلة والجامية، وتدينهم لأنهم يلتزمون بما نص الله ﷻ عليه صراحة من طاعة أولي الأمر، وما نص عليه سيدنا محمد ﷺ صراحة من طاعة ولي الأمر حتى لو ظلم أو أخطأ في تقدير المصالح.

فما الإسلام إذن؟

#الخوارج_والمبتدعة هم أدوات اليهود والنصارى.
@alsaidie_ali @HDMshk 3️⃣ لقد أقام الرسول ﷺ علاقات مع اليهود وبعض المشركين وشكل معهم تحالفاً ضد كفار قريش ومن والاهم، وصالح ﷺ كفار قريش، حتى نقضوا.

فكيف أصبح الاقتداء به ﷺ في السياسة الشرعية خيانة؟

#الخوارج_والمبتدعة أخطر على المسلمين من اليهود والنصارى.
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8 Aug
@jassser15 @JejeNmo 1️⃣ محيطنا العربي والأمة العربية والأمة الإسلامية، تلك المصطلحات الهلامية التي لا يعتمد استخدامها - غالباً - على أسس موضوعية. باتت تجارة رائجة، أعلم يقيناً أن الأستاذ جاسر ليس منخرطاً فيها، ولكنه تأثير مرحلة غابرة آن التخلص من جميع أشكالها (أيدلوجيا الأممية).

@jassser15 @JejeNmo 2️⃣ السعوديون بذاتهم، هم أوضح تعريفات الحب، في احتوائهم لـ 13 مليون أجنبي بكل احترام وتقدير، وعندما تتم مطالبتهم بعدم كراهية أحد، يجعل القارئ يشعر بأن السعوديين يعتنقون الكراهية، مع يقين علمي بأن هذا لم يكن مقصوداً من الأستاذ جاسر.

@jassser15 @JejeNmo 3️⃣ السعوديون بذاتهم، هم أعمق تعريفات الحب، باعتناقهم التوحيد ملكاً وحكومةً وشعباً، ولذلك هم أكثر الشعوب تعاطفاً مع المنكوب والأكثر في إغاثة الملهوف وإطعام الجائع واحتواء المعتدي، يتخذون الملك المؤسس المغفور له بإذن الله قدوة في نظرتهم للمجتمع والإقليم والعالم.

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21 Jan
European Parliament members ask the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, @AdelAljubeir, as if they’re gods. They talk about freedoms while they are defending criminals.

They’re talking about Yemen without mentioning that Iranian proxy Houthis are who caused the situation.
Openly lying and accusing Saudi Arabia of having the worst record of human rights and women rights in the world, while the Saudis enjoy better welfare belevel than most Europeans.
They also brought up Khashogji incident as teenagers looking for any subject to feel important.

300 Houthi ballistic missiles fired at civilians in Saudi Arabia, but European parliamentarians ignore this in a strange aggressive behavior.
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11 Jan

Whether one person or a million die, you would find many advocates of hate and terrorism, who find excuses for the Iranian terrorist regime. But any suspicion about Saudi Arabia, the state of peace and Islam, you would find these people mount the gallows for the Saudis.
You will not find Washington Post, New York Times, nor the human rights shops keep saying that Khamenei was the one who ordered downing of the plane, you will not find serious appeals or campaigns to bring him to justice.
Constant hostility and hatred against Saudi Arabia, especially against His Highness the Crown Prince, is not a coincidence, but rather a broad alliance between forces of great power intelligences, terrorism, Shiism, Sufism and liberal left-wing.
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5 Jan
@serialTweeper 🚨🚨🚨 Dangerous of Shiism.

This explains exactly the great danger that Shiism poses to the region and the world, as the terrorist policies of the Iranian regime find a lot of support among a wide range of Shiites in the region and around the world.

Shiism = Anti-Islam.
@serialTweeper A woman who lives in Germany declares in a video on social media a call for jihad against America, and thousands of Shiites in London flock to the memorial of the terrorist Solaimai, and so do the Shiites in the Middle East.
@serialTweeper If the world wants to know the original sources of terrorism, then it must monitor how Shiite militia & regimes have destroyed entire countries & turned them into failure. Within 10 years, the Iranian regime has not established a single new development project for the Iranians.
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21 Dec 19
@RehanToday @HumanworldWorld @m_kemal77 @dawn_com @vogul1960 They supported Pakistan with nothing but sweet talk & that’s only what they’re good for.

“Nations’s relations” is not a romantic but either there’s solid foundation of interests or not.

They play MBrotherhood and Mullahs game, talk sweet while you kill as possible as you can.
@RehanToday @HumanworldWorld @m_kemal77 @dawn_com @vogul1960 Misusing Islamic titles while they support killing, displacing millions of Iraqis, Syrians Libyans and Yemenis is just totally evil.

Who claim to be Muslims then they kill Muslims or support who kill Muslims, practice terrorism, they’re nothing but Munafiqeen “hypocrites”.
@RehanToday @HumanworldWorld @m_kemal77 @dawn_com @vogul1960 I don’t know why many Muslims would be fooled by that unless they don’t know what Islam is!

Islam is clear about protecting innocents, peace, security And development. Why they spread destruction everywhere?

True Muslims certainly would stand against that.
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20 Dec 19
@RealthingUlli @NiemieckaPolity Salafi is is the person who embraces methodology of the Salafs. Salafs are the companions who lived with the prophet (PBUH) and those who keep following the original methodology.

Salafism is an Islamic methodology that means objective standards to view teachings of Islam.
@RealthingUlli @NiemieckaPolity This methodology (salafism) counting on Qur’an and Hadith texts, has very restricted rules related to fundamental aspects like the five purposes:

1.Protecting Islam.
2.Protecting human lives.
3.Protecting mind.
4.Protecting people’s reputation.
5.Protecting property and wealth.
@RealthingUlli @NiemieckaPolity So whoever claims to be a real believer or to be Salafi while he breaks teachings of Islam, he should be considered hypocrite and he violates Islam teachings.

That’s why respected Muslim scholars declared to forbid suicide attacks against whoever counting on clear holy texts.
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13 Dec 19
@KjellWilliams @TaliRarity13 @Hessian_Mohd 1️⃣ I believe that the conflict between good and evil, truth and falsehood is a conspiracy by nature, and I believe that conspiracy is part of the nature of human life. I believe that everything that happens is part of or a result of this conflict.
@KjellWilliams @TaliRarity13 @Hessian_Mohd 2️⃣ The idea of ​​a sun centric system arose in the well-known history of people who worshiped the sun as a god. The Roman were pagans against Abrahamic religion (Islam).
@KjellWilliams @TaliRarity13 @Hessian_Mohd 3️⃣ Historical narratives say that Christmas holidays today coincide with the period that the Romans were celebrating in the winter in order for the sun to return.
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12 Dec 19

ASSalamuAlaikom Wa RahmatuLLAHi Wa Barakatuh.

I hope you enjoy your life.


I enjoyed watching your YouTube channel, it shows that you express yourself in public respectfully and peacefully.

I have some comments I hope you find them interesting.
2️⃣ You’ve expressed many great opinions but there’s subjectivity and fallacies too that made everything mixed up again in your perception.
3️⃣ The Bible cannot be considered from Allah and therefore cannot be compared to The Qur'an. The authors of the Bible were human beings, and their names are titled in the top of each book, regardless of whether or not they actually wrote them.
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8 Dec 19
@ForeignAffairs There are several important things that need to be clarified.

1️⃣ Saudi monarchy is absolutely not a totalitarian, but rather more flexible than long-standing democracies, especially with regard to responding to the local, regional and global variables.
@ForeignAffairs 2️⃣ If Western elites have sincerity about pluralism, then they should respect the cultures and premises of others and not try to impose western cultural patterns, because that would be more expensive than anything else, otherwise they represent other versions of the dictatorship.
@ForeignAffairs 3️⃣ Western elites should stop imposing western patterns that related to human rights, freedoms, and the nature of political regimes, in what may be called Fake Superiority or even racial superiority.
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4 Dec 19
1️⃣ The writer and many commentators can be described in a very appropriate way, that they are backward and barbaric as well. The fact that their ideas express wishes for failure to a young leader who has been able to defeat all their aggressive campaigns.
2️⃣ You can imagine that the most ferocious and aggressive campaign in recent history included states, heads of state, governments, writers, journalists, tv channels, social media, research centers, war and terrorist attacks, yet he succeeded, always calm and smiling.
3️⃣ The overwhelming desire of this broad spectrum to overthrow the Saudi crown prince expresses only one thing, that he’s the best ever. If these barbarians backwoods were honest in one case, they could easily overthrow him, and that made them continue to shout hysterically.
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3 Dec 19
@Reuters 1️⃣ Western politicians continue to deceive their people and manipulate the interests of their citizens disgustingly with regard to Saudi Arabia.
@Reuters 2️⃣ Western politicians convince their people that they can impose their values ​​on other peoples in what can be seen as a form of racism or fake superiority.
@Reuters 3️⃣ In fact, Western governments could impose their cultural patterns and values, especially on the peoples of the Middle East, only through political and economic extortion and the military threat.
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2 Dec 19
@KjellWilliams @RealthingUlli 1️⃣ I think you already realize that this argument has been refuted many times many ways.

Being a Muslim or a believer does not mean perfection, what’s the point of punishment, reward and free will if everything works perfectly?
@KjellWilliams @RealthingUlli 2️⃣ Allah is one mentally, objectively and morally. The denial of the existence of Allah or the phenomenon of polytheism is only human ideologies that have arisen as a result of rejecting instinct, reason, objectivity and morality.
@KjellWilliams @RealthingUlli 3️⃣ The multiplicity and diversity of gods is absolutely irrational and also is relative or subjective, that is, it has no stable and consistent normality.
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2 Dec 19
1️⃣ This pose represents a very misleading simplification. The purpose of this summit is to support terrorism through supporting the revolutionary projects of Sufism, Ikhwanism & Shiism, which have produced massacres & destruction like no other in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen & Libya.
2️⃣ Iran, which even if it’s not invited, these countries (Qatar, Turkey & Malaysia) represent it. This axis represents the intellectual facade of the elements of non-state, which is, the revolutionary transnational organizations that carry the ideology of the caliphate evilly.
3️⃣ These three countries raise the banner of Islam and Palestine propaganda, while their actual participation in the development and stability in the Islamic world is almost non-existent.
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1 Dec 19
@SamJundi يستخدمون مصطلح الوهابية لمعاداة الإسلام، فهم يعادون التوحيد كما فعل بالضبط أبو جهل وأبو لهب، ويعادون صحابة رسول الله ﷺ وأمهات المؤمنين وأئمة السلف مالك والشافعي وأبو حنيفة وابن حنبل وابن تيمية وابن القيم وغيرهم، وصولاً لعلماء المسلمين السابقين واللاحقين.

@SamJundi هو ببساطة يقول بوضوح: نسعى للتخلص من الإسلام وفرض الشرك، وبدلاً عن 360 صنم تم استحداث عشرات الأصنام، بالإضافة لتصنيم كل عمامة تقدس الشرك وتدعو لعبادة غير الله ﷻ.

@SamJundi محمد ابن عبدالوهاب رحمه الله لم يقل إلا ما قاله الله ﷻ ورسوله ﷺ وصحابته رضوان الله عليهم وأئمة السلف رحمهم الله: (اعبدوا الله مالكم من إله غيره)، (فلا تدعوا مع الله أحداً)، (مخلصين له الدين)، (ويوم يقول نادوا شركائي الذين زعمتم فدعوهم فلم يستجيبوا لهم).

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29 Nov 19
1️⃣ Blaming others and shirking responsibility for the chaos in the Middle East is the easiest thing ever and I don't respect that kind of thinking.

2️⃣ The countries of the Middle East had the last 40 years to take hold of their region, and only five of them would have been enough to force Iran to become a normal state instead of going along with their logic of war and conspiracy.

3️⃣ The cooperation among countries of the region and their agreement on a comprehensive political and economic boycott would have been sufficient to make the Iranian regime accept reality and move away from foreign interference.

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28 Nov 19
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ Leaked documents on Iranian influence in Iraq suggest that the real battleground against Iran is Iraq.

The head of government, ministers, parliamentarians, party leaders, military and security officers and clerics are mere recruits for Iranian intelligence.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ When I say recruits, I mean that they are not just influenced by Khomeinist ideology or sympathizers but directly employed by Khamenei.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ The documents revealed the logistical support that Iran provided to al-Qaeda and ISIS and how it succeeded blatantly in expelling the American influence and defeating it in Iraq during Obama period.
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23 Nov 19
1️⃣ Islam is absolutely the religion of compassion. It’s the religion that The Creator Almighty chose for humanity but your dilemma as well as most of people is that you worship people by give them credit for something has nothing to do with them.

@JerusalemVow #ThinkArabian
2️⃣ You consider they’re practicing facts while you just chose to believe them and adopt their corruption. It’s like such misguided people reflect what’s already in your mind or your mind tends to accept instead of accepting bright alternative.

3️⃣ Allah Almighty revealed a book, it’s called The Qur’an to speak to you directly, to reason with you particularly, giving respect and importance to your being and your mind. Instead, you decided not to accept that respect.

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18 Nov 19
@PaulWhi95769285 @ArabianHawk_ @KenRoth There are many reasons. First, Islam, where many non-Muslims view Islam as an enemy simply because it refutes their arguments and makes them face the reality of themselves.

@PaulWhi95769285 @ArabianHawk_ @KenRoth Second, intolerance in favor of local ideologies and cultures and the mistaken belief that Islam is merely counter-ideology, as a result of not understanding Islam because of ignorance, arrogance or both.
@PaulWhi95769285 @ArabianHawk_ @KenRoth Third, hostility against the different or unknown, Saudi Arabia to many people around the world is an unknown place and people because people simply decided not to learn anything about this country and this people.
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14 Nov 19
@Mayslalisa @Rizzi25271191 @ExMuhammadan @Everywhere2121 @IslamiSized This is one of the most common fallacies that infidels use against Islam. All types of suicide are criminalized in Islam. Allah states clearly (Don’t kill yourselves) and the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) vows those who commit suicide with hellfire.

@Mayslalisa @Rizzi25271191 @ExMuhammadan @Everywhere2121 @IslamiSized Simply put, terrorists around the world carry out Jesus' agendas according to the Bible, not The Qur’an.

But in fact, Jesus (PBUH) has nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible.
@Mayslalisa @Rizzi25271191 @ExMuhammadan @Everywhere2121 @IslamiSized On the other hand, Islam which is the religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and all prophets (PBUT) is neutral, logical, in consistency with the necessary mental principles and with the objective morality.
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5 Nov 19

ASSalamuAlaikom Wa RahmatuLLAHi Wa Barakatuh.

Indeed, It’s a great topic.

1️⃣ I think that the growing phenomenon of atheism globally is due to three reasons, two are fundamentals and the other is sub.
@Ctrl6 @BaruchPletner @DebbieAAldrich

A- The first fundamental reason is the inability of the religious moral & intellectual western system to cope with the arguments of atheism.

B- The sub-reason is the centrality of Western culture to the world from the Renaissance until today.

3️⃣ The central crisis lies in the nature of the Christianity with its theological contradictions, the incompatibility with objective logic or objective morality. In addition to a significant lack of constitutional and regulatory legislation for all aspects of life.

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