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Something going on in #Jeddah?
Air traffic halted for now.
#SaudiArabia #KSA 🇸🇦
SVA636 diverted [possibly to Medinah]
#KSA #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
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Interception over Khamis Mushait / Abha, southern #KSA #SaudiArabia
1939Z / 22:39 local

[Confirmed by a local source]
1955Z / 22:55 local
Explosion over Jazan
#SaudiArabia #KSA 🇸🇦
Confirmed by the coalition:
One ballistic missile [launched by #Iran-backed Houthi militias] has been intercepted over Khamis Mushait, southern #KSA
#SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
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Huge airstrikes on #Iran-backed Houthis is expected tonight, according to the coalition's statement, a firm response will begin shortly.
#Yemen #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
The operation will be "بيد من حديد" according to the statement, will translate it as "STRONG AS FUCK"
#Yemen #SaudiArabia
#RSLF 🇸🇦 artillery fire towards #Iran-backed positions in Saa'dah #Yemen
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Riyadh 🧐
Something happened in Riyadh, possibly an interception.
#Riyadh #KSA #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦
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جاء جواب #رئيس_الجمهورية صارماً، ربّما أكثر صرامةً من اللازم، لدى سؤاله عن وزير الإعلام #جورج_قرداحي.
#ميشال_عون #لبنان
ففي مقابلةٍ خاصة عقدها مع قناة #الجزيرة، خلال زيارته #قطر الأمس الإثنين، علّق الرئيس على الأزمة باحثاً عن أفضل العلاقات مع #المملكة_العربية_السعودية حيناً، ومكتفياً بالتحديق بالمحاور أحياناً.
The President of the Republic could not give an answer when asked about Information Minister #GeorgeKordahi.
#MichelAoun #Lebanon
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Now that the #rain has stopped for a while in #Chennai, it is time that we get to know what we can expect this week.

1. A Low-pressure area will likely form in the next 2 days in the Southeast #BayofBengal region.

2. Owing to favourable conditions this will further intensify.
3. Preliminary analysis suggests that this system will likely intensify as deep depression and would move towards Coastal #TamilNadu

4. Possibility of this system intensifying into a cyclone exists. Which means a named #cyclone is a possibility
5. Assuming that it becomes a named cyclone, this would be named "#Jawad" named by #SaudiArabia

6. The track that it is likely to take is that it will climb up Northwest - intensify near the coast and move lateral west in between #Chennai and #Pondicherry
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Thread on why the Biden Administration is wrong in asking OPEC for more crude oil supplies & why #OPEC was right sticking to its planned increases:

1- There are no crude shortages. There are no refiners who need oil and cannot get it. #OOTT #SaudiArabia…
2- Demand is NOT higher than “supply”. Several media outlets and analysts are confusing “supply” with “production”.
US crude oil inventories increased by about 20 mb in recent weeks. They are about 40 mb above the level that would support a bullish case.
3- It takes months for additional crude production to appear in the market as gasoline. The US problem is in the refining sector, not only because of recent hurricanes but also because of chronic problems and heavy regulations. #oil #OOTT
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Thread of 8 Charts on the oil politics between the Biden Administration and OPEC! Looks like a story!
#Oil #OPEC #Biden #OOTT #COP26
1-8 I am using IEA demand numbers so no one can say OPEC numbers are self-serving.
Notice that the demand gap shown in the IEA chart above is bigger than the OPEC production gap!
#OPEC #Oil
Saudi crude oil production is almost back to normal and will exceed 2019 levels soon.
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#SaudiArabia expels #Lebanon ambassador. #GCC states expected to follow suit. Decision could impact Lebanese labor; comes after 🇱🇧 govt minister supports #Houthi militia in #Yemen. But this step reflects #Gulf frustration at #Iran-backed #Hezbollah militia's chokehold over 🇱🇧. /1
#Saudi decision to throw out #Lebanon ambassador is not a sudden move but also caps years of #Iran/#IRGC using #Lebanon produce/fruit export trucks to smuggle narcotics into the #Gulf. /2

#Kuwait media tycoon @Ahmadaljaralah says #Lebanon minister's statement is admission of #Iran military interference in #Yemen; calls #Hezbollah chief Nasrallah "Hassan Ammonia" (reference to #Beirut port warehouse explosion) /3

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Let's go over the #JamalKhashoggi situation, one more time...ACCORDING TO #Wikileaks documents, Jamal does NOT appear to be a "random" journalist--he appears to be a #CIAAsset. He was communicating in email w/#CIA's #Stratfor, after he fled #SaudiArabia.
In addition to #JamalKhashoggi communicating w/known #CIA subcontractor #Stratfor...guess who "employed" him? #WashingtonPost...a KNOWN #CIA-connected media outlet...via #JeffBezos.……
Note #JamalKhashoggi was related to one of #HunterBiden's "business partners"--probably helping him launder money. Right around time Hunter's incriminating laptop was found, people related to his partners were arrested, went "missing" or were murdered.
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#SaudiArabia decides to shore up the economically shaky govt of PM @ImranKhanPTI with a generous $4.2 billion package after "the issuance of kind guidance," according to Saudi news agency; in royal reference to @KingSalman
#SaudiArabia generously bails out PM @ImranKhanPTI for a second time in 3 years. This time with $3B deposit with @StateBank_Pak + $1.2B oil on deferred terms. #KSA bailed out PM Khan in Oct 2018 with a $6B package when #PTIGovernment faced economic meltdown in first year in power Image
By shoring up PM @ImranKhanPTI Govt again, #SaudiArabia is outdoing itself. The aid is significant coming just ten months after #KSA requested repayment on the previous aid []; a year after frosty ties w/ Khan govt after it appeared to line up angst Riyadh.
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It’s out! 🎊
My new @ecfr paper on how #Europe can ride the #climate momentum in the #Gulf deploying its #GreenDeal to meet #NetZero & #geopolitical objectives in the region ➡️
Read b4 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow
Few take-aways 1/ Image
Good that #SaudiArabia & #UAE have pledged #NetZero but #GCC total domestic emissions are only 2.4% of world’s. The #EU needs to focus on the emissions they export, mostly to #China, I argue how: 2/
As shown by the #SaudiGreenInitiative & #MiddleEastGreenInitiative + #UAE willingness to host #COP 28, the #GCC leaders now see a political value in embracing the #climate agenda. This paper described what each #GCC country is actually *doing* about it: 3/
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The #MGISummit is about to begin. Follow our live coverage of the event, where high-profile regional leaders gather in #Riyadh to discuss #climate action ahead of #COP26.
#MGISummit: #Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as well as #Jordan and and #Kuwait's crown princes, arrive at the venue. Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI also shows attendance.
#MGISummit: #Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and #UAE's Finance Minister Hamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum have also arrived
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#Sudan’s Prime Minister #AbdallaHamdok under house arrest, several cabinet officials and allies seized in apparent #powergrab
#BREAKING: #Khartoum airport shut amid reports of coup in #Sudan: Al-Arabiya
#BREAKING: Sudanese people will stand up to coup attempt, says spokesman for Sudanese Congress Party: Al-Arabiya
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Well, breaking news will now keep coming every day ahead of #COP26 but this one could have MASSIVE implications for global energy markets & #fossilfuel demand: #China announces first details of its carbon neutrality framework aiming at #netzero by 2060 1/5…
The document introduces several consumption "peaks": peak #coal by 2025, peak #oil during the 15th 5-yr plan (2026-2030). Food for thought for #China's largest oil suppliers #SaudiArabia, #Russia, #Iraq, #Angola, #Brazil; and coal suppliers #Russia, #Indonesia, #Australia. 2/5
Energy #efficiency is one of the highest priorities. 2025 target is to reduce energy intensity of GDP by 13.5% compared to 2020 (note, the baseline is the COVID year)! New standards and certification to be introduced for #steel & other energy-intensive industries. 3/5
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NEW: iPhone of @NYTBen was hacked with #Pegasus spyware *after* he complained to NSO Group about previous targeting.


Our @citizenlab investigation:…
2/ It began in 2018: @NYTBen shared a suspicious message with my colleague @billmarczak.

It was a #Pegasus infection attempt. We @citizenlab
attributed it to #SaudiArabia.

Ben wrote it up & complained to NSO Group.

NSO issued a predictable denial.
3/ A member of the @nytimes tech security team later found another #Pegasus infection attempt from 2018.

Here it is, inviting him to cover a protest at the #Saudi embassy in Washington DC.

Clicking on the link would infect his device with the spyware.
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The #YouthGreenSummit starts today in #Riyadh, as part of the #SaudiGreenInitiative, with the attendance from #SaudiArabia's Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz Al-Saud Image
#Saudi energy minister says he will not buy electric car, but #SaudiArabia will manufacture electric vehicles Image
#Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud tells #YouthGreenSummit at #SaudiGreenInitiative “We would like to be the biggest supplier of hydrogen” Image
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#YEMEN:Top Yemeni diplomat slams #UN #SecurityCouncil for enabling recent Saudi bombing of medicine warehouse.

The head of the #Yemeni national negotiation delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has confirmed that he bombardment of pharmaceutical warehouses and other civilian
facilities in #Sanaa comes as a result of a recent statement by the #UN #SecurityCouncil, which is completely biased in favor of the coalition of aggression.

#YEMEN #YemenCantWait
“Unfortunately, #SaudiArabia is forging ahead with its aggression and siege instead of stopping them and calculating the cost of its foolishness,” Abdulsalam wrote in a post published on his Twitter page @abdusalamsalah
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#Nasrallah: To our Christian brothers, neither Hezbollah, nor Amal, nor the Shia, nor any Muslim is your enemy. But Let's focus on Hezbollah.
#Nasrallah: When Daesh and Nusra penetrated eastern Lebanon and the Bekaa, who was their friends, their ally and their financial support? It was the Lebanese Forces party.
#Nasrallah to Christian Lebanese: Ask the people of Rablah, Deir Attieh, Maaloula, ask the churches in #Syria and the clergy in #Syria, how did Hezbollah treat you?
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Rifaat al-Assad’s return to Damascus (reported here yesterday) is the long culmination of efforts that started as early as 2011 when #Syria ‘s crisis started

Set below is how Rifaat & his sons got into a push & pull exercise in multiple directions till this week
2-Since early on, Rifaat’s household was divided. His son Somar started making frequent visits to Damascus despite being a hawk against the Palace in Damascus pre 2011

Soon, Rifaat’s other son Siwar joined what has become known as the reconciliation camp inside the household
3-The anti reconciliation camp was led by Ribal who became very public in his efforts to become an opposition figure palatable to EU & Western capitals

Rifaat was now being pulled in multiple directions by his various sons. Early on he sided with Ribal
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#Pakistan Banking Sector M&A —
A Thread 🧵

Interesting things happening in 🇵🇰’s banking sector related to #GCC-based sponsors.

Samba Bank is leaving 🇵🇰 🔜 after parent entity’s merger with NCB in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, & MergeCo Saudi National Bank’s decision to divest some assets.
Silk Bank is on perpetual sale after its abysmal performance in #Pakistan 🇵🇰 despite benefitting from one of the highest equity injections till-date. It is to be sold 🔜 and IFC / Nomura / Bank Muscat / Gourmet Group along with others will take a massive hit on their investment.
In banking, the best combination is always *a strong sponsor with a strong management team*. If you can get that right, there’s no better business in #Pakistan.

However, if your institution does not benefit from either of the two, then the bank is highly likely to underperform.
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Joint Saudi-Pakistani naval warfare exercises Naseem Al-Bahr XIII have started. #Pakistan 🇵🇰 and #SaudiArabia’s Navies and Air Forces are participating. A group of Royal Saudi Navy warships including the lead ship of the Al-Riyadh Class Frigate,
HMS Al Riyadh and a Badr-Class Corvette arrived in #Karachi last week for the exercises. The exercises will also involve F-15SA aircraft of the Royal #Saudi Air Force and combat aircraft from the #Pakistan Air Force, including F-16s, that will perform long-range maritime strike
missions as part of the exercises. The exercises are being held with the goal to enhance interoperability between the Royal #Saudi Naval Forces and the #Pakistan Navy, enhancing maritime security and protecting waterways in the #ArabianSea and #PersianGulf.
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A group of Royal Saudi Navy warships including the lead ship of the Al-Riyadh Class Frigate, HMS Al Riyadh and RSAF F-15s arrived in Karachi for the Naseem Al-Bahr XIII naval exercises between #Pakistan 🇵🇰 and #SaudiArabia, to be held in the Arabian Sea.
The exercises involve F-15SA aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force that have been deployed to #Karachi with combat aircraft from the #Pakistan Air Force that will perform long-range maritime strike missions as part of the exercises. The exercises are being held with the goal to ImageImageImageImage
enhance interoperability between the Royal Saudi Navy & the Pakistan Navy, enhancing maritime security and protecting waterways in the Arabian Sea and #PersianGulf.
The exercise will end use live ammunition and involve firing missiles from all participating ships and aircraft. ImageImageImage
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In his independence day speech, @MBuhari failed to mention anything about the doctors' strike that has paralysed the health sector, kidnappings, which have become a frighteningly regular occurrence in the country, or the unemployment crisis.
These three in many ways have contributed to the "japa wave" that we are currently witnessing, something which he only mentioned in passing to refer to "so-called leaders run abroad to hide".

This japa-wave is our independence trek:
These three things I mentioned, health, security, and jobs, more than a lot of other things, symbolise hope lost by young Nigerians.

And it is the potentially productive middle-class, that is running.
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