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8 Jan 19
UCC has observed an increase in the incidences of fake publications on the digital platforms and a one Drake Lukunge Matovu deliberately posted unverified content to misinform and mislead the public. We take exception to such criminality and culprits will be prosecuted #FakeNews
Whoever is in the habit of deliberately creating, publishing and distributing #FakeNews need to be aware of provisions of the Penal Code Act that criminalise the same. Specifically Sections 50, 179 and 180 of the Penal Code Act on false news and defamation.
According to the law, any person who publishes any false statement, rumour or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or to disturb the public peace commits a misdemeanour. Members of the public should be vigilant and exercise due care by verifying stories.
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3 Jan 19
UCC has observed an increase in the incidences of fake publications on digital platforms, where unscrupulous individuals misuse computer systems to create, publish, & distribute unverified, misleading, & false stories. Comments attributed to @UCC_ED making rounds is Fake News
An online page managed by an individual that has since been identified published fake & misleading information against the person of the Executive Director @UCC_Official . Please note that the publishing of false news is wrong, unlawful, unethical & defamatory.
The public is advised to be vigilant & exercise due care by verifying the authenticity of any news stories /reports from official sources before believing & acting on them.
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15 Nov 18
#UFF2018 #UgandaFilmFestival2018 #UCCat20
The film with the Best Script considering - Story line, Flow/pace, Setups/pay off, Form and Structure; the nominees are; Bella, Veronica's Wish, The forbidden, 94 Terror & The Agreement
Five (5) films have been nominated for the Best Feature Film and will be voted on by the viewing public for the Award of "The Viewer's Choice Award"; the nominees are; Bella, 94 Terror, Veronica's Wish, The Agreement and Slay Queens #UFF2018 #UgandaFilmFestival2018
The films nominated for the Best Post Production and Editing taking into consideration; Editing, Visual Effects, Smoothness and pace include; Bella, Veronica's Wish, The forbidden, Kikumi Kikumi and Chains #UFF2018 #UgandaFilmFestival2018
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17 Aug 18
UCC had opportunity to comment on the #Data.Protection & Privacy Bill. The enactment of this law is long overdue. A comprehensive law on the collection & processing personal information gives effect to the right to Privacy envisaged under Article 27(2) of the Constitution
UCC welcome the protections offered by the Bill in terms of export of data, breach notification requirements, data subjects access rights, automated decision making, compensation and the right to be forgotten and provision for financial and penal sanctions for breach of the law.
Distinction between Data collectors & data controllers.
The Bill should however clarify & distinguish Data Collectors, from Data Processors & Data Controllers. Clause 2 is inconsistent with international good practice which provides for two broad categories of Data Controllers
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16 Jul 18
#UPDATE on Smile Communications service outage. At an arbitration meeting between Smile Communications & Eaton Towers held at UCC, the meeting resolved administrative issues that recently affected the delivery of communication services to Smile customers.
See details below...
In an arbitration meeting between the two Smile Communications and Eaton Towers (infrastructure provider), it was agreed to reconnect all Smile sites that had been previously switched off to the benefit of all stakeholders concerned & this was done even before the meeting ended.
The parties to the arbitration agreed to sign a temporary addendum to allow re-connection and service restoration pending conclusion of the ongoing negotiations for a new service provisioning agreement.
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