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The National consultation on the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) framework for local government climate action in Australia
resulting arrangement between EU & ICLEI Oceania as the GCoM Oceania regional lead partner.
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A camp of #Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq's Salah-al-Din province, north of Baghdad, is on fire after what is being described as an attack.
Credit: @SufianSamarrai
@SufianSamarrai @almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @rising_serpent @HNIJohnMiller @GaetaSusan #BREAKING
Mortar fire reported at the Al-Bakr Airbase, south of Balad, Iraq - via @SkyNewsArabia_B
This is also in Salah-al-Din province, close to where the #Iran-backed Shiite militia camp is reportedly on fire.
@SufianSamarrai @almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @rising_serpent @HNIJohnMiller @GaetaSusan @SkyNewsArabia_B Unconfirmed reports claim Israel is behind what is being described as an attack targeting the Al-Bakr Airbase.
This site is reportedly the largest in Salahadin Province & is used by #Iran's IRGC & Tehran-backed Shiite militias.
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#Breaking: Just in - Brazilian gunmen has 18 hostages on a bus and holds them at gunpoint in #Brazil.
#Update: Just in - Video of the hostage situation in Rio de Janerio, where a gunman inside the bus holds 18 people at gunpoint in #Brazil.
#Update: on the situation of the hostage in Rio de Janeiro, hè has been shot dead after holding 37 people in a bus for hostage over more than 2 hours in #Brazil.
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Greece confirms that Grace 1 (now "Adrian Darya-1") the Iranian oil tanker, did not request to anchor in its ports.
Reports indicate a US Navy recon aircraft (possibly Poseidon) was keeping watch over the ship.
"Were the U.S. to thus allow the Adrian Darya 1 to offload its oil cargo, the IRGC would regard their success as testifying to American weakness. That cannot be allowed to happen."
You know #Iran's regime has no answers for its escalating crises when its chief lobbyist @tparsi has nothing to say and is constantly tweeting "LOL!"
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Bahrain confirms joining the multinational US-led effort to establish maritime security in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz & the Gulf of Oman - via Al Arabiya.

This initiative is in response to attacks by #Iran targeting oil tankers and foreign commercial shipping.
Poland is weighing the possibility of supporting a US-led initiative to establish maritime security in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz & Gulf of Oman.

(File photo of ORP Ślązak, Polish Navy)
Credit: @hthjones
@hthjones The US-led coalition aiming to confront #Iran's maritime threats now consists of the UK, US, Israel, Bahrain and possibly Poland in the near future, according to a Reuters report.

(Credit: @ELINTNews)
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#Breaking: just in - In the Syrian region of #Idlib near marat numan, was a Turkish military convoy bombed by the Syrian regime airforce. #Syria #Turkey
#Update: Just in - Some pictures of the Turkish army mobilizing military vehicles near Marat Numan in the region of #Idlib in #Syria. #Turkey
#Breaking: Just in - Reports of Turkish airforce scrambling fighter jets, and are flying towards the direction of #Idlib in #Syria, to protect the illegal Turkish convoy what is near Marat Numan. #Turkey
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#BREAKING In Kashmir, at least 4,000 people detained since autonomy stripped: government sources
#UPDATE Up to 4,000 people were arrested and held under the Public Safety Act, a controversial law that allows authorities to imprison someone for up to two years without charge or trial, according to government sources
#UPDATE "Most of them were flown out of Kashmir because prisons here have run out of capacity," a government source said
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.@kohsar has visited the devastated wedding hall in Kabul where a celebration turned to carnage last night after a suicide bomber killed more than 60 people.

The wedding car which was meant to carry the bride and groom to their new lives remains outside hours after the attack.
@kohsar Inside, the stage on which the bride and groom would have sat as their loved ones danced and ate below was covered in debris.

The bride and groom both survived, but the groom told @TOLOnews that he did not think he would see happiness in his life again.
@kohsar Parts of the roof had fallen in on to the guests inside, believed to number more than a thousand.
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Patriots emergency this nut on YouTube posted this 8 hours ago and I don’t think he’s acting! @USMC @SecretService @FBI you guys know what to do!!!
He’s completely unhinged please patriots get this out this is s threat @USMC @FBI @SecretService @SecPompeo @FuctupMike help!!!!
Manifesto 8/8/19 please before this guy hurts someone @SecretService @FBI @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @UMich
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#Breaking: Reports of a huge Explosion inside the "Dubai City Hotel" in #Kabul in #Afghanistan, during a wedding ceremony.
#Update: Just in - First video footage of guests at the wedding ceremony leaving the "Dubai City Hotel" in #Kabul in #Afghanistan after a explosion inside the venue.
#Breaking: Just in - Initial reports says of that at least 20 people got killed inside the "Dubai City Hotel" after a explosion at a wedding ceremony in #Kabul in #Afghanistan.
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#Breaking: Rocket sirens heard in Southern #Israel.
#Update: Just in - Reports that the Iron dome intercepted 2 to 6 rockets launched from #Gaza into #Israel.
#Update: Just in - Israeli army fired flares because of 4 to 5 men wanted to breach the fence from #Gaza into #Israel, reports of helicopters on scene and tanks and gunfire.
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#Breaking: Just in - Hundreds of Proud boys have arrived in #Portland ahead of the rally and march today, also reports of 15 people with weapons not sure if the side of Proud Boys or not...
#Update: The Side of the Proud Boys erupt in a chanting of "USA USA USA" to get a respond or trigger from the other side in #Portland.
#Update: Portland police confiscating everything made of hard materials from the Proud Boys, Not sure if they will do the same with the other side of the counter protest. #Portland
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Alright everybody. We're still fighting that system+the man that's wreaked havoc on our lives for the safety & hope of two children that mean more to me than my life. Just received the latest attorney's bill.

$3183 to be paid immediately.
That man is banking on us not being able to afford the price of freedom. And we can't alone.


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paypal (select the fam/friend option to avoid fees!):

Please RT w comment like crazy. Share on Instagram, Facebook wherever. We don't mind.

My heartbeats are on the line. So if you can help in any, God knows we desperately need it and so very greatly appreciate it. No matter how much is given, it's more than we had. ❤
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#NewsAlert: Crazy video footage of a police officer trying to beat one protestor, got beaten back by the protestors but pulls out a gun to protect himself at the International Airport in #HongKong. #China
#Update: Other video footage angle of where that police officer waved with his gun at protestors inside the international airport in #HongKong to protect himself. #China
#Update: Another longer shocking video footage angle showing the police officer pulling out his gun while being beaten by protestors in the international airport of #HongKong. #China
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#Breaking: The possible bloated body of missing British teen Nora Quoirin has been found at a river, who has gone missing since last week at a #Malaysia resort that the parent are calling in an alleged kidnapping. #UK
#Breaking: Just in - The Malaysian police confirm the body that has been found belongs to missing British teen Nora Quoirin at a river in the Jungle in #Malaysia, in a possible kidnapping. #UK
#Update: Just in - New shocking details says that Malaysian police found the dead body of missing teen Nora Quoirin completely naked, suggesting the mothers claim of being kidnapped at their rental duplex home resort. #UK #Malaysia
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#Breaking: just in - Reports of a military ammunition storage facility that has exploded in #Baghdad in #Iraq, is sending shells and bullets everywhere.
#Update: People claiming that #Israel has carried out a airstrike on the military ammunition storage facility in #Baghdad in #Iraq is wrong.
Damn just watch this clip of the ammunition depot explosion sending bullets and shells every direction, here you hear a bullet or a shell passing just past by people.

#Baghdad #Iraq
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Massive explosion rocks the Dora district of southern Baghdad, Iraq.
The military site is reportedly affiliated to the #Iran-backed Shiiite militias (PMU/PMF).
Blasts are ongoing - via @thestevennabil
@thestevennabil 2)
Locals are talking about a weapons depot inside a PMU/PMF base going off, “the sounds of a missile being fired," says @thestevennabil.
@thestevennabil 3)
Explosions reported the Ain Ul-Saqr (Hawkeye) military base, affiliated to the Iranian-backed PMU/PMF.
The base has a large ammunition depot and is located in the Dora district of southern Baghdad, Iraq.
Credit: @no_itsmyturn
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#BREAKING China slams violent Hong Kong protests as 'terrorism'
#BREAKING Hong Kong airport says Monday flights cancelled because of protests
#BREAKING Over 5,000 protesters at Hong Kong airport: police
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#Breaking: Tourists and locals are being evacuated at #Worthing pier in #Sussex, because being exposed to an unknown substance causing them to vomit instantly and eyes being sore and red.
#Update: Just in - It looks like the chemical at #Worthing in #Sussex, is not only the only cause of people and tourists vomiting on the pier. It is also at people's homes and roads that are being effected by the unknown substance. #UK
#Update: It looks that the chemical has been airborne and is causing people in the town of #Worthing in #Sussex, to start vomiting and eyes being red and swollen. Fire department is advertising locals to close doors and windows. #UK
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#NewsAlert: Very Rare Tornado in #Luxembourg today caused major damage and havoc today in the small country, sending roof tiles and trees in the air, and causing partially power outages on some streets. #Europe
#Update: Here is some video that shows you the extensive damage of the very rare #Tornado that hit parts of #Luxembourg today on a street. #Europe
#Update: Also the #Netherlands in the city of #Amsterdam reported a forming of a Tornado but didn't caused much damage as the Tornado was forming over in a weak depression zone and disappeared quickly. But locals reported of heavy strong gust winds. #Europe weather
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports suggest that #NorthKorea launched 2 Medium range Missiles which have travelled more than 850KM and landed in the territorial sea of #Japan.
There are 4 type's of ballistic Missiles

- Short Range ballistic Missiles
- Medium Range ballistic Missiles
- Long Range ballistic Missiles
- Intercontinental ballistic Missiles

#US #NorthKorea #SouthKorea
#Update: I made a measurement from the spot of where the missile was launched and towards the International sea way. This is approx +/-800KM. #Japan #NorthKorea
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of dozens of multiple gunshots sounds at East Liberty St/ Pirandello St in #Toronto in #Canada.
#Update: Just in - Toronto police officials have said "they located multiple bullet shells on the floor at East Liberty St/ Pirandello St" but have not located any victim on site. #Toronto #Canada
#Breaking: Just in - One male victim has been located in non life threatening condition after, a dozens of empty bullet shells found on the street, and holes seen at a building at East Liberty St/ Pirandello St in #Toronto in #Canada.
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#Iran confiscates foreign tanker in Persian Gulf.
The Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), claims the tanker was smuggling 700,000 liters of fuel to a number of Arab states in the Gulf.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @GeorgWebb @CarrollQuigley1 @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @jjauthor #UPDATE
Seven crew of the foreign tanker have been apprehended by #Iran's IRGC.
IRGC-linked media reporting the ship was confiscated last Wednesday night.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @GeorgWebb @CarrollQuigley1 @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @jjauthor #UPDATE
Iranian regime's state media are posting this image of what is reportedly the tanker seized by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
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#Breaking: Just in - At least 18 people got shot by gunman who opened fire at crowds at an #Walmart store.
#Update: Just in - The Shooter who shot at least 18 people, happened at a #Walmart in the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, #Texas.
#Update: Just in - Situation at the shooting!

- At least 18 people shot.
- One person believed dead.
- Shooter still at large.
- Happened at a #Walmart in in the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, #Texas.
- Massive police and rescue crew responds.
- Active crime scene avoid the area.
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