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Initial tests confirm two cases of the Corona virus in the city of Qom, central #Iran.

The regime has been keeping a lid on all reports of Corona cases in Iran, fearing concerns will prevent people from taking part in Friday's parliamentary elections.
#Iran's Deputy Minister for Roads & Transportation said Mahan Air (affiliated to the IRGC) "has been allowed a limited number of flights" to China despite a general government ban on flights to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in the country.…
-At least four suspicious deaths in Greater Tehran prison. Other inmates told they have brain meningitis.
-Numerous prisoners quarantined in a room. Other inmates told they have influenza. Signs indicate a suspicious illness that could be the Coronavirus.
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Heavy Russian attack on the Ukrainian front in northern Lugansk province.
Heavy weapons used.
Dead and wounded on both sides.
Attack lasts for four hours now.
At least one Ukrainian position temporarily overrun.
Ukrainian reinforcements on the way.
Russian side confirms fighting, but - of course - blames Ukraine (see below).
🚨 National Security and Defense Council to convene in Kyiv in two hours.
Updated map.
These are the locations where fighting is reported (by both sides).
#PutinAtWar #Ukraine
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🛑#UPDATE: Today an interview with Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah aired on Iranian TV & Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV & a few things caught my attention. A quick thread on this, but first, some context. 1/9
After Soleimani’s assassination Nasrallah said Iranian-backed resistance groups, including Hezbollah, would be involved in the retaliation. So far we haven’t seen anything, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to come. 2/9
In the past Hezbollah has retaliated months, even years after the initial incident. An example of this is when Israel killed Hezbollah’s old Secretary General in 1992, Abbas al-Musawi- the group retaliated by bombing the Israeli Embassy in Argentina over a month later 3/9
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Damascus, #Syria
Explosions heard in the Syrian capital as reports indicate Assad regime's air defense units engaging targets.
Initial data shows one of the targeted sites is a military site belonging to #Iran's IRGC in the vicinity of the Sayyida Zainab region, south of Damascus.

More footage of Assad regime air defense units engaging targets over the Syrian capital.
Image & map provided by @evacool_

Initial data shows another military site of #Iran's IRGC Quds Force being targeted near Damascus International Airport.
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US Navy intercepts shipment of #Iran-made weapons in the Arabian Sea

Weapons cache aboard a dhow seized on Feb. 9 included 150 anti-tank guided missiles, three surface-to-air missiles, thermal imaging weapon scopes, UAV components & more, via @CENTCOM

(Initial images)
Pentagon releases footage of U.S. forces intercepting a ship full of weapons #Iran-made weapons headed for Tehran-backed Houthis of Yemen.
@CENTCOM Reminder:
#Iran apologists/lobbyists, MSM & pro-appeasement voices (such as @SenSanders) constantly cloak Tehran's malign role in Yemen.

Report: IRGC officer confirms helping Houthis fire rockets at Saudis…
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Feb 13 - #Iraq
Rocket attack hits north Iraq base hosting US troops, security sources say - via AFP & Sky News Arabia

This could be the K1 military base north Kirkuk or the Qayyarah military airport.
Reports indicate two rockets have targeted the K1 military base near Kirkuk. No injuries reported as of yet.

K1 was targeted back in Dec 27, 2019, leaving at least one U.S. contractor killed. Soleimani was killed afterwards.

Intense U.S. Air Force activity reported over Kirkuk, northern Iraq.
The base was reportedly targeted with two Katyusha rockets (most likely 107mm).
No casualties or damages reported.
(File images)
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#BREAKING Virus death toll in hard-hit Hubei surges by 242 in one day, government says
#UPDATE Virus death toll surges by 242 in one day as China changes way it counts cases.

Move is likely to fuel speculation that #coronavirus outbreak has been under-reported
VIDEO: China virus fears trigger boom in online classes.

With schools in China and Hong Kong suspended until March in response to the #coronavirus outbreak, students and teachers are heading online to continue with their lessons
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Unconfirmed reports claim a Russian airstrike targeting a Turkish military convoy of armored vehicles near Al Atārib, northwest Syria.

Some reports are describing this as pro-Assad forces shelling Turkish military units.
Al-Hadath sites the Syrian Human Rights Observatory saying Turkish soldiers have been wounded as a result of Assad regime units shelling their convoy near Al Atārib, northwest Syria.
Footage of the attack near Al Atārib in northwest Syria.

Some reports describe it as pro-Assad regime forces shelling Turkish military units.

Other reports claim a Russian airstrike targeting Turkish military units.

Injuries reported.
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#BREAKING China virus death toll rises to at least 630, government
#UPDATE A Chinese doctor, among the first to raise the alert about China's new coronavirus, himself died from the pathogen on Friday, emphasizing the depth of a worsening crisis that has killed at least 630 people
#BREAKING Confirmed China coronavirus infections climb past 30,000, government says
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Nochmal in aller Deutlichkeit:
Diese Wahl war kein Unfall. Das war geplante Machtergreifung.

FDP und Union haben sich nicht von der AfD überrumpeln lassen. #Kemmerich wurde nicht versehentlich gewählt. Das war abgesprochen und das ist belegt.

Belegt durch das Interview mit Kemmerich selbst, der sagt er habe damit gerechnet.
Belegt durch das Interview mit Annegret Kramp-Karenbauer, die darauf hinweist, dass sie aus Furcht vor genau diesen Szenario die FDP gebeten hatte ihren Kandidaten zurückzuziehen.
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Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Three protesters killed, 11 wounded by Muqtada al-Sadr’s #Iran-backed militias.
Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Activists say protesters are being killed by #Iran-backed Sadr militia members. The city atmosphere is being described as a "war zone."
Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
#Iran-backed Sadr militia members continue to open fire on demonstrators, activists say.
Al Hurra TV reports tonight's death toll has risen to seven demonstrators.
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#BREAKING: Tencent may have accidently leaked real data about the coronavirus outbreak (source: Taiwan News)

Confirmed cases: 154k
Suspected cases: 79k
Cured: 269
Deaths: 24k
#coronavirus #coronavirusoutbreak #coronavirushchina
Personal Note: Lots of people are speculating the people who run Tencent are freaking out and leaked these numbers on purpose in hope to call more attention to how bad its getting.
#NOTE: There was a photoshopped image, not sure if it was this one but it was similar, that being said is it that hard to believe 150k+ infected if China had to quarentine the entire country basically?
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Artiljerijski kapetan Mihailo Ristić Džervinac, čovek koji se smatra za egzekutora kraljevskog bračnog para Obrenovića nije bio iz Vranja, već iz Svrljiga.
I da, nije mu ruka atrofirala, niti je bio bogalj.
Nakon Majskog prevrata, Džervinac, ili Uča kako su ga zvali jer je bio učitelj u Nišu (odakle se zna sa Apisom), godinu dana je bio četnički šef Gorskog štaba na Kozjaku (granica Srbije i Makedonije), a potom u Balkanskim ratovima kao četnik učestvovao.
Kao potpukovnik je učestovovao u Prvom svetskom ratu, a bio je upravnik Ubojnog skladišta Vardarske divizije.
Za vreme povlačenja srpske vojske kroz Albaniju imao je zadatak da popravi put Lješ - Sveti Jovan, ali se razboleo i prebačen u Bizertu gde umire 31. januara 1916.
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Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
Reports indicate rockets have been fired at the Qayyara military where U.S. troops are stationed.
Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
-3 Katyusha rockets launched at the Qayyara military base
-U.S. Air Force warplanes flying over Mosul

(File photos)
Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
-Five projectiles fired at the Qayyara military base
-No injuries or damages reported as of yet
-Intense U.S. Air Force activity reported over Mosul
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Just like we thought...

This is all staged drama
The said Shooter has identified himself as "RAMBHAKT GOPAL"
& investigation is still on by Delhi Police

Read on..... For expose
As we are going through the shooters profile ( if it's indeed his profile)
We came across his likes & follows

He liked "Ajaz khan", "Bhim army ka sher"
"Islam -Quran & shahih hadith"
Including some hindu / BJP leaders

This is suspicious
As soon as the person is arrested his profile got deleted/deactivated at 5.25pm approximately
The person who created the profile to spread propaganda was fearful of the fact that his association with these will get exposed
some one other than shooter was operating profile
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Jan 29 - Strait of Hormuz
-Tanker (MV Osprey) on fire northwest of Sharjah, UAE
-UAE maritime officials have no info at this time whether this is an attack or fire caused by other reasons - via @katiemcque
@katiemcque #UPDATE
-Tanker fire reportedly occurred around 4pm local time
-Cause not yet determined
-U.S. 5th Fleet: We're monitoring the maritime incident off the coast of Sharjah
@katiemcque #UPDATE
@TankerTrackers: 24 year-old supertanker named ZOYA 1 (9081174) is on fire, but is empty of crude oil, and has been offline from AIS for the past 17 days. Been there the entire 2019.

Iran sabotage? Possible.
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#BREAKING: 1st confirmed case of #coronavirus in #Germany

#Munich: The patient is clinically in good condition in accordance with the "Task Force Infectiology" of the state of the health and food safety (LGL). He is supervised.

#WuhanCoronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
#Update: There is a suspicion case of #Coronavirus in #Bremen. This was reported the from the Weser courier, applying to the Health office. The patient is 27 years old and was recently on a #China trip.

#WuhanCoronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
#Update: The man which has the #coronavirus is said to work for a company that makes heaters and has come into contact with a Chinese man who works for the company.

▪️The Ministry of Health's officially press conference will follow.

#Munich #nCoV2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak
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#BREAKING China urges its citizens to delay foreign travel over virus fears
When China sealed off the city of 11 million at
the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus, @AFP’s @LeoRamirezAFP, @hectorretamal and @SebRicciAFP went in to document the unprecedented quarantine effort.

Here are some of their top photos and videos:
@LeoRamirezAFP @hectorretamal @SebRicciAFP Here are some of the topshots by AFP photographer @hectorretamal from the Red Cross Hospital in the city
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Jan 26 - Baghdad, #Iraq
At least four rockets (possibly Katyusha) land the Green Zone, one near the U.S. Embassy.
New report indicate five rockets were fired.
U.S. Embassy sirens sounded.
Jan 26 - Baghdad, #Iraq
U.S. Embassy compound received a direct hit from one of the rockets. The Embassy restaurant or canteen was damaged & burned.

Reports claim #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi was behind this dangerous attack.
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#BREAKING China virus toll rises to 54 dead, more than 300 new cases, says government
#BREAKING Shanghai govt reports city's first death from China virus
#BREAKING Second major China city to halt long-distance buses to contain virus: govt
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Filed Complaint with @CPDelhi @HMOIndia against #SharjeelImam seeking immediate arrest of him for his Seditious Conspiracy & inciting Muslim community for division separation of North East from India & hurting religious sentiments of nonmuslims by asking to chant "Nar-e-Takbeer"
FIR has been lodged by #AssamPolice against Sharjeel Imam for his speech on Assam; inter alia commission of offence u/s 13 (1)/18 of the UA(P)ACT read with section 153 A, 153 B and 124 A IPC at Guwahati Crime Branch PS
Source : @LegalLro
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#BREAKING China halts flights and trains out of virus outbreak city: state media
#BREAKING WHO extends emergency talks over China virus
#BREAKING WHO says Chinese measures 'minimising' risk of virus spreading internationally
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#BREAKING: Britains’s Treasury designates the entire Hezbollah organization, both political and military wings, under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing Act 2010
#UPDATE: Source: Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation HM Treasury.

General Notice of Final Designation:…
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Reports indicate five rockets fired at Balad Air Base, located north of Baghdad, Iraq.
An Iraqi officer, three soldiers wounded.
U.S. troops are housed in this site.
Another report:

"Seven mortar bombs fell on Sunday inside Iraq's Balad air base, which houses U.S. forces, and four Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack, two military sources told Reuters."

Quoting @BaxtiyarGoran:
Eight Katyusha rockets target the Balad Air Base in Salahadin province, north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Four members of the Iraqi Air Force are wounded, including two officers, according to the Security Media Cells.
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