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Our "Change Processes to Transform Health Professions Education" Twitter conference is tomorrow!

Follow all of the action at #MCGConf2021CP.

#MedEd #MedTwitter
#MCGConf2021CP will begin at 10:15am EDT with a keynote presentation by Dr. Gene Hall, right here at @AUG_EII.

#MedEd #MedTwitter #EduChat #Education #MedChat
Our #MCGConf2021CP schedule will be jammed pack from 10:15am to 3:30pm EDT.

BUT the conference doesn't have to end after the live event is over. Audience participants are welcome to interact with, ask questions, and make comments on presentations at any time.
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Revealed: IFF has its hands on 4 MoUs by the Department of Agriculture with private companies (including @Cisco, @ITCCorpCom, #Ninjakart & @reliancejio) on implementing pilot projects re: 'Digital Agriculture'.

We have the details, and the analysis ⬇️ 1/8…
.@Cisco will, among other things, provide the Dept. of Agriculture with software like the 'Smart Agriculture Platform' that integrates sensor & satellite farming data into a single dashboard. ICT and IoT tech will soon become a reality in farming. 2/8…
The MoU with #NinjaKart, on the other hand, promises to use algorithm based tech, #machinelearning and image recognition to help with agricultural market creations and 'increase efficiency'.

The product: a 'AgriMarket place Platform' (AMP) 3/8…
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ANZA adalah rangkaian sistem peluru berpandu pertahanan udara mudah alih manusia (MANPADS) yang direka dan dihasilkan di Institut Sistem Kawalan Perindustrian, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Peluru berpandu anti-pesawat permukaan Anza MK-1, Anza MK-2, dan Anza MK-3 masing-masing memiliki jarak 4, 5 dan 6 km.

Peluru berpandu Anza MKI, yang memiliki jarak 4,2 km, dihasilkan dan diserahkan kepada pasukan tentera pada tahun 1990.
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Some coal mining fatality numbers. With China coal in focus, couldn't help but thinking how 20 years back, there seemed a tragic coal mining accident every month on Chinese news. Yet this year, the biggest tragedy seemed to be the frozen to death Marathon runners in Gansu. /1
Typically US has the best open data, with No. of miners and deaths decreasing significantly. %of death has plumeted too, with 0.01% of miners death in the US, which with <100k miners means <100 people each year. /2
According to Ministry of Emergency magt. end of last century annual deaths were 9506, but lowered to 316 in 2019. The lower death also partly due to smaller number of miners in China which is about 3473k now.
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Thread on the global energy crisis
1- Investors do not invest for "wartime"!
That is why you end up with shortages during wars, especially when supplies and materials are diverted to the army.

#OOTT #Energy #Europe #India #China #Brazil #California
2- Energy investors do not invest for the time of shortages & crises except what is mandated.

But "mandated" leads to "corruption"! Examples: problems in India and China now... and the many loopholes in the US and Europe

#energycrisis #Oil #OOTT #India #China
3- Add #COVID19, supply chain issues, policy failures, domestic & international politics, violations of all energy security principles, and low investment in recent years because of low energy prices and hype of US shale, renewables, and #ElectricVehicles get energy crises
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#vaccinepassports: "They are creating a new inescapable web of #surveillance. W/ geolocation data being tracked everywhere. We have a global #digital infrastructure that is growing [] all around the world."

- Ann Cavoukian, former Privacy Commissioner of Ont., advisor/#ID2020
Cavoukian: "And I should mention w/ the
#vaccinepassport, which I find highly, highly offensive from a privacy perspective, both #Quebec & the port-a-pass in #Alberta have been found-the CBC revealed this-to be incredibly #privacy invasive."

Quebec 👇

Cavoukian: "Contrary to what's being said by the govt, lots of personal information is being collected & retained. That will have an impact upon you & your freedom. #Privacy forms the foundation of our #freedom. We cannot give that up."


[Source: ]
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1. Another question I constantly get: Can Chinese data be trusted? High Frequency data shop like Baidu or other private data source advertise their data showing similar thing as govt economic data, but more real time = acknowledgement of recent higher quality govt economic data.
2. Around 2014, the central government was extremely concerned that several northern provinces’ reported GDP numbers were overinflated by local officials. In 2016, the LiaoNing province in the north was asked to reduce its reported GDP figure by 22.4%.
3. 2018, after the fourth national economic census, 12 out of 15 northern provinces’ GDP estimates were adjusted lower, while 14 out of 16 southern provinces were adjusted higher. Jilin and HeilongJiang, both northern provinces, have respectively been adjusted down more than 20%.
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Today, COC is launching our #BreakUpBigTech campaign. With all of the recent @Facebook news, it’s urgent #Congress pass #antitrust reform.

An outage at 1 company shouldn't knock out 3 of the largest social platforms. #BigTech monopolies put economic justice at risk. A thread 🧵
Without #antitrust regulation, #tech giants like @Google, @Facebook, @Amazon, & @Apple allow the civil rights of Black people to be violated. Corporations use surveillance networks that span across the #Internet to collect information about you that's sold to advertisers.
Advertisers run targeted ads & online marketplaces. This #data is used to discriminate against Black users, denying us opportunities for employment or home loans.

#BigTech shouldn’t have so much power that they can choose to ignore hate speech & misinfo continue to make profits.
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“Knowledge is power, but it is much more powerful when it is shared.”

As part of @Wikimedia's @Wikipedia #WikipediaByUs campaign we celebrate access to knowledge.

Why is knowledge sharing important especially in a time of a pandemic? How can we counter misinformation? Thread 🧵
Early on in the #COVID19 pandemic there was much fear, uncertainty, and misinformation. There still is!

As we gather more data, new research, more knowledge, our understanding improves and we can counter those uncertainties.

But that knowledge needs to be accessible too...
Numbers and statistics can be overwhelming, and so needs to also be shared in a way that's simple, clear and understandable

Just like a picture can tell a thousand words, graphs can put numbers and quantities into perspective, show trends, and tell a better story

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1/6 If you're not sure what's going on with Facebook, here it is in 6 tweets, OK? You ready?
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Why do I feel ‘pleasure positive’ is a more exciting idea than ‘sex positive’? A thread.
Pleasure reintegrates sex with everyday life – but it also goes beyond the fixed destination of sex to embrace a spectrum of desires. Those who find sex difficult, or uninteresting, still have a desire for and a right to pleasure
Everyone’s definition of pleasure is different – sex is part of pleasure, but so is affection, touch, food, work, leisure, dreaming, learning, thinking, art. For @gumnaam_musafir it's love, sex, food, loving your own image...
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I am delighted to see the first output of this amazing project available online! The study has been developed with @SaspriSA and @Uni_of_Essex, but I would like to highlight the collaboration with Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia local partners

🧵⬇️ 1/n
The #PressRelease shares key findings, but also check our blog to read about the process of collecting information about the lockdown measures and COVID-19 response policies and the #data challenges 👇… which you can see in detail at Appendix D 2/n
The study has comparative results but also country-specific results. The country-specific results are also available for each country in the new policy briefs. Find the #WorkingPaper and all the briefs at…
As example, MZ PB:… 3/n
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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1/ Since the beginning of September we have been told that #Ontario’s 4th CV19 wave is going to be a “substantial" one, something that the modelling predicted since June apparently. The media also told us to "buckle up” as the 4th wave could be worse than the 3rd
#Canada #cdnpoli
2/ Ontario’s Science Table @COVIDSciOntario predicted 9000 CV19 cases daily by October.

How accurate were the media & the public health “experts” of Ontario’s Scientology Table? Let’s look at Public Health Ontario data.

#Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #data
3/ According to Public Health Ontario data, the 4th wave peaked at ~900 cases daily, not 9000 as @COVIDSciOntario & the media predicted.
In fact, when the media was spreading doomsday messaging about the 4th wave the 1st week of Sept, the wave had already peaked #Canada #Ontario
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Welcome back, George.

Now, about that "race-to-the-bottom" slashing of #data #protections...
...which, despite fine words about "maintaining high standards", is plainly the intent of @DCMS's proposed #DataProtection 'reforms':…

...which include the intent to (re)define "#ScientificResearch" 🤔🤔🤔
Of course, we understand #TIGRR's "enthusiasm for #digital", its eye on the value of "highly #profitable consumer data", and frustration with the pesky #protections and #safeguards of #UKGDPR...…
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On 8 September - during a consultation on the same, co-sponsored by @JuliaLopezMP - @mattwarman updated the 'UK digital #identity & attributes trust framework':…

On 10 September, @OliverDowden
published '#Data: a new direction'...…
...a week later, they were both gone.

Also @cj_dinenage, who never quite managed to get out @DCMS's "upcoming" #DigitalStrategy, as teased in the #NationalDataStrategy (NDS).

And co-chair of the #NDS Forum, @JWhittingdale, who was "sad to give up":…
The aforementioned
@JuliaLopezMP stepped from @cabinetofficeuk into @JWhittingdale's shoes at @DCMS - where, given her trajectory:… and the joint consultation 👇 that closed just 3 days ago, one suspects she'll be spending a lot of her time on #identity...
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Are there #data studies and #research on most effective ways to share info about the vaccine? I've been having lots of convos with vaccine hesitant ppl and a common thing is no data culture, so they don't understand the #chart + #statistics . So, what did I do ? 1/
I asked vaccine hesitant ppl questions instead of throwing info at them. Showing up saying "Look at this data!" isn't helpful, or working. We all have different approaches, values, and things that resonate. Do you want to be told you're right, or do you want to be effective? 2/
I started asking vax hesitant ppl questions after our talks, too. What did I say that landed? How did you feel about this fact? When did I say things that frustrated you? What info had you heard before, and what was new? How do most people approach you? How are you irl? 3/
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Given how so many of my twitter spaces have been about looking at the #data as well how to prepare yourself for #MOASS with the focused audience on the #n00bie #investor much like myself, I'm wanting to write down my suggestions on how to prepare.
If anyone knows of any related #DD, will you please send it my way so I can use it as a source and give shout outs? I plan on writing this up to be SUPER beginner friendly. Thank you in advance.
$GME #GameStop #n00btube #InvestingShouldNotBeIntimidating #yolo #rage
This is not #financial #advice. It is mere #suggestions that come from how I'm going about this. I'm an engineer not a wall street asshat.
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"#Data: a new direction" - a public consultation by @DCMS on "reforms to the UK’s #DataProtection regime":…

The consultation ends on 19 Nov 2021, and you can respond by e-mail to or online here:… Image
A quick sample of initial reactions...

We're clearly going to be hearing a lot about #LegitimateInterests, as well as #commercial and #public ones. The real question being, how do this Government's interests actually align with YOURS?

140+ pages on a Friday is a lot to digest, but @lilianedwards' "penumbra of often futile determinedly populist ideas largely not evidence-based" seems entirely consistent with @DCMS's Drunkard's Walk through #data and #ID this past year...

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How to Become a #Programmer: The Timeless Guide

(With No Degrees or Experience)

PART 1: Learn the #Trade
In two years I went from unemployed sociology graduate to well-paid programmer at a unicorn startup. I started from zero. I didn't have to get a degree, do an internship or pay for expensive certifications. Here’s how you can do it too 👇
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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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The big thing that I'd change here is the color palette.

This color palette is hard to interpret and frankly, just look a little ugly.

#datascience #DataVisualization


The fix here is pretty simple.

The data are sequential in nature. There's a low and a high.

When you have sequential data, you should almost always look at sequential color palettes.


More specifically:

For sequential data, your go-to palettes should almost always be perceptually uniform sequential palettes like viridis or magma.

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It’s #InternationalOverdoseAwarenessDay. In America, the drug epidemic does not get enough attention from the media and our many public officials. Many ppl aren’t even aware of the fact that ~100k ppl died last year due to drug overdoses.
Even before #COVID19 came along and numbed us from every day death tolls, 200 ppl were dying each day from drug use in the US. Now that number is 250 ppl dying per day from drug overdoses. The first step to a solution is to recognize that there is a problem.
Today in honor of #OverdoseAwarenessDay , I’ll be posting a bunch of information about drug overdoses. Since I am from Florida, a lot of my data will be from Florida, but the sentiment of this huge problem applies to almost every large metro area in the US.
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