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Increasing debate on #digital #technology #data resulted in new narratives about digital #sovereignty & strategic autonomy.
What do these narratives mean for policies that will support a new geopolitical positioning of the EU?

Read our latest publication:… Image
The publication is edited by @DennisBroeders, with contributions by:
@RCsernatoni on the Chips Act
Kristina Irion on GDPR
@monica_kaminska @Simona_Soare on EU digital sovereignty
Giorgio Monti on EU competition law
@MargaRobles16 on 5G policy
@PaulTimmers on investment policy
It follows up on the second EU Cyber Direct Research Seminar organised in March 2022 by @DennisBroeders @francoisdelerue at @TheHagueProgram @UniLeiden. We thank all participants for their contribution to the discussion!
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Are you interested in getting started in #bioinformatics but not sure where to begin? Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey. A THREAD🧵🧵:
Start by learning a high-level #programming language, such as #Python or #R, and familiarizing yourself with data structures and #algorithms commonly used in #bioinformatics. The #BioPython and #Bioconductor libraries are great resources for this.
Next, learn about #genomic data formats and standards, such as #FASTA, #FASTQ, and #GFF. This will allow you to effectively manipulate and analyze large-scale #genomic #datasets. The #NCBI SRA and #EBI ENA databases are great places to find real-world data to work with.
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1/ 🧵 Tracking your #trading #performance is important! But let's face it, it's a pain in the ass. Learning #Python changed the way I trade and it's made tracking my portfolio a breeze.

👇 Below are important Python libraries and tips to start your journey: Image
2/ First things first, you'll need to gather your #trading #data. Use a tool like `pandas` @pandas_dev to import and organize your portfolio information.
3/ Once your data is organized, it's time to start analyzing it. Use `matplotlib` to create visualizations of your portfolio performance over time.
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🦉 Here’s a quick brief from Iterative Community👇

🪐 GitHub Universe
🤝 Hacktoberfest Contributions
📹 Closure Session 2 event
♾️ CML at NeurIPS
🇬🇧 MLOps Summit London
🇺🇸 ODSC West

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mlOps #data #pipeline #dag

🪐 Dmitry at GitHub Universe

Dmitry Petrov (@FullStackML) spoke at #GitHubUniverse on “ML with Git: experiment tracking in Codespaces” on 8th November.

He presented how to use the DVC extension for VS Code and Codespaces to streamline ML experimentation process.

🤝 Hacktoberfest Contributions

Huge thanks to @francesco086, vvssttkk, and @DeepyamanDatta for their contributions!

We are sending personalized shirts to them.

Special thanks to @mertbozkirr for leading the Hacktoberfest charge!

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#NarrativeWarfare is, in its simplest explanation and by default, #influence. In a #war of influence, the object is to use all available means to #trigger #PredictableBehavior favorable for your side.

The question then becomes “what” is the object of triggering behavior?”

“States, non-state actors and individuals are perpetually attempting to #influence audiences to align with their perspective when they employ influential tactics.

At a minimum, the audiences they cannot align are influenced to at least offer no opposition.”

“The single most effective reason #narrative is so powerful as a tool of influence is because narrative is all about #identity and meaning, rather than truth.”
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1) Part 2(3)

Having understood the basics of Shyft Discover & Veriscope Share, it's time to understand how VASPs use them! 

However, for today, we will only focus on Shyft Discover’s workflow. Let's go.
2) It all starts with a customer requesting to withdraw his funds from a VASP (read: crypto business). 👀

Before we move forward, let's understand a few terms:

The VASP that the customer withdraws funds from is called Originating VASP or oVASP.
3) And the VASP receiving the funds from the Originating VASP is called Beneficiary VASP or bVASP.

Now, when a customer requests to withdraw his funds from oVASP, the oVASP sends an attestation to the Shyft Network.
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How to consume any Database as a Stream for heavy data processing using JavaScript 🤯🔥


#javascript #nodejs #streams #sql #nosql #tutorial #dataprocessing #database #business #data #strategy #pipeline @nodejs
The secret for processing anything using JavaScript is to handle data on demand.

Imagine data you wanna migrate data from a SQL database to a NoSQL DB. You would need to apply some business rules, clean up fields, filter data and then output them to the final output.

You might know that you can block the Node.js (and the data source you're consuming) if you handle too much data at once in memory

The best practice then is to limit results, send individual data to a stream pipeline, and then ask for more data until you've consumed it all.

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🧬🧵here is a Twitter thread explaining #Bioinformatics in simple terms:🧬🧵
#Bioinformatics is the field that uses computational tools and methods to analyze and interpret #biological #data.
This can include analyzing #DNA and #protein #sequences, predicting the structure and function of #molecules, and modeling biological systems.
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Hey #OSINT, Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data.

Investigations become easier with visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, & tools. #DataVisualization

Here are some must use Data Visualization tools for OSINT investigators.

A thread🧵
1. Osint Combine’s Data Visualization Tool -…

2. Gephi -

3. ArcGis -

4. Cytoscape -

5. SocNetV -

#OSINT #JournalismIsNotACrime #Data #DataVisualization
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Today we announce a first in #TeamOneFist history - #cyber striking an operational #Russian #AI/#ML (#MachineLearning) model, in addition to a #power #grid #SCADA/#ICS!
This is Op.Neutrino, an electrical counterattack against #SPB, #Russia, and now, it's story is here. 1/4
At 17:00 local time, we assumed control over an @EnstoGroup #grid #automation #controller belonging to the DK Port substation. Timing was chosen to match peak usage hours. In addition to controlling power supply, it was supplying data for Rosenergo's FLISR fault #algorithm 2/4
From the controller, we successfully fed bad data into the FLISR #ArtificialIntelligence model, via the connected sensors. Then, we nuked it!
Every attack against #Ukraine will be avenged, every #RU #data model will be corrupted! 🇺🇦☢️👊3/4 #UkraineWillWin #cybersecurity #infosec
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#2022 has proved to be a challenging year for the #crypto world

The industry had to deal with back-to-back blows (i.e. TerraUSD crash, #FTX collapse, etc)

This will lead to intense regulatory pressure on the nascent #crypto sector from #FATF, #G20, and more
FATF has demanded #countries implement #TravelRule at the earliest 

However, there are several problems that need to be sorted from Travel Rule #compliance first

The major issues being:
⚠️ #VASP discovery 
⚠️ #Data security
So, what's the solution? 🤔

 Find out below 👇…
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1) Although published in 2019, very few countries have enforced the #FATF Travel Rule till now!

But that will change soon as ⚠️ Crypto #regulations are discussed at as high a level as the #G20.

And #Shyft will be there to educate policymakers and look for regulatory solutions.
2) Once countries begin enforcing the crypto regulations, including the Travel Rule, #VASPs will have no option but to comply

However, there are some major issues that must be highlighted during Travel Rule compliance:

#1 Attribution 🚨
#2 Data Transfer 🚨
3) These issues put #VASPs in a fix!

So, what is the Attribution problem? 🤔

It refers to the difficulty beneficiary #VASPs face in proving they own the respective wallet address

And thus, Originator VASPs, too, have no way to verify the identity of counterparty #VASPs
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Today, the #FBI released its third quarter 2022 statistics from the National Use-of-Force Data Collection. You can dive into this #data at….
The #data collection, which is managed by the #FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program, includes national-level statistics on law enforcement use-of-force incidents, as well as basic information on the circumstances, subjects, and officers involved.…
For the first three quarters of 2022, over 8,400 law enforcement agencies submitted data to the collection. The data represents over 60% of all federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, and college/university sworn officers.…
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2. We often forget about legacy data or de-prioritize the impact of changes in data management practices. RDA brought about many data changes. While most of those are not significant as they do not deal with formatting of data, some do change the expectation for data.
3. Any variation in expected data (e.g., 260 vs. 264) can cause issues. An 007/008 expectation for media or 336-338 fields which may not appear in older records. You can't build facets and search parameters on what doesn't exist.
4. Other changes in practice impact #ILS migration, too, such as the preference of a single record for all formats. That really was a workaround for ILS who couldn't aggregate or FRBRize data displays for formats. #migration #systems #data #metadata #cataloging #ILS
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BREAKING: #BNNJapan Reports.

Japan's MUFG Bank has entered the spatial data business, including the production of 3D map data production, after setting up a new joint venture, DMP Axyz with Dynamic Map Platform Co. (DMP). #business #tech #maps Image
The bank and its partner company said 3D map data is essential for the spread of automated vehicles and drones, and the bank intends to pursue diverse business development in the field by utilizing its customer base.
DMP is a major 3D map #data production firm that has received investment from Toyota Motor Corp. and other companies. The new company received about 5% of its capital from the bank and the other 95% or so from DMP.
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Our webinar about long-term stewardship is about to begin... we'll be tweeting the highlights here... #TCPAwebinars
Richard Ford of @Pinsent_Masons talking about the work they do to support #stewardship, particularly in new communities... Image
Both developers and communities want to know that places will be looked after...
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A #Marseille, le procès d’un haut fonctionnaire et de « la pourriture de la #corruption au sein de la collectivité ». Aurait-on pu détecter l'affaire dans l'#OpenData de la #CommandePublique ? Un (long) 🧵avec plein de #data dedans⬇️…
Notons pour commencer que, s'agissant de détecter non pas un marché frauduleux parmi un océan de probité, mais la présence d'un système dévoyé, on va se concentrer ici sur des signaux d'alertes un peu agrégés, question de tenter d'identifier des mauvaises pratiques.
(ndlr : ce fil peut également servir de guide pratique du parfait corrompu). Première idée : réduire au max la durée de publicité des marchés pour protéger les amis de la concurrence. Si on regarde les 2200 marchés du CD13 publicisés au Tender Electronic Daily, rien de flagrant. Image
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🦉 Here’s some exciting news brief this month from Iterative Community 👇

🤝 October Meetup
🎉 Hacktoberfest
🐲 DVC-Hydra Integration
♾️ CML in Research
📄 DVC Wikipedia Page

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mlOps #data #pipeline #dag

🧵 [1/7]
🤝 October Meetup

@NadiaIIT presented her team's research on Collaboration Challenges in Building ML-Enabled Systems in the October Meetup. If you missed it, visit .

🧵 [2/7]
🎉 Hacktoberfest

Contributions are pouring in, as Hacktoberfest proceeds. Find out all the issues with #hacktoberfest tags in our repos.

🧵 [3/7]
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Earlier today, we posted a thread of what happened after Michael Gove announced plans to open up the National Pupil Database for commercial re-use ten years ago on November 6th, 2012
But let’s also remember what happened before then, starting in 2002. 1/10
Twenty years ago the then Lab. government decided to add names to create pupil-level records for the first time in the formerly aggregated school-level census (as still mostly done in private schools).… Terri Dowty was on the ball from the start. 2/10
Many could foresee the surveillance it would become, while (2002) DfE staff said, “The data would be stored securely, no data would be copied to other organisations without a clear need and data would not be used for marketing purposes or sold to private companies”. 3/10
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Finance professionals spend 70% of their time collecting, cleaning, and preparing #data for use. Here are five tips to change that…

Many employ inefficient methods to wrangle the data and get it ready for use.

Upgrade your Excel skills to use PowerQuery.

Learn SQL to become a database master.

Or use RPA to automate the most mundane data tasks.

The business intelligence wave
over the past decade not least the Power BI revolution has done a lot of good.

However, it has led to an explosion in dashboards across companies.

It’s time to start over and scrap all your dashboards.
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🤦🏻‍♀️Muchos usan RStudio durante años sin conocer esta herramienta👀
🎯Complementos: extensiones para ejecutar funciones avanzadas de #RStats sin código
👉Haz clic en el botón Addins del menú de RStudio, y el código correspondiente se ejecuta sin que tengas que escribir el código
👉Los complementos de RStudio se distribuyen como 📦paquetes #RStats
👉Una vez instalado y activado el paquete R, los complementos estarán disponibles de inmediato en RStudio
✅Ejemplo 📦addinexamples

#datascience #programming #dataviz #analytics Image
💡Cómo seleccionar un subconjunto de un conjunto de datos de forma interactiva en R

#datascience #analytics #dataviz #data #RStats #RStudio #posit #programming #code #analisisdedatos #cienciadedatos #BI #Python #stats #RAddins #complementosR
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Do you want to do some #TimeSeries analysis in #Python but you don't know where to find #data?

Check the following library 🧵 👇👇👇
The library is called "yfinance" and it allows you to access ticker data from Yahoo! Finance in an easy way from #Python!…
Here is the list of commands to start working on it!

This is an example for #BTC, but you can import any other stock. Image
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I think the message in Data Science needs to be: Don't believe everything you read. 🧵

#stats #datascience
I'd like to thank Nico Cota for pointing me to this modified graphic from a recent Harvard Business Review article on "Prioritizing Which Data Skills Your Company Needs".
You hear Harvard Business Review, & you think this must be legit.

Well, in this case, they dropped the ball.

If you're coming up with an educational plan for your org in 2023, here are some tips:
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So let’s talk about where things got up to with your #HealthData, before Rishi Sunak started talking about the need to generate trust in Government with “#integrity” and “#accountability”…… I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.
Earlier today we got a bunch of detail out of @NHSDigital’s Board papers and services performance pack - what of that will continue post-#merger?

N.B. The chair of NHS Digital announced today’s meeting would be the last public meeting of the Board...
With the news that the Government is rushing through @NHSEngland’s takeover of the statutory safe haven (@NHSDigital) with about the level of planning that went into the 'fiscal event', where exactly *are* things as the former/new Sec State starts work?

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