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Feb 28, 2022 74 tweets 31 min read
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict presents India with a big diplomatic dilemma.

The Indo–Soviet Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation formed the basis of strategic cooperation in space technologies, defence manufacturing, ocean research & agriculture. Image It's hard to forget how the Soviets blocked the American and British Navies from interfering in the 1971 Indo-Pak war, at a time when the world's largest democracy, India was supporting freedom and democracy in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).
Apr 8, 2020 186 tweets 129 min read
#Lockdown is critical for slowing the spread of #COVID19, and India has displayed firm resolve in enforcing it.

Massive labour churn; CMIE Data indicates that 120 million people have lost their jobs. We will need strong Govt action to revive the Economy.
theprint.in/opinion/india-… We're already in a Global #Recession, the kind of which hasn't been seen in a century. It could get a lot worse, and we need to be prepared. #ViciousCycle 🔁 : Businesses shuttered, Labour furloughed, Expenditure cut and Demand destroyed. @MD_Nalapat