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New paper alert! 🎉

Current & future global #climate impacts resulting from #COVID19

Out now in @NatureClimate led by Prof @PiersForster+daughter Harriet


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#BuildBackBetter #H2020

Lockdown emissions fell during the pandemic, especially from transport, as we were told to #StayAtHome

We know this from the mobility data that @apple and @google released, using it reflect how emissions from various economic sectors changed for 123 countries #funwithdata
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Today, 600,000 of India’s 1 million accredited social health activists (#ASHA workers) have gone on strike for 2 days to demand better and timely pay, and a legal status that ensures minimum wages. Follow this thread to know more:
In Bihar, only ~20% of #ASHA workers have been given masks & gloves for #COVID19 screening. Without proper equipment, ASHAs fear they will catch the infection, said Chunni Kumari, an ASHA from East Champaran district, in our May 2020 story…
In Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam, experts suggested that #ASHA workers be roped in to help prevent #domesticviolence during the #lockdown and provide redress to victims, as we reported in April 2020…
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#ThursdayThoughts : Today marks 4 months since **MAX Global #Lockdown** (Thread). It was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 12% of cities have congestion down 40%. #COVID__19 #pandemiclife #OOTT
*Side-by-Side Comparison*: Top 30 Global Cities w/ Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) & today’s release. Apr 6th (left) Smoothed data showed #Philippines & #Malaysia cities top 2. US - 7 cities. #India - 4. #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul #Moscow included. #OOTT
Now, (chart on right): #SaudiArabia is in focus w/ 2 cities in top 3: #Riyadh & #Jeddah . #Cairo is top in smoothed data. #Honolulu (US) is still in the top. US has 15 cities included now. #Manila & #kualalumpur still included. #COVID__19 #SocialDistancing #OOTT #Transportation
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"...a growing share of “high-end” donations never ends up in organizations that do any kind of altruistic work. Rather, they go to tax-privileged private foundations designed to serve as #tax shelters for the very #wealthy..."
by @hijodelcuervo… #BillGates
#Microsoft has swooped in to hoover up #TikTok after it received “personal assurances” from the president himself that he would back such a move.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Trump #BillGates
"The coalition of companies that form part of the “broad coalition” include tech giants like #Facebook and #Microsoft, transnational behemoths like #Philips, as well as U.S. #pharmaceutical retail chain #CVS #Health."
by @hijodelcuervo… #BillGates #corona
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1/4 Dunque sappiamo che ci fu una decisione politica presa il 7 marzo scorso, per la quale il governo di @GiuseppeConteIT e @robersperanza sottopose i cittadini di circa 80 province, soprattutto del Centro e del Sud, a misure che il #ComitatoTecnicoScientifico considerava >>>
2/4 necessarie solo per il Lombardo-Veneto e la Via Emilia fino a Pesaro.
Non biasimo il governo, i tecnici non sono un organo costituzionale, ma diviene chiaro quello che avevamo intuito dall'inizio: durante il #lockdown decine di milioni di italiani hanno patito costi >>>
3/4 morali e materiali spesso esorbitanti, e probabilmente non necessari, perché il regime democratico non patisse lo stress politico di prestare il fianco al #vittimismo connaturato alla #LegaNord, all'aggressività di #Salvini e, soprattutto, alla #narrazionenazionale per la >>>
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#Corona update für Deutschland:
Kommt die 2. Welle? Ja, Pandemien kommen immer in zwei Wellen. Kommt ein weiterer #Lockdown?
Ein weiterer Lockdown wäre fatal. Wie schlimm ist die Sitution in Deutschland? Übertriebene Hysterie oder gerechtfertigt?
Die Anzahl der SARS-CoV-2 Tests ist in der KW30 mit 563’553 auf einem neuen Höchststand gestiegen. Seriöser Weise müsste man die Zahl der Neuinfektionen in Relation zur Anzahl der Tests setzen. Nur 0,8% aller durchgeführten SARS-CoV-2 Tests positiv. Der tiefste bisher erreichte
Stand bisher war 0,6%, der Höchste bei 9,0%. Immerhin sollte auch erwähnt werden, das das RKI die falsch positive Ergebnisse bei SARS-CoV-2 Tests selber mit 1,4% angibt, ermittelt bei einem RKI-Ringtest unter optimalen Bedingungen, dies wären also bei 563’553 durchgeführten Tests
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Asylum-seekers from the #directprovision centres in Emo in #Laois Monasterevin & Newbridge in #Kildare are working in meat plants in east Leinster, some legally (others illegally?)
The sector is reliant on migrant labour + low wages. #Covid19Ireland clusters are the result. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Binak Cokaj was an Albanian asylum-seeker living in the Hazel Hotel #directprovision centre, a detail the media strangely omitted. The outcome of the HSA investigation into his tragic death is not yet known. ImageImage
3/ While #Dublin Airport remains open, asylum-seekers/migrants continue arriving. No checks for #Covid19 No way to trace. But Ireland's #pubs stay closed, no foreign holidays, threats of more #lockdown. One rule for non-nationals, another rule for the Irish. ImageImageImageImage
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Facciamo il punto sul #coronavirus
Si trasmette facilmente e al chiuso permane per più di mezz’ora nell’aria nelle minuscole goccioline che emettiamo anche solo parlando
Non colpisce solo i polmoni, ma tutto il corpo e gli organi perché si lega ovunque esista un tipo di recettore
Questo recettore a cui si lega il #SARSCoV2 con la sua proteina spike si chiama ACE2. Il #virus colpisce molte persone che restano #asintomatiche ma che sviluppano comunque lesioni, soprattutto a livello cardiocircolatorio.
Lascia lesioni e sintomi anche a lungo termine (cronici) di cui ancora non si conosce molto per evidente scarsità di dati.

Un dato positivo è che muta lentamente e quindi si presta al #vaccino.
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It has been five months since the #Covid_19india has started to grow. It has been 130 days since the first #lockdown was imposed. From 606 cases on the first day of lockdown, we have now 17.50 lakh cases. A thread on how it has progressed so far....
As on 1st August, 2020, Recovery rate in India is 66%, active cases stand at 32% and casualties are 2%. Great news is that, India reported highest recovery yesterday of 51,255 cases. This ensured that active cases increased by only 2627 yesterday. Image below:
The Western part of India (Madhya Pradesh included) currently shares 33% of the case load, which is an encouraging sign if compared to previous months. A look at the case share of the west:
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At the end of February 2020, there were 32,890,000 people in paid employment or self-employed work in the UK - officially a record high.

However, there had been just under 500,000 jobs threatened due to #Brexit and the economic uncertainty that (disaster) would have on the UK.
Then came the #Covid19UK lockdown (too late imho), and jobs started to be threatened at an alarming rate.

Campaign groups, trade unions and even the media have talked about a #Tsunami of job losses or how the UK economy is #haemorrhaging jobs.

As of today 12,380,550 #jobs and
#apprenticeships have already been lost or are at risk of bring lost - that is an unprecedented 37.65% of the UK workforce.

The @Conservatives government lead by the failing, compulsive liar @BorisJohnson has provided a number of support packages to boost the economy and protect
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German GDP down 10% in June qtr

France down 14%

Singapore minus 41%

#USGDP minus 32.9%,as per advance estimates

#COVID has inflicted universal damage--fall in India will be relatively lower&cushioned by good agri growth

Even when March qtr GDP grew 3.1%,#AgriGrowth was 5.9%
Besides Farm sector,thx to Banking clean-up,by @narendramodi govt, #Banks are doing well too

#SBI reported 81% jump in net profit at Rs 4189Cr

Yes,there was one time gain of 1540Cr--But even without this,profit grew by 15%& #NII by 19%

#GrossNPAs fell from 6.15% to 5.44% QoQ💪
#NetNPAs of #SBI fell from 2.23%,to 1.88%,in June2020 qtr

Improvement in #AssetQuality of SBI is good news&this,despite providing for #COVID19India related losses

SBI made Covid related provisions worth 1836Cr inJune qtr

Total provisions against Covid related losses are 3008Cr
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करोना विषाणू प्रतिबंध व नियंत्रणासंदर्भात पुणे महापालिका क्षेत्रासाठी सुधारित आदेश - लॉकडाऊन टप्याटप्याने उठवणे आणि या कालावधीत प्रतिबंध कमी करणे याबाबतचे आदेश. (1/4) #MissionBeginAgain #Pune #coronavirus
प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्राबाहेरील विविध सेवा क्षेत्र व व्यावसायिक यांसाठी निर्देश.
#COVID19 #Pune #coronavirus
कोविड-19 व्यवस्थापनाबाबतचे राष्ट्रीय निर्देश
#coronavirus #Pune #COVID19
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Over 5 weeks from Mar 12th as a group of public health professionals we wrote a series of letters to govt & multiple press commentaries due to our concern about the UK's #COVID19 response. V dismayed many of these issues >3m later are only now starting to be addressed. Thread-1/8
March 17 in @TheLancet we said: "a matter of a few days can prove critical in terms of saving lives & avoiding health system collapse" and called for UK government to urgently share scientific evidence used to inform #COVID19 response… (2/8)
Our open letter on March 15th called for #UK government to urgently share scientific evidence used to inform #COVID19 response -collecting almost 700 signatures in 3d. Evidence was late, & PH decisions now continue be announced w/o sharing evidence… (3/8)
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MHA announces '#Unlock3' guidelines; to re-open more activities in areas outside the Containment Zones and to extend the #lockdown in Containment Zones upto 31 August 2020.

#StaySafe #IndiaWillWin

❌Schools, colleges, educational institutions will remain closed till 31 Aug 2020
❌Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums to remain close
✅Yoga institutes & gymnasiums will be allowed to function from 5th August 2020

📍National directives for #COVID19 Management
➡️Face cover compulsory
➡️Mandatory #SocialDistancing
➡️Large gatherings to remain prohibited
➡️Spitting in public prohibited
➡️Consumption of liquor, paan, gutka, tobacco etc prohibited in public places
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#Hydroxychloroquine work? ✅YES!👍 (check this video)
#lockdown was useful? ❌NO!👎 (check Sweden)
#COVID19 is a global healt emergency?❌NO!👎 (check seasonal flue stats and suine stats)
#COVID19 is a global fraud? ✅YES!👍 (check all right
fundamental rights lost, planned riots etc.)
#COVID19 exist?✅YES!👍 (just all flue)
#MainstreamMedia make terrorism?✅YES!👍 (they marked the almost dead as COVID dead, they use crisis actorto scare you)
#NWO (new world order) is the ultimate goal?✅YES👍 (check agenda 2020 and 2030) and much more but you have to find yourself

Ok, ok, what can i do?

👉the best thing you can do is get informed and make your own opinion (#TheGreatAwaking).
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1) Weswegen es zu #BildungAberSicher

KEINE SINNVOLLE ALTERNATIVE gibt und die geplante #Regelbeschulung ohne #Infektionsschutz
GEFÄHRLICH und kontraproduktiv ist:
2) Eine #Regelbeschulung würde zwangsläufig zu einem on-off-Betrieb führen. Sie nützt KEINEM.

Weder der Wirtschaft.
Noch der Eltern.
Und den Kindern am Wenigsten.

Wir brauchen eine #kontinuierliche und möglichst #risikoarme Öffnung.
3) Es wird immer wieder darauf hingewiesen, das Kinder aus sozial schwachen Familien besonders von Schließungen betroffen sind.

#BildungAberSicher wäre durch kleine Klassen&Gruppen sowie der #Kontinuität deshalb GERADE FÜR DIESE KINDER BESONDERS wichtig.

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Climate portals like @Fridays4future India , #LetIndiaBreathe , The Is No Earth B were blocked for several days and issued notices under anti terror law UAPA. #DelhiPolice later withdrew the notices. Websites were subsequently unblocked. But why was this done Thread continues...
These websites have been writing to the Govt against #EIA2020draft & spreading awareness about the problematic clauses in the draft... Action was allegedly taken because they allegedly spammed mailbox of Environment Ministry and Ministry. Thread continues....
The deadline for response to the Draft is till August 10. Govt had set a June deadline but Delhi HC ordered the extension in the light of #Lockdown so that people get enough time to respond, participate, object to any problematic clauses in #EIA2020draft ... Thread continues...
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#Lockdown forced me to unlock a treasure (for me) of #AeroIndia Photographs right from the inaugural event in 1996. When a camera was still a luxury from my perspective, all these were borrowed from a good 'friend'!! Lucky to get close to the metal birds!!
In front of a Su-30!! From the 1998 edition crowds were not allowed near the aircrafts.
#AeroIndia 1998 was a "tear-jerker" of sorts. Rain played spoilsport. Many air displays were cancelled. Photographs were shot on point and shoot camera. Objective was to click anything that looked like and flew like a plane! Just for our memories. Absolutely no photography skills
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Dishwasher(DW) Market Scenario India

Covid transformed the DW from a luxury to a commodity item post lockdown in Indian households trend is here to stay
Global DW market size was estimated at $6.71bn in 2019,expected to reach $7.17 bn by 2020,CAGR of 7.2% from 2019-25 $10.2bn
Growing adoption of DWs in commercial & household spaces to save water,time,energy for utensils cleaning

Consumer preference for stainless steel DWs - low maintenance,requires lower wattage heat for drying,saves energy,electricity
Buyers opting for for addons features in DWs - glass protection,shine enhancers,rinse aid,soundproof,LED touch panels,integrated sensors,smartphones pairing to monitor levels of detergents,alert about wash levels
Bosch has kadai feature specific for Indian market
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Vietnam had ZERO #COVID19 deaths:

- Just 412 cases
- Population of 97 million
- Shared border with China
- No more #lockdown (fully reopened)

Common explanations include contact tracing, testing & risk communication...must be more than meets the eye 🤔…
Every year in Vietnam, there are an estimated 3,000 flu deaths.

Zero #COVID deaths for 97M people is statistically impossibly unlikely. There are 2 explanations that should be looked at:

(1) Lack of data transparency
(2) Unique protective biology…
Immunity? Zero Vietnam #COVID deaths:

“Vietnam's population is not as immunologically “naive” as has been assumed.”

“Some think the origins of the virus are not to be found in China at all, but rather just across the border in Myanmar, Laos or Vietnam.”…
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"Older People in Lockdown"

(to the tune of "Alexander Hamilton")

With thanks to this article which inspired me:…

With apologies for lyrical shortcomings - improvements gladly accepted!
#hiphop #medicalethics #Covid_19 #lockdown
How does an ageist journal article go
Say “selective lockdown of the elderly” is ethical
In a prestigious journal printed unchallenged?
A shocker! We should all give a zero to this scholar.
Older people, our (great) grandmothers and grandfathers
Are a lot greater, stayed working a lot harder
Than us so-called smarter
Us so-called self-starters
But I mean, they gave us all we need, and all that matters
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Axis Bank is yet another big Bank to report great results for June2020 qtr

NII grew 20% YoY to 6985Cr
NIM at 3.4%
GNPA fell to 4.72% Vs 4.86% QoQ, reflecting better asset quality

PAT was 1428Cr Vs loss of 1879Cr in preceding qtr&profits came about,despite higher provisioning💪
Moratorium book of Axis,is just 9.7% of advances Vs 25-28%,earlier

Gravity defying moves of #Sensex are being questioned--well,truth is,1QFY21 results have been far better than consensus--From HdfcBank &ACC,to Bandhan Bank&Infosys, results point to fast paced recovery

Ignoramuses say,good results from #AxisBank are due to moratorium loans not being classified as doubtful assets or NPAs

Well,Axis has seen contingent provisioning of 1.2% at 6898Cr to cushion against NPAs&still declared healthy profits

Asset quality for most banks has improved
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I wrote the following for my paper at the International Conference of Autoethnography #ICAE7 today. It's a work in progress (I think) with probably more to come:

T'was a night during #lockdown 1/16
T’was a night during lockdown, when all thro’ the House (of Commons),
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The politicians were home, with absolutely no stress,
No zoom or team meetings, this eve they can rest. 2/16
Their offspring snuggled up, warm and cosy in their beds,
No troubles, no fears upmost in their heads.
Elsewhere there are children less able to dream,
Of tablet-time, of play-time, of fun and ice-cream. 3/16
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