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interest in Mathematics, Economy,Fi6, Geography, History n Politics, ML, Biotech, Neocortex யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர். கற்றது கைமண் அளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு
26 Dec 19
Intermittent fasting and stress responses and longevity..…
@MikeAlbertMD does your weight loss clinic include and or study intermittent fasting? Curious..
Practical considerations with #IntermittentFasting
1. 3 meals a day and food mkting is a hurdle
2. Initial symptoms like irritability should be expected
3. Physicians not trained to prescribe a regimen( one size might not fit all)
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17 Nov 19… Pneumonic plague in China
Third case of plague in China #chinaplague
Sars-Cov2 Resources -- Persistence of coronaviruses -- Sars-Cov2 persistence (being reviewed) -- Replication n Pathogenesis of Corona Viruses -- Sars-Cov2 Covid19 patients
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6 Sep 19
Thank you @Swamy39 starting my weekend read.. #RESET
RESET by @Swamy39 has laid out in detail the facts and demonstrated clearly how command economy never worked.. it's not a hypothesis anymore it's a proven fact .. do read RESET .. #RESET #Bharat #Economy #India
Null hypothesis being Soviet style planned economy is best suited for growth n alleviating poverty .. looking at the data there is no benefit from command model thereby low p value and hence you reject the null hypothesis ..🙏 @Swamy39 for data,history n data narrative . #RESET
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