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Humble tribute to Raja Rammohun Roy, father of the Indian Renaissance, on his 248th birth anniversay. He was the original Indian conservative who drew upon India's ancient knowledge contained in Upanishads and Vedas for far-reaching reforms, laid the foundation for Brahmo Samaj🙏
A latter day recreation of Raja Rammohun Roy singing 'Nitya Niranjana', his tribute to the essence of #Sanatan Dharma. As Jerry Rao argues brilliantly in 'The Indian Conservative', Roy was the original Indian conservative. He triggered the Renaissance.
Raja Rammohun Roy triggered the Indian Renaissance which saw blossoming of amazing modernism rooted in India's civilisational past. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda carried it forward.
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Thread: #prithvirajchauhanjayanti

2001: Bandit/Parliamentarian #PhoolanDevi (#Bundelkhand, #UttarPradesh) ki!!ed by Sher Singh Rana.
2004: Sher Singh Rana escapes #TiharJail. Travels #Kolkata-#Dhaka-#Kabul, #Afghanistan.


To bring back the remains of our Maharaja #PrithvirajChauhan.
Who was #PrithvirajChauhan?

The ruler of a Kingdom stretched from #Rajasthan to #Gujarat to East #Punjab with twin capital cities; #Ajmer and #Delhi - 1178 CE to 1192 CE.

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Press Conference to begin shortly. Please follow the thread for details on the #AatmaNirbharBharatAbhiyan
Focus on Policy simplification in various sectors. Decongest sectors to boost growth and employment.

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@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman to address press conference at 4.00pm with the first set of details about the #AatmaNirbharBharat Abhiyaan. #Finance #PressConference #IndiaFightsCorona #Bharat
The press conference by Smt. @nsitharaman, @FinMinIndia will be addressing a press conference shortly. Please follow this thread for updates on the #AatmaNirbharBharatAbhiyan
I will be posting verbatim from the PC. Thoughts in this thread with simplification later.
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1/7 Hidden Maths Easter Egg!

For most of the past 2300 years 'maths' = Euclid's of Alexandria. Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great & Greek was spoken throughout the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus. So, Ancient Greek & Latin were the churches' language of 'science'.
2/7 Early Christian bibles were written in Greek. Catholic Church is Roman. Roman Numerals promoted.

No room for #Sanskrit in science! Bharat loved #ZERO and #INFINITY. SACRILEGE! Only (western) God is infinite and zero (the void) is the realm of the devil. HINT Bharat = Devil.
3/7 #ZERO must not be a 'void/shunya'. We will use it ONLY as a placeholder. Think! Bharat's 'opposite numbers' are called NEGATIVE numbers = bad! #Brahmagupta wrote rules of positive, NEGATIVE and the VOID. Horror!
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Sorry to disappoint you sir but ancient India existed that gave world “Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine Studies & more”.

Most of them copied by Europe as well as Arabic Scholars.

World existed before 7th century. It’s your history too but few chose fall over glory.
What was communal in the tweet? In case you believe that there was nothing before the Indus Valley Civilization, you have grossly mistaken. The current discoveries state that the River Saraswati had begun to dry ib 22k BC, hence RigVeda predates the same.
And what do you mean by "You Communal Souls"? You are addressing me as if you are my next-door neighbor. Perhaps you have got injected with faith that anyone who talks of glorious Indian past is communal (not I but your tweet said it).
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#Bharat specific problems.
A friend runs a hospital in a town in Maharashtra.
His staff is on WhatsApp all the time, receiving "news" (essentially rumors) from district.

New patient entering OPD, hospital is questioned by staff even before making case paper.
Nothing unusual there as people in India make deep inquiries even with strangers.

Now the tragedy starts,

When patient is from a village or area from where (according to WhatsApp gossip) a CoVID19 patient was detected/ taken into isolation, staff pressurizes him to "avoid"
seeing/treating/admitting that patient.

Frustrated with this behavior of anxiety driven hyper vigilance and pressure on doctor, my friend finally called a team meeting to discuss this and reduce their anxiety.
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The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an extremist & militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India formed as a successor to National Development Front (NDF) in 2006.
PFI claims to work in cooperation with human rights activists towards curbing human rights violation in the nation, but in reality they campaigns for Muslim Reservation. Been fooling all in the name of minority rights.
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Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!

Chatrapati’s Civil Administration - A Twitter series!

Maharaj was not just the Greatest ruler but a great administrator as well.

Chatrapati forbade ‘Watandars’ from collecting their dues directly from farmers by putting limits.

Heads of Depts under Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj -

Peshwa - PM
Amatya - FM
Sachiv - Minister for Land Revenue
Vaknis - Internal Intelligence
Dabir - MEA
Sarnaubat - Commander in Chief
Nyayadhish - Chief Justice

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Thank you @Swamy39 starting my weekend read.. #RESET
RESET by @Swamy39 has laid out in detail the facts and demonstrated clearly how command economy never worked.. it's not a hypothesis anymore it's a proven fact .. do read RESET .. #RESET #Bharat #Economy #India
Null hypothesis being Soviet style planned economy is best suited for growth n alleviating poverty .. looking at the data there is no benefit from command model thereby low p value and hence you reject the null hypothesis ..🙏 @Swamy39 for data,history n data narrative . #RESET
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(1/n) @KhataBook 's humble journey started in 2016 in a small Electrical shop in the tiny town of Degloor, Nanded district, Maharashtra.

Vaibhav saw his father struggle keeping track of pending receivables of customers and decided to do something about it.
He learned Android from Udacity and built India's first cash management Android app, KhataBook, while helping his father run the shop.

He iterated the design till his father was comfortable with the interface and released it on playstore in October 2016.
The app had no backend, very basic front end but was built with first principles and had product market fit.

Meanwhile, at Kyte we had been thinking for sometime to account for cash transactions, as the "Bharat" coming online wasn't really doing digital transactions.
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द्विधाकृत्वात्मनो देहमर्धेन पुरुषोभवत्
अर्घेन नारी तस्यां स विराजमसृजत्प्रभु। - #Manusmriti

“In the beginning, the world was equally split into two and from one part man was created, while from the other a woman.”
Note The EQUAL split. #Hinduism #InternationalWomensDay
No. Not created from a man because he was bored and lonely. Woman isn’t a man’s entertainment.
परपत्नी तु या स्त्री स्यादसंबन्धा च योनित:
तां ब्रूयाद्भवतीत्येव सुभगे भगिनीति च।
A woman who isn’t your wife and who isn’t related by birth should be addressed respectfully as “Blessed” “thou” or “Sister” respectfully. - #Manusmriti #WomensDay

Wouldn’t SM be wonderful then?
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