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Anarchist organisation that was active in Ireland from 1986 to Dec 2021.
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Feb 9, 2020 60 tweets 18 min read
Thread - The failure of the 49 far-right* candidates in #Elections2020 despite their big spend is the failure to scapegoat migrants for the real issues people face. In the exit polls only 1% of voters fell for that racist scapegoating that lets FF FG capitalism off the hook /1 Partially using far-right sources (see image as example) where fascist friendly candidates are called 'patriots' & adding in some additional undeclared ones we identified 49 candidates incl 3 TDs who the fascists had high hopes for or who were running for far right groups. /2
Jan 8, 2020 21 tweets 8 min read
This is a thread of threads we have done on fascism in Ireland to provide a handy resource for anti-fascists to relocate the information in them. We will add new threads as they are created as well as using this as a resource for such threads /1 A useful start is the Repeal campaign. At that time in 2018 they were an irrelevant curiosity in Ireland. Angry bedroom cranks. But our repeal victory meant US funds were redirected towards them & anti-choice hard right looked to them for relevancy /2
Dec 15, 2019 18 tweets 8 min read
A very successful anti-fascist #RallyForPeace took place yesterday as 100s of anti-fascists occupied the planned site at the Dail of a far-right rally. Stewards did a great job of containing far-right provocations throughout the rally /1 The 1st group of far right agitators that appeared were visibly bewildered to find the site of their rally occupied. This group included masked members of Generation Identity, the group linked to the New Zealand mass killer & two of whose Irish members were jailed recently /2
Jun 11, 2019 15 tweets 6 min read
The far-right is tearing itself apart online in a way that also sheds like on our domestic hate producers, notably Tan Torino who worked with Caolan (center) only a few months back. Milo has accused Caolan of ripping off huge amounts of cash & acting as an informant. /1 The accusations run to page after page and mostly amount to grifters falling out as pressure from #AntiFa has led to them being unable to hold public events & social media corps cutting off their funding streams, Milo never recovered from Berkley No Platform riot /2
Mar 13, 2019 11 tweets 3 min read
Great work by Mark Moloney exposing tiny emerging far-right party has tried to trick people and tricked media with Kilarney Advertiser & Kilarney Today reporting on fake 'stock image Mairead' candidate.… Arguably it has also worked in national media with journalists media including Newstalk fooled into covering this irrelevancy that could only pull 17 people to a heavily advertised public meeting in Letterkenny.
Apr 30, 2018 17 tweets 7 min read
Today we are warning that #RepealTheEighth vote can't be assumed even through No have failed to increase their vote. If the same last week shift comes into play as for Marriage Equality & Divorce we are looking at a result to close to call. To explain in detail..
#together4yes 1995 Divorce referendum looked to be in the bag from advance polls but on the day was only narrowly carried, it appears major drop in Yes happened in last 10 days. Too long ago to say more but we can say a whole lot more about Marriage Equality..
Apr 17, 2018 78 tweets 41 min read
A thread on the long running rebellion that eventually forced the government to call a referendum to #repealthe8th - photo is us on the February 1992 X-case march - the point at which the tide turned & lead to the #Together4Yes to get rid of #8thref this May Our involvement goes further back, WSM formed in 1984 but those members had fought introduction of the 8th as part of the Anti-Amendment Campaign. Felt AAC was too defensive through and there was a need to always include a 'womens right to choose' on every platform
Mar 20, 2018 25 tweets 7 min read
We've seen a number of Irish journalists wondering if Cambridge Analytica style tactics could be part of #repeal referendum. In fact they already are and have been for over a year - let us demonstrate that
#repealthe8th But first its useful to understand that Cambridge Analytica is not just a for profit company but also an ideological tool for the hard right and far right. It's owned by billionaire Mercer family who also funded Breitbart.