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This week, the Irish Independent’s @ellenmcoyne wrote a story about how “homophobes” and “trolls” had dug up unsavory photos of a SF Senator who was then subjected to abuse online. She seems to think that those who published the photo are to blame for this abuse.
This struck me as hypocritical because in 2018, Ellen shared a photo of me on twitter which had been dug up by trolls who trawled my personal social media accounts. The reason the photo had been dug up was because I was campaigning for a ‘No’ vote in the #Repeal referendum. 2/8
As in the case of Senator Fintan Warfield, photos of me also dated to years previously, had been taken from my Facebook page and depicted me on a night out post leaving cert with the word ‘Sex?’ written on my forehead. I was a typical 18-year-old on a night out with friends. 3/8
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Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the NC legislature could not retroactively repeal the Racial Justice Act for #deathrow prisoners who had filed claims. This is a big deal, and here’s why. (1/)
With today’s ruling, everyone on death row in North Carolina who filed a claim under the Racial Justice Act will have the opportunity to prove racial bias in their cases. Anyone who proves racial bias will be removed from death row and resentenced to life without parole. (2/)
It means that North Carolina can keep the promise it made when it passed the RJA in 2009 to no longer tolerate racial discrimination in death penalty cases. (3/)
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When I pointed out @Charities_Reg overstepped their powers to order #Repeal Maser mural removal and noted they weren’t pursuing the 20+ anti-choice fake charities I reported to them, they blocked me and refused to say why. The Info Commissioners just told them they can’t do that.
This OIC decision means that, if you’re a public body and you block someone on twitter, you have to tell the person why you did that if they ask. Your reasons might be gibberish but you still have to give it. The person can then challenge the gibberish reasons with the Ombudsman.
The CEO of @Charities_Reg has recently quit for a new big job in the Mental Health Commission so I’ll be keeping close eye on which MH hospitals get sanctioned for breaches and which don’t, but in the meantime CRA still has to account for biased behaviour during #Repeal.
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Good evening fam, thanks for joining us yet again on this platform.
Happy Sunday to you wherever you are, it's sure getting really exciting as the year is running fast by.
We just want to thank God for His goodness all beyond what obtains around us.
I am tempted to do a session on taking stock of your year but I won't do it, a lot of other platforms will be getting ready to do such and I won't bombard you with any more of that. Our teachings are going to continue, nothing changes in the calendar.
I believe that our year has been good so far, and if it hasn't been the way we would have wanted it, we'll just pray about it and tell it to God 😀✌.
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1. Thread on cronyism, the abortion industry and the Government.

#savethe8th #loveboth
2. In the midst of the #cervicalcheckscandal other unsavoury details about the Govt. have emerged. These facts help to explain what exactly Tony O'Brien (Director General of the HSE) was doing as a non-executive Director of the Board of Evofem Devices & why Min. Harris approved.
3.This arrangement occurred in the middle of a flu season epidemic in Jan 2018. A peak number of people of 714 were left on trolleys in one day. Mr Varadker is quoted as having supported this unusual decision.
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Today we are warning that #RepealTheEighth vote can't be assumed even through No have failed to increase their vote. If the same last week shift comes into play as for Marriage Equality & Divorce we are looking at a result to close to call. To explain in detail..
1995 Divorce referendum looked to be in the bag from advance polls but on the day was only narrowly carried, it appears major drop in Yes happened in last 10 days. Too long ago to say more but we can say a whole lot more about Marriage Equality..
Marriage Equality also saw sharp drop in last 10 days, there were 4 polls published a weekend before by the same range of companies polling this time around - table shows each poll and then actual result first for raw data, then with Don't Knows excluded..
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So a few weeks ago something happened to friends of mine that made a tough situation that they were going through even worse. They'd gone through the tragedy of getting a fatal foetal anomaly diagnosis only last year.
The campaign was kicking off, and they went away to take a break over Easter, coming home to find one of the "Licence to Kill" Embryo posters staring in the window at them. As parents who were grieving, and also caring for a 2 year old, and working, this was just too fucking much
Thankfully the wind removed the poster from outside their door and their world was a little lighter for it. But the added stress of it forced them to make their suffering public. Not able to grieve privately the cruel campaign of the NOs forced them to make their pain public
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A thread on the long running rebellion that eventually forced the government to call a referendum to #repealthe8th - photo is us on the February 1992 X-case march - the point at which the tide turned & lead to the #Together4Yes to get rid of #8thref this May
Our involvement goes further back, WSM formed in 1984 but those members had fought introduction of the 8th as part of the Anti-Amendment Campaign. Felt AAC was too defensive through and there was a need to always include a 'womens right to choose' on every platform
In 1984 Eileen Flynn sacked from teaching job at New Ross convent school - Jesuit priest wrote “Ms Flynn’s pregnancy is significant only as being incontrovertible evidence that her relations with the man in whose house she resided were in fact immoral...
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We've seen a number of Irish journalists wondering if Cambridge Analytica style tactics could be part of #repeal referendum. In fact they already are and have been for over a year - let us demonstrate that
But first its useful to understand that Cambridge Analytica is not just a for profit company but also an ideological tool for the hard right and far right. It's owned by billionaire Mercer family who also funded Breitbart.
Journalists already understand that Murdoch buys newspapers for influence over elections as much as to make profit - Cambridge Analytica and similar are the same sort of duel investment but in social media world
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Being sick in America.
Being poor in America.
Having your healthcare stolen in America.
Having the Speaker of the House lie to America repeatedly & no one hold him accountable.

Knowing if I were screaming "Help me! I’m dying!" SOMEONE would try to save my life, but people will let #GrahamCassidy pass. 3/
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