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EXLUSIV! Ist Lina Engels Freund in #Leipzig untergetaucht?
Johann Guntermann gilt als der „meistgesuchte Linksextremist Deutschlands“ (Bild). Seit 2019 ist er auf der Flucht vor der Polizei. Ein Thread. #Antifa🧵 (1/9)
Der 29-Jährige gilt als Drahtzieher der #Hammerbande und wird für zahlr. schwere Straftaten gesucht. Mehrere Haftbefehle liegen vor, u.a. vom Generalbundesanwalt. (2/9)
Zwischenzeitlich hatten Beobachter den Linksextremisten in #Athen vermutet. Doch die brutalen Hammer-Attacken hörten nicht auf. (3/9)
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"I'm gonna burn your house down."

A #Portland homeowner is speaking out after being threatened by a homeless man who moved into a tent next to her house. I investigated @PHP_PDX, the far-left business that set up the illegal camp for the man. The LLC is……
KPTV reported on how the People’s Housing Project LLC set up a free encampment for a homeless man next to a Portland woman's house. She says he repeatedly threatened to burn down her home. People’s Housing Project is run by self-described communists…
The People's Housing Project LLC, which erects free tents around #Portland to encourage homeless encampments, is run by communists Bryan Kim, Zachary Forster, Breeze Pollard & Joseph Cambroni/Jorah Hollander. Forster was arrested at an #Antifa riot in……
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#Antifa member unmasked: River Michael Les Sewell (b. Jan. 1997), of the Atlanta area, can be revealed as one of the extremists involved in the terrorist "Stop Cop City" network. Sewell runs the accounts @antifascshitism @RiverMichael161 & has been organizing an armed militancy…… ImageImageImageImage
Violent extremist #Antifa member River Michael Les Sewell, of Atlanta, has deleted his known Twitter accounts. He lists himself as VP of @Mixdeity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that received over $42k in Covid relief money & a large forgiven PPP loan. Sewell has…… ImageImageImageImage
Violent extremist Atlanta #Antifa member River Michael Les Sewell boasts about his @USArmy experience equipping him with the ability to teach others how to kill. When not planning an armed insurrection in support of the terrorist "Stop Cop City" militant network, he tried to make…… ImageImageImageImage
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Anticipating summer protests against children's trans & drag events, #Antifa are sharing Twitter instructions on making projectile weapons to be used against people & property. Ingredients for their "paint bombs"? Glass, sand, house paint……
#Antifa understand the dog whistle to violence when Rise Up Printings posted instructions on how to make "paint bombs." Some say they will fill the water balloons with human fecal matter (a common tactic by Antifa in Portland during 2020 riots). Others……
In addition to posting their own "paint bomb" recipe, Rise Up Printings directed comrades to a June 2020 glass bomb & caltrops instructional thread by Travis Alan Coy, a Seattle far-left violent extremist who used the moniker "Red" & the Twitter name,……
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Russische Finanzierung der extremen Rechten - Recherche. #Bannon #Hoecke #Kalbitz #VonStorch #Trump #Kushner #NoAfD #Savoini #Fluegel Bild zeigt Teil des Netzwerkes der Strukturen aber auch Fina
Beim Fluegeltreffen #Hermannstreffen 2018 traf sich #Hoecke mit dem Schmiergeld-Lieferanten der #Lega #Savoini eben auf einer Veranstaltung zu dem die Flügelianer ihn eingeladen hatten.2019 erfolgte eine Einladung nach Moskau an #Kalbitz und Höcke.Kalbitz nahm teil. #NoAfD
Und wie gut, dass der bösen #Antifa sogar das komplette Gesagte auf der Veranstaltung, u.a. auch das von #Savoini vorliegt. Keine Angst Herr Blex wir haben schon alles gesichert *kicher*. #Dugin #AfD #NoAfD @KreuzAcht
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: SVB's investors will get $2b in public bailout money; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ An old fashioned corner bank. Its sign has been replaced wit
This Monday (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series… 2/
SVB's investors will get $2b in public bailout money: Also, Silicon Valley is apparently a neighborhood in Manhattan?

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1/ My #LATEST is an update on a prosecution in San Diego that could have huge repercussions for how #Antifa is perceived by the legal system:

As crucial legal test for Antifa ideology heads to trial, right-wing media also scrutinized…
2/ On Jan. 9 2021, a mob of white supremacists, Proud Boys & Trump supporters stormed around Pacific Beach trying to start fights.

They were met by an Antifa mob. Scraps ensued. It was all caught on video.

Months later, SD DA Summer Stephan charged 11 people — all Antifa.
3/ I examined the decision to only charge one side, and Stephan’s history of promoting far-right conspiracy theories about Antifa, in this deep-dive investigation last year:…
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Wegen den versuchten Morden zum #TagderEhre in Budapest gab es heute Morgen SEK-Razzien in #Connewitz und #Jena. Gefasst wurden die Linksextremisten Emilie Samira Dieckmann (21) und Moritz Schröter (21).🧵 (1/6)
Beide wurden von der ungarischen Polizei per Haftbefehl gesucht, weil sie zwischen 9.-10.02.2023 an brutalen Übergriffen auf vermeintliche Rechte beteiligt waren. Dabei wurde auch eine Gruppe polnischer Touristen und ein unbeteiligter Verkäufer z.T. schwer verletzt. #Antifa (2/6)
Der mutm. Kopf der Gruppe, Tobias Edelhoff (29) sitzt in Ungarn in U-Haft. Edelhoff ist die direkte Verbindung zu Lina Engel, die in #Dresden vor Gericht steht. Laut einem Kronzeugen gehört er zum inneren Kreis der #Hammerbande. (3/6)
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#Antifa assault journalist leaving him bloody while police watch in Sacramento earlier today

Video credit- @OreoExpress's stream :
More video showing assaults targeting journalists and others
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A black security guard in Portland was fired from @Fred_Meyer after white #Antifa members complained online, accusing him of being a "white supremacist." The cancel campaign appears to be retribution against him for being a witness in an upcoming criminal……
One of the #Antifa members who pressured @Fred_Meyer into firing the black security guard is Melissa Lewis. Lewis has turned to petty crime & sex work following multiple failed frivolous lawsuits. She infamously sued me in late 2021, saying I violated her……
This is the Fred Meyer tweet announcing the (conservative) black security guard would no longer be allowed to work at any of its locations following online accusations by Portland #Antifa that he is a “white supremacist.” Antifa have long targeted Andrew Duncomb. An Antifa……
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#ANTIFA is a catchall word
used by TRUMP & BARR
to designate those opposed to

The Proud Boys & Oath Keepers they funded

BARR even seeded BLM with his own thugs Image

for Black Lives Matter #BLM
a way to signal RACISM

His 'performance art' on Capitol steps was ONLY
Bombshell DAILY 💣

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Portland, Ore. grocery store @fred_meyer/@kroger fired a black security guard named Andrew Duncomb after Antifa members made false accusations on social media that he is a "white supremacist." Duncomb was stabbed by one of their comrades in 2020 while live streaming their riot.……
.@kroger, your Portland grocery @Fred_Meyer fired a black security guard after white violent extremists with a vendetta against him for being a witness/victim in a criminal case involving their comrade falsely claimed he is a "white supremacist." You and……
The person who recorded & demanded Andrew Duncomb at @fred_meyer/@kroger be fired is Dustin B. Ferreira, who was banned on Twitter for hate speech as @2lesslegs but is now evading a ban using @2LessLegz. He was arrested at an Antifa riot in 2020 & has a vested interest in going……
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Não é novidade de que a burguesia odeia os pobres e toda sua cultura. No Brasil, atacaram e proibiram a capoeira e o samba. No futebol, esporte mais popular do planeta, não poderia ser diferente:
No último final de semana, mais uma vez, o BEPE (Batalhão Especializados em Policiamento de Estádios e Eventos) lançou mão de mais uma estratégia, uma espécie de cavalo de troia da repressão, para criminalizar os movimentos de torcidas
organizadas. Mesmo alertado pelas lideranças da Torcida Jovem do Flamengo e da Raça Rubro-Negra, o comando do policiamento, ligado à PMERJ, conseguiu efetivar um confronto de grandes proporções no entorno no clássico deste último domingo.
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Livestream of bond hearing in Dekalb county (Note, they do not allow unauthorized recording)

Emma Bogush and Timothy Bildeau have both been denied bail so far. State indicates SPLC lawyer will get a consent bond.
Amin Chaoui from Richmond VA denied bond. His lawyer tried to argue for bond due to concerns of him practicing Islam and attending AA meetings.

Jack Beamon, who identifies as a woman. Denied bond

Also the 'music festival' was not permitted and was operating illegally ImageImage
Max Biederman, Colin Dorsey, Maggie Gates , and Priscilla Grim all denied bond.

Many of the defendants allegedly were carrying shields at the riot.

The lawyer for many defendants, Lyra G. Foster, is a transexual with a primary area of practice is 'transportation litigation' ImageImageImageImage
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23 suspects in #Atlanta have been charged with domestic terrorism following the violent ambush attack to try to retake their lost autonomous zone occupation. I investigated their backgrounds. One is an @splcenter staff attorney. Others are teachers or……
Domestic terrorism suspect Thomas Webb Jurgens (b. Feb. 1995) is a staff attorney for the @splcenter. The nonprofit's staff has a chummy relationship with #Antifa on Twitter. I contacted its spokesperson @MichaelEHayden for comment but he didn't… ImageImageImageImage
@splcenter @MichaelEHayden Trans woman James "Jamie" Marsicano (b. March 1993) of Charlotte, N.C., was charged with domestic terrorism over the Atlanta terrorist attack. She is a member of the National Lawyers Guild, a far-left legal group that provides free legal aid to far-left… ImageImageImageImage
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The main organization working to get lawyers and bail out #antifa rioters is "Atlanta Solidarity Fund", this is owned by "Network for Strong Communities"

This org is Georgia domestic nonprofit corporation founded during the 2020 George Floyd #riots.
They raise money via 'Action Network', a left wing fundraising website.

The key people are
-Marlon Kautz (left) a frequent face for interviews about 'Stop Cop City'
-Adele Mclean (right)
-Savannah Patterson
The registered address for the organization (which we're not posting on Twitter) is the site of a "Anti-gentrification" teardown house.

The house is covered antifa/leftist graffiti. It was the site of a driveby shooting in 2020 that left 2 dead.

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This is not the first time the SPLC has been involved in terrorism.

Megan Squire from their "Hatewatch" has previously led a Redneck Revolt/JBGC march. A member of that group carried out a terror attack where he attempted to kill officers. Thankfully his rifle jammed.
Redneck Revolt/JBGC also distributed manuals on kidnappings, executions & terrorism at the time.

The SPLC has also inspired the shooting of a Christian organization in DC
Individual Mugshot of Tom Jurgens, the SPLC attorney arrested for domestic terrorism
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Mugshots of the 23 #StopCopCity #Antifa rioters. All charged with domestic terrorism Image
Better resolution images Image
The Canadian mentioned previously is affiliated with Montreal #Antifa as well as a number of other left wing organizations/causes.
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23 individuals have been booked into Dekalb County Jail on domestic terror charges so far

Will have more updates later
Only 2 of the 23 are listed as from Georgia.

Others are from NYC, Boston, Worcester, Baton Rouge, Fort Collins, Tempe Az, Lake Worth FL, Bethany CT, Mesa AZ, Madison WI, Charlotte NC, Richmond VA, Provo UT, Bloomington IN.
One person appears to be from Canada (Quebec)

This is a first for Stop Cop City. Adds an international element to the terrorism
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Violence has broken out in #Atlanta as supporters of the domestic terror-linked autonomous zone (#StopCopCity) attacked the future Public Safety Training Facility as revenge for their gunman being shot dead & their comrades being charged…
The violent attacks in #Atlanta today were organized. The direct actions were promoted weeks ago on the main account of the group representing the domestic terrorism movement to use violence to prevent a first responder training center southeast of Atlanta.……
Smoke plumes fill the sky as members of the far-left movement @defendATLforest carry out arson attacks southeast of #Atlanta. The pre-planned riot is another revenge attack for law enforcement stopping their violent autonomous zone occupation. #Antifa
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Der Feindeslistenparagraph (§126a) findet vermehrt Anwendung gegen Linke!

Daher Vorsicht: Solltet ihr Outings verfassen, achtet darauf welche Foto-Quelle ihr verwendet. Es wurden bereits Fotograf*innen vorgeladen, da "ihre Fotos" eine vmtl. Ähnlichkeit mit denen von
Outingartikeln haben. Außerdem haben die Bullen kürzlich das Offene #Antifa Treffen in #Augsburg gestürmt, u.a. mit ähnlicher Begründung:

Im Anschluss erhielten wir dann den Durchsuchungsbeschluss mit dem Vorwurf des “Gefährlichen verbreitens personenbezogener Daten” im
Ermittlungsverfahren gegen “Unbekannt”. Hierbei geht es darum, dass wir als OAT den auf Indymedia und Antifa-Info veröffentlichten Angriff auf die Wohnung und den Arbeitsplatz der Augsburger AfDler*innen Tim und Gabrielle Mailbeck im November 2022 teilten. Beschuldigte gab es
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Another "Week of action" starts tomorrow for 'Stop Cop City'

This is the 4th week of action so far, these weeks have had large numbers of #antifa come to Atlanta for direct action such as vandalism, arson, throwing molotovs at police, and targeting people's homes
Actions also take place in support across the country

In the lead up to this week the names and addresses of employees of an Engineering firm were published

A nationwide map of targets was also published, several 'targets' have been vandalized. That website uses @squarespace
A claim of rail sabotage in support was also made from Philly, claiming using of copper to connect tracks

There's still some concern over potential RICO indictments coming in ATL, and that arrests may interrupt the week's direct action events
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.@EvaKnott & I have been reporting on the developments in a watershed #Antifa case out of San Diego where prosecutors accuse 11 of being part of a violent SoCal Antifa cell that planned & carried out assaults. Last week, the accused ringleader's attorney……
John Hamasaki is a far-left attorney with a troubling legal & financial history. He recently ran & failed to replace ousted radical San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin. Immense gratitude to @Liberty_Ctr, @GillSperlein, @pnjaban, @mark_trammell for…
You can read the reporting series by @EvaKnott & I on the 11 militants accused of being part of a violent #Antifa cell from L.A. to San Diego. Six of them have already pleaded guilty for their roles in planning & carrying out a violent attack at Pacific……
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Earlier today, a crowd of far-left militant trans protesters surrounded women in Hyde Park, London at a #LetWomenSpeak event. Police and volunteers had to form a human wall to keep them from becoming violent to the women, who they call “fascists.”
Masked #Antifa protesters scream & shout to try & shut down a women’s rights #LetWomenSpeak event in Hyde Park, London today. They call the women “fascists” for not accepting that males can identify as female.
The #Antifa & #trans protesters who had to be held back by police in their direct action to shut down a #LetWomenSpeak event in Hyde Park, London repeatedly chanted that the women are “fascists” for not submitting to their demands & ideology.…
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