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Feb 12 • 7 tweets • 2 min read
PSA: if you have a laptop that has been purchased in the past five years that runs windows and you think it's time to retire it, here's what you need to do 👇 Get a pen drive. 4 GB and upwards would be fine.

Download the latest stable Ubuntu OS for free. I am using Focal Fossa right now and it's amazing.

Create a bootable Linux USB

Plug it in, boot your windows laptop from the flash drive
Aug 13, 2021 • 21 tweets • 4 min read
Thread: Dating apps are messing with your head I've been thinking of this one for a long time, based both on personal experience and on clients being absolutely wrecked in terms of their self and body image thanks to dating apps.

If you've been struggling on these apps thinking it's you, it's not! It's the apps!
Mar 13, 2020 • 14 tweets • 5 min read
Incoming thread on #coronavirus and #Mentalhealth

People are anxious (and justifiably so) about the Coronavirus pandemic, the world over.

We've been monitoring the news closely as well. While I'm not a public health expert, I do have some insights on community mental health RN While memes and jokes will tell you that mental health user/survivors are adept at cancelling plans and staying in for extended periods, the current situation isn't a laughing matter at all.

AFAIK most workplaces don't offer work from home options and are still working as usual
Apr 27, 2019 • 29 tweets • 5 min read
#Thread: If you're a young professional who doesn't understand insurance and savings, this is for you.

Disclaimer: I'm not a finance expert. These are suggestions. You should make your own decisions based on your needs. Okay first things: You may already be covered medically and saving money. How do you find this out? Look at your CTC in your appointment letter or your payslip

Do you have something called PF on it? That's a saving!

Did HR issue you an insurance card? That's your Mediclaim.
Feb 1, 2019 • 20 tweets • 4 min read
I saw a lot of you talking about this on the TL yesterday. Will be doing a #thread shortly on the psychological aspects of 'Stress interviews' The first thing that came to mind when I read this were the two interviews I've given for my PhD. Both times I came out feeling completely undeserving of doing one, and I cleared both.