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People should stop treating dependence as a bad thing. Short thread about dependence. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth /1
Autistic people dependent on their adjustments and support isn't a bad thing. Removing their adjustments and support because they're "too dependent" on them would turn that "different not less" #autism quote into "different and less" which is so wrong and unfair. /2
Dependence is a necessity, not a want. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth /3
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Using videoconferencing to deliver psychological therapy: pleased that our invited review of the empirical literature for journal Psychology & Psychotherapy is now online #openaccess. Explainer in thread...1/20…
We’ve been using videoconferencing in therapy since before the pandemic, eg to support self-guided courses in CBT on, and to increase access to specialist therapies in our @voicesclinic 2/
For this paper we wanted to conduct a broad state-of-the-field review of videoconferencing therapy to be able to inform practitioners, researchers and service users. We reviewed both clinical trials and qualitative data on clients' and practitioners' experiences. 3/
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Ok...I need to write this. I’ve been contemplating it all day. I’d like to start off by saying I don’t want/need any sympathy or other comments. I know our Twitter community is the best, and that is not why I’m posting this.
This morning, after our spin class, my teacher
Janet, informed us that our workout friend’s husband committed suicide on Saturday. I knew he was depressed. I gave his wife both my psychiatrist’s and psychologist’s phone number. As happens many times, the depression is so severe, it’s practically impossible
to make that call. You can hardly think. The world is seen through an odd veil of darkness that seems will never lift. I was lucky and found great doctors by myself.I was not supported by my family. Depression is not as obvious as a heart problem or cancer, both of which I had.
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Trigger warning: medical student suicide.

We know we enter medical school w/ equal depression to age matched peers&leave more depressed.

So what happens emotionally to us in Med school &y do we keep it an open secret?

We need to talk abt it & how the culture&the experience of the student has been compounded by covid.
In medicine, we sit in silence with our feelings & think we r alone & asking 4 help is weak...We push it down & down...until..a crisis.

That needs to change.

We need to be allowed to feel proactively.

&even get help proactively:… (see:opt-out options)
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The final theme in the Best Practice checklist is Community. There are 3 items in this theme.
Read the full checklist at:… #MentalHealth #MHDSScot Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science. This checklist
Community 1
Today: ensuring that participants have as much control over consent as possible.… Circular symbol with shaking hands in centre, with an umbrel
Community 1
Future: exploring alternative models of consent, which may involve moving away from individualised models of consent… Circular symbol with shaking hands in centre, with an umbrel
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The third theme in the Best Practice checklist is Transparency. There are four items in this theme.
Read the full checklist at:… (1/10) #MentalHealth #MHDSScot Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science. This checklist
Transparency 1
Today: ensuring that researchers have a process in place for responding to withdrawal requests and that they provide transparency on whether, how and when participants can withdraw their #data.… (2/10) Circular symbol with a piece of paper at the centre, with a
Transparency 1
Future: appointing a qualified, independent arbiter to arbitrate on complex questions relating to consent and #data withdrawal.… (3/10) Circular symbol with a piece of paper at the centre, with a
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The first theme in the Best Practice checklist is Security. there are four items in this theme.
Read the full checklist at:… (1/10) #MentalHealth #MHDSScot Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science. This checklist
Security 1:
Today: #Data should be accessible to a range of people who conduct research, including authorised academics and clinicians.… (2/10) Circular symbol containing a hand holding 3 people with an u
Security 1
Future: providing appropriate training and supervision for #data users, and carrying out criminal record checks where relevant.… (3/10) Circular symbol containing a hand holding 3 people with an u
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Today we officially launch our “Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science” checklist, which was co-created by community experts with a research team. Its purpose is to guide the practice of #data science in #MentalHealth research. View it at:… (1/3) Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science. This checklist
Researchers conducting new studies should consider each item on the today checklist. Together as a research community, we should also aim to develop and disseminate new protocols to meet the criteria for best practice in the future. Read checklist at… (2/3) A person stands in the middle of an empty car park, surround
To accompany the checklist, we have compiled a list of case studies, which illustrate how different #MentalHealth #data science teams around the UK are delivering excellence in their research practice. 2 (3/3) 7 different coloured folders on a shelf, representing a numb
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A personal autistic perspective.


Two hours she sat
and clutched at straws
and the ticket
from the machine.

So what, she thought,
when all my life,
I've been waiting
to be seen.’



“Patience is a virtue.”
I was told as a child.
“Good things come to those who wait.”

But do they?

And why is waiting so difficult?

The first thing I remember waiting for was Christmas Day.

Everything about our family celebration was comfortably predictable. Except the presents.

Secrecy was maintained in order not to “spoil the surprise”. So I was in a state of anxious suspense throughout December.

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6) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
یہ ڈیپریشن کا وہ قسم ہے جو صرف سردیوں میں ہوتا ہے جب دن سکڑتے اور راتیں لمبی ہوجاتی ہے یہ موسم بہار اور موسم گرما میں خود بہ خود ختم ہوجاتا ہے۔کچھ فیصد لوگوں کو باقی موسموں میں بھی ہو سکتا۔
7) Bipolar Disorder
اسے manic depression بھی کہتے ہیں ۔اس میں جذبات کی up and down ہوتی ہے مطلب کبھی بندہ حد سے زیادہ خوش ہوتا ہے اور کبھی خفا یا بہت hyper۔۔۔
8) Persistent Depressive Disorder
یہ ڈیپریشن کی وہ قسم ہے جو دو سال تک رہے اور ٹھیک نہ ہو
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OK, so, seen many people sharing this image online today, often supportively.

YMMV of course, but based on my own understanding, rather than being insightful or 'right on', this is completely vile, and actively harmful, on multiple levels

Where to even start?

First and foremost, there's the breath-taking entitlement. For a bloke to assume that not only should people send you nudes, but that that's the absolute bare minimum*, and is in fact an insult to your far more refined expectations? Good lord almighty

* = pun intended

Different for women, obviously. Unsolicited dick pics are constant problem and a whole other thing. This doesn't say that, though. It's a bloke, talking about nudes. And literally puts his name to it. So original point still stands, I think

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As an anxious person, this takes courage but I know there's just as much fear in my comrades to speak out&lose work (!) now more than ever. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on #mentalhealth regardless of our profession. However, the problem for Scotland's Acting community
is that the past year has only further disturbed what was already an incredibly uneven playing field. There was a glimmer of hope a few weeks ago. A conversation about the playing field having been levelled - about finding a positive in the devastation of the past year on the
creative sectors by refreshing approaches, revisiting the skill sets that exist in Scotland&appreciating the fact that many of the folk who've best adapted to the C19 arts desert are those who already had to struggle most to survive in this business. Now, I've never quite gotten
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I was born in the 1980s, in the suburbs of Divinopolis, a small city in the Minas Gerais state, 🇧🇷 (right in the middle of the country, so, no beaches there). I’m the oldest of 4 children. I was a happy child who could play in the streets and climb trees.
#IWS #IWSvoices
I also watched a lot of 📺and this helped to develop my passion for science. One of my favourite shows was Beakman’s World. I wanted to be a scientist like him. But I had never met any scientist. I wasn’t even sure if this profession really existed in 🇧🇷.
#IWS #IWSvoices Image
My passion for biology started in high school, because of one very enthusiastic teacher. I’ll never forget my first lab class and she saying: “look at those mitochondria, how beautiful they are!” I decided that I’d be a biologist.
#IWS #IWSvoices
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#ResearcherChallenges #mentalhealth

1/13 As an early career researcher, I find my life is a balancing act of managing family and professional expectations in a competitive world, which is stressful as there is a fear of failure.

#AcademicChatter @jenheemstra #womeninSTEM
2/13 Being a researcher, it is assumed that we are patient & tough to handle the pressure coming from different directions, which can be true for some but not for majority of researchers. Being able to do what we love after many scarifies & hard work can be satisfying......
.......but also stressful, maybe not in the beginning but as we move forward as a researcher.

3/13 As we move from Ph.D. to postdoc, and from postdoc to a faculty position our responsibilities change, from being a team member to a team leader, the level of stress increases.
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There shouldn't be a fixed limit on the number of counselling/therapy sessions a person who's struggling with #mentalillness gets before getting discharged. /1
You wouldn't discharge a person getting chemotherapy or another form of cancer treatment without them recovering just because they exceeded the limit of sessions they're allowed; in fact, in this scenario, there wouldn't ever be a limit. #mentalhealth /2
Treatment for #mentalillness shouldn't be limited and if a person struggling with mental illness has a good day, their treatment shouldn't be stopped and they shouldn't be discharged just because of that. #mentalhealth /3
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Your masculinity is not defined by your mental health
You can still be a “MAN” and speak about your mental health
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Here is a list of #mentalillness symptoms that are frequently misinterpreted as "bad behaviour" (short thread):
Firstly, not wanting to do things. Frequently misinterpreted as laziness and bad behaviour. People don't understand how exhausting living with mental illness is. /1a
I promise you, people who are struggling with mental illness really don't want to actually be lazy. #mentalhealth #mentalillness/ 1b
Not wanting to talk to other people. Frequently misinterpreted as being rude and bad behaviour. If a person who is struggling with #mentalillness wants to be on their own and doesn't want to talk to others, it isn't bad behaviour. #mentalhealth /2
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1/3 Once >50s and clinically vulnerable people have had #Covid19 #vaccine, the tradeoff of benefits and #harms for #TestAndTrace and #asymptomatic testing in particular changes rapidly. My take at @bmj_latest #CovidUnknowns seminar yesterday
2/3 Big issue - when #hospitalisation #deaths low and the vulnerable protected, why would we ask #children #parents #essentialworkers and other non-Zoomocrats to #SelfIsolate, #test over and over to leave home? Listen to @bmj_latest #Covidunknowns webinar
3/3 Will we really ask the groups already most affected by #economic and #mentalhealth impact of #Covid19 to #SelfIsolate indefinitely when life opens up for others?
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If you're a healthcare provider, whether you're a nurse, therapist, doctor, counselor, etc... If you laugh at your patients, then with all due respect, you can go fuck yourself.
I don't care how ridiculous you think your patient's hypothesis is, or how important you think you are.

You don't get to laugh at the people for whom you're providing healthcare. Have some fucking respect for your patients.
Imagine dealing with a problem until it becomes unbearable, looking for solutions on your own, then finally asking for help (and possibly paying 100s of dollars to do so).

Then, the person you ask for help laughs at you and/or tells you that you're exaggerating.
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Last night I made a pledge.

The crisis in mental health services is no secret. Lives have been lost and ruined. Family and friends left bereft with grief.

We’re told repeatedly lessons have been learnt. But have they?

It’s time to make good trouble about this.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ or so the saying goes. That’s how people with severe mental illness were dealt with in my childhood.

The psychiatric hospital, in its forbidding Victorian building, was somewhere you got ‘put away’.

I volunteered there. It was full of misery.

But how are things now? It’s five decades since I first met people suffering terribly because mental health services ignored them, or abused them.

With all the advances in our understanding of mental health surely things are very different these days?

I wish I could say so.

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These numbers are staggering - as they have been since the health emergency was declared in April 2016. There is no way to adequately articulate the immense suffering and heartbreak this horrifying loss of life has brought to our province. 1/ #bcpoli #overdosecrisis
I recently met with a local chapter of @momsstoptheharm and we discussed the gaping voids in our existing patchwork of supports and services for the countless British Columbians with substance use disorder. 2/ #bcpoli
One parent told me: ‘we need immediate low barrier, regulated, non-stigmatized safe supply to save people from the poisoned drug supply. Because if your child dies there's no more time for other interventions to help.' 3/ #bcpoli
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This piece echoes a lot of what I wrote in mine(w/a cool graphic)

"As a therapist, I wish I could help everyone, but that thought becomes overwhelming and, of course, it's not realistic."…

THREAD on this piece AND how #mentalhealth providers=people,too!
Interesting parts:
🔵Not all of them are in therapy (HOW?!)
🔵Teleheath=harder to connect(we need to do more studies of telehealth & burnout in therapy)cough @ColinWestMDPhD
🔵LOTS of GUILT for not being able to give patients answers & having to turn folks away (I GET this)
"I became numb,&then I became overwhelmed, & then I kind of went back to numb." OOF. THIS QUOTE.

For me:I have struggled w/naming my own feelings as burnout(or valid!),feeling like I wish I had something to say to help(it is death/a pandemic-I don't),& relating too much to all
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Spotlight: MIA’s @emalinus4 interviews feminist psychologist and filmmaker @JanHaaken about the role of #trauma and #mentalhealth discourse in social movements.

#podcast #psychiatry #psychtwitter #psychchatter…
“The progressive mental health movement must demand something of the larger public and not just settle for spiriting people away to places or directing them to services. As a broader society, we must have greater respect and not call the police when someone is acting odd.”
“My own feeling is that the mental health field has not been a very interesting place for radical ideas, maybe beyond how it surfaced in the occupy movement. There was some interesting activity as #Occupy camps became places for taking care of people who lived on the streets...”
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THE @hrw @CommonsJustice @NIMHgov @MetTaskforce @cpsuk #IPCC #AKA @policeconduct @policesupers @PoliceInspForum DEPUTY #commissioner OF @PoliceChiefs @MHewittNPCC WHO ONLY A YR AGO IS SEEN TALKING ABOUT THE @MetTaskforce AS HE HAS WHO CAN TOTALLY IGNORE MY #evidence
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