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13 Feb
Of course #NotAll, Nafiza 🙄

However Islam sanctions:

-beating of women (Quran 4:34)

-marital rape (Sahih Muslim 1436d)

-beating of children (Sunan Abu Dawud 495)

and other atrocities I endured by ppl who were following the edicts of their religion.

Many Muslims denounce the violence, homophobia, misogyny etc in their religion and choose to cherry pick those parts out. And that’s great. But the uncomfortable reality remains that ppl who want to engage in those acts have religious justification to support them.
This preamble from Bari before a talk w her and Ayaan is poignant. Apparently only some “women of color” speaking about our “authentic experiences” matter.
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7 Feb
Zero. The answer is zero. There are no female Imams in the UK. Just answer the question. Such a cringe and transparent commitment to dishonesty and obfuscation

Hopefully there are Muslim women willing to push back against the misogynistic edicts that prohibit women from the role
“I can't just leave my house and go shopping. If it wasn't for police protection I wouldn't be able to do my work at all. Without police protection you can't even voice your opinion, not even in #Germany."

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5 Feb
No. It is not absurd. Did you even take the 30 seconds to watch the video where @theWatcher3998 clarifies?

Hijab perpetuates victim blaming. It perpetuates slut shaming. Those are cornerstones of rape culture.

Examples of slut-shaming: the hijab perpetuates the toxic myth that women who wear it are good and clean and pure and women who do not are filthy whores.

#HijabIsRapeCulture ImageImage
The onus is constantly put on women —the victims—when a sexual assault happens. This is called victim blaming.


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5 Feb
Growing up steeped in fear taught me a very valuable lesson: don’t.

Take precautions, prepare for contingencies, be careful, be smart, but don’t live in fear. Live in power. If you’re not happy w your life, then change your life. Decide what you want, and then make it happen.
Sorry if that sounds trite-but it’s important to remember. We got bombarded w those msgs as GenX. It was in our movies and music and after school specials. The idea of grit and fight has been replaced w victimhood. One is active and powerful, the other is passive and powerless.
And here’s where the mob comes for me...I include this pandemic. Don’t live in fear of this virus. Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands-but go out and feed squirrels in your local park. Have a snowman competition w your neighbors. Stop waiting to live again. Live now.
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5 Nov 20

Islam teaches:
-gay ppl should be killed
-ppl who leave Islam should be killed
-Muslims shouldn’t befriend nonMuslims
-Muslims should strive to spread Islam across the globe
-women are less intelligent than men

Also fact:
-many Muslims choose to ignore some of those edicts
When a Muslim tells you they’ve chosen to ignore one and you respond w Taqiyya! Liar! That’s not helpful. What would be helpful is to encourage and support them in their aim to reconcile their religious identity w living in 2020. It’s not perfect. But it’s still a positive step.
When Saudi Arabia denounces the terrorism in France (even though they are tyrants to their own ppl) I am happy about that. It’s a step. It’s a better step than the one chosen by Iran, Turkey, or Pakistan. I know there are still many steps to go.
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3 Nov 20
This is worth watching. Though I have a major criticism. There’s no such thing as Saudi Islam. It’s true that Mosques and schools funded by Saudi are more fundamentalist, but that’s because the books and scholars from SA are more direct and literal Islam.
I’m definitely no fan of Saudi, but this documentary was totally unfair. They’re painting Saudis as these villains trying to spread some ideology w nefarious intent. No. They are simply funding the spread of Islam. Everything they were teaching is clearly taken from the religion.
As I outline in my book, our Mosque and Islamic school was run by an Imam from India. Things changed significantly when we got funding from Saudi. The Indian Imam was replaced w an Egyptian Imam w a wife in niqab. But it was not ‘Saudi’ ideology. It was just a more literal Islam.
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19 Oct 20
French police have raided the homes of dozens of suspected Islamic radicals following the beheading of a teacher who showed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils.


🙌💪🙏 bbc.com/news/world-eur…
“The government also said it was probing 51 French Muslim associations.”
On Monday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said the latest raids sent a message that there was "no respite for enemies of the republic"
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14 Oct 20
Maryam was dragged to her death by a car full of men who were sexually harassing her in #Egypt today.

egyptianstreets.com/2020/10/14/egy… Image
“...three men who allegedly killed a woman who turned down their unwanted sexual advances and resisting their verbal and physical harassment. According to local media reports, the three suspects ran the woman over before dragging her behind their car for three meters.”
“...one of the alleged perpetrators attempted to grab her, which led her clothes to get caught on the vehicle, at which point she fell underneath the car tires. The men then proceeded to drag her behind them for several meters, before driving off and leaving her body on the road”
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14 Oct 20
A thread of some #FreeFromHijab artwork I found under the hashtag on Instagram
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12 Oct 20
It’s funny how the latest lie by the unhinged Twitter mob of Muslims is to say I’m a pedophile who raped a child...

...um, no. That’s your prophet you’re thinking of.
They revere a child rapist, their religion sanctions rape of children-then they have the chutzpah to project their filth on others. Here’s why they do it: As a cult, they share a hive brain,a mob mentality,one that instructs them to execute ppl who leave Islam so we cant tell you
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23 Jun 20
I cant express how painful it is to read this. He condemns girls being killed in Iran & the response is to call him racist & fire him within 10mins
Why are our lives so disposable to you that even expressing anger about us being killed is wrongthink? Do you not consider us human?
This is the ‘offensive’ article. Fuck every single one of you who thinks it’s racist to condemn the killings of these girls. Youre the racists who want to silence condemnation of this and empower their killers. All because the girls aren’t white. Fuck you.
This happened in my city. Where I was BORN. I am disgusted, appalled, angry and beyond everything I am just so sad. So sad that I’ve lived among you all these years and you never considered my life to have any value-that you think condemning the killings of my sisters is ‘wrong’
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15 May 20
Dear #ExMuslims

They want you to stop tweeting/ making videos because they know this cartoon by brilliant & brave Saudi @SerajAlghamdi to be true-we expose the hidden filth

Our msg is the same as what Allah supposedly said to Gabriel who then supposedly said to Muhammad: READ ImageImage
I’m going to share some more cartoons by him in this thread because he is brilliant Image
On the right: Telling women about Hijab

On the left: Telling men to avert their eyes Image
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10 May 20
Allah created the heavens and the earth and all the humans, plants, and animals on it...

...but you have to pray to him in Arabic because he only understands one language

Allah created humans perfectly. He makes no mistakes....

...oops! except for that extra bit of skin on there! Slice it off for me, will ya?
Allah is everywhere and sees everything...

...but if you’re not praying toward Mecca, he can’t hear you
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31 Mar 20
Thread On Muslim Reformers

I get asked about this so often, Im going to make a thread to share going fwd. There is a general disagreement w ppl like me and @aliamjadrizvi believing it is possible and ppl like @ArminNavabi and @SarahTheHaider who believe it is not
We won't know who wins this debate as it wont be settled in our lifetimes, but I see enough evidence to give me hope. I think Muslims can reach the point that most Christians and Jews are at-that is having a tenuous connection to their religion without practicing it literally

What gives me this impression is that I've lived in Muslim majority countries and attended and taught in Islamic schools and in general-ppl want to be free. If Muslims are given the option between Sharia and freedom, they will overwhelmingly choose freedom.

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20 Mar 20
Im so angry I want to scream, not just for myself and everyone I love, but I can’t shake the image of ppl getting their doors welded shut, mothers being dragged out of their homes in front of their children, doctors and nurses crying w frustration and fear
Instead of detaining the Dr who discovered this and forcing him to sign an ‘apology for spreading misinformation’ they could have been controlling this and saving lives. Dr Li is a hero. He has inspired ppl who were forced into silence to now bravely speak up against their govt.
The parallels w Iran are uncanny. Complete and utter disregard for the lives of their citizens. And I hope a revolution will be imminent there too. Because no matter how brutal a regime is, eventually ppl get to the point where they don’t care. They’d rather die on their feet.
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9 Feb 20
Muslims are mad that I’m saying their religion thinks the earth is flat and that this mule/human flying thing exists (and Mohammed flew it to the moon way before Armstrong, subhanallah)

Your religion is full of absurdities. I didn’t make it up, Mohammed did. Be mad at him 🤷🏻‍♀️ Image
Also, Mohammed taught that drinking camel urine has medical benefits
🐪 💦 Image
The vast majority of Muslims arent even aware of how absurd their religion is. They can come to my page to be mad...but then it forces them to face facts. Knowledge is power folks. Stop blindly following the fever dreams of an illiterate goat herder from over a millennium ago.
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1 Aug 19
Women are arrested and sentenced to 10yrs+ for posting pictures of themselves without hijab


In 2019, while most can post selfies every day, woman are imprisoned for it

This is an injustice that every human should be enraged about

Please share this hashtag and post the names and faces of these incredibly brave women. I will share videos below.

This is #YasamanAryani

She was sentenced to 16 yrs for this video

For peacefully protesting against being forced to wear hijab in Iran

Help us flood Twitter w her beautiful face and put international pressure

Let these women know we care!

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29 Mar 19
Thank you for this thread

I believe there are empathetic ppl who care about other human beings regardless of their ethnicity-like @CHSommers

And, thank goodness, less ppl like @rgay who fails to grasp that ‘representatives of that culture’ who speak up are imprisoned and killed
@CHSommers @rgay Imagine this selfish attitude w South Africa: Well, isn’t there racism everywhere? Who are we to intervene by boycotting them because of apartheid? Let’s wait until Black ppl there find a way to solve it themselves

What a revolting and narcissistic way to approach the situation
@CHSommers @rgay Women in Saudi Arabia and Iran ARE living under apartheid and they ARE fighting back and are imprisoned and tortured for it.

What more of a clear sign do you privileged Western feminists need before you start to give a fuck about women other than yourselves?
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16 Feb 19
We do. We keep saying it, but no one wants to listen. The question starts w a false premise: no one is suddenly inspired to join ISIS. This indoctrination starts from birth. The idea that Islam will rule the world. A Caliphate will rise and when it does, we must join the fight
We’re told that all non-believers are the enemy and they must be killed. This is a common theme in mosques and madrasas across the world. Joining ISIS is the punctuation at the end of a very long sentence. It’s a long, slow process and we’e only looking at the conclusion

The father of one of the #BethnalGreen girls stood shoulder to shoulder w Anjem Chaudhry and Lee Rigsby’s killer at extremist rallies...where he took his 13 yr old daughter. Rallies where they screamed about violence to the West and burned flags. This is what she was taught.

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20 Nov 18
A lot of ppl have asked me about my personal feelings towards #Israel, so here goes: I grew up in a fundamentalist Islamic home where I was taught to hate Jews to an irrational degree. The hate was divinely ordained.
It was my duty as a Muslim and as the daughter of a Palestinian to hate them, though I never had any personal reason to. Every Jewish person I met was lovely to me (I wore hijab at the time) and some would refer to me as their cousin.
But I was taught that they were lying and pretending and that secretly they were poisoning us all etc. When I became an atheist, the hate for all Jewish ppl was no longer divinely ordained, but I was still sure Israel deserved my hate.
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20 Nov 18
I’m also a Palestinian woman, but I’m nothing like Linda Sarsour. A lot of us aren’t. She doesnt speak for Muslims, Palestinians or for Arabs, and she most certainly doesn’t speak for feminists. She speaks for herself.

And what she has to say is divisive, hateful, and violent.
She advocates for a one-state solution; she doesn’t believe Israelis should have a home to call their own.

But Palestinians should? What makes one group more deserving than the other? Israelis fought for their land, and won. Just like almost every other country on the planet.
She says ‘you can’t be a feminist and a Zionist at the same time’, but would she say you can’t be a supporter of Palestine and a feminist at the same time? Of course not. But why not? Does she think that the two groups of women fighting for their land are fundamentally different?
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