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1. Not gonna lie; I'm surprised that World Magazine, an evangelical publication, would release such a withering expose of Liberty University's authoritarian crackdown on the college newspaper. But this is a must read:…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
2. Heavy-handed control over college newspapers--essentially rendering them propaganda outlets--is one common tactic used when evangelical colleges crack down to impose orthodoxy, a frequent pattern. Here's an investigative piece I did on these crackdowns…
3. I interviewed David Wheeler (@WheelerWorkshop), who was faculty adviser for the student paper at Asbury University, and one of his former students for the article linked above. Asbury refused to print the student's article making a Christian case for legal same-sex marriage.
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Prediction: Most of the 53% of white evangelicals aged 18-29 who support same-sex marriage will either back away from that *OR* (likelier) leave evangelicalism. The key institutions are cracking down. Evangelicalism can’t handle ideological diversity.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
Or, well, diversity of any kind. Evangelicalism is fundamentally (fundamentalistally?) authoritarian. There’s no saving it.…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #ThursdayThoughts #Resist
To those evangelical kids who want to change evangelicalism from within, good luck. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong. But there are a whole lot of us who have used to be you and had to give up. There’s no shame in reaching that point.
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Hypothesis: individuals tweeting organically about US politics will (consciously or subconsciously) favor material related to states to which they have ties. Bots and managed accounts, on the other hand, will follow news cycles and upcoming elections.
To test this, we downloaded tweets containing the names of 14 states from the week before each state's primary. We filtered this set to accounts that had tweets for at least 3 states and one or more of a set of political terms/hashtags (#MAGA, #Resist, etc) in their profiles.
This yielded a total of 790 accounts. Checking the set for probable bots (24/7 activity and/or 90% of tweets posted via automation tools) yielded 38 accounts. 3 were false positives; the rest we categorized as right-wing, left-wing, news or humor.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for August 15, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My theme: We Are In Control
2) An anon noticed that after a recent Infowars attack, a redirect was provided for followers of Alex Jones.
3) An attorney for Alex Jones said in court that he plays a role for TV.

#Qanon said actors will act and then pointed to a recent attack by NBC that may have been for a strategic purpose.
(Public exposure of something they've been hiding)
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Many people are surprised when I tell them that @SenWarren was an active Republican untill 1996.

When I do, few question Sen. Warren's loyalty to either progressive values or the Democratic Party. Because that would be stupid.

Questions about @CharlieCrist?


There are many examples of people from both parties crossing party lines and joining the oppositional party. Many continue to have successful political careers representing their new party.

Warren is one of those examples.

Somewhere in 2015 a peculiar and unsettling criticism of Hillary Clinton began to work it's way into arguments between Sanders supporters and Democrats.

Goldwater Girl.

Often the words were accompanied by claims that she had voted for him.

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@realDonaldTrump Support @IronStache to replace Paul Ryan. He will fight for Wisconsin families, not the 1%. Strong on the economy, healthcare, education, environment, immigration reform and protecting medicare and social security
@realDonaldTrump @IronStache America isn’t broke, we’re being robbed. Top 1% own 40% of net worth, earn 20% of all income, pay effective tax rate of 12% and each have > $10 million. I’m not opposed to capitalism. I’m opposed to wealthfare. Don’t tell me taxpayers needed to give them tax cut. Vote Democrat
@realDonaldTrump @IronStache Donald Trump and Republicans budget is full of landmines for retirees. Their plan to privatize Medicare and Social Security would hurt tens of millions of seniors. They’re calling for cutting nearly a half trillion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. Vote Democrat
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Seriously, my inbox though. So many Dudebros with the 'How dare yous' today. Guys who legit seem to think that because they identify as progressive that they can't, "by definition," be racists or misogynist, or homophobic.

By definition one guy said.

Same guy who said "It's not the same when I say bitch, because I don't mean it like others."

That's a reverse *mic drop* right there. Are you serious? This is public forum dumbass. People who you calling women bitches can't tell who or what you are.


Attn: Disrespect women, Democratic leaders included, expect to get some clapback.

Another said I don't "identify race."

Why? Are you blind?

I honestly don't even know what that means. Maybe you need to open your eyes and identify some shit. Because, #moron.

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🏔️This tells you everything you need to know about U.S. Senator Jon Tester from #Montana: he made history as being the first member of Congress who posted his daily schedule online.
⚡️Here's Tester's latest public schedule:
🚜But in case you need to know a little more, he is part of the third generation from his family who have resided in Montana & has shown that he will protect the state from interlopers. The top “issue” on his campaign website is “fighting for veterans.”
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@realDonaldTrump You’ve been forced to admit Trump Tower meeting wasn’t about adoptions. Now conspiring with a foreign government to get information to influence an election in your favor is not a crime. That’s the new position of the Trump administration since they’re afraid they’ve got caught
@realDonaldTrump It’s the hey look of there defense. Could you image what Republicans, Donald Trump and Fox News would be saying if Malia Obama went to meet the Russians to get dirt on Mitt Romney. This modern Republican party is devoid of any morals or integrity. Vote them all out
@realDonaldTrump Michael Cohen confirmed what anyone with a brain already knew. Trump Tower meeting was not about adoptions. It was about attempting to obtain information from the Russians on Hillary Clinton. If this is not collusion, what is? They were willing to do anything to get elected
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We are living through an extraordinary time. We resist everything that is #notnormal. History will record a cruel, chaotic, corrupt regime that is swampy like a bottomless bog. History will remember a treasonous fake president, bent on destroying our planet and our civil rights.
When this dark time is remembered, a few things will stand out, how a D-list tv celeb with a giant ego parlayed his brand into a money-maker by monetizing the WH after conspiring with a hostile foreign power to steal the election. How he was aided and abetted by Republicans.
History will remember the stain of separating families at the border, caging kids, drugging them, making them prey for sexual abuse while traumatizing them. History will remember that concentration camps in America became normalized.
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This was probably the most illuminating things I have read in quite sometime.

Kessler was a far left activist as recently as 2015. Yes, that Kessler, the founder and promoter of Unite The Right.

Reading this made me nauseous. I recognize this man.

I have had many arguments with him.

I block him several times a day but he keeps coming back, well not him exactly, something closer to the10,000th derivation molded from an original copy.

The dudebro is real.
(Thank you to @Lauremari2 for calling my attention to this)

Kessler, ..."became disillusioned when he started thinking that there was no place for him in a party that has focused its efforts on embracing diversity and minority issue."

The psychology is gross and broken. And terrifying.

And so familiar.

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A reminder: @Amy_Siskind is a former Wall Street executive who cheerfully promoted Steve Bannon and Sarah Palin.

This is like watching Dr. Frankenstein give a self-righteous lecture on why people shouldn't try to reanimate dead bodies.
Amy likes her cryptofacism to have the decency to stay crypto, thank you very much.

I feel like we're drowning in these Quisling #resist grifters who slipped into the crowd unnoticed. A parade of rotted corporate patricians and gadfly aristos who treated the whole thing like a mad parlor game for years.
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So... some years ago on MPC, I posted that I would not worry about a hot civil war in the USA until billionaires and political factions start tooling up with paramilitaries to pursue their interests and agendas.

Threat level is elevating.

To elaborate on this a little: the way civil wars usually start is when the interests of elite power factions diverge sharply at the same time their power relationships are destabilizing or threatened.
In the modern era, we tend to think of civil wars as being popular movements in a revolutionary mode. But that is a historic aberration.
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Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) stands up for veterans. He is passionate about several issues, but helping veterans is definitely a priority.

🎖️Just one small example: when he stood up on the Senate floor and made this speech about Vietnam veterans and how they should have all the same benefits as vets from other wars.
💗Donnelly's very first bill—the bipartisan Jacob Sexton Military Suicide Prevention Act—was a labor of love. Jacob was from Indiana and a National Guard member who tragically took his own life in 2009.…
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Ok so I’m going to post the updated legislation and nomination items that we should be focusing on according to @make5calls.

Please do not become overwhelmed by this list.

It is important that we all know what we are facing so we can #RESIST properly:
The Senate will be back in session Monday.

The House of Reps are on recess the month of August, but do NOT stop contacting them.

You can use the following sites to contact congress quickly and easily:
The reason I post these lists of items is because I refuse to choose which legislation items are most important to my followers and readers.

They are all important. We are all important. We all have different lives. It’s up to us to choose what we #Resist, how and when.
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“...the oath of office calls on him to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution...but he crossed the line and failed to protect the law...Under our Constitution, such acts are high crimes, and equal justice requires that he forfeit his office."

-@jeffsessions, 1999

20 years ago President Bill Clinton committed perjury. His lie was a frustrating one, both for him & those who supported him. Republicans had ravaged both Clintons for nearly a decade by then. They had investigated every facet of their lives, and those connected to them.

By then most of us had come to terms with the fact that Bill Clinton had some personal demons and weaknesses, particularly when talking about "sins of the flesh." I had been huge supporter of the President and I was gutted.

But I was also defiant.

But why? Why defiant?

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As a Trump supporter, I didn't want to believe that our President was #PutinsPuppet , but I finally decided to look at the evidence, and I must say that what I found was ... concerning.

Please read with an open mind and think for yourself, that's all I ask.
The first thing I noticed that concerned me was the airstrikes Trump ordered on Shayrat airbase, in Syria, in April, 2017.

Bashar Al Assad is an ally of Putin, so this was obviously done under direct orders from Putin.…
The next thing I noticed was that NATO was expanding, with Trump's permisson and approval.

NATO is basically Russia's biggest headache, so expanding the alliance was obviously a huge benefit to Putin. #Collusion…
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🎖️Supporting #veterans is high on Kyrsten Sinema’s list of priorities. Sinema is also from a military family: one brother is a Marine and the other is an active duty Sailor.

🎖️Sinema believes that taking care of active duty military and veterans is one of the “most important obligations we have as Americans. Every American who wears the uniform deserves our respect and full support, both on the battlefield and when he or she returns home.”
🏛️While serving Arizona’s 9th District in Congress, Sinema took on the local VA facility in Phoenix, AZ. She learned that approximately 40 Arizona veterans died while waiting for care on “secret” VA lists.…
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🎖️Claire McCaskill has done HUGE things for veterans.

👁️Take a look!

👨‍👩‍👧Most importantly, McCaskill @clairecmc is the daughter of a World War II veteran.
🔆Highlights are:
▶️Senior member of the Armed Services Committee
▶️Founding member of Senate Veteran Jobs Caucus, successfully championing new policies & resources to improve the life for our military heroes, helping eliminate unemployment and homelessness among veterans
▶️McCaskill helped launch Veterans’ Customer Satisfaction Program (VCSP), a confidential method for Missouri vets to give feedback on their local VA facility, has introduced legislation to build a network of more qualified/stable directors & other personnel at local facilities
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Trigger warning - thread: several of you have asked us to write a thread explaining programming. What you heard today in New Mexico is just a teeny bit of what will come out. My team and I are working on busting several other similar situations. And with the #TrumpRussia
investigation, you will soon be hearing more about #programming, so I thought a thread explaining it would be helpful. But be warned, this topic is VERY triggering so please use caution while reading. The Collective/luciferians stole their programming info from WWII Nazi Germany.
Adolf Hitler was doing experiments and testing on children to make them the perfect army of mind-controlled people and when the United States heard about that they wanted to adopt Hitler’s ideas to create a nation of children who would be completely controlled by their leaders.
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Every day I try to share something that is changing lives.
@TeresaYHodge is doing that. Her #MissionLaunch is about helping women post-prison--a cause I have long embraced.

Please watch this moving video, pass it on and please support her vital work.

.@TeresaYHodge's work for women post-prison inspires and excites me. She gets it. She's been in prison and she's come out the other side. She understands what it takes to start fresh and how little support there is.

If we want #prisonreform, we need work like hers.
Also follow @johnlegend's @LetsFreeAmerica.

Progressives talk a lot about the carceral system & #prisonreform, but there are many layers. I taught literacy in prisons & halfway houses. We need to commit, those of us on the left, to creating space for re-entry.
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Sup @HillaryClinton?
You know...we know everything, right?
#SemperFi #GoodTalk #ThePain
#MAGA #CampSevenBucketsPlease
#QAnon #WarriorWednesday #GTMO #WWG1WGA
@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton Hillary, do remember what @BillClinton transferred to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? We do.
Checkmate...@POTUS literally blocked the Clinton’s back path to power.
Hindsight is a very powerful thing.
If history is edited & erased, how will we see? They want you blind.
@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @POTUS I knew your “sugar daddy” Hillary.
He was a friend of the FAMILY.
He’s dead now.
Maybe it’d be better if you called Boss and negotiated the “perp walk”. NOW please.
Unless you want me to keep talking?
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It's obvious by this point that VLADIMIR PUTIN is behind the Green Party.

A) hurts American oil, benefitting Russia
B) spoils Democrat elections, helping Trump

What can that guy NOT do??
Also probably because RUSHIN HAXORZ:

All the candidates Commie Cortez promoted... LOST:
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Using @FiveThirtyEight's confirmed Russian Bot data set, let's look how the Russians leveraged their propaganda to push @realDonaldTrump content over the past years.

Of this sample, the 1,413 total confirmed Russian Bot accounts pushed a total of 205,826 tweets regarding Trump.
The 200k + tweets were pushed by primarily "Right Troll" accounts, though over 20k tweets were pushed by those categorized as "Left Trolls". You can see the top accounts who pushed the most content all primarily fell in the Right Troll category.
As you can see, the sentiment of these posts was positive through the election, but soon after the Right Wing trolls dipped in their sentiment, but the Left Wing trolls actually increased in a positive way.

The positive/negative chart shows a significant retweet campaign.
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