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The REAL threat to our communities👉Anyone who calls/associates @ICEgov to Nazi's and campaigns to "abolish ICE." These men & women are taking rapists, child predators, murderers, robbers, domestic abusers, drug traffickers, kidnappers, human traffickers, etc off our streets
It boggles my mind that with the #MeToo #TimesUp & other feminist movements, these same activists protest & demean our law enforcement officials who are making them more safe. The #Resist movement wants safer environments but gets mad when criminals are apprehended.🙄
Anyone can quickly lookup operations being led all over country to see exactly the type of people being removed from our neighborhoods. Everyone was outraged people stayed silent about Weinstein...but arrest a child sex offender or rapist & ICE is bad?…
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@Acceberrolyat @PressSec @POTUS That would make those... er... "people" attempting to shame her a disruption, don't you think?
@Acceberrolyat @PressSec @POTUS By the way, don't you feel like a fake, calling yourself #resist when the actual resistance was a group of heroes who fought actual fascists, and you're an actual fascist trying to silence other legitimate voices?
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Here is another #Scammer being busted. I hope you enjoy! Please warn others. They are planting seeds of destruction with their dishonesty. If you make it to the end I think you will be entertained.
#Scam #scammer #RESIST #TheResistance #Trump
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A bit of a story about a white girl and border patrol. I was driving in my home state when I was stopped by a rolling CBP checkpoint. The CBP officer asked if I was an American citizen. Nervous and always a smart ass I said “well, so far”. I know, I should’ve known better 1/
Don’t joke with CBP. The officer made me get out of my car. I was searched, and seated off the side of the road. No explanation. My car was searched, everything was torn apart, console dumped, glove box emptied, trunk pilfered, my bags were emptied everywhere. 2/
Even my prescription bottles were emptied to look for “anomalies”. They had my ID’s, my car registration, my car insurance card, even my birth certificate because I had just used it for proof of ID an forgot to take it out of my bag. I waited for hours. I am white. 3/
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Zak is being arrested right now after trying to deliver toys, books, water, and blankets to children imprisoned in @realDonaldTrump's internment camp. #mepolitics #resist
Update: Zak's arraignment should take place within the next couple of hours. #mepolitics #resist #FreeTheChildren
Update: here's a picture of where Zak is being held and will be arraigned later this evening. #mepolitics #resist #FreeZak #FreeTheChildren
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"I really don't care. Do you?"

It seems an innocuous statement, but it's not.

It gets to the heart of how fascism takes root. It's how it grows.

"If I'm ok, I don't really care if somebody else is not. Do you?"

It's weaponizing apathy. It assumes the worst of all of us.

Apathy is fascism's greatest ally, selfishness it's greatest friend and propaganda it's greatest weapon.

All of those are here in this episode, and it shows this administration and it's lieutenants more sophisticated in their approach to politics than we sometimes assume.

Our initial reactions every time they do something like this is, "WTF?"

Tone deaf.

I had to catch my own self, and usually don't fall into this pattern, but with Melania I am still stuck in my "but she might just be a 'hostage'," thinking.

That died today.

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It is hard to explain just how mean-spirited and malevolent the administration's asylum/ family position is. Just know that while Trump is no rocket scientist (or attorney), the folks sitting behind him waxing their metaphorical mustaches are brilliant and evil.
1/ the law establishes that those seeking admission to the United States (even without proper documents) are entitled to a "credible fear" review which is a screening test to then allow them to apply for asylum.
2/ We know that many people arriving at the US/Mexico border are fleeing horrific conditions that have pushed them into taking a perilous ride to the US because they fear they will be killed by gangs, their own government, or domestic abusers. These threats are VERY real.
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The #babyjails are bad. It's really bad. We know how overwhelming this all is, watching what Trump and the Republicans are doing to purposely hurt these children, our country - the world. But we can't give up. We have to continue to #resist.…
If you can do nothing else, then just get the word out. Peer pressure and public outcry WORK.

So, every horrible thing they do or say, call them out.

Every protest or vigil in response, retweet it and share it widely.…
The next easiest thing to do is call congress. Daily.

(202) 224-3121

Tell Senators to support bill s.3036 the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct

Tell House Reps to support H.R.6135

If they support these already or not. CALL.…
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1. Disturbed by the influence of Capitol Ministries on the Trump administration? @alicekblue suggested to me this morning that the organization might be a good target for a #GrabYourWallet campaign, and I agree. Let's have a look at some of their board members. @slpng_giants
2. First up there's Steve Taylor (…), owner of the Organic Girl brand ( #GrabYourWallet and just say no to @organicgirl products!
3. Next up is Barry Meguiar, president of @Meguiars, which sells car care products. If you're opposed to Christofascism, #GrabYourWallet and take care of your car with products not tainted by an association with Ralph Drollinger and Capitol Ministries.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
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1/2. This reporting by @AndrewLSeidel on the content of Ralph Drollinger’s White House Bible Study helps explain the child separation policy and punitive Trumpist theocracy in general. Spanking infants to break their wills, Romans 13, it’s all of a piece.…
2/2. Seidel makes a very plausible case for the influence of Drollinger on Jeff Sessions, and in the process he lays bare the authoritarian nature of “the Biblical worldview.” To go deeper, read this with my latest for @Playboy and my essay “Escape from Jesus Land” (links below).
2-a. “The Book of Sessions: America Blearily Awakens to a New Theocracy”…

“Escape from Jesus Land: On Recognizing Evangelical Abuse and Finding the Strength to Reject the Faith of Our Fathers”…

#WednesdayWisdom #EmptyThePews
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As promised, here are additional chances to help the immigrants, courtesy of Lawyers for Good Government.


More than 2,000 kids have been taken from their parents at the border, with more taken daily and shipped to child "detention centers." While many have said they feel helpless in the face of this tragedy, you are not. There's a lot you can do. /2
Below are efforts identified by Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) under the leadership of Traci Feit Love, our President. I’m on the L4GG Board of Directors.
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THREAD. Share at will.

4,600+ dead in Puerto Rico.

Children in Concentration Camps.

Trade wars with long standing allies such as Canada and Germany.

Suspending drills with South Korea after talks with NK where we got a "I'll try harder" in return.
Gutting the safety net for the most vulnerable among us and cutting off their health insurance.

Withdrawing from long standing commitments and international agreements.

Refusing to reaffirm article 5 of NATO.

Attacking federal law enforcement on a daily basis.
Refusing to condemn vile and disgusting hatred from alt-right, white supremacists.

Using our military as an ego boost with a superficial parade while we have homeless, hungry veterans without healthcare committing suicide.

Attacking the media every single day.
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*Cracks his Knuckles, cracks open a beer*

Alright, you racist bastards, let's do this.

Child Internment and I.C.E. (Thread)

#Resist #RefusePolarization #RiseUp #Resistance #IronFortress
////// pic1
The problems that the US has had with ICE are longstanding. Indeed, as much as the current atrocities, ICE has failed the American people frequently in the past. Formed during the advent of the Department of Homeland Security, ICE combined the former INS and Customs departments.
As soon as the two agencies merged, problems began appearing. There was a significant culture clash between gun-carrying law enforcement officers in Immigration, and the scientists and technocrats in Customs.…
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I was done with my pool workout and heading to the dressing room. Coming out into the pool area was Latina woman holding a darling little girl, peeking over mama's shoulder.
Like my father (bless him!) I can't resist: I grinned at her & waved. Huge grin back....Waved back. Happy baby.

That interaction would normally be a highlight of my day.

But these days my thoughts immediately go to other little Latinas being ripped from mom and dad's arms.
This is not liberal guilt.
Not snowflake sympathy.

This is humanity....and longing for acknowledgement of it.

Instead I see arguments by people who have so many blessings but have been brainwashed into thinking they are losing everything to "others."
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The DEMS & @joseiswriting @PaulMayATL is Circulating this Photo on Twitter and FB!! #WhereAreTheChildren @KamalaHarris @Alyssa_Milano

Please check Thread to find out more about this kids!! 👇👇👇
#WhereAreTheChildren #WhatHappened
KIDS IN CAGES in 2018 but It's not what you think!

The KIDS were USE for Protest against @POTUS immigration Policies Inherited fr OBAMA Admin but no one dared to speak during the "KING"s REIGN"

Libtards 💕Spreading LIES!
The little boy in the Cage is the same boy walking in front of the cage! 😂😂😂 #WhereAreTheChildren
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Secretary Hillary Clinton gave at least TEN non-cleared people access to classified info. 1 person who did have clearance left classified documents in a hotel room in RUSSIA she shared with Clinton. Despite being cleared to use a SCIF, she didn't.
Huma Abedin, when questioned by FBI, stated Hillary did not treat the SCIFS in her Chappequa home as secure.
Monica Hanley, from her apartment, transferred the Hillarys email archive from her tenure as Sec of State to a laptop & thumb drive. It took several days. What happened to those items? (Why isn't she in jail?)

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My handle on Twitter is Slightly Funny & I usually am. But this latest trump/sessions policy should make all Americans feel ashamed, saddened & intensely angry. If there are those among us who wondered how the holocaust was ALLOWED to happen, you have only to look at these photos
2) The act of child incarceration is abhorrent enough and the use of Christianity or any religion for it's justification should be the red line in the sand that causes every American to be propelled into action. It has been popularized to say and think, "This is not who we are."
3) But if those children are lying on the floor, it most certainly IS who we are and that is something that we now have to face. We have ALLOWED this to happen, as the German people allowed Kristallnacht. It is ironic that it is now the Germans who try to warn us & plead with us.
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Twitter Supports MAGA: Exposing Discrimination Against The Resistance

Twitter is suspending #TheResistance accounts for telling the truth?! But allow MAGA accounts to accuse Resistance members of making death threats. #Resist

@jack @CNN @TalbertSwan @ManInTheHoody @jaketapper
@jack When the decisions of your complaint system discriminates/favors liars and segregation amongst human beings, it's time to listen and reevaluate your process. There is no room for bigotry in a democracy, and this includes your microblogging social networking service. #Resist
During my involvement with The Resistance I've had several encounters with president @realDonaldTrump that have caused him to react on Twitter.

The 1st was Oct 2017 when I tweeted a @BarackObama meme to Trump. His bruised ego caused him to retweet a #MAGA supporters reply to me.
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On this day, it is correct and just for our great Nation to consider where we are, from whence we came, and most importantly, who we are.
First we must remember our nation was born out of struggle. It was born of #Resistance.

That is our proud heritage: A continual #Resistance against tyranny, the rule of one over the many.
It began with our overthrow of a world superpower, whose king had stripped of us representation, and reduced us to colonies of a far away isle.
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THREAD: I went to a Jewish day school in the 1980's- which meant that my education was all Holocaust, all the time. I was taught to be on the look out for the signs-- the rhetoric of dehumanization and the slow erosion of rights the precede genocide. /1
I have spent the last 2.5 years warning people. I have watched with increasing alarm as the very worst part of people have been liberated to say and do terrible things. I have watched with increasing horror as the worst people have been put in charge. /2
I have felt my anxiety rising as I see so many people turn away in indifference- let alone those who watch with sadistic glee.
To all those who told me it was hyperbole, that I was a ridiculous example of Godwin's law, how do you answer this? /3
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Based upon interactions with his 'fans', they don't care wtf he does as long as he hurts people & upsets 'libruls'. On 11/9/16 I had a chat with a Tea Party male. He told me that trump was elected bc 'Obama gave women & POC too many rights & we needed to relearn our place'. 1/
Trump promised to punish people they didn't like. This is a revenge presidency. Most of his base are narcisstic sociopaths like him & the sycophants surrounding him within the Republican party. The crueler he is, the happier they are. But they didn't think this through. They 2/
Assumed that they wouldn't suffer if they were loyal to him. The problem is he's only loyal to himself. He's a marketer. He sells BS. People are coming out of their kool-aid induced comas. My concern is what the sociopaths will do when he completely screws them too. 3/
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I simply did what I think we all should when confronted with situations like this? Could I have been arrested? Possibly. Maybe even kicked off the bus (the driver reprimanded me for using profanity). Still, we can't just take this shit lying down. #Resist
And for anyone wanting clarification about the 100 mile law.…
Oh, and for those asking for "receipts":

These are screenshots of the texts I sent my husband right after the incident...before I ever decided to make this public.
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What kind of world do you want to live in?


What kind of country do you want to be a citizen of?

These are important questions, serious ones, and they are the real questions on the ballot come November 6th.

Every American needs to consider them.

Do you want your country committed to justice for all and a consistent and universally applied rule of law?

If so, you cannot support a single Republican candidate.

Not one.

Not a single one.

If you want to live in a nation that is able to compete in the global marketplace and believe that the only way to achieve that is by giving all of our children a world class education then you cannot vote for a single Republican.

Not one.

Not a single one.

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Please read all 4 of these screenshots from Tiana Smalls.

I’ll follow w a thread of a similar experience:

#Resist #Solidarity
Solidarity & resistance can be simple, folks. But it does take speaking up, which I know can feel hard.

I’ve done this myself in various situations. One in particular stands out:
Police came on a BART train I was on and were going to take a man away (he was Black and developmentally disabled). He was terrified and started reciting a phone number, asking someone to please call his mother who would worry when he didn’t show up.
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