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So, what should we do about this? This Thursday, December 13, #Exvangelical Twitter needs to show up in large numbers to tweet criticisms of complementarianism, purity culture, and anti-LGBTQ theology with the hashtags #ChurchToo and #GC2Summit.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
I want to be clear this is @emilyjoypoetry's plan; I am going to participate and want to get the word out about it, as well as to help raise awareness of what's wrong with defenders of patriarchal evangelical theology claiming #ChurchToo. Hint: it's the theology.
@babecolate would you be willing to help get the word out about this?
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Wisconsin has to stay on Scott Walker.
He's not answering his phone.
But we can reach him by Email, text and fax.

These are public record, must be kept and can be used in LITIGATION. Let's help new AG Josh Kaul!

PLEASE help us save democracy!
YOU'RE next.

Read on
You can EMAIL Scott Walker directly.
Here's what we found.

Please use all 3

Let's give Josh Kaul supporting evidence.
Tell Walker how you feel about his powergrab.
Tell him to VETO the bills.
Reach Walker through 👉 @resistbot
You can TEXT or DM to Resistbot.
It takes it from there.

📱 To text @resistbot send "state" to 50409
📠 Follow @resistbot to open DM

Then type and send "resist".
You're in!
To send a a fax to Walker, type "governor".
It will prompt you.

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@Jim_Jordan Any #Trump sycophant, alleged pedophile protector, trying to besmirch this hero, while his own children will have to suffer from the decisions made for the country, is sad. Why wouldn't the #GOP make it an open door session if they had nothing to hide? Your reign ends soon.
@Jim_Jordan As time passes, more comes to light, with the Steele dossier, Trumps alleged involvement in Epstein child sex ring where Secretary Acosta stopped the FBI investigation before more suspects could be arrested, and money laundering campaign contributions from Russian operatives.
@Jim_Jordan Plus your support for a theocratic monarchy that really acts like a ruthless inhumane dictator & desire to sell American technology to them when it could then be used to kill our own troops or handed over to Russia is genuinely INSANE. Who is dishonorable, spineless sycophantic?
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In July, @grantstern and I published a five part series about the Grand Old Putin Party.

In part 5, we exposed the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots as being a Russian govt funded group in America.

They’re waging war on us.

2. Lozansky was one of the new additions.
3. Since we published, Lozansky deleted his entire “Fellows list” on his think tank.
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Vowing to protect U.S. industry from overseas competitors, Congress passed the Tariff Act of 1930, better known as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. The measure imposed near-record tax rates on a wide range of imported goods. Trade partners retaliated..
by imposing tariffs on U.S.-made goods. As a result, world trade fell by two-thirds between 1929 and 1934. The GREAT DEPRESSION is often associated with the stock market crash on BLACK TUESDAY 1929, but was the culmination of many factors. The public debt was 16% of GDP- 104%NOW
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Jan 12, 2018-WSJ: "Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence"
Jan 12...

So one week after FBI and DOJ were forced to hand over a ton of documents to HPSCI. Remember, that meeting where RR threatened Kash Patel, a HPSCI staffer, with surveillance?
Also one week after a judge forced Fusion to hand over all of their bank records to HPSCI
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The SJLCouncils would never be able to accomplish what we do without serving alongside of the amazing #WhiteEyes #FBI, #MI6, and #DOJ men and women we work with. And although most Guardians have worked in the I.C.s for years - and many of us have extremely high sec. clear. - we
still couldn’t get as far as we have - and helped as many people as we do - without the #WhiteEyes at the #FBI, #DOJ, #MI6, and, even, the few good #Mossad agents we work with. Our deepest joy is to be able to stop terrorist attacks and rescue children, none of which could be
accomplished without the brave I.C. Members who risk their lives to expose darkness. So, thank you, ICs and WEs for all the hard work you do. The SJL Councils are extremely proud of you! #resist #theresistance #itsmuellertime #TeamAvocado
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@realDonaldTrump News isn’t fake just because it’s critical of you. Alternative facts are not real unless supported by evidence. Trump’s war isn’t with the MSM, it’s with the facts. Fox News is the fake news you seek. It rots your brain. Shut it off. Ask public businesses to switch the channel
@realDonaldTrump Why I #RESIST

Wall Street 1% Tax Cut
Social Security
Net Neutrality
Trade Wars
Pre-Existing Conditions
March For Our Lives
No Tolerance ICE
Paris Agreement
Offshore Drilling
Dodd Frank
Medical Marijuana
Iran Deal
Trans Ban
@realDonaldTrump Mitch McConnell single handidly obstructed bi-partisan criminal justice, immigration, jobs and protect mueller legislation. Tampered with SCOTUS. Mitch must go. He’s up for re-election. If everyone who reads this message chipped in $5 we’d flip Kentucky…
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The Christian Right is the biggest threat to democracy and human rights in the US. White evangelicals are Trump's base. Their stolen disproportionate power is the main reason Americans can't have nice things like effective universal healthcare

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
If you don't understand the ideology conservative Christians use to object to welfare and universal healthcare, here's a thread to get you started:

#Exvangelical #EvangelicalIntoEnglish #EmptyThePews #Resist
If you value the effort I put into producing this kind of content and exposing the Christofascist threat to American democracy and can afford to do so, please consider supporting me via @Patreon with a $5 a month pledge or more. Thank you!
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A few thoughts as I say goodnight
I’ve heard many liberals honoring the memory of President Bush
In response I’ve heard many libs outraged that we aren’t calling him out for his failings
It’s not for me to tell a anyone what they should do, but I’m offering some food for thought
What kind of people do we want to be?
We can use this time of mourning to focus on our political differences
That’s what the Right would do
I like to think our humanity runs deeper
I’d like to believe we’ve learned from the horror of the past two years
There are leaders whom we don’t agree with
Who do things we know aren’t good for our country
But at heart are decent people
We’ve seen their humanity
Their love of family, pets, and country
Men who aspire to be great leaders
Every staff member speaks of them with respect
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A Tale of Two Americas...
🌞dreamer 🌘thinker. parent to elise the kid + benny the labradoodle 🐶. root beer aficionado; amateur horticulturist. professional yenta; corecting grammar since 1989. patience is a virtue, just not mine. kindness≠weakness 🌊 🌊 🌊 #RESIST #PERSIST #StillWithHer #ProtectMueller
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Wisconsin, you fought hard to make that #BlueWave happen in your state.

👊You're fight isn't over yet.👊

Republicans are poised to attack and strip power from the offices you voted Democrat for. Don't let them! Tell them: #RespectMyVote on December 3rd!
Today and Tomorrow you can call. Leave a message if you don't get a person!

Don't know what to say? That's ok! Use the script below provided by @WisDems Find out who represents you at:
or call the WI Legislative Hotline. 2/

#RespectMyVote #SigmaStrong
If you have Phoneaphobia (and I totally get that!) you can also sign the Petition at:…

There is always a way to #Resist and if we can find a way to join the fight we will!

#RespectMyVote #SigmaStrong
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Thank you to everyone who recently followed me.

As a gift, I offer this thread on how to communicate with conservative relatives.

We still have some holiday dinners with science-rejecting, racist, sexist, homophobic uncles, so let’s get to it. 1/ #FactsMatter #Resist
We have to understand why our conservative relatives think the way they do.

This comes down to three concepts:
1. Confirmation bias
2. Unconscious incompetence
3. Illusion of explanatory depth

Let’s take them one at a time. 2/
First, we have confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is the search for information that conforms to one’s preconceived notion of 'truth.' Think of your favorite Fox News viewer who only seeks out information that confirms his ‘truth’ and disregards information that does not. 3/
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@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff [THREAD] Several other folks have asked me for my thoughts about this new Hatch Act guidance as well. Let me answer here. It may be lengthy, so I may not worry about cleanly dividing thoughts around tweet boundaries.
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff Do I agree that the new guidance is correct, and that #resistance is inherently political activity? No, I do not. I do not #resist on the basis of political party. Several of my good friends in #AltGov have been lifelong Republicans
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff #AltGov was not started to push for or against any parties. @BadHombreNPS started to resist the suppression of scientific data. That was (and is) the motive for many of the #AltGov accounts
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1/ Thread - #TraitorTrump #Fascism #Resist #TweetsThatWontAgeWell

Trump in 2013 praises James O'Keefe #ProjectVeritas. (Trump's foundation also paid O'Keefe $10K+)

Subject - What is Project Veritas?

Trump Tweet:

Media Bias Chk:…
2/ Thread - #PAC #Funding #Donors #NonProfit #TrumpDonors

In 2017, the funding for Project Veritas was revealed. Here are a couple MAJOR DONORS that caught my eye directly. Did they want bipartisanship?

- Charles & David Koch

- Robert Mercer

3/ Thread - #TraitorTrump #Fascism #Resist

"We have an army of #digitalsoldiers." ~Gen. #MichaelFlynn

Highly recommend watching. Note the #QAnon #'s in the thread below in YouTube.

Also touches on the danger of "Citizen Journalists".

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While Julian, Rose, and Hepzibah are the #Nazis’ top targets right now, there ARE other “Keys.” The cult considers Julian (Asset), Hepzibah (Mockingjay), and Rose (Queen) their top targets because they are considered the top keys (has a lot to do with the luciferian agenda).
This is why @RogueMockingjay @ResistDarkness and @HimitsuNoJoo have so much harassment. However, @roguejas @HusbandsForever (Drakki not Alberto) @theliontriumphs @TheICCaptain (and his girlfriend) and myself are top targets, too. @AnUnlikelyAlly is one of the top targets, too.
The other top targets are: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Rod Rosenstein, and Anderson Cooper. So, please keep 🔑s in prayer and your thoughts for they all suffer badly.Pray daily for this list, if you believe in praying: Julian, Rose, Hepzibah, Johnny, Sharyn, Drakki,
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If you value my work, I’d be grateful for your support this #GivingTuesday. I’m going to post Patreon links of other creators and projects I support below. Feel free to reply with your own!

#GivingTuesday2018 #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #Resist
First up, @crystalcheatham! I’ve been on her podcast, “Lord Have Mercy,” and I also support it! Crystal is smart, funny, open, and talks a lot about sex as well as religion and spirituality. She’s also the entrepreneur behind @OurBibleApp:
Next up, @kitchencultpod, an #Exvangelical podcast hosted by @bluepupboi and @haettinger! This show (full disclosure—I’ve been a guest) provides valuable content. Check it out!…

#EmptyThePews #GivingTuesday2018 #GivingTuesday
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1/ Never forget that Trump is a liar. First and last. America is suffering because of it. The world is suffering because of the accumulated prestige & power of the Office of the President being utilized to propagate self-serving agendas based on lies.
2/ Eventually, the global system of nations will rearrange themselves to minimize the relationship to America. The breakdown of the global system, the consequence of the supremely foolish, but self serving, policy of "America First".
3/ The immediate consequences of letting such a man as Trump into the center of power with essentially no external constraints, not by policy, history, now Congress, and certainly not constitutional principles is that each of these is being slowly & systematically dismantled.
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1. Don't be taken in by that @saletan piece in @Slate trying to distance evangelicals from Trump. It's part of a PR blitz by slick evangelical leaders and their allies who are skilled at gaining an undeserved image of moderation:…

2. While the vast majority of white evangelicals share the views of Falwell and Jeffress, who @saletan inaccurately calls "un-Christian," a number of in fact hardline conservative white evangelical leaders who have criticized Trump give cover to extremists. @Saletan was taken in.
3. The piece I linked in the first tweet above will give you a primer on why Ed Stetzer's "moderate" image is smoke and mirrors derived from intellectual dishonesty. Let's take a look at some of the other usual suspects, beginning with @MJGerson.…
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Donald Trump is targeting his “#deepstate” enemies with sonic radio waves from (yes) stealth planes. 980 main people are being targeted worldwide and it will affect an additional 7,500-10,000 people. When I was in the shadow army, I helped develop this technology before I 🐬Ed
It is super dangerous and for the 980 targets, it will cause brain bleeds, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and more. We were tipped off today by a double agent that we should prepare for a Red Doom M-Wave; this refers to the technology Donald is using. For his top 150 “enemies,” he’s
targeting to have them killed via this tech within the next three weeks. These 150 “enemies” include several world leaders, several American politicians, several #CNN commentators, 2 print journalists, #JulianAssange, #MichaelCohen, #JohnKelly, the #Clintons, the #Obamas, #Comey,
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My continuing saga of the black hat #hackers who stalk me relentlessly... last week, we showed you how the #DepartmentofLabor was hacking me - and I’ve proven how the #DOD, #DNI, and #CIA are hacking me too. But now, let’s dive a bit deeper into this, shall we?
This number continually calls me on my #ministry #prayer line. Yes, my number is public knowledge for the ministry - it’s NOT my personal number for a reason. However, “Defense Infomr” is directly tied to the #DOD. Makes you wonder why the @DeptofDefense is stalking a CIVILIAN.
I wonder if the @DoD_IG knows about how much money #Trump and his goons spend of TAX-PAYER dollars to stalk and harass me? A #minister. Who has #cancer, no less. Can you say desperate? I am a CIVILIAN and YES, I have a high level #security clearance as a civilian but I am NOT
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Graham’s political action committee took $800,000 from Len Blavatnik, a citizen of the US and UK who emigrated from the USSR in the 1970s, and has since returned to Russia where he has partnered with Viktor Vekselberg & Oleg Deripaska.
#TrumpRussia #Resist…
Len Blavatnik is the business partner of Viktor Vekselberg in Rusal, world’s second-largest aluminum manufacturer, which was founded by Oleg Deripaska. Do those names sound familiar?
They should by now. Those are Putin's oligarchs and Deripaska is under sanctions.
A close look at public campaign finance reports reveals a network of Russian oligarchs increasingly contributing to top Republican leadership in recent years, according to Dallas News.
#GOPRussia #TrumpRussia…
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White folks, tomorrow we need you to be on it too. Who else is gonna be #onit? #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingEve 👇🏿
YES! Woke white Folk, #Resist white folk, snowflakes, lefty Marxist Socialist libs, Beto Bros... YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINING FOR THIS ALL YEAR! TOMORROW IS YOUR OLYMPICS! BE #onit! #Thanksgiving
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#Gunsense: Gun owners are paranoid. #GunReform isn’t about disarming law abiding citizens.

Also #Gunsense: We should ban military style assault rifles. Why does anyone need a gun like that? If anyone does not turn in their AR15s they should face jail time.
#gunsense: Ban the AR15. Those are only designed to kill.

Also #gunsense: all guns are designed to kill.
#GunSense: you carry a gun because you live in fear. Who trying to kill you? Why are you carrying a gun around?

Also #Gunsense: there has been 310 mass shootings this year alone! We need #guncontrolnow! Enough is enough!
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