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Vaccine MANDATES are systemically discriminatory:

“My question to you WHITE LIBERALS is why are you APPLAUDING FORCED vaccination on those who don’t trust it? For those who come from a lineage of dark trauma?

I thought… Black Lives Matter?”

Link to the research paper by London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene @LSHTM Research Fellow Dr Alex de Figueiredo @alexdefig
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Plans to hand over NHS data to POLICE sparks WARNING from government data adviser Dr Nicola Byrne:

“We need to be very clear that emergency use of the emergency powers is short term & only to the end of the pandemic...
PLEASE SIGN to ABOLISH the UK Emergency Coronavirus Act powers…
Police getting your health records means that they could play a role in enforcing vaccine passports and a chinese social credit system #RESIST
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this is sheer BULLSHIT
vaccine mandates "we're making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated..if you seek care at a healthcare facility, you should have the certainty that..people are protected from covid & CANNOT SPREAD it to YOU”

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Censorship of tech is coming. They’ll try to silence political speech, using the excuse of online criminality. Break up Big Tech, but don’t hand government their power:

Government should not “have more power to get tech companies to silence your political & scientific dissent”
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BREAKING: 3 Pfizer Scientists CONFESS to undercover journalist:

“Your (Covid) antibodies are probably BETTER than the (Pfizer) vaccination”

“Our organisation is run on Covid money”

Vaccine MANDATES are illogical, unscientific & discriminatory
Showing what we’ve been saying:
a hybrid immunity strategy (natural immunity for the healthy, and vaccination for the vulnerable) is a wiser approach. Vaccines mandates make no sense. Long Covid is overblown & overhyped post viral syndrome. And Big Pharma are not your friend:
El Chapo and Escobar stand aside, our government cartels are now the biggest drug pushers for Big Pharma
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the revolution will not be televised.

Polish diplomats & politicos appear to RAISE THE ALARM at their embassy in Australia about Australia’s drift to authoritarianism, comparing its behaviour to North Korea
#RESIST 🇵🇱 🇦🇺

*correction: in Warsaw in front of the Australian embassy
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Why today's announcement that #molnupiravir cuts risk of #COVID19 hospitalization and death in half IS NOT GOOD NEWS, but a demonstration of #BigPharma murky business, or in the case of #Merck, #MerckyBusiness.
If you believe, for example, @DrEricDing, a senior fellow of the Federation of American Scientists, it is time to open our Champagne bottles. An antiviral drug can cut hospitalization and death in half in a randomized trial. Finally!

It is such great news that the U.S. government already made an advance purchase of 1.7 million doses of the drug at a cost of $1.2 billion.

Great news, we are being told.



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The very same government appropriators of the green agenda who claim to want net-zero, seek to mandate this horror show for no good reason, based on no good science.

“Trussst the ssscience” 🐍
NIH 3 Sep 2021 relating to mask mandates

Key Points:

On visual examination, cases continued climb, despite implementing (mask) orders

NO reduction in case burden because of (mask) orders…
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“Thousands more people than usual are dying ... but it’s not from Covid”

“The COVID-19 (lockdown) RESPONSE may have inadvertently CREATED AN ONGOING HEALTH CRISIS from which there is NO WAY BACK”


“According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), since July 2 there have been 9,619 excess deaths in England and Wales, of which 48 per cent (4,635) were NOT caused by Covid-19…”
“Public Health England (PHE) shows..during that period there were 2,103 extra death registrations with ischemic HEART disease, 1,552 with HEART failure, as well as an extra 760 deaths with cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke & aneurysm & 3,915 with other circulatory diseases”
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WARNING GRAPHIC resurfaced clip:

This COWARDLY EXCUSE for a so-called Australian police officer should be IDENTIFIED, ARRESTED, CHARGED & hopefully CONVICTED for VIOLENT ASSAULT

And I’m holding back on 99% of what I’m really feeling right now

Woman was charged for “resisting arrest” AFTER being choked

“police officer's thumbs can be seen pressing into the woman's cheek as he holds her. Another female police officer approaches & the woman is seen kicking her in the chest”

Police were let off…
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Israel: THIRD shot vaccine pass expires after 6 months, while such boosters reportedly make ZERO difference to INFECTION or TRANSMISSION (see subtitles)

“vaccinated people that got infected can TRANSMIT the disease exactly the same as unvaccinated people”
“the fact that the portion of ‘vaccinated’ in the 60+ population is almost identical to their portion in ‘verified cases’ is saying that at the age of 60 & above, there is almost no difference between being vaccinated or not, you have the same chances of getting the disease…”
Boosters are reported to reduce the severity of individual infection. This renders the notion of quarantining the unvaccinated, and mandating domestic vaccine passports, as totally discriminatory, illogical and unscientific.
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Telegraph: “Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found” —>
Long Covid confirmed as NOT a major threat for children, study:
Children better off catching covid and recovering naturally. British Medical Journal editorial: “Once most adults are vaccinated, circulation of SARS-CoV-2 may in fact be desirable, as it is likely to lead to primary infection early in life when disease is mild..”
Article link:
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Today's news thread. Remember:
"The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow"

1) Biteme continues to flounder. I will say for the umpteenth time: DemoKKKrat drizzwhistlers have TOTAL CONTROL of gubment, but they cannot pass their agenda.
Mazie HiroNo No said they “better have a Plan B” (as in bomb out).…
1) contd . . .question is, “Why is the radical agenda failing when (see above) they have TOTAL CONTROL?

One answer is they don’t have the courts &y can’t get too much of this by the Trump judges.
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Thread: paediatrician with the JCVI & cardiologist advisor to JCVI both advise WAITING before jabbing children:

“Finn & Pieles suggest that parents consider WAITING 6 months or so until the longer-term consequences of HEART CHANGES start to become clear”…
“This is not a decision that needs to be rushed, and choosing to WAIT for more evidence is perfectly legitimate.”
“Parents are JUSTIFIED in WAITING until the RISKS are clearer before getting their teenagers vaccinated and the NHS needs to spell out the uncertainty over long-term effects better”
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Amazing @janemayer story at @CapTimes IdeasFest where she reveals that Greg Koch told her in 2010 that his Dad was on the Hindenburg.

“Really, why was he on the Hindenburg?”

“Because he had business with Germany.”

Nazi Germany, that is.

#wiunion #wipolitics #Resist
Good question from Maraniss: “Why doesn’t the left have their own Kochs?”

@janemayer - “They got complacent and didn’t think these guys in Wichita were a threat.”

She says @davidaxelrod DIDN’T KNOW WHO THEY WERE in 2010. DC Dems still shrug today.

#wiunion #Resist #January6th
Mayer brings up Powell Memo, which said that corporations had to take over the courts, the pulpits, the colleges and universities, and create “think tanks” to sell the BS.

Their alt universe must be smashed.

#wiunion #wipolitics #Resist
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“(..despite being double-jabbed) you would be just as likely to pass it on as someone who hadn’t been vaccinated”

Vaccines mandates are illogical, unscientific & discriminatory


Telegraph:… Image
Vaccine Escape (via mass-vaccination in a pandemic)
“explained by microbiologist & former Public Health England Director Professor David Livermore, a VARIANT capable of EVADING our VACCINES can develop AMONG the VACCINATED, and is just as likely to develop ‘in Kew as Kathmandu’”
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1) Im going to have to debunk this crap right here

It use to be a vaccine prevented people from a specific virus or disease and they worked

This vaccine is not preventing a person from getting a virus and they are pushing this fake narrative that the unvaccinated are to blame
2) This 'vaccine' does not prevent a person from getting Covid and there is not enough data to support the claim that it lessens symptoms (the CNN article proves elsewise).

The vaccine has been shown to provide little benefit to anyone other than the very vulnerable.
3) As for the claim that the vaccine lessens symptoms, the fact is that most people who have had the virus (if we trust the tests) have had either no symptoms or mild symptoms. I myself had mild symptoms. Only people with vulnerable immunologies had severe symptoms.
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Nominate your Tweets of the Week

Nominate your best anti-Brexit/anti-Tory tweet of the week. People can nominate their own tweets. Tweets will be ranked according to how many times they were nominated.…

Retweet the main tweet for 50 Engagement Points.
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Engagement Points are how I determine the ranking on my #Top1000 list. I give points for Likes, Replies & Retweets of my tweets.…
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I asked the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford today why they’ve chosen to implement a domestic Covid pass in Wales for nightclubs and some events:
Written SUMMARY in THREAD on the LATEST science on waning efficacy - in both infection & transmission terms - of the Covid vaccine against the Delta variant, rendering any mandated domestic vaccine passport discriminatory, illogical & unscientific:
#Resist ✊🏽
Prior to video above, I asked Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford about LATEST STUDIES indicating the vaccinated still get AND TRANSMIT covid, as posted above. He agreed but said other studies say other things. He didn’t answer why they’ve decided on a definitive policy, then 🤷🏽‍♂️
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🏀Super Balls is Super Wrong🏀


Why Colbert's Science is Junk🍒
.Stephen @Colbert's #GeezerScience and"Expert!" @LateShowColbert @CBS @CBSNews refuting of @NickiMinaj's very credible anecdote is the
Pharma-Media-complex bullying an individual
who dares to challenge their narrative.
Big Pharma has big balls @CBSSports but not big brains.
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It all depends on a person's geneotype, phenotype, their immune system, fitness and the microbes living in their bodies, pathogen and how they interact. There is a whole world down there we are just discovering.
This is the Boom of Microbiology.
#Microbiome #MicrobeBoom #Biology
This is story about it all. The role of Jane Kangaroo is played by Fauci and Big Pharma. The role of Horton is played alternately by researchers around the world who understand the power and danger of pathogens, spike protein, mRNA gene therapy.
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When I started this account 5 yrs ago, I chose a cover photo of a Yazidi woman freed from ISIS, removing the black body bag she was encased in to reveal her colorful dress below. It’s so poignant.

Today #AfghanWomen all over Twitter are doing the same 🇦🇫

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Sunday thread of short video clips. Trying hard to stay sane in a crazy world full of anti-vaxers, covidiots, trump-taliban, evilgelicals, repugnicans and Matt Gaetz.
#MockAndRoll #StaySane #Resist
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