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This is a threaded version of Chapter 23, titled,

“Prenatal Politics, Generationally Speaking”

of the book, *Psychology of Apocalypse:

*Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema

READ BOOK…… #psychology

PA 23/1 ImageImage
Chapter 23 is subtitled...

“Panicky Electorate, Biting the Feeding Hand,

“Perinatally Oblivious Right-Wing “Hate Groups,” the Tea Party, & the Fifties Generation...

“Perinatal Access of Millennials”

READ BOOK… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM

PA 23/2 Image
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Can anyone at this point still maintain that the politics of the last few decades had anything at all to do with ideology or issues?” []

READ/DW BOOK…… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM #history #Millennials #MAGAts #BigLie

PA 23/3
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This is a threaded version of Ch 9:

“Civilization & the Travesty of Morals:

“*Gilgamesh, Enkidu, & the Uncivilized “Civilized” Man”

of *Who to Be: Identity, Authenticity, & Crisis* (2020)

by M. Adzema*

CLICK a link to read entire chapter...…

WTB 9/1
WTB 9/2 “…in taking away all freedoms & rights from Nature & all its planetmates, eventually the rights of any being were no longer seen as of any concern. What another wished, intended, or wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration… #psychology
WTB 9/3 “What another wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration, including, eventually, what a woman might want in terms of her body...& what a man might wish to do with his time...or his life. Power became the basis of morality”… #civilization
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Trump: “this is another element of rigging the 2020 election…this is deep state stuff, 30 years these people have been many ways they ran government for a long period of time. We came in & we really broke up the act..”

The Shadow Knows 🥷

31st Jan 2021 (immediately after 2020 election)
“prominent radio presenter & activist Maajid Nawaz..alarmed former admirers & academics with his interest in conspiracy theories about the lockdown and VOTER FRAUD IN THE US ELECTION”… Image
As my followers who have stuck with me since know..

- and despite losing my career, my income and my public reputation -

we have NOT RETREATED and we have NOT SURRENDERED since then.
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Arguments for "woke" Christianity. A thread.

I've been debating what the Christian right calls "woke" for years. It's always the same points. So instead of addressing them over and over again. I thought I'd create a thread to book mark. Warning-this will be long. 1/
My background. I'm a preacher's kid, been a Christian my entire life (I'm 56). I've also voted Republican, Democratic, Independent. I'm not particularly partisan and I think the marriage of Christianity and politics is incredibly dangerous as proved throughout history. 2/
The denomination I grew up was fairly liberal. However as an adult, I attended evangelical mega churches that became increasingly fundamentalist over the years. I was like a frog in boiling water-not recognizing the changes in doctrine until the Trump era. 3/
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There are many of @HC_Richardson “Letters from An American” that should be highlighted. This one is of vital importance because it summarizes where we find ourselves today as we #resist those who mean to strip our rights, protections & freedom.…
According to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, legislatures in at least ten states have set out to weaken federal child labor laws. 2/23
#PayAttentionAmerica #ChildLabor Image
In the first three months of 2023, legislators in IA,MN,MS,NE,OH & SD introduced bills to weaken the regulations that protect children in the workplace & in March, Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law repealing restrictions for workers younger than 16. 3/23 Image
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#WEF #KlausSchwab and your elite globalists are looking to turn the world into one World Government running them as a worker farm.

They are pushing y’all for…

- Microchip implants
- End fossil fuel consumption
- Food/Resource rationing
- Universal Basic Income
- Normalize…… Image
This will be your #CarbonTracked future soon. Each one of you will be tracked for your personal carbon footprint, encouraged to reduce your footprint while your politicians, bureaucrats, globalist leaders & celebrities emit carbon like never before zipping through private jets.
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Bro can we not do this today
For the record, I still think we should be able to give a reason when we block people so they see it if they ever come to your profile lmao.

Reason: "Neener neener."

It's not like you can't just view someone's account in incognito or an alt but whatever. Get outta here.
For whatever reason I don't mind Brian as much as Ed. Brian at least does the concernposting thing where he tries to pretend he's reasonable.

Ed tweeted this once, which isn't even funny #resist posting it's just grody.
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there's gotta be a circle of hell specifically for people that put #resist/#resistance in their bio but also post the bugs bunny florida gif. what the fuck is your resistance worth if you're willing to toss the marginalized people here aside WITH the fascists ruining our lives.
you people are insufferable posers. it's exhausting and terrifying living here watching the ghouls in seats of power do everything they can to legislate queer people out of existence, it feels like they're constantly turning a dial until they can get away with "build camps".
it's all #resist until it gets too real, then you're done larping as whatever fuckin stupid ass star wars character you imagine yourself to be standing up to fascism and you write off the marginalized people in the south. bro fuck you if you post this gif I hate your guts.
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Let's talk about #CognitiveBiases and #denial of reality as a cause of #CivilizationCollapse.

Civilization collapse is a phenomenon that occurs when a complex human society disintegrates and loses its cohesion, identity, and functionality. There are many possible causes of

civilization collapse, such as natural disasters, war, famine, disease, trade disruption, resource depletion, and social inequality. However, one factor that is often overlooked or underestimated is the role of human psychology in shaping our perception and response to these
challenges. In this thread, I will argue that cognitive biases and denial of reality are significant contributors to civilization #collapse because they #impair our ability to recognize, understand, and solve the problems that threaten our existence.

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This is a threaded version of Chapter 22:

“Better Off Than Fifty Years Ago?

“Rules Made to Benefit the Wealthy Are Now More Important Than Life”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #history #Blue

CW22 22/1
“[*Chapter 22 text begins:*] So these days you have the attitude, “A dollar laid is a dollar played”; people’s suffering is irrelevant to the game.”

THREAD #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics #resist #Republicans #Reaganomics #60s

CW22 22/2
“*Foolin’ the People About History*

“*Obvious “Truths”:*

“*Reagan “saved” America.* [untrue truism]

“*Reagan rescued Americans from an oppressive tax burden.* [untrue truism]

READ/DWL BOOK...… #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics

CW22 22/3
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 22, titled,

“Healing Crisis:

of the book, *Psychology of Apocalypse:

*Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema

READ BOOK…… #psychology #birth #awareness #Boomers

PA 22/1
Chapter 22 begins PART THREE
of *Psychology of Apocalypse*, titled:

“Healing Crisis & Regression in the Service of Humanity”

THREAD #psychology #birth #awareness #Boomers #TheUnconscious #primal #Earth #Centaurs #parenting #prenatal #WoundedDeer

PA 22/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We have this legacy where we think the opposite of insanity is sanity, usually conflated with ‘normality’ & conformity.” []

READ/DWL BOOK…… #psychology #birth #awareness #Boomers #TheUnconscious #primal #Earth #Centaurs

PA 22/3
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🔹Engineer's log, stardate 69742.4
I just returned from an away mission where the Nazis & Japan won WW2 & America was split between the 2 super powers & wild west type neutral zone.
Who am I kidding? 🧵1/ 6
#ProudBlue #ResistanceUnited #DemVoice1
Actually, I recently binged on the series, Man In The High Castle which should serve as a warning for all of us here- today. Jews, blacks, gays are mostly eliminated, American history has been changed, books banned, & resisters are terrorists.
#ProudBlue #ResistanceUnited
When the black resistance push the Japanese from the west coast, the Reich creates an opportunity to pass themselves off as liberators of the west coast who are left there from black terrorists. But the audience knows better. We should all see the dangerous parallels. #Resist
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Southend Council “permanently rules out” 15 minute city proposal after public pressure…
“Labour-led joint administration with the Lib Dems & Independents says it will fight to prevent any restrictive scheme being implemented in Southend”
We Are Coming.
A rare (and perhaps FIRST) public victory against Globalist proposals for dystopian 15-minute
‘Hunger Games’ style city zoning systems
Southend Massive standing strong in Essex, for the country & the world
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And time is vindicating.

Over a YEAR AGO on @joerogan:

“This is why I say ‘military grade’ psychological operations”

و ما علينا إلا البلاغ المبين
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Ffs, the Dem fear-mongering & hand-wringing has already started & McCarthy isn't even Speaker yet.

A 🧵

These "deals" are all for naught, considering they'll require a majority of Senators to agree with them on any bill of any kind that they pass in the House.
Yes, that includes the debt ceiling, which they don't seem to grasp is money ALREADY SPENT. There is ZERO new spending in the debt ceiling.

Holding it hostage harms the American people bcos it will destroy US credit rating. It would be disastrous. Rank & file Rs know this.
Add to that the obvious & utter dearth of support from Senate Rs for this nonsense.

Notice the deafening silence from that Chamber? Instead, McConnell's preaching bipartisanship.

Their bills will die in the Senate & their agenda will follow apace.
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Psychologist Dr. Lee-Anne Gray founded a school whose mission is “Empathic Education for a Compassionate Nation.” She teaches the art of empathic listening and it is a powerful technique to dismantle normalized bullying in our society @bulliedbrain #resist…
Identifying with the aggressor is comparable to Stockholm syndrome, in which a hostage will bond with their captor. This bonding occurs because the brain is aware that the captor could harm or kill the #hostage. The bond intensifies as a survival strategy…
@bulliedbrain's clients want to know why as employees, they suffered repeat abuses. To overcome this obstacle to recovery, we must first recognize how bullying works.

@jjfreydcourage and Pamela Birrell detail the coping mechanism of blindness @PsychToday…
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Thus far, one of the most significant beneficiaries of Matt Taibbi's "Twitter Files" thread has been Matt Taibbi's Twitter account (@mtaibbi), which gained hundreds of followers in the hours and days immediately after the thread.

cc: @ZellaQuixote follow order by creation data plot for @mtaibbi
Based on the hashtags used in their profiles (#MAGA, #KAG, #Trump2024, etc), Taibbi's post-"Twitter Files" followers are almost all right-wing accounts. This is not true of his prior followers, who mostly have left-wing hashtags in their profiles (#BLM, #Resist, #GreenNewDeal). side-by-side hashtag clouds for @mtaibbi's followers gained
Typo: should be "hundreds of thousands", not "hundreds":
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#36 acts of resistance #36


armchair activism is not enough: protest; disrupt; galvanise; organise; communicate; challenge; support; donate; change what you do; add yourself to the numbers; ACT

our society and world are screwed if you don’t

#EnoughIsEnough #Resist Image
!! OUT NOW !!
Part l of this list - in the fabulous independent citizen media outlet Dorset Eye (@dorset_eye).…

Part ll coming soon...
!! OUT NOW !!
Part 2 of this list - in the fabulous independent citizen media outlet Dorset Eye (@dorset_eye).…
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Chapter 21 is titled

“The Great American About Face:

“There Was a Time When Kindness Was a Noble Thing; Nightmare Apparent”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

THREAD…… #Blue #compassion #MeanSpiritedness

CW22 21/1
“[*Chapter 21 text begins:*] “You don’t know what I’m getting at. But this is the indicator of the gradual change in our country that would be missed by those younger than myself.”

THREAD… #Blue #compassion #MeanSpiritedness #FBR #Republicans

CW22 21/2
“I only see this glaring discrepancy because of having lived many years in an America whose values were different, and who thought differently, more compassionately than today.”

READ/DWL BOOK...… #FBR #compassion #Blue #MeanSpiritedness #resist

CW22 21/3
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Are you familiar with these images? They are real, they are horrifying, they depict action taking place right now in 2022 from a world super power. By action, I mean ethnic cleansing and genocide. Those are Uyghur Muslims being forcibly shaved and put onto cattle cars by the CCP.
Yes, imagery which echoes the holocaust; a govt program built of similar evil. These innocent people are being taken from their homes and families and brought to work camps where they will be enslaved, beaten and "reeducated". If successful, they'll be returned. If not, murdered.
This isn't denied by anyone. We've had this info and intelligence for a long time. Here is one of the "work camps". 👇 Some eerie imagery, isn't it? It sure as hell should be! And heck, the Chinese govt doesn't really even deny it. They basically own up to cultural genocide.
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So much is wrong with our world.
Everyone knows it.
But it’s almost impossible to make a difference.
Everyone knows that.

And yet… …we can make a difference.

It’s a numbers games.
We just need to add ourselves to the numbers.

Here’s how. Image
#1 acts of resistance #1

join a union

it’s practical, it’s sensible, it gives you a say

#EnoughIsEnough #ExtinctionRebellion #PeaceAndJustice #ActsOfResistance Image
#2 acts of resistance #2

support strikers; join pickets; donate funds

when we support each other we become more powerful, we take back control

#EnoughIsEnough #ExtinctionRebellion #PeaceAndJustice #ActsOfResistance Image
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Chapter 20 is titled

“Only the Game Remains:

“Religion of Capitalism — The Game Is the One Truth Faith; The Game Is to Lie and Manipulate Without Consequence”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema


CW22 20/1
“[*Chapter 20 text begins:*] ”Well since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.”

READ BOOK… #Blue #TheGame #bankers #politics

CW22 20/2
“…since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.” [What Republicans Wealthies must think about their “deplorable” followers.]”


CW22 20/3
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Chapter 19 is titled

“Reality Transplant, the Media:

“The Ladder of Status, the Great Suck Upward, & What They’ve Succeeded in Getting Us to Forget”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations* by Michael Adzema

THREAD…… #Midterms

CW22 19/1
“[*Chapter 19 text begins:*] The Republicans had their help, though; believe me they had their help.”

THREAD… #Midterms Blue Wave #media #MAGAts #Republicans #ClassWar #gaslighting #corruption #BlueWave #truth #lies #Biden #Trump #FBR #resist

CW22 19/2
“*The Puppet Strings (The Media)*

“Okay, so who helped them? Well, like I was saying.… The first thing is you have politicians with the Big Lie, & they’re repeating it endlessly. & that persistence is so extremely effective & comprehensive.”…

CW22 19/3
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