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TREAD! Pakistan-Iran fencing?

Why fencing #Iran border w/ Pakistan is a big challenge for Islamabad, not due to money but for the following reason—I am delineating below:

There are 4 issues related but distinct....

1. Narco route
2. 🇮🇷’s grey economy
3. Human trafficking
4. Border economy

I ll address narco issue first:
Illicit drug trade originates from #Afghanistan; is worth up 2 $70B yearly in #UK streets; up to $3 bill is invested back in region rest end up in western banks. 2/
Porous border is used 4 narco logistics/route.

Drugs cartel funds terrorism, & warlordism & mafias in border regions of 🇦🇫, 🇵🇰 & 🇮🇷; they have influence in weak state like 🇦🇫 & desperate elements in structures in Iran 🇮🇷 who do not want stringent border between 🇮🇷 & 🇵🇰.

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Coronavirus Crisis in #Iran
Dimensions, Causes as #MEK Announced Exceeded 11,000 Deaths
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown…
Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran , addresses the causes for the spread of coronavirus in Iran #Iranian regime’s cover-up, mismanagement and politicizing the issue to get international sanctions lifted.
The world is dealing with Coronavirus crisis. The situation in Iran is different in many respects, it is alarming, catastrophic and is getting worse by the day.
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown #Iran
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Over 9,600 people have died of #coronavirus across 210 cities in #Iran as of Sunday afternoon local time, March 22, according to Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (#PMOI/#MEK).
@WHO #coronapocalypse #Covid_19
@usadarfarsi @StateDept @SecPompeo
Ten former director generals of Iran’s Health Insurance Org. wrote a letter to regime President #Rouhani saying, “If urgent action isn't taken today, there is a high probability that we will be facing major dilemmas in April following D mistakes in estimates back in February.
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#US claims Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment do not fall under sanctions, but #Iran is facing shortages of drugs for the treatment of 30 illnesses including cancer, heart and breathing problems, thalassemia and MS because it is not allowed to use Int payment systems.

First case was a teenage #Iranian boy suffering from haemophilia that died due to a shortage of medicine in the country - 2012.

Manouchehr Esmaili-Liousi was a 15-year-old from the city of Dezful, in Iran's south-western province of Khuzestan.
Ahmad Ghavidel, the director of Iran's haemophilia society:

"This is against human rights … Even in wars, women, children and patients are protected by some impunity based on Int treaties."

In fact many have died due to sanctions, the following is just another among many.
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Speaking of General Human Decency, Especially During Global Crises Like This (#CoronaVirus): Shouldn’t all economic embargoes and sanctions against “Target Nations” be lifted during this hard time with global effects? Wouldn’t Human Decency Call for that? What Say You?
Just Saying-Asking.
It is the New Year’s Celebration Day in #Iran- Aid Norooz. Happy Norooz to All My #Iranian Friends. And here’s a clip I just found
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On how a partisan PPP provincial govt hijacked our national effort to fight #coronavirusinpakistan by conducting a slick media campaign based on lies,
projecting #Sindh CM as active while throwing #Balochistan govt & #Pakistan’s fed govt under the bus as incapable.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah is patently lying here!

Listen to what he’s saying here & then go through this thread to see how false this statement is:

“Zaireen from Iran at Taftan were to be tested for #Corona at border”

He knew it’s a lie & telling it to make himself the hero!

In order to understand how PPP Jiyalas cleverly spun this issue of return of Zaireen from Iran possibly bringing #Coronavirus with them to Pakistan, let’s look at the facts:

After 18th amendment Health is a provincial subject & strictly a responsibility of provincial govts.

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General Siamand Mashhadani, #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander , was killed by the #American airstrike in #Iraq.

مقتل الجنرال سيامند مشهداني أحد قادة الحرس الثوري الإيراني بالقصف الأميركي


#BreakingNews #Baghdad #Trump
General Siamand Mashhadani, one of the #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander , was killed by the #American airstrike in #Iraq.

مقتل الجنرال سيامند مشهداني أحد قادة الحرس الثوري الإيراني بالقصف الأميركي
Heavy flying continuing over the district of Karrada and Green zone in #Baghdad reported , General Siamand Mashhadani,one of the #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander was killed By American airstrike in Hezbollah headquarters in #iraq
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War declare din #Iraq;

#US bombed Kataeb Hezbollah position in Jurf al-Sakher. US claimed Kataeb Hezbollah is responsible for the bombing of al-Taji base where 2 US and 1 British soldiers were killed and 12 wounded.

This is a serious escalation giving the green light to a war
#US would be considered a legitimate target by the Iraqi resistance groups and escalation can only be expected from today onward: the war is open between #US forces and Iraqi groups.
More than five #Iraq Popular Mobilisation forces (the force formed to fight #ISIS and is part of the Iraqi security forces under the command of the Iraqi Prime Minister) locations have been bombed by #US forces that are supposed to protect Iraq from ISIS.+
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The #UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran @javaidRehman said on Tuesday he had asked #Iran to free all political prisoners temporarily from its overcrowded and disease-ridden jails to help stem the spread of coronavirus.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 @WHO #pandemia
Javaid Rehman told journalists in Geneva that it is “unfortunate and disturbing” to have political prisoners detained amid the coronavirus outbreak.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaOutbreak @WHO #pandemia @ForeignOffice @usadarfarsi @StateDept @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USUN
This is also my worrying concern and therefore I have recommended to #Iran to release all prisoners on temporary release…,” he said.
A spokesman later clarified that Rehman was referring only to political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 @javaidRehman
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Thread on #SyriaCorona.
1. There are unofficial reports by regime supporters of more than 2,470 cases of #Corona resulting in 427 deaths mostly in Damascus, Latakia and Tartous. Officially there are no cases of #coronavirus in Syria #COVID19
2. It is reasonable to suspect that the reports of spreading of #coronavirus in Syria are credible because all countries around Syria and many in the Middle East have reported cases. There is nothing unique in Syria to make it immune from the pandemic
3. Iran has hit hard with the virus with more than 9,000 cases and 354 deaths so far, which is underestimate of the real crisis. There are tens of thousands of #Iranian religious visitors and paramilitaries in Syria which makes it very likely that they spread the virus in Syria
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A lot has changed in #Idlib/NW #Syria in recent days & much of the focus has been on hour-by-hour developments & less has been said on what it all means going forward.

Here's a lengthy thread laying out some of my thinking.
2 weeks ago, pro-#Assad forces were rampaging through #Idlib, overwhelming opposition defenses & swallowing up #Turkey's military observation posts almost at will.

The world stood virtually silent - or indifferent - as 1 million people were methodically & brutally displaced.
#pt: Amid the pro-#Assad advances, #Turkey ramped up arms supplies & intel sharing with #NLF/#SNA opposition proxies - in an attempt to bolster their offensive & defensive capabilities.

Then #TSK artillery support was added, along with a low-tempo campaign of covert UAV strikes.
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#BREAKING: Qatar's Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition canceled due to coronavirus
#BREAKING: #Iran announces the increase in the number of cases of #coronavirus to 2336 cases and deaths to 77.
#BREAKING: Head of #Iran’s emergency medical services diagnosed with #coronavirus
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Starting now: @SecPompeo briefs @HouseForeign Cmte on US policy in #iran and #iraq
@SecPompeo @HouseForeign "It shouldn't have been so difficult to get you here," @HouseForeign Chair @RepEliotEngel to @SecPompeo says he's disappointed Secretary of State visit to Capitol Hill is so short and took so long to set up following US airstrike on #Soleimani
@SecPompeo @HouseForeign @RepEliotEngel Ranking member @RepMcCaul says the president acted with enormous restraint as #iran attacked US assets and was entirely within his rights to order the airstrike on #Soleimani
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#BREAKING: Security forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime including #IRGC Ground Force are now sending their troops and military equipment including these MRAPs to the city of #Qom in-order to establish military curfew over #CoronaVirus outbreak & death of two people in the city!
#BREAKING: Another video shows arrival of the MRAPs of #IRGC Ground Force at the entry points of the city of #Qom for military curfew and closure of main roads to the city over the #CoronaVirus outbreak in the city!
Video shows a #CoronaVirus infected patient who was transported from #Qom to #Tehran's Farmaniyeh hospital. He was a high profile patient (probably relative of a regime authority).
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#Important #News! #Threade

#Israel #Jerusalem #Russia #Syria

#Russia's #ambassador to #Syria released this week what some saw as a veiled threat to #Israel if Israel continued to #bomb #Iranian positions in the war-torn country.
On February 6th, 20 #Syrian and #Iranian military officials were #killed in an airstrike on a target near #Damascus. The attack also resulted in #Syrian air defense systems accidentally firing on a #Russian 172-passenger plane.
The plane was able to land safely at a nearby airport. However, #Russian #ambassador Alexander Yefimov was not interested in the Israeli justifications. In an interview with Sputnik arabic, Yefimov described the #Israeli #attacks as “#provocative and very #dangerous”.
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A businessman who once was export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE was falsely represented as a Strategic Studies Analyst by #ManotoTV, an #Iranian opposition TV! Few days ago, he was also interviewed by #BBCPersian! He has not written an article in his life! Who is he?!🤔
How on earth someone attends in a meeting against #Iran's Islamic Regime with #FakhrAvar & Saghar Kasraee in 2012! And just three years later, he is being appointed as export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE?! It is strange! May be this guy is a double agent?!
Real political & strategic studies analysts such as Mahnaz Shirali, Scientology University Professor might boycott #ManotoTV over inviting people like #FarbodTalaee who pretends to be an analyst (in fact is a businessman who cooperated with #IRGC).
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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The New Yorker, the #Trump Organisation was a partner with a company, called Azarpassillo, which was a front for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, used to evade sanctions by laundering money into #Iran.
Azarpassillo has another interesting connection; one of its apparent partners in money laundering, the #Mammadov family of #Azerbaijan.…
Ziya Mammadov Arzuman Oglu is an #Azerbaijani politician who served as the Minister of Transportation and he served as the Chairman of #Communist Party Chapter.…

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#Europe high representative should condemn four decades of crimes by the #Iranian regime &question its November killings, the massacre of political prisoners.
#HumanRights #FreeIranProtesters #IranProtests
@JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas The #EU High Rep.@JosepBorrellF will travel to Tehran on Monday, in a trip that will add insult to injury for the Iranian people, particularly after a violent and bloody suppression of the nationwide #IranProtests in Nov.&the crackdown on student protests in January.@eu_eeas
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Amin is one of at least 17 #Iranian students turned away at US airports despite valid visas. He planned to pursue a PhD at U of Florida. Instead, he was chained & taken to the Deyton Detention Center in #Georgia. We @projectsouth have been documenting conditions there. THREAD.
@ProjectSouth Amin was placed in a chilly holding cell at the #Atlanta airport for six hours, then transported to Deyton. Where the officers ordered him to strip naked in front of them. “The moment I entered the cell, I lost my spirit,” he said.
@ProjectSouth After we successfully convinced #Atlanta to stop colluding w/ICE for detaining immigrants at the city jail, ICE turned elsewhere to fuel the detention machine. They secretly entered into an arrangement w/private prison corporation GEO group for detention of immigrants at Deyton.
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You may want to know about #IAAB - Iranian Alliances Across Borders / The #Iranian regime’s #Soft_Power arm in The US!
Watch Narges Bajoghli one of the founders of IAAB explaining the goals and programs of the NGO. The two other main organizers are Amy Malek and Mana Kharrazi.
IAAB was founded in 2003. The organization's main program appears to be running #training_camps for Iranian-American teens, mostly raised outside Iran and don’t speak Persian. IAAB runs two types of camps: Future Camp and Youth Camp.
Check out Photos and videos on the Facebook page of IAAB:👇🏻…
Also on its YouTube channel:👇🏻…
You can find Camp Photo of 2017 in presence of #NIAC member, Maz Jobrani.
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THREAD: suspicious deaths and other events follow #Iranian strike on the #US military base #Ain_Al_Assad in #Iraq. As per official statements, no one was killed or injured duiring the strike. #Iran claims dozens of fatalities and injuries.

#Iran #Iraq #US #USA #Ain_Al_Assad
January 11, 2020:

2 U.S. Troops Killed By Taliban Bomb In Southern Afghanistan…
January 12th, 2020 (via @ASBreakingNews) (IMPORTANT)

#Danish TV broadcasts interview with #Danish troops stationed on #Ain_Al_Assad bas. Troops claim dozens of shellshocked troops were transported to #Kuwait:…

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Thread: As I’ve been talking to #Iranians in #Iran over the last couple weeks, some family & others friends I came to know over course of my yrs of field research in Iran, I’ve collected some of the more illuminating, interesting & at times heartbreaking comments 👇🏽
“After the nuclear deal we should’ve been flying in new Boeing planes, not shooting them down. How far we have fallen is truly sorrowful. From the hope of a different future, a moment of change, to not only broken promises, but what feels like darker days from the past”
“More than anything I’m scared. I believed in nuclear deal, it gave me hope for a better future & #Iran abided by it. It seems like we were punished for that. Now I’m scared of war & what might become of us. Iraq, Libya, Syria? The examples around us are grim”
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I've been thinking of this whole #Soleimani event, and I'm going to share my opinion. I want to make clear it is only my speculation based on the many various data points that we all absorb and process.

I think it's possible Qasem Soleimani was taken out weeks ago.
We may just be watching the "public movie" instead of the real deal.
Why do I say this when I can't point to any hard evidence?
In my mind, I keep going back to the NYT article [leak] on hypersonic weapons, released hours before the #BaghdadAirportAttack
If you are Mil Intel and are planning an attack on one of the top #Iranian targets, and the premier bulletin board for the deep state reveals your plans before they happen, would you just shrug it off and continue on as if nothing was leaked?
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