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We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us. Prepared to go forward w/it. Here live. Not a cat. #Anonymous #HackThePlanet
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8 Oct 20
[Thread] Facts. @Twitter and @Jack are well aware that they've been infiltrated by a hostile dictatorship at least once.…

For years, unless you know how to work around Twitter's filters, you can't register an account over Tor without a phone #.
@Twitter @jack Enemies of dissidents absolutely love a phone #. It's an easy way to geolocate a person, which makes the usage of Tor essentially pointless.
@Twitter @jack We understand that Twitter has a political troll/misinformation problem, and a number of those accounts use Tor. However, they've recently adopted the approach of banning all Tor accounts unless a phone # is provided, which is a problem for activists, dissidents and the homeless.
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8 Oct 20
Paging @torproject. A number of our admins have been suspended for using your service and not having a phone number. Other activists facing the same. A problem that @Twitter doesn't timely address, and it affects your software, in addition to activists who don't want to be doxed.
@torproject @Twitter And if @Twitter claims this is paranoid, well, they were infiltrated by agents of Saudi Arabia looking to identify dissidents. And we all know what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. This isn't a joke.…

@Twitter @jack @torproject
@torproject @Twitter @jack A number of us that use Tor and refuse to provide a phone number have a reason to do so. We've been suspended by @Twitter, despite not displaying any abusive behavior. And Twitter has been infiltrated by dictatorships. A problem worth addressing? @torproject @BiellaColeman
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10 Feb 20
2019-nCoV update:
1 new case in the United Kingdom
1 new case in Malaysia
1 new case in Vietnam
1 new case in Spain
1 new case in Taiwan
3 new cases in South Korea
3 new cases in Singapore
7 new cases in Japan
10 new cases in Hong Kong
3037 new cases in China

Source: BNO news
There are currently 40,554 confirmed cases worldwide, including 910 fatalities.
So far, only 3324 people have recovered. 6494 cases are severe.

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4 Feb 20
2019-nCoV ARD update:

Countries with 1 new confirmed case: Canada, Belgium, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan

countries with 2 new cases: Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau

3 new cases in Japan

countries with 6 new cases: Singapore, Thailand

One new fatality in Hong Kong
Mainland China update: 3225 new cases, 66 new deaths, 225 recovered
There are currently 23,865 confirmed cases worldwide, including 493 fatalities.
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11 Aug 18
All the little q's are so hurt over a video & the conspiracy of "OMG they're deep state/CIA George Soros reptilians" is their main attack on us, without any proof. Q started as a troll on /b/ but it's brainwashed people with no critical thinking skills.
There is a reason we keep refering to "The Muffin Man." He's a baker. He bakes muffins and he doesn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs but gives you all the things: Those things that Q's can't accept -the reality of the trollolol. *note the song in the PR video is "The Muffin Man"
Our investigations, hacks and d0x are leading to some very, very interesting places. We are not shocked or surprised tho. When we are ready we will release everything we have found. Please note, Q hits home with boomers for a reason. Many Anons are involved- not just this acct
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