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#Yemen's health system has stopped functioning says Marco our chief war surgeon #protecthealthcare 
#Yemen AlThawra Hospital of Taiz province stopped working. No diesel anymore to run generations.
walking today on the street,I saw ths child scared cuz of the sound of the #Decisive_storm's air-jets
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Human Rights Watch dénonce les exactions des groupes séparatistes. #OpCameroon #FreeSouthernCameroons #GenocideInSouthernCameroons…
L'armée camerounaise de nouveau accusée d'exactions contre des civils. #OpCameroon #FreeSouthernCameroons #GenocideInSouthernCameroons…
In the #SouthernCameroons, peacefully expressing a political opinion is illegal. Tirany must end! #FreeSpeech #FreePress #JournalismIsNotACrime Join us and stand with these brave nonviolent activists to #FreeSouthernCameroons #GenocideInSouthernCameroons Image
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@jokowi @binofficial_ri @CCICPolri @BNPTRI @DivHumas_Polri @kemkominfo @BSSN_RI @Puspen_TNI SEANDAINYA kelak anak2 KALIAN yg DIBANTAI dgn dibelah dua bagian ... spt KALIAN MEMBANTAI 6 PEMUDA di km50, spt KALIAN BRUTAL MEMUKULI BURUH, MAHASISWA & ULAMA, spt KALIAN KORUPSI SEBAR HOAX, TEROR & FITNAH, spt KALIAN BERPOLITIK BUSUK & KEJI

@jokowi @binofficial_ri @CCICPolri @BNPTRI @DivHumas_Polri @kemkominfo @BSSN_RI @Puspen_TNI FAKTA BERSERAKAN bahwa KALIAN sangat KEJI


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#Anon #Legion Worldwide
Thank you for your success so far in #OpMyanmar

Now my country #Scotland and our comrade @CraigMurrayOrg needs #HELP

@AlexSalmond was smeared and charged in the #SalmondStitchUp like #Assange

His friend #CraigMurray exposed truth.

We need #opScotland
#opScotland to bring the #truth to #light

Only journalists reporting truths have been charged while the #MSM who was against #Salmond and help spread the #lies got away with much more identifying info #jigsawsarefun

#TheSNP leadership cabal lead by #NicolaSturgeon continues
To spread #disinfo #smear and #censor the evidence, even from the #ScotParliament #SGHHC Committee set up to #investigate their mistakes.

@DavidDavisMP recently exposed this in WM using Parliamentary Privilege

Our @COPFS has threatened prosecution to anyone, inc our MSPs
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🎥🛑En #Senegal estudiantes toman las calles EXIGIENDO DEMOCRACIA y la libertad de los profesores detenidos por el régimen.

#AarSunuDemotratie #5mars
🎥🛑En #Senegal Bignona ALERTA

🔻Las fuerzas de represión acabaron con la vida de este joven senegalés al tratar de proteger la vida de estudiantes e infantes.

Rest In Power 🙏
#MACKYDESTITUTION #snresistance #SNinsurrectionActe2
🎥🛑En #Senegal #BREAKING es el ejército el que está disparando a la población, no la policía!!

🔻En Bignona segunda víctima un policía quemado vivo por el ejército, al menos 2 personas ASESINADAS y 5 heridas.

Rest In Power 🙏
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🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 ALERTA ⚠️

🔻Por segundo día se ven escuadrones de cazas de la fuerza aérea sobrevolando los cielos, está vez en Mandalay.

⚠️Ayer mapeamos al menos 62 asesinatos cometidos por golpista, el día más sangriento desde el golpe.

🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲

🔻Ayer pudimos visibilizar como las fuerzas de seguridad dispararon con subametralladoras a civiles desarmados ante el silencio de la comunidad internacional.

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar
🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 las protestas contra el golpe continúan, los manifestantes han vuelto a construir barricadas defensivas.

⚠️Atentas a las redes sociales.
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🎥🛑In #Myanmar (Monywa) nuevo ASESINATO

🔻Aquí la POLICIA TERRORISTRA trasladando el cuerpo.

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar

🔻Please stand with us, try all the country and especially UN remark that they are a terrorist organization. #pleasehelpmyanmar

#Anonymous #OpMyanmar
🎥🛑En #Myanmar Policia y militares de la 77⁰ LID soldiers dispersaron manifestación con gases lacrimógenos y pelotas de goma en Yangon al norte de Okkalapa a las 10:30h, al menos 10 detenidos.

🔻Frontier escondido grabo DURA IMAGEN de estos TERRORISTAS.
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🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 la policía dispersa manifestantes en el barrio de Sanchaung, en Rangún.

🔻Puede verse como lo solicitas rodean y golpean a uno de los manifestantes.
🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 misma situación en el municipio de Insein, en Rangún.

🔻Aunque los manifestantes siguen realizando barricadas por tercer día consecutivo y van mejor equipados las posiciones no se mantienen.
🎥🛑En #Myanmar 🇲🇲 en el municipio de Tamwe, en Rangún.

⚠️La policía lanza gases lacrimógenos y granadas aturdidoras.
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TIL: Burmese text encoding is a mess. A lot of people in #Myanmar feel compelled to use third-party keyboard apps as they handle conversion between the different text encodings better than the stock keyboard app. #OpMyanmar #Anonymous Image
Those third-party keyboards are riddled with advertisements and analytics trackers. If somebody could develop a free and open-source keyboard that can handle this without any of these undesired features (…) it would help keep our friends safe ImageImageImage
Here are some additional resources on Burmese text encoding and why it's a problem:………
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This release is a giant three-fingered salute in solidarity with the people of Myanmar, to support their fight against tyranny.

My advice to any military looking to use the Internet to overthrow a democratically elected government?

Get good at it first.
လုံခြုံနေပါ။ ငါတို့အားလုံးသင်တို့နှင့်အတူရှိ

#OpMyanmar #Anonymous #CivilDisobedienceMovement #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

မန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင် မှတ်ပုံတင်ထားသော ကုမ္ပဏီများနှင့် ကော်ပိုရေးရှင်းကြီးများ၏ သိန်းနှင့်ချီသော မှတ်တမ်းမှတ်ရာများ

#OpMyanmar #Anonymous #DDOSecrets #Leaktivism #CivilDisobedienceMovement #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

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[ t h r e a d ]]

I’ve been hesitating posting this thread because I don’t want to induce more negativity into the current climate, but this is something I can’t keep quiet about anymore.

Please don’t continue reading if you’re extremely sensitive to acts of evil / violence.

My friends in #Anonymous have spent years—countless hours of their own unsolicited time—finding and reporting pedophile-related profiles to Twitter to get the accounts suspended.

Twitter has made it beyond difficult for them to do this efficiently and effectively.
I want to first point out the obvious that, not only is it a noble endeavor to sacrifice ones time and sanity to potentially save children from one of the most horrendous acts of evil any sane mind can imagine—which should be Twitter’s job in the first place—
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Today is @AaronSwartzDay.

Ten years ago, Swartz was arrested and charged by the @FBI for giving the public access to materials the public had paid to create. Here's an interview I gave at the time, followed in thread by lesser-known aspects of his work

Both before and after his initial arrest and charging, Swartz assisted with the crowd-sourced investigation into illicit surveillance and propaganda technologies uncovered by #Anonymous, #Wikileaks, and #ProjectPM in early 2011 - like persona management:…
In 2012, he was among the handful of researchers who argued that Trapwire was a matter of legitimate public concern:…
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In due time, all that has not been revealed, we will clearly reveal.

The ultimate truth will continue to run its own course, even though evil attempts to slander, attack, and fabricate bias in order to stop the truth. Truthness is, the truth will never fall.

STORM #Anonymous ANONYMOUS NEWS WORLD    "Dan demikianlah pada setiap ne
Ayyy tumpahin dikit2 tabungan @digembok 'Tukang Meme jadi Hekel' bocor ... ada yg bakal ngompol 🤣

🥤Sedot dulu cendolnya :…


Pelan2 ya #KelotokinDIGEMBOK ADMIN UTAMA @digembok TERBONGKAR!   Ayyy tumpahin dikit2 tabADMIN UTAMA @digembok TERBONGKAR!   Ayyy tumpahin dikit2 tabADMIN UTAMA @digembok TERBONGKAR!   Ayyy tumpahin dikit2 tabADMIN UTAMA @digembok TERBONGKAR!   Ayyy tumpahin dikit2 tab
We know is The BIG FACTS of Them, even though evil attempts to slander, attack, and fabricate bias in order to stop the truth. Truthness is, the truth will never fall.


Anonymous are Fulan in Moslems FPI is not terrorist !  We know is The BIG FACTS of Them, ev
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Silence is compliance, let not your voices go unheard.
Keep fighting until whats wrong is right.
Supporting Anonymous is not illegal, protesting is not illegal, share your opinion about your corrupt governments is not illegal.
We Are Anonymous
Expect Us.

bismi-llahi tawaqaltu al-allahu laa hawlaa wa-laa quwata illa billah ...

(insha-allah) masih sesuai janji,
krn janji itu hutang, jd ayyy mau genapin janji ...
ayyy bakal iris tipis2 ttg #KelotokinDIGEMBOK

Cuitan lanjutan dari: | #IndonesiaDaruratHAM SIAPA DI BALIK @DIGEMBOK  b...ImageImageImage
Sebelumnya ayyy mau ngaku kalau ...

Ayyy BUKAN pihak OPOSISI ... BUKAN pihak FPI ...

Ayyy perjelas ...
Dan ayyy bakal MEMIHAK KEBENARAN yg difitnah secara keji !

Ok lanjut ya #KelotokinDIGEMBOK
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To Indonesian Police Department, It's Too Late To Expect Us

Open War System
Warning !!!
By attacking the Death Skull
Means Challenging Open War
Your behavior has to be paid for

Real name Zul Amri Nasution
Main admin Account digeeembok
El Sanusi aka Zul Amri Nasution the main admin of the account is locked
after being caught hacking, breaking into banks, trafficking scammers, and becoming a pimp
then he was recruited by cyber crime!
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account dgmbk | web digeeembok(dot)com
Zul Amri Nasution aka EL SANUSI dgmbk diatablo! 🤣
Telegram BuzzerRp Penyebar Hoax :
https://t. co/MeYMcwoLwu?amp=1
#OpIndonesia #RadicalIndoPolice ADMIN UTAMA  account dgmbk | web digeeembok(dot)com  Zul Amr
Ok! Gini ya ayyy ...

ayyy lanjut dah klotokin El Sanusi (Zul Amri Nasution) admin digeeembok(dot)com

ayyy iris tipis2 dah via kultwit aja dulu ya ... Ok! Gini ya ayyy ...   ayyy lanjut dah klotokin El Sanusi (Z
ayyy mau pesen dulu ...

tolong semua bisa gercep ya buat backup (semua yg bakal ayyy publikasi), RT boleh Like boleh, firasat ayyy rada kurang enak, akun ini 'mgkn' gak bertahan lama ...

soalnya barisan die ini jelas2 dideking indomie telor wercok ...
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Ayer en la noche @YourAnonCentral #Anonymous anunció un #OpSec descentralizado, #OpPeru, en rechazo al gobierno de Manuel Merino.

Hoy se han bajado la página del Congreso de la República.
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Peru's political crisis explained: a thread

Trigger warning: this post deals with the theme of police brutality and firearms, which some may find disturbing. Photos and videos included.
Peru is facing their worst political crisis after the Peruvian Congress impeached former President Martin Vizcarra due to “alleged moral incapacity”. 105 legislators voted in favor of vacancy, while around 80% of the population voted against it.
Now, Peru is being ruled by a de facto government led by the president of Congress Manuel Merino. He hasn't been recognized by leaders around the world, has no college degree, and is now in charge of leading one of the countries with the highest coronavirus death rates.
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🔴🏴 #MillionMaskMarch2020 Events organized by #Anonymous:

 Adelaide, #Australia

Location: Parliament of South Australia - House of Assembly

Time: Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 8 AM UTC+01 – 9:30 AM UTC+01

Event link:… Image
🔴🏴 Akron, Ohio, United States #USA #MillionMaskMarch2020 #Anonymous

Location: Metro RTA downtown Transit Center

Time: 12:00 - 21:00 EST

Event link:…

Hosted by: Anonymous Akron Ohio & Derek Frick Image
Amsterdam, The #Netherlands #MillionMaskMarch2020 #Anonymous

Location: De Dam, Amsterdam

Time: 13:00 GMT +1

Event link:…

Hosted by: Anonymous Netherlands Operations Image
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MAGNIFICO documental sobre la familia Biden realizado por el magistral periodista de investigación Nicolas Moras.
Los seguidores de Trump "escoltan" al autobús en el que va Kamala Harris y Joe Biden después de salir de un acto electoral.
Cuando miramos a las calles de EEUU es bastante evidente que Trump va a ganar en 2020, y con más autoridad que en 2016.
Algunos expertos ya están
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#Poem #Anonymous ...

Sharing a poem I read somewhere..

Pebbles in her path, thorns in her feet... alone
Treading along the maze of life, with gusto and dominance
As a rock she stands, stronger than ever.. On her own
Inspiration beyond comparison, lovable is her presence

Circumstances and situations seem fantastic
Alone the poet was trudging along, taking a stroll
Met her did the poet, asked her for an inspiration
She said, Write something to solace your soul

Spirits of fire, angelic is her form
Object of my attention, engulfed my imagination
Prostrate I do, front of her majestic aura
Offer I can, few words as my oblation

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"This election is a two-part referendum: first, on the character of a man, and second, on the character of our nation. That’s why I’m also urging fellow Republicans to put country over party, even if that means supporting Trump’s Democratic opponent.
Although former Vice President Joe Biden is likely to pursue progressive reforms that conservatives oppose (and rest assured, we will challenge them in the loyal opposition), his policy agenda cannot equal the damage done by the current President to the fabric of our Republic.
I believe #JoeBiden’s decency will bring us back together where Donald Trump’s dishonesty has torn us apart.
Donald Trump has made America less safe, less certain of its identity and destiny, and less united. He has responded predictably, with personal attacks meant to obscure
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Oh, is he now?

Well then. Since I couldn't address my thoughts to this ... person ... by name at the time, that makes this the PERFECT opportunity to do so.

@MilesTaylorUSA, this one is definitely for you.

*Hint: this does not go favorably for you. 😒

I blogged about it when the supposed tell-all books were circulating.

"It wasn’t his amorality or impulsiveness that they objected to, I suspect, but rather that his behavior cast their goals in such stark light as the wrecking ball they were always intended to be."

I. Called. Shenanigans.
Still do.

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