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1. #France commits Military support to #India
2. #US & #Germany block #China's move in #UNSC which blamed #India for #Karachi terror attack
3. #India deviates from 'One China Policy' for the 1st time by mentioning the new #HongKong Security Law in #UNHRC
4. #US praises #India's move to ban TikTok for 'furthering National Security against #Chinese spying
5. #UK offers residence in UK for 5 years to 2.6 million people in #Hongkong, after which they will be granted citizenship
6. #US bans #Huawei for links to Communist Party of #China
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Now that the #UNSC has passed a resolution endorsing the @UN #GlobalCeasefire, a few thoughts on (i) how we got here; and (ii) if this actually means anything 👇 [1/8]
.@CrisisGroup (like many other NGOs) called for the #UNSC to back @antonioguterres' #GlobalCeasefire campaign in April, although we had two caveats... [2/8]…
Our first caveat was that the #GlobalCeasefire was never likely to be really "global". Different conflict parties would take it differently depending on their interests, strategies and views of #COVID. That remains the case today. [3/8]
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So @_AfricanUnion negotiations have NOT been fruitful. #Egypt & #Sudan will NOT jeopardize the lives of millions & will never allow for the Turkish Ilısu Dam scenario to reoccur. #UN Security Council role will be crucial, but will it adopt an arbitrary role? 1/
#Ethiopia’s unilateral filling of #GERD without an agreement is a serious violation to its international legal obligations. #Sudan & #Egypt would interpret it as an act of war, making any diplomatic solution even harder to reach & comprehensive agreement more complicated. 2/
According to UN Charter Article 51, #Sudan & #Egypt will have the legitimate right of self-defence to safeguard the lives of millions of people. This is of course if #Ethiopia decides to fill #GERD without an agreement & violate its international legal obligations. 3/
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1/ Very early in the morning of 6/25/50 near the 38th parallel in Korea, at about 10 pm 6/24 in the US, 14-year-old Kim Yeh Soon heard shelling. She thought it was training. Then she saw tanks and thought "the earth was going to fall apart." A thread.…
2/ The Korean War began 70 years ago tonight. This thread will last its first few days, as civilians fled, soldiers advanced, and Harry Truman took the US to war without thinking seriously about whether a war declaration was required.
3/ Tweets will appear over time. I will not answer replies to protect the thread. Please start a separate thread to discuss. This is from a chapter of my book-in-progress.
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(THREAD) 1/ In this article for @ForeignPolicy on #Syria, I discuss a complicated but immensely important topic: the weaponization of humanitarian assistance by the Syrian regime. Spoiler: things CAN be fixed. #SyriaConf2020…
2/ Three paradoxes: i/UN/NGOs do great work assisting millions but accept regime hijacking of aid ii/EU&US provided $30bn of UN aid since 2011 but don't push back on aid diversion iii/UN/NGOs centralize ops in Damascus but don't fix the system & ignore a fragmented huma reality.
3/ i/ The huma response in #Syria is a logistical masterpiece & an ethical conundrum: the UN has set one of the most robust coordination systems but the huma community is paralyzed on diversion, despite multiple reports 👉 @HaidHaid22 @hrw @TheSyriaCmpgn @ScprSyria @annie_sparrow
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CORRECTED thread on female perm reps on #UNSC:
1st female PR on SC - Jeanne Martin Cissé (Guinea,1972-3)
With Ireland & Norway PRs joining SC in 2021 there'll be total 22 female PRs since 1946
Here's corrected list by country
Next tweets in thread will give names & photos of each Image
1972-3: Jeanne Martin Cissé (Guinea)
1979: Gwendoline Chomba Konie (Zambia)
1981-5: Jeane Kirkpatrick (US)
1988-9: Absa Claude Diallo (Senegal) ImageImageImageImage
1993-6: Madeleine Albright (US)
2000-1: Patricia Durrant (Jamaica)
2005-6: Ellen Margrethe Løj (Denmark)
2009-13: Susan E. Rice (United States) ImageImageImageImage
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What is the future of @UNPeacekeeping in the #COVID19 era? Following up on strong articles by @CedricdeConing, @NamieDiRazza, @DeSachenka, @AdamDayNYC, @CharlieKwame and others, I step up with @louise_riis to make some prognostications in two pieces @diisdk.

A thread 👇[1/8]
The basic challenge of #COVID19 and #peacekeeping is that (i) the #pandemic may actually increase demand for @UN peacemaking, etc.; but (ii) reduce the available resources, @louise_riis and I argue in our first @diisdk piece [2/8].…
In simple terms, #COVID19 could reverse hard-won @UNPeacekeeping/@UNDPPA work in some fragile states, and weaken others, but @UN members will want to save $$$ [3/8]
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"Well done, China. You’ve bested us. You win. Or at the very least, the Justin Trudeau government has been bested." @TerryGlavin @OttawaCitizen

My stomach rolled over reading GLAVIN devastating critique. We MUST stop kowtowing to #China's bullying.…
"National Research Council, for reasons that were not made quite clear, entered into an agreement, the exact details of which Canadians are apparently not entitled to know, with a Chinese entity known as CanSino Biologics Inc." @TerryGlavin

☞ Any thoughtful guesses why?
"Only 14 per cent of us think it would be a good idea to allow Beijing’s 'national champion" telecom giant #Huawei to get in on Canada’s 5G (fifth-generation) internet connectivity infrastructure." @TerryGlavin
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"Canada was conspicuously NOT on the invitation list. Any guess why?"[emphasis added]

Amongst our traditional allies, Canada is no longer counted as one of the "trusted partners". There is a reason.…

'Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.' @OED

"When confronting an arrogant regime like the one in Beijing today, Canada should display more Churchill and less Chamberlain." @nationalpost

In trying so hard to please & garner support #China, @JustinTrudeau placed Canada's eggs in the wrong basket. Norway and Ireland, in all likelihood, will emerge with two non-permanent #UNSC seats. Canada, then for as long as #TRUDEAU remains PM, will be shunted.
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“I’m happy to thank #Taiwan for its generous donation,” @JustinTrudeau said.

What next, @ElizabethMay proclaiming, "Long live Oil!"💥

So, what does this mean!?

Some context, it only happened AFTER @MariekeWalsh @globeandmail asked her now ...…
roundly celebrated AND foundation-shaking question at the 'The Cottage'. TRUDEAU has taken a shellacking for not answering it and turning his back (on CDNs🇨🇦) retreating into his 'Red Brick Refuge'.

I smiled this morning as I read a post asking if it was all #FakeNews.
FIRST - What to look for next?

Watch for official social media posts expressing this gratitude.

If you don't see any, THEN it would be advisable to not only question, but be unbelieving - be 'vewy, vewy [sic] sceptical.'

Cc: @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @FP_Champagne
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Contrary to the narrative there is widespread support across Libya against the Turkish invasion
Al Quba
Bin walid
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"[@JustinTrudeau] called the funding 'a beginning,' and vowed 'more to come' as the international community collaborates on tackling the novel coronavirus that’s rapidly spread across the world." @rachaiello @CTVNews

Translation: Backfilling #WHO…
With @PBO_DPB projecting $252B deficit and with more #COVID19 spending on horizon, today's announcement adds yet $850M, which follows ONLY days after 'yet-to-be-established' costs eventually to be associated Firearms OIC - which could exceed "$5.52B"…
"With Apologies to Drunken Sailors"
...but, Trudeau gov't @liberal_party is 'spending money like a drunken sailor - BUT at least a drunken sailor spends his own money'(with a nod to President Reagan).

#TRUDEAU must believe he can ingratiate himself & buy #UNSC seat votes.
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IF [no sarcasm intended] this government truly desires "Safer Streets and Strong Communities", it WON'T be achieved with these measures. Focus MUST be on entrenched organized crime, gang proliferation and porousness of our borders.…

Regrettably, this announcement does really NOTHING to address the harsh realties of gun crime. Make no mistake, criminals pay no heed to political narrative and are unfazed by its window dressing.The grim statistics will continue to climb, unabated & undeterred.

By targeting law-abiding owners, rather than illicit firearms and criminals who wantonly use them, one can't even fairly say the government has gone after low-hanging fruit. It's a different tree altogether.

Holy Moly! They're not even in the right orchard!
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Some highlights from @ChallengesForum @nupinytt @IPSS_Addis webinar on the #GlobalOrder & future of #PeaceOps
2) @CedricdeConing highlights that the further @UNpeacekeeping operations move away from the principles #consent #impartiality and minimum use of force to stabilization, the less effective and successful. @MatejaPeter
3) 63% of webinar participants agreed that #A4P can lead to greater consensus among Member States on @UNPeacekeeping #PeaceOps
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1/ In latest @BulletinAtomic piece, I argue France, UK & Germany can attempt to avoid UN Security Council clash over #Iran arms embargo. Existing embargo should be allowed to lapse & UNSC should agree on new code of conduct for arms sales to #Iran -->… via
2/UN arms embargo on #Iran set to expire less than 3 weeks before US elections. Having preserved #JCPOA framework so far into #Trump admin, unwise for Europe to risk blowing it up now. Esp as EU embargo & UNSC resolutions prohibiting arms transfers to #Houthi & #Hezbollah remain.
3/No option ideal for Europe:
-Side with #Pompeo on extending UNSC arms embargo; or
-Push back too hard against US could result in Pompeo persuading White House to invoke contorted claim it can snap-back all UNSC sanctions
-->Both scenarios likely result in #Iran NPT exit
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It's happening! Russian media report that P5 leaders will hold a video summit on #COVID19 this Friday. A few notes on why this makes me unreasonably excited [1/5]
In the short term, a P5 "virtual summit" is (hopefully) a signal that the #SecurityCouncil will get behind a @franceonu's push for a resolution backing @antonioguterres #GlobalCeasefire appeal, albeit with caveats [2/5].…
I am not sure that a #UNSC resolution on #COVID19 will fully restore the SC's credibility after weeks of P5 bickering over how to react to the #pandemic and #globalceasefire, but it's probably still better than nothing. [3/5]…
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This paper by @caredunton aims to ground some of the relatively limited research on Canada and the #UNSC in IR theory about status and identity. This is a good thing. Previous work has been utterly devoid of theory. #WIISTOTC 1/10
It will also add to the literature on small states. Another good thing. But I do have some questions / suggestions / observations (and I’m not good with #gifs, sorry) @caredunton #WIISTOTC 2/10
For one, why no reference to Tom Keating’s, Canada and World Order: The Multilateralist Tradition in Canadian Foreign Policy…. Keating is interested in somewhat similar themes and ideas. @caredunton #WIISTOTC 3/10
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It is time for one long #Coronavirus update. I have been resisting doing this as (1) I do not want to add to the hysteria & the panic & (2) I don't believe in doomsday predictions. Moreover, things have been moving so fast, who knows what's what. BUT it's time for real talk...
Overall, #Coronavirus (the outbreak of #COVID19) is REAL. The effects on your daily life from the fallout will be REAL. The impact society, economics, & politics in 2020 will be severe & REAL. None of this is Fake News. None of this should be downplayed. (2/
People who are trying to silence REAL discussion are doing a disservice to the public interest. This is a 9/11 & 2008 level event in terms of its impact on domestic & international dynamics. This thread is not about creating panic but encouraging a smarter response. (3/
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What it means ?

1) Prevents the use of the Afghan land by terrorist organisations or individuals against the security
of the United States and its allies

2) Sets a timeline for the withdrawal of all #USA & Coalition forces from
3) A political settlement between the
Taliban & an inclusive negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan

4) A pemanent ceasefire

5) The #USA and it's Army will train and equip the Afghan military and security forces to handle the security issues prevalent in Afg
6) The #USA troops can only carry out operations against international terror orgs in Afghanistan soil and that too with ONLY if the Afghan government permits

7) US to facilitate talks between #Afghanistan & #Pakistan over security and mutual cooperation
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The #ChineseShip detained by India and the international duplicity.
The Department of Revenue Intelligence and #Kandla Customs detained a Chinese ship on February 3 for carrying a falsely declared “dual use” industrial autoclave as an industrial dryer, which can be used in the manufacture of ballistic missiles.
Now the scientists from the #DRDO are examining the suspected cargo of the Chinese ship #DaiCuiYun, bound for the Port of Karachi to ascertain whether the 2005 Indian law against #WMD and the international laws on the same can be invoked against both the consignee & consignor.
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This could be huge! Victims have been waiting for justice for widespread atrocities committed in #Darfur for 15+ years. Keen to have more details on plans for #Bashir to at last face the #ICC charges against him. Some further info on case at @hrw:…
@hrw I first began working on the campaign to see perpetrators of widespread crimes in #Darfur held to account in 2004 as @HRW continued to document the extreme brutality against civilians:…
@hrw It was time when the prospect of the #UNSC coming together to ensure justice for the gravest crimes at the #ICC was more on the table than in recent years. (see:…). But given the #US anti-ICC position, it was far from a foregone conclusion.
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Thread: Doctors & medical staff in #Idlib province have issued a call today to @UN Secretary General @antonioguterres to visit them and see for himself the realities they face everyday.

"Mr Guterres: we invite you to visit us in #Idlib and see for yourself how our hospitals are being deliberately targeted"

Guterres -- come see for yourself how a member of your Security Council is deliberately targeting hospitals
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