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Co-founder @Localeai- Location Analytics for Moving Assets. @bitspilaniindia. You can sign up here:
May 22, 2020 11 tweets 3 min read
A lot of people have recently reached out asking questions and advice on fundraising. So I am compiling a thread on my experience as a first time entrepreneur. 1/10
#startups #funding #fundraising 1. Outreach: We know getting intros is the best way. But if you don't have the network, always, always personalize your mails! Make them succinct! Make sure you stand out! Make sure you tell the investor why he needs to listen to you. 2/10
Apr 1, 2020 8 tweets 9 min read
We at have built a Covid-19 tracking console for Karnataka using the data launched by the Karnataka Government here:
You can use this console to plan your strategies, groceries and deliveries.

#FlattenTheCurve Some features on the console:
1. The grids show the aggregated number of quarantined people. & is colored based on density. You can change the resolution of grids in Settings.