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Brief #nonprofit thread

So just finished talking with a nonprofit leader. It never ceases to amaze me how pervasive the 'scarcity mindset' is within the sector and how numbing it can be to an organization.
2) It stunts growth. It prevents future planning. It hurts marketing and #fundraising efforts.

It means you're always living in the HERE AND NOW and tomorrow doesn't really exist.
3) Then #charity leaders wonder why when they come to a rainy day, they have no reserves. They have no idea how to move forward. They're stuck in place.
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1. News: Schumer threatens to SUE to stop President Trump from using EO to give Americans RELIEF!

Opposes unemployment benefits & tax relief for U.S. citizens, but supports DACA -Thread 8.7.20… #Schumer #Sue #Trump #Relief
2. News: In Rare Rebuke, Top GOP Senators Write & Accuse Schiff, Pelosi, Warner & Schumer of “KNOWINGLY” Spreading Disinformation on Foreign Intel… #Democrats #Schumer #Pelosi #Schiff
3. News: REMEMBER: Chuck Schumer scrambles to get rid of $22,000 that Jeffrey Epstein donated to his election efforts in the 1990s (8.7.20 Evening thread)… #Schumer #Epstein
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Giving Evidence today publishes #research about Royal patronages of charities: what are they, which charities have them, and whether they help.
It's in today's @TheTimes (£).
Our findings include these (thread):…
#charity #Royal #royalfamily
2/ UK charities should not seek or retain #Royal patrons expecting either many public events with them, nor an effect on revenue.

We couldn't find any effect of Royal patronages on charities’ revenues, despite multiple sophisticated statistical analyses.
#charity #fundraising
3/ We were surprised that three-quarters (74%) of UK charities which have #Royal patrons did not get a single public engagement with them during 2019.

Only 1% of charities which have #Royal patrons got more than one public engagement with them during 2019.
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Our mission at the Kids Being Kids Foundation is to improve the welfare and #development of the most #vulnerablechildren through play and extra-curricular activities.
A part of this is their physical #environment, which studies have shown profoundly influences developmental outcomes including academic achievement, cognitive, social and emotional #development.
One of the #vulnerable groups we want to support are the #Children of the Wesley School for the #hearingimpaired in Surulere. Their #landscaping is in dire need of a facelift.
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@Austin_Police arrested 20-y/o Julian Roldan Gawel 4 taking down d #UnitedStates/#Texas flags Fri night Juneteenth in front of #Austin Police Dept HQ where a #protest was happening. @TheJusticeDept @DHSgov @FBI #WeSeeYou @tedcruz @chiproytx @DNI_Ratcliffe
The protesters gathered outside APD HQ chanting hateful slogans, carrying hateful signs, calling OUR police officers derogatory names, & attempted to enter the building. Once they failed, they turned to the American & Texas flags flying from city-owned poles nearby.
Rioters lowered both flags, put them in a pile on the pavement & after several failed attempts, set them on fire. Julian was CHARGED WITH THEFT, EVADING ARREST, & RESISTING ARREST. Julian CROSSED STATE LINES in order to incite a riot, his case was referred to the @FBI.
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"The @WFP spokesperson told @Devex “...Some people find it inspirational & it motivates them to become committed supporters to the organisation.”

Bullshit. Donors do not find it inspirational. Their guilt, pity & shame are used like cash machines.… /1
Must we say it about #povertyporn yet again?

Yes we must:

Charitable portrayals of “helping” often conjure up victimhood and passivity in order to validate the assistance being given. #devcomms #comms4dev #comms4good #fundraising /2
There is a growing awareness that these portrayals uphold - rather than counteract - historical, deeply colonial, and continually politicized notions of “the other.”

And it is not ok. /3
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A lot of people have recently reached out asking questions and advice on fundraising. So I am compiling a thread on my experience as a first time entrepreneur. 1/10
#startups #funding #fundraising
1. Outreach: We know getting intros is the best way. But if you don't have the network, always, always personalize your mails! Make them succinct! Make sure you stand out! Make sure you tell the investor why he needs to listen to you. 2/10
2. Build a brand: Without spending money. At @Localeai, we started writing about our story, experiences, our problems & challenges. This led to a lot of investors reaching out to us directly! 3/10
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catching up on the tweets from @SamLapradeCFRE at #AFPICON yesterday! #datahead #fundraising
When looking at your data, take a look first at monthly donors (love on them!) and single gift ever donors (why?!) @SamLapradeCFRE #AFPICON #fundraisingdata
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” Peter Drucker Here is they type of data Sam pulls... going back 10 years to see trends properly. @SamLapradeCFRE #AFPICON #fundraisingdata
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With a continued lack of emergency funding to #charities who are continuing to provide advice, assistance & care to those who need it, whilst also suffering a huge reduction in their incomes, I've written the speech @10DowningStreet should have made this week. #EveryDayCounts
"We are facing the biggest crisis this country has faced in a generation. We have provided emergency support to the NHS, to businesses, to the self-employed. But now we need to support the real heart of our country. The embodiment of people coming together. Our charities."
"Charities are the lifeblood of our country. Stepping in where the state & business fail. People coming together to make this country a better place. They reflect your, the British people's, generosity, through your gifts of hard earned cash or gifts of time volunteering."
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You see a car in the ditch.
It's on fire.
You spring into action.
You pull the driver out, just in time.
He's bleeding badly.
You take off your shirt and apply pressure to his wound while calling 911.

You save his life.

Later, at the hospital, he regains consciousness.
He asks to see you.
You can't wait to see him.
Does he remember anything?
Is he going to be ok?
Does he have a family?
What will he say to you?

You walk into the room.

He looks at you...and says:
"On behalf of me and my entire family, I would like to thank you for recently saving my life. I believe in staying alive. My goal is to stay alive as long as possible. You have helped me meet my goals. With warm greetings."
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Who better to get #fundraising strategy training from than the superb @fundraisermaeve who writes over FIFTY a year?! 😯

Sure she's based in Canada, but thanks to #FundraisingEverywhere you have direct access to her training without leaving your home 👏
Recruiting #fundraising volunteers?

@AaronH247 takes us through his top tips of finding your key supporters & how to nurture them into long-term giving

Supporter experience - what does it mean & how can we get better at it?

Lesley Pinder (@Skipinder), head of supporter experience at the @BritishRedCross teaches us what they know at next week's #FundraisingEverywhere

Join us!
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Alors, je vous présente… our findings about (1) what academic #research already exists about UK charities & #philanthropy and (2) the topics on which UK charities & donors say that they would like more academic #research.

#charity #impact #eval #impinv
2/ Combined, the results are a ‘gap analysis’ which can inform future research. Both studies were funded by @Charity_Futures, re its work establishing an Institute of Charity at Oxford University. But the findings can inform the agenda of any researchers in this terrain.
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In 2009, #CAIR was listed as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the largest #terrorist #fundraising operation in the history of the #USA, known as the #HolyLandFoundation to be To be cont...
.#TheHolyLandFoundation (#HLF) was the largest Islamic charity in the USA & headquartered in #Richardson, #Texas.
Founded in 1989 by #PalestinianAmericans:
Mousa Mohammed
Abu Marzook
*it was originally known as #OccupiedLandFund
The 2008 trial of HLF was the "largest terrorism financing prosecution in US history" for among other things, funneling $12mil+ to #Hamas a US #DesignatedTerroristOrg
A jury found all defendants guilty on all counts & sentenced 15-65yrs
*The defendants were also HLF’s founders.
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1/ I recently spoke to @AccelepriseSF’s 9th cohort. Topic turned to how to approach #angelinvestors for #seedrounds. I shared some of these thoughts with @TomTaulli on @Forbes,…
but let me expand...
2/ According to @ACAAngelCapital, every year +200k angels invest +25 billion in +71k startup deals! This has changed 3 big things: 1. how formal VC firms operate 2. Silicon Valley’s stranglehold on talent 3. How founders raise funds. Let me explain.
3/ Let’s start with VCs. Initially wary of angels as competitors, they realized that letting angels take the initial bets actually helps reduce risk, letting them focus their own bets. Win.
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Thread alert!
My 6yrs recommending/declining funding applications for Children in Need has ended. I thought charity folks may find some of what I've learnt handy. Here are my 11 (everyone loves a freebie) tips. Just my observations, not the views of CiN or others...
1. Know the funder. Don't apply for things they don't fund - that just wastes everyone's time (mostly yours). Read their website, guidance, ask questions if it's not clear what they fund. Don't risk the application you spent hours working on going straight into the 'no' pile...
2. Fit the funder to the project, not the other way around. In other words, don't find a funder & think 'what can we do that they would fund?'. Start with the project & then see who would fund that type of work...
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Today is Alana’s 1st #birthday. Unfortunately, with #ElectionDay just a week away, we had to spend several hours today #fundraising to get our second TV ad on the air. Dialing for dollars to beg for money absolutely sucks.
But for #women candidates it's a necessary evil to compete with candidates who are millionaires or funded by special interests. I need your help! I’m the only woman running against 7 guys for #Governor and big outside #PAC money is flooding into the state.
Every $1 you give helps us reach 113 additional #Maryland voters who are looking for change. Please #donate as much as you possibly can and share this message so that #WethePeople can win back the reins of power!!
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💪A thread on amazing Twitter threads 😍👇
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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It's #March and one of the earliest pieces of advice I got after founding Prajnya was to a #fundraising drive in this month. Like most advice, it was well-meant but incorrect.
NGOs in India, especially those that have 80G exemption, are supposed to spend 85% of what they receive in a year, within the year. Failing that, we could lose non-profit status. So the Board has to resolve to spend the money within the year.
So there we are, most of us small and under-staffed, planning for March in advance, worrying about money, when donors, thinking about tax savings, start writing cheques. Now we worry differently.
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