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/1 Despite the bear cycle and crash of the banking system this VC continue work and invest in the fundamentals to enhance the profitability of the future.

@0xPolygon & @AlchemyPlatform & @animocabrands & @NGC_Ventures

#VC #fundraising
Let's review crucial invest during May: Image
/2 Polygon Ventures successful invested in 9 projects in May :

- @mnemonichq will forever change the world of NFTs and their affiliation
- @ConnextNetwork A blockchain protocol that struggles the evolution of applications that can access several networks
- @airstack_xyz
/3 Alchemy successful invested in 5 projects in May :

- @ArgusLabs_ world's first cryptogame development engine, created by a strong founder(86 generic foundations, infl, angels)
- @blocktorch - An visibility platform for journals, tags, and traces of decent softw applic
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Are you looking for ways to up your #Fundraising game? Well, we have good news for you. @V4CE will be hosting a FREE workshop for our members & grantees with the theme “Introduction to Digital Fundraising” on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 from 1 - 2.30pm Image
The workshop will explore the following: Identifying Digital Fundraising Roadmap, Ways to Fundraise Digitally & Tips for Digital Fundraising, etc. The deadline for registration is Mon. 19th June 2023 & you can register here:…
Neither member nor grantee, we got you! Just fill out the membership form and you can join us for an insightful, informative, & engaging session courtesy @V4CE & @Sport_England. Click to fill out the membership form. Membership is free!…
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Today, many startup founders wonder how to write a great blurb for their firms. Well, it's not rocket science, but effort has to be there! A twitter thread...

#startups #blurb #intro #pitch #gist #economics #business #finance #investment Image
A great blurb always helps startup owners effectively introduce their products & services to their target audience. Besides increasing the sales, a short yet crispy blurb can also attract investors for startup funding. It can be a tool to attract the best talents, too. #HR #IT
Your startup blurb should be different for different purposes, but here’s what a great blurb should consist of:

-A pitch within 25 words.
-Use bullet points to highlight relevant stuff.
-Additional context
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Announcement: After a successful #CostOfLivingCrisis support period, Rebuilding Heritage has now drawn to a close.
❤️Thank you to our funder, @HeritageFundUK, our partners @Heritage_NGOs @Heritage @CreativeUtdUK, @CIOFtweets, @CloreLeadership, @Media_Trust and many other contributors for making the #RebuildingHeritage programme such a resounding success.
Our final resource sets offer insight into what the programme accomplished during its final phase (Nov 22 - April 23) and what we learned.
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#Value proposition. I would like to disclose how we #support our #portfolio companies, because I do believe that neither #investments nor market making are enough, if there is nothing else provided. Our #vision is to be a #partner and friend for our portfolio companies and…… Image
Market making (#MM)- it has three main parts: Market #depth - we add more #liquidity on bid and ask side across exchanges where a token is listed on. Spread - we reduce the spread between the best bid and ask offers by adding more quotes around the middle price in the order book.……
#PR and #marketing - the most powerful tool to boost projects on the #crypto market. We support projects with everything from #media to KOLs, and we can act as an outsourcing marketing agency (spoiler - we will extract our marketing department to an independent company very……
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Los 10 pasos de cómo empezar a organizar tu ronda de financiación y no morir en el intento.

Algunos os gustó la idea de ir soltando tips sobre lo que he aprendido tras superar 2 rondas, así que aquí os voy dejando el primer hilo 🧵

#startups #fundraising
1 . ¿Qué necesitas? Personal, material, laboratorio, oficina, ordenadores, gestoría...
Define en qué necesitas gastar el dinero y ahora multiplica por 18 meses.

Muchos se lanzan a rondas sin hacer muy bien este ejercicio y es la base de un plan de negocio.
2.- ¿Qué fase es tu ronda?
Spinoff: Recién salida de la uni o aún investigando dentro de ella.
Pre-seed: Tengo una ppt y MVP feo.
Seed: Tengo un producto y primeros PoC o clientes.
Serie A: Tengo una base de clientes y soy sostenible financieramente.
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P1/18 🌍🔥🚀

News Post #54

What’s happening in the #African startup, tech & investment ecosystem? Here are a few things worth checking out! #Founders #Startups #Tech #Africa #Fundraising #Investment #News.

Original News Post:
P2/18 🧐🧐🧐

Ijeoma Ejimadu, alumni of the Dream VC African VC training programme has produced an #Africa Venture Capital Salary Insight report. Looking to enter a career in #African VC - then this is a great piece to read.
P3/18 📣📣📣

Oyin Solebo has been appointed as MD for ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator via TechHawk!…
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P1/19 🌍🔥🚀

News Post #53

What’s happening in the #African startup, tech & investment ecosystem? Here are a few things worth checking out! #Founders #Startups #Tech #Africa #Fundraising #Investment #News.

Original News Post:
P2/19 🧐🧐🧐

@TLG_Capital & @anafricanfuture launch US$25M programme for African startups. TLG Capital and The Fund for Africa’s Future will be a venture debt fund.
P3/19 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

10 Women lead multimillion-dollar startups in male-dominated Nigerian industries via @VenturesAfrica.…
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Do you know how much The productivity tool-NOTION is valued at?

A thread 🧵
If you are a productivity orientated person you would have surely heard about NOTION

Incase if you are wondering what it is?

Notion is a productivity and organization tool that helps teams and individuals manage their work and tasks.
It was launched way back in 2013, since its launch it gained a lot of loyal following.

It has become increasingly popular in recent days as people's interest towards being productive has increased.
#Notion #Casestudy
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We had seen WalMart acquiring 77% of Flipkart shares for $16 Billion despite the company suffering losses of $20 Billion FYI 2017-18

Despite having a profit of $2.5 Billion each year, Prosus/PayU withdraws its $4.7 billion deal to acquire India's BillDesk
Industry estimates indicate that BillDesk holds between 25 and 30 percent of the market for online payment aggregators

While PayU is the third-largest player in India with a market share of between 10 and 15 percent 2/6
#startupindia #startups #acquisitions
#BillDesk:Government as well as the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sectors are strongholds for BillDesk.

While many internet businesses prefer PayU as their preferred payment gateway. 3/6

#startupindia #startups #acquisitions #startupnews
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You should NEVER pitch as a pair or a team. When fundraising, you've got to pitch.

Always have only ONE person doing this.

It's (barely) OK if multiple people fundraise, especially in the very early days. But you should always let 1 person lead any given relationship.
Don’t co-pitch.

Once the company is off the blocks, one person should then lead ALL fundraising activities.

Two people (or more) pitching means more possibilities for a fuckup.

All an investor needs is a bad feeling about 1 of the co-founders and it’s over.
If you talk over each other, it's also over.

Worse: team pitching makes the whole pitch less clear and precise. The more people in a call, the less time you'll have to make an impression in those precious 15 to 30 minutes you get.
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/1 📣 This weeks major web3 news hot off the press 📣

❌ The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation issued cease-and-desist letters to five crypto companies, incl. @FTX_Official

🤝 @solana teams up with @jump_ for validator client to boost performance and decentralization
/2 🪙 As a precautionary measure, @Coinbase will pause new ETH and ERC-20 token deposits and withdrawals during the Merge

⚽️ Football club @Atletienglish partners with @STEPNofficial and @WhaleFinApp to launch NFT Sneakers Collection
/3 ⚖️ @CelsiusNetwork' collapse into bankruptcy should be probed, US says, seeking the sort of investigation previously deployed in cases of Enron and Lehman Brothers

🇺🇦 Ukraine bought weapons with some of the $60 million crypto donated after Russia’s invasion
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Again, our friend @YazaNico needs your help. She can't pay her and her mother's living costs (rent, heat, etc).

If you can, please help her. She's @/anna1858 on PayPal.

She still needs around $300. We will give more context in replies.

#Crowdfund #Fundraising #emergencyfund
In short, she has to take care of her mom who's been in a fragile mental health state in the past few years.

She tried to reach out to her dad for help but his current partner has made him cut ties with her and her mother.
She's been using what savings they have, but she's literally a student in Hungary without any support network beyond her online friends and things are spiraling.
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We at The Civil War and the Fight for the Soul of America seek to educate people about the REAL history of the mid-nineteenth century and the Civil War, through the film itself, public history, and social media. We need your help to continue with this vitally important project!
For far too long our history has been white-washed, made to fit a Lost Cause narrative. The North may have won the Civil War, but the white South won the cultural war - a crisis that continues to plague America today.
We have set up a @gofundme page to aid fundraising efforts with a goal of $23,000!

With your donation you create jobs for M.A. and Ph.D.-level historians to work as research assistants: every single dime goes to paying them!

You can find our page here:
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This may be an unpopular opinion (so be kind!) but I've been reflecting lately on the beast that is #Fundraising Ego.

I often see fundraisers in our sector talking about how they've raised £****M and it's causes me to question - have you though?

Here's a little #MondayMusing 🧵
Have you raised this money or have you had the privilege of helping generous people give their money?

Have you raised this money or have you experienced the joy of supporting and cheerleading inspiring fundraisers as they complete challenges and awesome endeavours?
Sure, you've presented, pitched and won partnerships, but it was the company, together with their employees and customers who gave, fundraised or offered products with a donation from each sale
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150 miles walked, ran and swam in June & £330 raised for @britishredcross 💪

Cornwall 🚶🏼‍♀️ via brief stints in Cardiff & Copenhagen - it's been a difficult month 😜

Thank you so so much to everyone who's donated! 😍 All of the money raised goes directly to supporting refugees.
There's still time to donate! (Link below)

Aware that pennies are short atm, but if you can spare any your donation will help @BritishRedCross to support refugees in the UK and around the world to find safety, rebuild their lives, and reunite with their loved ones
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Congrats @SamDeBrule @kevinthau @sparkcapital!

A well crafted presentation. Best I've seen recently.

But I think you can push it a little further next round.

I run a pitch design studio, and we audited your deck for fun.

Here are 6 opportunities to make it more compelling. Image
Our story framework informs our recommendations.

We use it to break down content into components.

It's our venture spin on the Story Circle, a timeless structure. Image
Let's start with the great things you're doing.

World-class type and clever branding elements.

Great data. Clear copy. Thorough.

But we think you could dial up the narrative. Image
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🧵 Two words sum up Bluefrog's latest findings from speaking to donors as the cost of living crisis tightens – accept and adapt.

Donors want a coherent narrative of their own to counter the chaotic world we live in – which is felt to be increasingly outside their control. 1/6 Image
The seemingly never-ending series of crises we face has caused people to readjust their focus. They are accepting and adjusting to the big things that are beyond their control (such as the war in Ukraine and the economic crisis). But the need for control has not diminished. 2/6
It has been transferred to those areas which are closest to their own lives and is of growing importance. That means there is more desire amongst donors to see the impact of their giving and, importantly, to know that their gifts are appreciated. 3/6
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1/ In the past week, there were a huge amount of seed projects called for capital.

A16z and Paradigm are 2 VCs that are the most active this week.

2/ KuCoin - A Chinese CEX, successfully raised $150 M in Series B from Circle Ventures and Jump Crypto.

The funds will be used to broaden KuCoin’s ecosystem.
3/ Zora is a NFT Exchange, with a set of tools for developers to make their own NFT collection with ease.

Zora has raised $50 M, the investment round was led by Haun Ventures from Katie Haun.

Zora is going to launch ZoraDAO soon.
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"Retha is a remarkable person who saw a need and moved forward to fill that need. After becoming ill with #MECFS she formed a Facebook support group in 2012." #fundraising…
"She became aware of the dire needs of patients for hope, companionship, financial assistance, medical treatment, special care facilities, and basic living necessities. She realized something had to be done for #MECFS in #SouthAfrica and founded The @mecfs_sa"
"The Foundation provides #healthcare and counselling services for people with #MECFS who cannot afford it; raises awareness of ME/CFS, and #advocates for the rights and interests of people with ME/CFS." #imhopeful
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These children have endured chronic and disabling symptoms.

Today they handed in their letters for @BorisJohnson to share their experience, hopes & ongoing infection risk fears.

#ShiningALightOnLongCovid #LongCovid #LongCovidKids
CEO Sammie McFarland handed in the new charities NEW support guide available as a free digital resource for families, kids, schools, healthcare professionals parents and caregivers.

#ShineALightOnLongCovid #LongCovid #LongCovidKids
Founder and CEO of LCK Sammie Mcfarland "Today is an incredible testimony to all the family's children and volunteers from our organisation who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to raise awareness for children living with Long Covid who have been ignored.
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1/ A month ago, our team at @defihelper raised $500,000 in the Pre-Seed round from a number of VCs with @bigbrainholdings leading the round. In this thread, I will summarize our fundraising experience.

#fundraising #VentureCapital #crypto 🧵
2/ The first thing to work out is what type of investors you are targeting. If you are a truly ambitious protocol, with a strong concept, then you should be able to find capital easily enough.
3/ The key is to remember that an investment is a PARTNERSHIP — what the investor can offer you (besides money) is crucial for a healthy, working relationship.
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