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Investor. Best Selling Author. Lawmaker Representing Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency. Chairman, House of Representatives Committee On Governmental Affairs.
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Oct 2, 2021
After spending one week on admission in the hospital, I returned home today to continue my treatment. Before I got admitted, I was “treating” the fever at home thinking it was malaria. Guys… no be every fever be malaria o.

#Thread So I flew into Ibadan from Abuja and felt feverish. I thought it was malaria so I ordered for my favorite malaria meds. After completing the dosage, I didn’t feel better. I felt very terrible. The fever was crazy and my temperature was skyrocketing.
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Aug 1, 2021
I can’t count number of times I have heard people say to me that my teachings changed their lives and businesses. That’s why I keep doing it. Teaching business and marketing is my passion. But I teach it better when I make money elsewhere and then spend it on the passion. #thread I can do a business I am not passionate about to make money so I can feed myself and my family. I can then use the money to fuel my passion. It is not compulsory that it is my passion that will bring in my livelihood. Only lazy people think like that.
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Feb 9, 2021
Cover Design Contest for my upcoming book, How To Sell To Nigerians. Prize: N100k. If you are good (or know anyone that is good with graphics) this is a chance to earn a quick N100k. Please read this thread to the end for details & guidelines so we don’t fight later 😀

#Thread So I just finished writing my new book, How To Sell To Nigerians. It is time to design the cover and I have decided to have an open contest. I have designers in house but let’s have some fun here and win some money. Besides, na still promo for the book.
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Jan 25, 2021
Abramovic believes his club does not need to suffer for years before winning which I don’t think is a bad thing. His “no patience” style has won him 5 league titles, 5 FA cup, 1 Champions League, 2 Europa Cups, not to mention 3 charity shields/decorations.

#thread Suffering to get results in football is overrated. Not only that, it is actually unnecessary and breeds weak mentality. Top top clubs world wide do not need to suffer to win trophies. Bayern, Real Madrid, Barca etc will not wait for years so they can build a team.
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Jul 25, 2020
Here are some discussions delivery operators must have after this NIPOST protest dies down and people move to other trending matters.

#thread 1. Acceptance they are operating in a regulated segment of the economy. One way or the other, their operations will be subjected to licensing, fees, reviews and general “pokenosing” by the relevant government agency. It will no longer be buy and bike and you are in business.
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Jul 25, 2020
Dear Minister @DrIsaPantami. Section 45 of the Nigeria Postal Services Act states clearly that the power to grant courier license resides with the minister of communications. You owe it to Nigerians to halt this draconian move right now.

#thread Another fact that bothers is the fact that NIPOST is an operator and at the same time a regulator. This is not going to work going forward. Even after this new policy is reversed, we have a big duty on our hands because of this act. Anyone at NIPOST or the ministry can still...
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Jun 26, 2020
Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, oko Florence.

1. Primary Education Saint Patrick Primary School, Oke-Padre in Ibadan

2. Primary education St. Patrick, Abebi, ICC Primary school, Aperin

3. Secondary education Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan.

#dreamcv 4. B.Sc (Honors) in Business Administration and Finance State University New York

5. Masters of Science (MBA) degree Governors state university, Illinois


1. Senior Consultant Management and Industrial Consulting firm Nigeria.
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May 20, 2020
If you have a vacancy for a secondary school certificate holder and a masters degree holder shows up, do not hire him or her. Hire the secondary school certificate holder. If you hire the masters degree holder, you will both regret it at the end of the day.

#thread Firstly, I think you are just being a bad person taking advantage of people by filling your low paying vacancy with a masters degree holder. Except you increase the pay, you are just a terrible person for trying to pay minimum wage to a masters degree holder.
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May 20, 2020
No one should complain of getting 3rd class. Some of us didn’t even pass JAMB. I was fine with the fact that I sucked at it. We should learn to normalize and teach kids to normalize sucking at certain things, but we have too many woke and fragile people these days.

Short #thread We have to accept the fact that we can’t excel at everything. You can suck at some things. But these days, you will be told you are hurting people by telling the truth. We want to wrap people in cotton wool. We give certificates of participation to kids that came 8th in a race.
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Apr 27, 2020
Most customers are lazy. Even when they want to buy from you, they end up not buying because they are lazy. Here is something you can do to make them take action.

#thread You see, whenever I make a social media post about my best selling book, Small Business Big Money, the question that gets asked the most is…

Where Can I Buy The Book?

Personally, I feel anyone that asks this question is either not really interested in the book or the person...
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Apr 22, 2020
The most important word in marketing and advertising is FREE. No matter what you sell. No matter which market you operate in. No matter the class of your target market. You should be using the word FREE.

#thread Free sample.

Free test drive.

Free report.

Free ebook.

Free servicing.

Free consulting.

Free. Free. Free. It works all the time if you know how to use it. Why are you not using it in your business?
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Apr 18, 2020
How to prevent your articles from being stolen online.

If you have ever written any nice or informative article online, then someone must have stolen your article and claimed ownership. If it has never happened to you, it will soon happen.

#thread It has happened to me over and over again and everyday, I read or hear stories and lamentations of people that have been affected. I can't blame them for such lamentations. I mean, you spend hours churning out the perfect article and one dunderhead somewhere copies it...
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Mar 23, 2020
If you are looking for a home business or side hustle during this period, this is the most important thread you will read on twitter. My advice to you is create and sell information products online. How will you create it? How will you sell it? Let's go. Firstly, what is an information product? In layman's terms, an information product is anything that teaches you how to do something. It could be an ebook on email marketing, a screenshot tutorial on web development, a video demonstration on cooking ogbono soup...
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Feb 25, 2020
To second a bill or motion does not mean you support it. Anyone interested should learn from this.

#thread When I just resumed at the House of Representatives, I never raised my hand to second a motion that I am not interested in or I don’t believe in. One day, I had an interesting discussion with one of my colleagues from Oyo state, Hon Stanley Olajide about it.
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Feb 17, 2020
Why do we have so many empty seats during plenary at the House of Representatives?

#thread Anytime I post on social media, any picture of me on the floor of the House of Representatives, there is usually a question that domainates the thread. The question is, why are there so many unoccupied seats? Some would ask: where are the other members?

Valid Questions.
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Jan 29, 2020

Nigeria is one of the countries where it is illegal to wear a military camouflage. Some other countries are Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua and others

How does this make sense?

#THREAD I get a lot of messages from young Nigerians complaining about being harassed by soldiers because they wore military camouflage. While I don’t agree it makes sense, it is clearly stated in our laws that it is illegal to wear a camouflage or any clothings worn by the military.
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Dec 25, 2019

#thread Many small business owners complain that their ads are not working. They say things like, I have spent millions on billboard and newspaper advertising without results. Some will complain that their fliers are not working.
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Dec 13, 2019
If you want to host a business seminar in Lagos and you want to save money on venue, I can give you my seminar room (capacity, 60) for FREE. It’s in Igbo Efon, before Chevron, Lekki Epe Expressway. All you need to do is send me an email with the details of your event. What’s the topic? How many people are you expecting? Is it free or paid? If paid, how much? You can send me the graphics promoting the event. Who are the speakers?
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Nov 6, 2019
One of the reasons small business owners go out of business is because they keep reducing their prices due to competition forgetting that Nigerians are not looking for the lowest prices, they are looking for what they perceive as the best deal.

#THREAD If your only marketing weapon is price reduction, you will run into trouble because there is always another naive business owner like you willing to lower their prices. Then you lower yours. Then they lower theirs. At the end of the day, you all go out of business.
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Jul 29, 2019
When a new social media platform starts “picking up”, go right there and register for an account with your desired username. Maybe your brand name. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t like the new platform, just register it... TODAY!

Let me tell you why.

#thread In 2008, I opened a twitter account for myself, (@akinalabi). I didn’t like twitter then. I didn’t start using it regularly until a few years ago. You know what? If I didn’t register it then, someone would have registered @akinalabi especially when you consider it is a very name.
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Jun 5, 2019
I want to share a business idea that can make you steady money. It is about a gap I have seen in the concert business.

No. You don’t have to organize a concert.

Minimum amount needed N1.1m

#thread I normally buy tables at concerts I attend. Or should I say the company buys it. So 10 of us would attend. There was a time we bought 3 tables because a lot of people wanted to attend that concert. I think it was Olamide’s concert.
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