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I’m in Sacramento today on behalf of @MomsDemand to thank members of the California General Assembly for their incredible work this legislative session - it’s one of the best years for progress on gun safety in the state’s history. #caleg ImageImageImage
This year, California has taken action on ghost guns, marketing firearms to minors, cracking down on unlicensed manufacturers, holding the largely unchecked firearms industry accountable for dangerous practice. #caleg Image
They also passed several first-of-their-kind bills, including requiring all schools in California to send information home every year to parents about how to keep firearms securely stored, and one allowing citizens to enforce California’s assault weapons and ghost gun laws.
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DYK CA allows its jails to hand people to @ICEgov for deportation *after* their sentence is over? It does! And, as our latest research shows, that policy is rooted in anti-Asian racism.

A 🧵on our report + why the #VISIONAct can help undo the harm: 1/10
The #VISIONAct, which CA Senate will vote on w/in weeks, would protect immigrants from the horrors of deportation by stopping all transfers to @ICEgov.

A couple of key points on why we our research shows it should be passed 👇 2/10
Tying immigration enforcement to criminal convictions has a sordid, racist history. The country’s first deportation laws were rooted in anti-Asian racism.

Sadly, California legislators played a key role in developing these laws. 3/10
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CA Bishops Respond to Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Ruling

#RoeVWade #CAleg #CaliforniaCatholics
The California Catholic Conference of Bishops is fervently committed to ensuring women in California know they are supported and that there are options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.
We challenge lawmakers to provide equitable assistance and commit new funding and resources for maternity and childcare. California needs to be a #sanctuary for women, children, and families struggling to thrive in our state over those seeking #abortions.
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.@johnmyers on #CABudget “Keep an eye on an effort in this month’s state budget negotiations to boost funding for voter awareness efforts...Supporters believe it’s a key step toward actually getting people to cast the ballots..." 1/7 🧵…
To increase voter participation for underrepresented groups including youth and people of color, combat mis and dis-information, and create a more representative democracy, we must ensure widespread public awareness of new opportunities to participate in CA elections 2/7
Thank you @AsmMikeFong & @AsmAguiarCurry for championing the $85m #CALeg #CABudget voter ed & outreach ask! Cc: @CASOSVote @DrWeber4CA. Read about the #CABudget ask made to @GavinNewsom @PhilTing @NancySkinnerCA @sydneykamlager here:… 3/7
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There's a good chance your boss knows you're reading this tweet and they'll know if you click on the news article. Even worse, that data can be used to exploit workers. It's 2022 and it's past time to fix that.
#CALeg, pass #AB1651!
"the bill would require employers to give workers advance notice about any monitoring technology that was being used to track them.
#AB1651 #WorkerPrivacyNow…
"Employers would also be banned from monitoring workers on personal devices or after hours, and workers would be able to view and correct data about"
#AB1651 #WorkerPrivacyNow…
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PG&E political power @ work:

“Gov. @GavinNewsom has decided that PG&E is going to continue, and so we're going to have to deal with PG&E in our community,” said Sonoma DA Ravitch, who called the deal “doing the best that we could under the circumstances.”…
After the announcement, Ravitch suggested @ABC10 do a story on @PGE4Me’s influence in Sacramento.

I told her we had. Many times.

Like when we asked @GavinNewsom about taking PG&E 💰 after its 2016 felony convictions. He called it a “strange question.”👇…
Or when @ABC10’s #FirePowerMoney listed each member of the 80% supermajority of #CAleg who did the same:…
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2022 California Housing Legislation - over 100 bills this year.
More details:…
Details in thread! 1/
#CALeg California Housing Legislation Highlights as of March 27, 20
More bills this year on limiting wildfire risk:
#SB1292 from @HenrySternCA: Allows cities to limit housing in fire zones & replacing the zoned capacity elsewhere. For every unit of removed from a fire zone, 2 units of capacity must be added elsewhere.…
Sharon @quirk_silva has several housing bills this year.… including one that's wildfire related:
#AB2705 Fire hardening & retrofitting standards. Also provides funding for hardening 300,000 homes in very high fire hazard zones.…
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📢 OUT NOW: Statewide Housing Plan – comprehensive roadmap that tracks progress toward >2.5M homes required to be planned for across CA.

It will take us all – state, localities, partners – to create an affordable, equitable #CAForAll. 1/

In 4 yrs #CALeg & @CAGovernor have pushed forward unparalleled housing investments & policies – many implemented in the midst of a pandemic – & more intentionally focused on racial equity.

The #CAHousingPlan shows these efforts underway moving us from IDEA ▶️ PLAN ▶️ ACTION. 2/
The #CAHousingPlan seeks to help everyone from residents to legislators get a full picture of our housing challenges & solutions. It leverages digital tools to produce a dynamic “living” plan w/ interactive features to track progress & outcomes, & keep Californians informed. 3/
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Threads on Leticia's and her coworkers fights at @jackbox
"I know that the issues we faced at my restaurants are in many others in CA. I know there are workers right now who are not getting their breaks, who are having some of their wages stolen.I know that we need #AB257" Leticia Reyes

Read about AB 257: #CAleg
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Last wk was the 2021 #CALeg bill deadline. I'm proud to say 4 of my bills are headed to the Gov's desk for consideration!

#AB1405 adds essential guardrails to the debt settlement industry—protecting consumers from bad actors & harmful business…
#AB1455 provides the survivors of those sexually assaulted by law enforcement officers, more time to seek a civil claim w/out fear of intimidation or retribution. It allows victims up to ten years after such a law enforcement officer is no longer employed, to file a civil claim.
#AB518 will move CA toward a more progressive criminal justice system, by restoring judges' discretion to choose sentences that best fits when multiple offenses are committed during a single act. This allows for fairer sentences—rather than just always forcing the strictest one.
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Big housing day in #CALeg as Assembly poised to take up #SB9, big duplex bill by @SenToniAtkins
Last year's version of Pro Tem's duplexes bill, SB 1120, ignominiously died for lack of time after Asm passed it too late for Senate to take final vote.

This time they're not waiting as long
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Look for SB 9 (Atkins) to be amended next week to include an owner-occupancy requirement. #CALeg
Applicant for lot split would be required to sign an affidavit stating intent to occupy one of the units as primary residence for 3 years.
Pro Tem Atkins, with this amendment, is making a good faith effort to address legitimate concerns raised in historic communities of color about potential loss of homeownership opportunities in these neighborhoods.
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ICYMI: The Healthy California for All Commission had another meeting last week, and a lot was discussed. Check out this thread for a quick recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly! Make sure to read the whole thread for links to get more involved! #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
For those who don't know, The Healthy California for All Commission, chaired by the Secretary of @CHHSAgency, exists to discuss options for universal health care in California. It's scheduled to deliver a report with recommendations in early 2022 #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
First was a discussion about Vermont’s attempts to implement single payer, led by @GovPeterSchumlin, which confirmed what we already knew: the resistance to single payer will be fierce even amongst Dem legislators, and it will take a mass movement to win #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
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Policy can be hard to explain on Twitter, but #AB1139 is trying to tackle an important issue so let's give it a shot.

#CA chose in the 90s to invest in & encourage consumer #solar energy to meet power demand, lower prices by increasing supplies & achieve environmental goals. 1/
Whenever new tech comes out & there are no economies of scale, it’s often expensive. In the 80s my Ma was PISSED when Dad came home with microwave. He spent almost $500. Now you can buy one for under $60. /2…
Solar is no different. That's why CA chose to create a local solar sharing program, called net metering, for people who were willing to install rooftop solar and share surplus power with their neighbors. Even with net metering, however, solar was still out of reach for many. /3
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GREAT NEWS: Amid growing threats around homemade "ghost guns," both California AND Nevada just advanced bills to prevent the dangerous spread of these untraceable & unregulated firearms.

Thank you to @sandra4nv, @AsmCottie, @ca_brady & Brady Nevada! #EndGunViolence #CAleg #NVLeg
More on the California ghost gun bill here, led by @AsmCottie.

“If it looks like a gun, and shoot like a gun, it’s a gun. Closing [the ghost gun] loophole is simple common sense.” #CAleg @ca_brady @bradybuzz…
And here is the crucial Nevada bill, led by October 1 survivor @sandra4nv.

“What we want to do is make sure that we’re closing that loophole. That we’re not allowing someone who can’t pass a background check the ability to purchase a ghost gun.” #NVleg…
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I notice that @gavinnewsom didn't mention FL when talking about death rates. But definitely threw shade at Cuomo with New York's. #StateOfTheState
Ooh, now @GavinNewsom calls recall proponents a distraction
WTF is up with this Hollywood Squares clapping seals BS? #StateOfTheState
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Governor @GavinNewsom: I am writing to you today to ask you to cease any consideration of Assemblymember Rob Bonta for appointment to Attorney General.

Mr. Governor, I worked in a #CALeg office riddled with sex abuse & exploitation.
The 3 married men at the top of the food chain in my Legislative office, including the Legislator, used power in an attempt to gain sexual advantage over young women in & around the workplace. My abuse started as an entry-level staffer: It irreparably harmed my health & wellbeing
It was made crystal clear to me that if I ever spoke up about what was taking place in our office -- and the Capitol, to a greater extent -- that my job, safety, livelihood, future prospects & reputation would be in jeopardy. My abuser delivered that msg personally, but also had
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They are anti-vaxxers . Anti-vaxxers are not harmless; they threaten and engage in violence while promoting lies that endanger lives. Just like white supremacists, which whom they now ally. We must reject both. #StopAntiVaxViolence…
Anti-vaxxers brought white supremacists to the CA State Capitol to oppose my vaccination oversight bill #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal
Anti-vaxxers mailed bricks to CA legislators and posted violent memes & threats to oppose #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal @ImmunizeCa
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Some context about @CAgovernor's school reopening plan: the plan does have flexibility for schools in #COVID19 hotspots to still get the full amount of reopening money — if they commit to reopen when it's safe. #lausd #caedchat #caleg
According to the @CAgovernor's budget summary and other background docs I've seen, all schools have to do is submit a safety plan — with their unions' sign-off — by Feb. 1

The idea is that schools would then reopen for TK-2 by Feb. 15 … and for TK-5/6 by March 15
But if the case rate is still above 28 per 100k, the school doesn't have to reopen in order to get the reopening incentive grant — which starts at $450/kid
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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2020 continues to be an immensely challenging year in every way. But here are 10 ways the State of California helped 🦉🦈🐕🐈 so far this year. Grateful to @sdhumane @sfspca @bestfriends @MtnLionFdn @oceana & our partners for their advocacy and leadership. /1
#AB2152 (@AsmToddGloria) - sponsored by @sdhumane – closes loopholes in state law enacted in 2017 banning the retail sale of puppies, kittens and bunnies. *Passed #caleg & on @CAgovernor’s desk now* /2
#AB1788 (@RichardBloom) – sponsored by @ALDF – curtails the use of certain toxic rodenticides that are wreaking havoc on native wildlife. *Passed #caleg & on @CAgovernor’s desk now* /3
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Thread: #AB5 hurts small businesses by not allowing subcontracting as part of #BusinessToBusiness Today I was presented with an opportunity to bid on some work. It was work from home, great during this pandemic. So what happened? #AB5stories 1/
This project would be an opportunity to collaborate with a longtime friend and colleague, who is also an independent consultant. We each have our own businesses (separate LLCs), clients, and market ourselves. The client could use both of our expertise. #AB5stories 2/
The client wants one statement of work for the project. So to make that happen, one of our businesses would be the lead, and the other would subcontract. Under #AB5 that’s not allowed. #AB5stories 3/
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So by my count, the #CALeg sent 9 bills to @GavinNewsom meant to address #policing concerns in the wake of #GeorgeFloyd and others—and killed 10. If I were in a police lobby, I'd be pretty satisfied with this result. Here's why:
The 9 that survived mostly speed up what police agencies were already doing (banning chokeholds) or offer opt-in reforms, like grants to set up non-police emergency response systems, request-only DOJ reviews and county-initiated sheriff oversight. 3 things:
1. @GavinNewsom hasn't said whether he supports the lone #defund bill. 2. Neither advocates nor police believe the DOJ will prosecute more officers. 3. The politicians who would empower their sheriff watchdogs w/supboena powers are often afraid of their sheriffs' political base.
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🎙LIVE FROM #SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive! Follow the game here on Twitter or dial-in for the live audio (instructions:…) Tonight's theme: #DOGS, in honor of Floyd O'Shea [1/n]
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies with your team and team name all night long by tagging @TriviaWithBens and #CapSciCommLive 🌶️!
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
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