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Happy Saturday, folks!

Earlier this week, the state of California ended single-family zoning. This morning, statewide NIMBY group Livable California gathers for their biweekly meeting.

Grab some 🍿and your favorite beverage, because the copefest is about to begin! 🧵
Meeting starts off with Rick Hall saying that "many bad bills that don't do anything to make housing more affordable" have passed.

And while that's bad, he says that "for a while" they're turning their focus to affordable housing.
Rick also touts a constitutional initiative to return all control of land use to cities. Says this would "solve all our problems."

Author's note: not sure how that furthers affordable housing, Rick!
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CA Senate Bill 9 allows up to 4 homes in most single-family zones, regardless of local zoning. You can use #SB9 to split your lot, add a 2nd home to a lot, or both (split lot & have 2 homes on each lot for total of 4).

Here's a how-to guide & thread:… 1/ Diagram showing how SB9 can...
#SB9 takes effect on 1/1/2022. Want to use it to build homes? First, check if your lot is eligible:
- SB9 only applies to lots that are zoned for 1 house. If your lot is zoned for more than 1 home, use #AB803 2/
More #SB9 eligibility requirements
- Located in existing urbanized area or urban cluster (this includes most suburbs)
- Not farmland, wetlands, conservation land, habitat for protected species, etc.
- Not landmark or in historic zone
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BREAKING: @GavinNewsom SIGNS #SB9 and #SB10 to allow duplex/lot splits on single-family lots and streamline up to 10 units
@GavinNewsom Neither bill is expected to make as big of a dent as #SB50 or other big-ticket, stalled #YIMBY pushes

But this still signals a major shift from single-family zoning, which dominates CA's housing landscape -- a dynamic Newsom and others fault for a severe housing crunch
Relatedly, reporters who thought we were off the clock a bit post-recall are remembering about those late-afternoon @GavinNewsom bill signings
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Last wk was the 2021 #CALeg bill deadline. I'm proud to say 4 of my bills are headed to the Gov's desk for consideration!

#AB1405 adds essential guardrails to the debt settlement industry—protecting consumers from bad actors & harmful business…
#AB1455 provides the survivors of those sexually assaulted by law enforcement officers, more time to seek a civil claim w/out fear of intimidation or retribution. It allows victims up to ten years after such a law enforcement officer is no longer employed, to file a civil claim.
#AB518 will move CA toward a more progressive criminal justice system, by restoring judges' discretion to choose sentences that best fits when multiple offenses are committed during a single act. This allows for fairer sentences—rather than just always forcing the strictest one.
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Major decision from Court of Appeal interpreting California's Housing Accountability Act. Read @carla_org's thread below for highlights, or continue with this one if you want the legal nitty gritty. /1
Context: California is one of two states that nominally prevent local govts from rejecting or downsizing housing development projects on the basis of "subjective" standards. (The other is Oregon.) /2
This limitation has been on the books in CA since 1999, but there was no caselaw applying it, perhaps b/c developers feared that if they sued a city, the city would screw them on their next project. /3
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Director of Oakland's La ClĂ­nica de la Raza opens @GavinNewsom's vaccine press conference by saying that his "controversial" decision to shut down the state saved lives, and history will show that.
"History will prove that your decisiveness, the leadership you showed, even when it wasn't popular, will go down in record to have saved many, many lives," she says of @GavinNewsom
"It is always an honor to be the backdrop to the great governor @GavinNewsom," says @LibbySchaaf
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For centuries, Americans built compact, walkable, neighborhoods. They provide affordable shelter & let us meet many daily needs without getting in a car. They're a great American tradition

Today, we took a big step toward making that tradition legal again…
Here’s a traditional fourplex at 203 Bryant St, #PaloAlto. It’s on a 5000 sf lot. That’s 35 homes per net residential acre. At that level of compactness, people walk a lot more & drive a lot less.

This is the kind of traditional American housing that #SB9 will make legal again.
As the @SierraClub’s John Holtzclaw explains, “This study suggests the following actions to reduce our dependence on the automobile, afford us more transportation options, reduce congestion buildup and reduce air pollution:…”

Source for graphic & quote:…
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Big housing day in #CALeg as Assembly poised to take up #SB9, big duplex bill by @SenToniAtkins
Last year's version of Pro Tem's duplexes bill, SB 1120, ignominiously died for lack of time after Asm passed it too late for Senate to take final vote.

This time they're not waiting as long
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wrote a picture book on California housing - "Rhena the House Makes New Friends" read it in the thread or at the link!… 1/ Rhena the House Makes New Friends - A California Housing Sto
For those who believe that our best days are still to come...

...and that wherever the country is headed,
California will get there first.
2/ Story and Art by Alfred Twu  Published by Alfred Twu in Berk
3/ Our story begins many years ago, in a small town near the ci
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California's legislature started 2021 with over 100 housing bills. About half are still active. The rest may return next year, or in rare cases, later this year as a gut-and-amend of an unrelated bill. Details in thread & at… PDF at… Please visit for the text versi
Wildfires and earthquake preparedness: the direction we're going in is hardening existing buildings, and tougher codes for new buildings. SB12, SB63, and AB1329 are still active.
Coastal zones: the remaining active bill is #AB500 to encourage housing near coast, especially if affordable and/or near transit.…
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THREAD: The #txlege is attempting to ram through one of the worst
voter suppression bills in the country – #SB9.

Let's try and unpack this bill and what's going down.

Senate Bill 9 (or #SB9) is a GOP-backed proposal that makes
several dangerous changes to Texas election law. It is intentionally
confusing, and that is part of the strategy.
But SB9 has a clear goal – to make it more difficult and scary to
register to vote and cast a ballot. It is just another sad chapter in
Texas' long history of trying to make it harder to vote. Here a few
key facts:
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