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Muni Shri Devsiddhavijayji Maharaj ~Born as Devraj in Davangere, Karnataka in a non Jain family, he was a non-vegetarian since birth. Today he completed 108 yatras of #Shatrunjay hill in 27 days while fasting - i.e. without food. His transformation story in thread #jainism #jain One day, her Jain employer forgot some stuff at the derasar (Jain temple), & asked him to collect it for her. He went there & was awestruck at the glimpse of the lord. This was the first time Devraj had seen the glory of Tirthankar prabhu. While returning he saw the notice board.
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How did Prabhu Mahavir actually look like?

One of the earliest physical descriptions of Lord Mahavir Swami occurs in an Upang Agam named Shri Aupapatik Sutra. Must know for all Jains. Read the entire thread below~

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The Chintamani Parshwanath Jain Temple in Bhujia Bazar Bikaner preserves 1116 ancient idols made of Panchdhatu (5 metal alloys). Of these-
11th CE - 9 idols
12th CE - 10 idols
13th CE - 63 idols
14th CE - 259 idols
15th CE - 436 idols
16th CE - 339 idols
#jain #jainism #heritage In Samvat 1633, Akbar's Commander Tursamkhan attacked Sirohi and got to know of the various Jain panchdhatu idols preserved in various jinalays. He knew that the Gold content in these idols was very high, so he captured 1050 panchdhatu idols from various nearby temples of Sirohi
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Glimpses of Shantidhara Abhishek conducted today on the ancient & divine idol of Shri Uvassagaharam Parshwanath, (believed to be installed by Kesi Swami) at Nagpura Tirth, Chattisgarh in the holy presence of Pujya Shri Prashamrativijayji Maharaj.

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(1/4) On this day, 125 years ago, Shri Atmaramji Maharaj (Acharya Vijayanandsuri) attained Kaldharma at Gujranwala Pakistan. He was one of the first Jain monks in modern times to receive the title of Acharya. 
#jain #jainism (2/4) He was originally initiated as a Sthanakvasi monk. On
realising the authenticity of idol worship as per the Jain scriptures, he abandoned his privileged
position as a Sthanakvasi monk without any hesitation and joined the Murtipujak tradition.
Jul 25, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Today, on the occasion of Janma Kalyanak of Lord Neminath, I am extremely saddened to witness that no one remembers the land where the Lord was born ~ Shri Shouripuri Tirth.

Read more about this tirth in the thread
#jain #jainism #neminath #research Situated near Agra in UP, this tirth is mentioned in various Agams like Samavayang Sutra, Uttaradhyayan Sutra, Avashyak Niryukti, Kalpasutra etc. Shri Bhagvati Sutra mentions that even Lord Mahavir visited this place where he gave a sermon about the past life of a fisherman.