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Today, on the occasion of Janma Kalyanak of Lord Neminath, I am extremely saddened to witness that no one remembers the land where the Lord was born ~ Shri Shouripuri Tirth.

Read more about this tirth in the thread
#jain #jainism #neminath #research
Situated near Agra in UP, this tirth is mentioned in various Agams like Samavayang Sutra, Uttaradhyayan Sutra, Avashyak Niryukti, Kalpasutra etc. Shri Bhagvati Sutra mentions that even Lord Mahavir visited this place where he gave a sermon about the past life of a fisherman.
Even the famous traveler Megasthenes visited this place. The original mulnayak parmatma of this tirth was installed by Akbar Pratibodhak Acharya Heervijaysurishwarji Maharaja. Many ancient Jain relics were excavated from this town by Sir Alexander Cunningham.
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@NYSenate passed S6648 to educate NY school children before educating itself.
S6648 and @NYSA_Majority A8545 endanger #Hindu #Jain #Buddhist American students by not distinguishing between the sacred meaning and usage of the #swastika and the hateful Nazi hakenkreuz.
It erases #NativeAmerican history with the symbol too! #whirlinglogoflife. Please fix this @NYSA_Majority after doing some homework. @HinduAmerican has some important resources that you must read 👇🏼
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T 200

It is said that the mothers of would-be Tirthankaras witness 14 auspicious objects in their dreams. Mata Trishala also had these dreams, which filled her with wonder. She told King Sidharth about the dreams. He told her that these dreams seemed very auspicious.

The 1st dream Queen Trishala had was of an Elephant.
This dream indicated that Queen would give birth to a child with exceptionally good character. The four tusk signified that he would guide the spiritual chariot with its four components: monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen.
The 2nd dream Queen Trishala had was of a Bull. The bull was noble, grand and had a majestic hump. Its horns were superb and sharply­ pointed.
This dream indicated that her son would be highly religious and spiritual teacher. He would help cultivate religion.

#JaiJinendra #Jain
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Wonders of india.

Wonder (1/n) Kumbhariyaji Temples.

A cluster of 5 temples made from white marble, the beauty of the temples here is comparable to that of the delwara Temples.
The original name of the town was 'Arasana' taken frm guj word Arasa-meaning 'Marble'(1/6) Image
The 5 temples are currently dedicated to
Bhagwan Neminathji
Bhagwan Parshwanathji
Bhagwan Sambhavnathji
Bhagwan Shantinathji
Bhagwan Mahavirswamiji

The original Pratimaji are lost. The current were installed in the 17th Cen.

The Domes. (2/6) ImageImageImageImage
The town had once a very prosperous #Jain Community. Epigraphical record here show atleast one temple to have been built by the Jain Sangh collectively, and the Neminathji temple by Trader Pasila.

The Ceilings (3/6) ImageImageImageImage
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The Gem of our jain community Late Barrister Champat Rai Jain

In 1892, he proceeded to England and returned back as Barrister in 1897.He practised at Delhi, Moradabad and Amritsar and settled in U.P.
He was President of Bar Association
He was a leading Barrister
Onwards 1913 he made thorough study of Jain concepts and other religions. Dharma Maha Mandal of Kashi had honoured him with the title of 'Vldhya Varidhi' and Dig. Jain Parishad with the title of 'Jain Darshan Diwakar.'
After leaving the legal profession, several times he went to Europe where he stayed for long periods and spent lakhs of rupees on publishing and distribution of Jain books written by him and for propagation of Jain religion there. In 1942, he created C.R. Jain Trust of 2 lakh ₹
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Jambudweep is the realm where ordinary human beings live.

Mount Meru is at the centre of the world surrounded by Jambudweep.

See the thread.


@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia @bahubali09
@truejainology @Charmi_Ankit @SarikaJainBJP
An early 19th-century #painting depicting the map of Jambudweep.
1810 CE cloth painting from #Gujarat.

Jambūdvīpa continent has 6 mighty mountains, dividing the continent into 7 zones (Ksetra).

The 3 zones i.e. Bharat Kshetra (India), Mahavideh and Airavat are also known as #Karma Bhoomi as the practice of austerities and liberation is possible.

Work of Art showing from 17th century CE Manuscript of 12th-century Jain text Sankhitta Sangheyan

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Rajgir, #Bihar, once the capital of a powerful kingdom - a kingdom that grew into an empire straddling much of the subcontinent. Today, it is a second-rate town even in its state. But a town dotted with heritage, such as this stupa dated to the 4th-5th centuries BCE.
A pity that the heritage of #Ragjir, #Bihar has been allowed to gently decay sans restoration. This is the shrine of Mani Naga, dated to 4th-6th centuries CE, Gupta period. Now called Maniyar Math, its focal point is a stupa-like circular structure with a hollow core.
Structure called Jarasandh-ka-akhara, #Rajgir, #Bihar. Date unknown. A feature common to many structures here is an elevated platform. There is a site called Jarasandh-ka-teela, in Haryana, a partially excavated stupa site. Not sure of the latter's connection to Jarasandh though.
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Why Kailash temple is not considered as a "Wonder of the world”?

Forget constructing this temple again, it can’t even be destroyed!

The archaeologists have confirmed that over 400,000 ton of rocks had to be scooped out to make this amazing structure
400,000 ton=36,28,73,896 KG Image
Kailasa Temple(756-773 CE)

– An Architectural Wonder Carved From One Piece Of Rock

– Creator - Rashtrakuta King, Krishna I

– Situated in Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

The Kailasa temple (Cave 16) is one of the 34 cave temples known collectively as the Ellora Caves. Image
The archaeologists have confirmed that over 400,000 ton(36,28,73896 KG) of rocks had to be scooped out to make this amazing structure
This would have taken centuries of human labour as per the experts calculation but what is stunning is that this temple was built in just 18 years Image
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कौन लगा सकता है इनके कद का अंदाज , ये आसमान है फिर भी सर झुकाये बैठे है ।
The greatest of the great
Acharya Shri Vidyasagarji Maharaj is one of the best-known Digambara Jain Acharya. He is recognized both for his scholarship and tapasya.
#jainism #jain #vidyasagar
Thread cont

A documentary titled Vidyoday was released on 25 November 2018 by @LandmarcFilms
The film is directed by @VidhiKasliwal
Vidyoday had its first international screening at the Harrow Cinema in London.
This documentary is a Gem everyone should watch it once.
He was initiated as a Digambara monk in 1968 at the age of 22 by Acharya Gyansagar, who belonged to the lineage of Acharya Shantisagar, at Ajmer.His father Mallappa, his mother Shrimati, and two sisters took diksha and joined the sangha of Acharya Dharmasagar
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Gujarat's great king Siddharaj Jaysinh Solanki died in 1142 AD after 49 years rule.He had no son.His time was a golden era of Gujarat history.After death of Gujarat king Siddhraj Jaysinh, his cousin's grandson Kumarpal became Gujarat's 8th Solanki king as Jaysinh had no son.
As Kumarpal was descendant of Bhimdev 1st & his concubine Bakuladevi,king Siddharaj Jaysinh was against Kumarpal to become king after his death.Kumarpal was in exile & roaming one place to another in disguise because of fear of 12th century Gujarat king Siddharaj Jaysinh Solanki.
When Gujarat king Siddhraj Jaysinh died in 1142, throne heir Kumarpal was in Malwa in exile. He came to Patan & became Gujarat king after 30 days.Kumarpal Solanki became Gujarat king with help of Hemchandracharya, minister Udayan & Army Chief Krishndev who was his sister husband.
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In Gujarat history Solanki Rajput dynasty rule of 10th to 13th century is an important age. Classic Gujarati novels 'Jay Somnath','Patan Ni Prabhuta' & 'Gujarat No Nath' written by K.M.Munshi are based on the ancient history of Solanki age.
In 11th & 12th century during the rule of Solanki dynasty Rajput kings Siddhraj Jaisinh & Kumarpal, the prosperity of Gujarat was at the peak. It was golden period of Gujarat.
There are two myths about the birth of ancestor of Chaulukya (Solanki) Rajputs- (1) Their ancestor was produced in Yagna Kund fire at Mount Abu in very ancient time (2) He was produced by Lord Brahma in Chuluk (cavity of hands) in very ancient time.
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#India's Supreme Court clears the way for construction of #Hindu temple on site of destroyed #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya.

I've been following this issue for 30+ years. Here's a thread analyzing the #AyodhyaJudgment:…
2/n #AyodhyaJudgment
-I first visited #Ayodhya (& #BabriMasjid) in 1990: before the masjid was destroyed, before I entered the field of #anthropology. I went there while researching my first book, "Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God": A re-tracing of the #Hindu epic #Ramayana...
3/n #AyodhyaJudgment
...In my book, I take what I hope is an even-handed approach. For what it's worth, I've received approving messages from #Hindutva activists & #secularists alike. You can judge for yourself:…
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#Jainism influence in #Tamil country.  The subject is so vast that an attempt is made now to indicate, only in rough outlines, the nature of such a contribution and its permanent influence in Tamil literature, gramme aspects, Tamil culture and the language itself.
It is well known that, among the Dravidian tribes of South India, the Tamils were the first to possess a literature. Unfortunately, most of the pre-Sangam works are either lost or destroyed or  not known to us.
If they are available, we will be able to know something about the religion, the morals and the civilization of the pre-Sangam age in the Tamil land. Poems like AhaNaanuru & PuraNaanuru which have been published late 19th century show that the earliest tribes were a warlike race.
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प्रणाम - रघु राम की नगरी अयोध्या से।

#travel #Ayodhya
Journey of #Ayodhya begins with Litti Chokha at Guptaar Ghat #travel #vegetarian #incredibleindia
Sri Ram Paduka at Guptargarhi or Chakrahari Tirth at #Ayodhya #travel #indology
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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