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April 14 is celebrated as #MahavirJayanti. Rightly, it is #MahavirJanmaKalyanak - celebration of the birth of Mahavir swami by #Jains, who is the 24th & last Tirthankar of this Avsarpini. He was born in 599 BC on Chaitra Sud 13 at Kundalpur/Kundagram in today's #Bihar

In Jainism, Panch Kalyanaks are the 5 chief Auspicious events that occur in the life of a Tirthankar.
🔸 Garbha - Conception (when the soul enters the womb)
🔸Janma - Birth
🔸Diksha - Renunciation
🔸Kevalgyan - Omniscience
🔸Moksh - Salvation
🔹His birthday is celebrated as 'Mahavir Janma Kalyanak' & his Nirvan day is observed as 'Deepavali' by Jains.

🔹He was born in 599BC at Kundalpur & attained Moksh in 527BC at Pawapuri, #Bihar.

🔹His chief disciple Gautam attained Kevalgyan the night that he attained Moksh.
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The famous epic #Ramayan is written by many authors, original believed to be written by Sage Valmiki. There are over 300 versions in India alone, apart from foreign versions. And there are differences in each. Lets have a look at what's in the #Jain Ramayan.
Ramayan is composed by dozens of Jain authors from all over India not just in Sanskrit, Prakrit & Apabhramsha but also in several vernacular languages such as Kannada, Gujarati & Hindi. The fascinating feature of the #Jain versions of Ramayana is the treatment of Ravan.
Ravan was a very powerful Vidhyadhar (humans who possesed extraordinary powers) king. He was an Ardha Chakri, one who ruled the 3 khands of Bharat kshetra. His capital was at Lanka located on Triktuchal mountain on Rakshas island in Lavan ocean of Jambudweep.
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Hastgiri #Jain Tirth, Palitana, Bhavnagar dt, #Gujarat

In the circulatory pilgrimage of 12 Kos (38 kms) of Mt. Shatrunjay, this temple is also one. Built in 1979 under the blessings & inspiration of Gachchaddipati Shrimad Tamachandrasurishvarji.🙏🏼
#Thread #sundayvibes #temple
Hastgiri is also known as Hastisengiri. This tirth dedicated to Bhagwan Rishabhdev is believed to be originally built by his son Bharat Chakravarti in those times. Bharat Raja attained attained Moksh here. His son Hastisen muniji also attained Moksh with numerous monks.
It is also believed that Bharat Chakravarti's elephant after entering into fasting austerities died here and went to Devlok. This is the reason why this mountain is called 'Hastgiri'.
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Daulatabad fort, near Aurangabad, #Maharashtra

We know the fort for the Bharat Mata mandir or a Masjid but how many know this is actually an old #Jain temple?? 🤔

Deogiri/Devgiri is a historic fortified citadel located in Devagiri village, later renamed to Daulatabad.

Recently, while ASI was cleaning the fort, a cave temple was re-discovered that belonged to the #Jains. This site has been occupied since 100 BCE. Around 6th century CE, Devagiri emerged as an important upland, along caravan routes going towards western & southern India.
The historical fortress was initially built around 1187 by the first Yadava king Bhillama V. It was the capital of the Yadava dynasty (9th-14th century CE). In 1327, Muhammad bin Tughluq of Delhi Sultanate transferred his capital to Devagiri & renamed it 'Daulatabad'
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Sri Ranganatha Temple in Srirangapatna, #Karnataka

It is a #Hindu temple. But how many of us know it's connection with #Jainism??

Records say that it was constructed extensively using material of 101 #Jain temples demolished nearby at Kalaswadi by a Vaishnavite Timmaya.
An inscription in the temple reveals it was first consecrated in 984 CE by Tirumalaiah, a vassal of the Western Gangas. He founded 2 temples on the island - one of Ranganatha & a smaller one of Tirumala Deva enclosing them with a wall; & called the place Sri Rangapura/pattana
Ranganatha temple is protected by @ASIGoI. It is just 400 metres away from Tipu's Summer palace in Srirangapatnam. In the early 12th century, Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana (1108-1152 CE), granted the village of Srirangapatna to Ramanujacharya as an Agraharam (place of learning)
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Deogarh #Jain temples, Lalitpur, #UttarPradesh

There are 31 Jain temples here, situated inside the Fort of Karnali on the hills. The site was a Jain centre from the 8th to 17th century. It houses about 2000 sculptures, which is the largest such collection in the world!

The temples abound in panels depicting scenes from Jain mythology, Tirthankara images, pillars, tablets, Jain images visible from all sides and pillars carved with thousand of Jain figures. A beautiful Manastambha depicting 24 Tirthankars and Yaksh/Yakshini is noteworthy
Thousands of sculptures are seen embedded in the walls surrounding the complex. A large number of idols lying scattered around the fort area.
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Shri Tribhuvanbhanu #Jain Tirth, Shivpur,Matmor village,Dewas dt, #MadhyaPradesh

Also known as Shri Manibhadra Veer #Shwetamber Jain meditation & devotion center. A chariot-shaped temple was inaugurated on 19.5.91 under divine guidance of Shri Veer Ratna Vijay Maharaj saheb
There are 3 temples inside this huge centre. There is a Upashray, Dharamshala, Bhojanshala, Pustakalay, Vriddhashram etc. Astrological healing methods of Tantra, Yantra & Mantra and old poetry in the form of manuscripts are found here.
Artistic idols of Tirthankars made out of marble, gold work & other precious stones are a sight to see.
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Pre-12th century Someshwara temple, Abalur, #Karnataka was a #Jain temple

Ambaluru was an important centre of #Jainism in ancient times. Its influence started waning frm 12th century when a proponent of Shaivism Ekantada Ramaiah stood up against Jains.
#Thread ImageImageImageImage
Legend has it that he cut off his own head during a religious dispute with the #Jains & was brought back to life by Lord Shiva himself. The incident is narrated by an inscription of 1200 CE found here.

(2) ImageImageImage
On the right portion of the gateway is a sculpture showing Sankagavunda handing over a document to Ekantada Ramaiah and another sculpture depicting the breaking up of the Jina image & the consecration of the Shivalinga by the latter.

#ConvertedTemples #ConvertedJainism
(3) ImageImageImage
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What is the difference between Bhavya Jeev (भव्य जीव) and Abhavya Jeev (अभव्य जीव) in Jainism?

Before explaining the difference between Bhavya and Abhavya Jeeva, it is pertinent to mention that there is a third category of jeeva too which is referred as Jaati Bhavya.(जाती भव्य)

Here is the explanation:
Bhavya Jeeva : Those jeevas that have the ability to attain moksha (मोक्ष)and will attain moksha sooner or later are called Bhavya Jeeva. Such Jeevas can attain knowledge of all the 14 poorvas(पूर्व). They achieve Samyag-Darshan and ultimately end their cycle of birth and death.
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Vintage photographs of Shri Girnar #Jain Tirth, Junagadh, #Gujarat from the British Library

This tirth is dedicated to 22nd Tirthankar Shri Neminath. He took Diksha here, attained Kevalgyan as well Moksh on this sacred hill. 🙏🏼
#Thread #heritage #History #India #Temple
Girnar hill was known as Ujjayantigiri & Revatgiri in ancient times. In #Shwetamber Jain scriptures it is also described as Neminath Parvat & the 5th Tunk of Shatrunjay hill (Palitana). Rajulmati, Pradyumnakumar, Sambkumar, Aniruddha & many saints hv attained Moksha here.
After 3 kms of ascent of 4200 steps comes the entry gate of the main Tunk of Sri Neminath. Mansang Bhojraj Tunk, Melakvasahi Tunk, Sangram Soni Tunk, Kumarpal Tunk, Vastupal-Tejpal Tunk, Samprati Tunk, Chaumukhi Sambhavnath Tunk, Footprints of all 24 Tirthankars etc are found
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अच्छेरा :

जिन शाशन में जो घटना कभी होने की सम्भावना ही न हो, पर वह हो जाये उसे अच्छेरा कहते है। अच्छेरा - आश्चर्य.

यह अवसर्पिणी काळ में 10 अच्छेरे हुए है ।
1. उपसर्ग - मनुष्य, तिर्यंच और देव के द्वारा किये गए उपसर्गो को उपसर्ग कहा जाता है। महावीर स्वामी को केवलज्ञान होने के बाद गोशलक ने उपसर्ग किया था। क्यूंकि केवलज्ञानी आत्मा को कभी उपसर्ग नहीं होते, फिर भी हुआ इसलिए यह अच्छेरा कहा गया।
2. गर्भ हरण. गर्भ का एक उदर में से दूसरे उदर में रखना। तीर्थंकर हमेशा अच्छे(क्षत्रिय) कुल में जन्म लेते हैँ। परन्तु पूर्व के कर्मो की वजह से प्रभु महावीर देवानंदा (ब्राह्मण) की कुक्षी में उतपन्न हुए।
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Palitana #Jain temples cast a spell! There’s something magical about the place! 😍🙏🏼

In 2014 Palitana became the world's first Vegetarian city!

19th century vintage photographs of Shri Shatrunjay Mahatirth in Palitana,Bhavnagar dt,#Gujarat by Edmund David Lyon & Ann Grace Lyon ImageImageImageImage
Shatrunjay tirth is dedicated to the 1st Tirthankar Rushabdev. It is believed that he gave his first sermon here. Pundarikswami his grandson, also his 1st ganadhar attained Moksh here along with 5 crore monks. Construction started in 11th century during the Solanki/Chaulukya rule ImageImageImageImage
Thr are 863+ temples spread across 9 peaks. It took 900 years to build.The 1st temple was built by Raja Kumarpal Solanki.Pilgrims climb around 3750 steps uphill on a 3.5 kms path to reach top most temple. At dusk all descend downhill to let the divinity within, sleep undisturbed! ImageImageImageImage
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📸 Collection of Vintage pictures of #Jain temples

1. Jain temple cluster in Khajuraho, #MadhyaPradesh in 1885. There are 31 Jain Temples here, but from architectural point of view Parsvanath, Adinath & Shantinath temples are relatively more important & noteworthy

2. 11th century Dilwara #Jain Temple, Near Mount Abu, #Rajasthan, 1890.
3. Ruins of the great #Jain temple, Bhand Dewal at Arang, #Chhattisgarh

Photographer: Beglar, Joseph David, 1873, British Library
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📰 #Jain News!

On her #birthday today, Acharya Shri Chandana ji will be conferred with the #PadmaShri National Award for Social Work by the Govt of India 🇮🇳 @rashtrapatibhvn

This is a great recognition of her dedication & tireless work for the society. #PadmaAwards2022
She was born on 26 January 1937 as Shakuntala, into a Kataria Bhil family in Chaskaman village of #Maharashtra. She took formal education till 3rd class. At the age of 14, she renounced the world, took #Jain diksha & became Sadhvi Chandana.
Acharya shri belongs to the Amar Muni Sampradaya of Sthanakvasi of the #Shwetambar #Jains. It is the only Jain monastic lineage to have promoted a nun to the rank of Acharya in 1987. She is fondly called as 'Tai Maharaj'
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Muni Shri Devsiddhavijayji Maharaj ~Born as Devraj in Davangere, Karnataka in a non Jain family, he was a non-vegetarian since birth. Today he completed 108 yatras of #Shatrunjay hill in 27 days while fasting - i.e. without food. His transformation story in thread #jainism #jain
One day, her Jain employer forgot some stuff at the derasar (Jain temple), & asked him to collect it for her. He went there & was awestruck at the glimpse of the lord. This was the first time Devraj had seen the glory of Tirthankar prabhu. While returning he saw the notice board.
The notice in Kannada mentioned that the sangh was organising a Maskshaman Tapasya (Fasting for 30 days straight) - but Devraj misinterpreted it as Mas-Bhakshan (consumption of meat). He enquired the same to her employer who made her understand the Jain way of life
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👤 #Jain Personalities

'Vir Chakra Awardee'
IAF Group Captain #AbhinandanVarthaman was born on 21st June 1983 in a Tamil Jain #samanar family from Thirupanamoor, #Tamilnadu. His family has been serving the Nation in the Airforce for 72 years continuously.

Abhinandan did his schooling in Kendriya vidyalayas in Air Force bases around the country. He graduated from the National Defence Academy (NDA) and was commissioned into the combat stream of the IAF as a flying officer on 19 June 2004.
He was promoted as Flight lieutenant in 2006, and as Squadron leader in 2010. Varthaman was a Su-30 MKI fighter pilot before being assigned to the MiG-21 Bison squadron. He was promoted as Wing commander on 19 June 2017. In Nov 2021 he was promoted to the rank of a Group Captain.
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In memory of the 742th Birth anniversary/Janma Mahotsav of #Jain Acharya Jinkushal Suri ji. He is one of the prominent 4 Dadagurus of Khartar Gachh of the #Shwetambar sect

He was born in VS 1337 in #Rajasthan & belonged to the Chhajer clan. He was named Karman

Glimpse of yesterday's celebrations in Derawar, #Pakistan. A group of bards singing stavans in memory of Dada Guru Jin Kushal Suri ji's Janmotsav. These events are being organised in Pakistan by a Sadharmik #Jain from #Delhi in order to revive Jain #heritage there.
At the age of 10, Karman Kumar was initiated into monkhood by Acharya Jinchandra Suri ji in VS 1347 & acquired the name Muni Kushal Kirti. In VS 1375, when he realised that Muni Kushal Kirti had the merit & ability, he endowed the designation of Vachan-Acharya on him at Nagaur.
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As we enter the year Veer Nirvan Samvant 2548, wishing u all a #HappyNewYear! 💐

"Nutan Varsh Abhinandan"

We have heard of Vikram Samvat, Saka era, but how many #Indians know of one of the oldest calender system called Vir/Veer Nirvan Samvat?
Vir Nirvan Samvat is a calendar era beginning on 7th Oct 527 BCE. It commemorates Nirvan of Mahavir swami, the 24th #Jain Tirthankar. It is one of the oldest system of chronological reckoning which is still used by #Jains. On 21st Oct 1974, 2500th Nirvan Mahotsav was celebrated.
The earliest text to mention 527 BCE as the year of Lord Vardhaman Mahaveer's Nirvan is Yati Vrishabha's 'Tiloya Pannatti' (6th century CE). The relationship between the Veer & Saka era is given in 'Titthogali Painnaya' and 'Dhavalaa' by Acharya Virasena.
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India's richest person from whom the #British & #Mughals used to borrow money. Before British rule, our country used to be 'Sone ki Chidiya' due to our rich kings & princely states whose treasuries were full. There was no poverty.
There were such people in India in the 17th-18th century to whom the Mughals & British Empire kept bowing their heads for money. One such household was the 'Jagat Seth' Gharana of Murshidabad, #Bengal. They were originally from #Rajasthan
Jagat Seth was a title given to Fatehchand ji in 1723 AD by Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. Since then this entire gharana became famous as 'Jagat Seth'. It was considered to be the richest banker's house of those times.
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Shri Alaukik Parshwanath #Jain Mahatirth, Hasampura village, Ranabad, #MadhyaPradesh

One of the 108 temples of Parshwa Nath. Inscriptions indicate it is older than the 10th century of Vikram Samvat. The parrikar behind the 24 Tirthankar idols is very artistic. ImageImageImageImage
Today’s Hasampura was previously in the well flourished 'Ujjain' city. During the reign of King Vikramaditya, this village was a street of the city of Ujjain. The king's palace was located here and beside it, was the palace of the queen which is now called Ranikot. ImageImageImageImage
The temple was first renovated in VS 1649 by Shah Vidyadhar of Ujjain. Later by Acharya Bhuvanbhanusurishvarji’s disciple Muni Nyaayratnavijayji, who on seeing the condition of the temple, initiated renovation in VS 2029, which was completed in VS 2036. It is an Atishay Kshetra. ImageImageImageImage
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Hello #twitterstorians! Yesterday's 🧵 was a flyover of the #Delhi Sultanate and the early history of rule by Muslims in #India. Today, I, @StevenMVose, will dig into the reign of Sultan Muhammad bin #Tughlaq (r. 1325-1351) and discuss how #Jain sources give us an alternate view. Image
Ala' al-Din Khalji's death in 1316 threw the empire into turmoil for four years. Many Delhi elites supported Khusraw Shāh. Ala’’s Warden of the Marches, Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq, saw the Indian convert as a usurper and marched on Delhi.
Khusraw’s supporters saw the Tughluqs as uncouth “nomads” of uncertain ethnic background and zealots.
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Hello #twitterstorians! Sorry about the break for the last two days. There were...uh...technical difficulties...
But we're back! In this thread, I, @StevenMVose, want to give a brief #history of the #Delhi Sultanate and share some facts and recent scholarly takes that may complicate the #narrative of the Sultanate, and of #Islam in So. Asia, that I alluded to in the previous thread. Qubbat al-Islam Mosque, Del...
I will also highlight some #Jain interactions with the Sultans, which suggest a complex set of interactions between #Indian religious communities and the emerging #Islamicate "state" in the late 13th and early 14th c's. CE
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How did Prabhu Mahavir actually look like?

One of the earliest physical descriptions of Lord Mahavir Swami occurs in an Upang Agam named Shri Aupapatik Sutra. Must know for all Jains. Read the entire thread below~

#jain #jainism #mahavir #Aagam
Part 2
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It is the holiest 8-day festival in the annual Jain calendar followed by Shwetambar Jains. Similarly, Digambars follow Das Lakshana, a 10-day spiritual festival that starts when Paryushan ends, on the Samvatsari day.

#jainism #jain #paryushan #festival
This festival is important for Jains since it only comes once in a year. #Jain festivals are characterized by renunciation, austerities, study of the scriptures, repetition of holy hymns, meditation & expressing devotion for the Paramatma.
Not only underground vegetables but consuming of fresh vegetables & fruits is also prohibited during Paryushan. Everyday some or the other Tap is followed. In any tap, chauvihar is a must ie, No food or water after sunset until Navkarsi (48 minutes after sunrise) next day.
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