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Visiting undergrad biochemistry professor @stmarysca interested in mRNA translation. Part-time #thebumblingbiochemist. Full-time nerd. She/Her
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Mar 6, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
I don't know if these would be helpful to anyone, but I found a bunch of protein crystallization diagram graphics I'd made a long time ago that were embarrassingly ugly & and "refreshed" them - you can find them all here:… ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage
Mar 6, 2021 41 tweets 19 min read
Say you want to study how a protein works... What can you do? A thread on recombinant protein expression and purification (with links to more) 1/ The first step's molecular cloning, where you take the genetic instructions for making that protein (cDNA) & stick them into another piece of DNA (such as a plasmid) that you can use as a "vector" (vehicle) to get the instructions into expression cells… 2/
Jan 29, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
when planning experiments, I make a sort of "summary" sheet beforehand listing reaction conditions, etc. for reference later (such as when I'm exhausted from the experiments!) & include a "goals" section so I always keep in mind *why* I'm doing all that hard work #labtips n/n I have a "storyboard" Adobe Illustrator artboard where I lay out my key figures & how they tell the story of my research - what's the point of each? anything missing? and wow - you've really done a lot! (note: free alternatives to Illustrator are Inkscape & GIMP) #labtips n/n
Jan 24, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Just in case you need some splice in your life... 1/8: gene to protein overview Image 2/8: pre-mRNA to mRNA Image
Jan 7, 2020 360 tweets >60 min read
Spectroscopy allows us to spy on molecules invisible to the naked eye. Through a cuvette the spectrophotometer allows us to peer and measure concentrations with the help of Beer! 👉
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem The Beer Lambert law (Beer’s law) allows you to convert between concentration (c) of a dissolved thing (solute) & absorbance of light. Don't have a lot - use a NanoDrop so the UV-Vis fun don't stop!…
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
Oct 5, 2018 308 tweets >60 min read
After a jam-packed 2 days at #SciOut18🌪(thx @ASBMB & @rockedu_!) it was time to reflect! 🤔 Reflection is so important, but it can be hard to find ⏰ to really just think! 💭 Some of my thoughts 👉
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #sciout #science person looking thoughtful in front of mirrornotebook pagenotebook pagenotebook page What’s inside? 🧐 It’s FORMAMIDE! 🤗 Formally removing RNA’s form with formamide! 🤓 FORMAMIDE in loading buffer breaks up & replaces the bonds between bases holding RNA's shape together 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person looking through safety goggles with formamide drawn on themformamide RNA denaturant explanation