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Evolutionary theories of the female orgasm in humans tend to neglect comparative approaches to understanding the evolutionary history of the human female orgasm. New theory followed up by experimental evidence, however, is changing this. 1/
In 2016 researchers proposed that the female orgasm in humans, which is more likely to be induced via clitoral stimulation, may have been necessary and functional -- to induce ovulation in females -- further back in mammalian evolutionary history. 2/…
In many mammals the clitoris is located in or closer to the vagina, making orgasm more likely & more closely tied to reproduction. BC of genetical arrangement changes over evolution, human female clitoris' are further away from vagina, reducing the likelihood copulation-orgasm 3/
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So to introduce myself properly I’m an entomologist/ecologist interested in the biodiversity around pasture grazing livestock both above & below ground but especially in the dung. A farmers daughter & wife I graze 100 acres based around my research, run an education centre & more
To put no finer point on it there is a high chance of a lot of dung being on this account this week. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something we just can’t get away from & if you have livestock it’s time to get down on your knees & discover a whole new world in that poo
I want you to think of a field as the habitat & that single dung pat as a micro habitat. It’s where the freshly produced dung has landed that the dung beetles can thrive, on bare soil or on grass. Muck heaps change the temp & consistency making it an unsuitable habitat
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Time for the jellybean illusion! You don’t actually need a jellybean, just some type of chewable candy, preferably with different colors & flavors. M&M’s: NOT be a good choice, gold bears: fine.

#teaching #classroom #Scichat #STEMeducation #illusion #perception #scicomm
Get comfy, get your candy out, and choose two pieces of different colors/flavors. Pick up one of those two, it doesn’t matter which.
Now, STEP 1: PINCH YOUR NOSE so you can no longer breathe in or out through your nose. You can use a swimmers pincher or even a clothespin too, but using two fingers is probably more comfortable and pretty easy.
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GUYS. Two independent announcements today of the same thing: We have found water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet called K2-18 b!


K2-18 b is not a rocky planet. So that's a bummer. But it IS in the 'habitable' zone of its star, meaning under certain assumptions the temperature is right for liquid water on the surface on the planet.

K2-18 b is massive enough (about 8 times the mass of the Earth) that it has a thick, deep, gaseous atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. Very, very unlike our atmosphere.
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I actually don’t have a lot to say about the Jonathan Franzen thing except that the whiteness of publishing, especially in science/environment — and the complete inaccessibility of the @NewYorker to anyone who doesn’t have a high power agent or a staff position — is bullshit.
And I hope, as a subscriber, the New Yorker will seek to remedy this by reaching out to some #scicomm of color — particularly Black and Indigenous American folks — to give us a platform.
Franzen has at points been a marvelous writer and sometimes marvelous writers run out of things to say and that’s sad and they should get the feedback that it’s important to go back to the drawing board — not that people will publish whatever the fuck
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After the wonderful @EANBoard #SoMe4Epis module on social media for public health professionals, on request:

[THREAD] Here’s my bag of resources and explanations for beginners, to get started on social media

Kicking off with an introduction to social media for scientists by @hollybik & @MiriamGoldste

All in the familiar academic format of a journal article:…

#scicomm @PLOSBiology
So why engage in social media as an epidemiologist or public health professional?

It helps to build trust in science!

#PLOSONE: Using selfies to challenge public stereotypes of scientists

#scicomm #scientistswhoselfie
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I want to tweet every single line of this article by @Jetjocko in @wired but I’ll start with this one: “The idea that should run freon through your cortex is that Jeffrey Epstein likely helped plant some thoughts there”… 1/x
@jetjocko @WIRED It is the most concise, well written article I’ve seen yet on the damage that willful blindness and continued engagement with Epstein has wrought. What ideas did he help shape? What other ideas got ignored?… 2/x
@jetjocko @WIRED The magnitude of those two questions should cause every single scientist working at the intersection of humankind and technology to pause, from biotechnologists to AI developers. 3/x
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This man is a moron. Bret has pretended to be a serious "evolutionary theorist" for too long. He's made zero contributions to the field & speaks indecipherable garbage on his YouTube/twitter that completely butchers evolutionary biology. He is an imposter doing harm to the field
Seeing as this is gaining traction it's only fair that I elaborate.

First, Bret is frustratingly vague. What exactly is "the version of Darwinism in modern textbooks"? He never says. Is it Kimura? Is it Maynard-Smith? Hamilton? EES? All of it? Elaborate Bret
2nd, he's giving a soft endorsement to Gelernter for rejecting evolution because it's "mathematically improbable." Bret seems to agree that modern evolutionary theory "is absurd and has reached a crisis point... providing false hope to Darwin’s detractors." huh?
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Just found out about this and am not involved: a workshop for minoritized grad students on #scicomm and #scipol happening at UNH next month. Agenda:…
Applications are due this Friday:…
I won't be speaking/attending/don't know much about the organizing, but it looks like it could be interesting for people just getting started.
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I hope at some point science pubs figure out that their audience SHOULD include Black people who spell Black with a capital B, enbies, femmes, masc folks, two-spirit people, Kanaka Maoli — rather assuming we are simply people to be explained/simplified for straight white cis men
Science publications should be writing to us, not just trying to write as if we don’t exist
#scicomm should not just be for straight white cis people
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Today’s #ORNITHOLODAY is all about baby birds and how they grow up! #ornithology #GrowBirdGrow
Sarah Winnicki (personal account: @skwinnicki) will be tweeting fun facts about growing birds & details about her #PrairieBabies project on this account from 1400-1100 UTC, so keep checking in for more #ornithology #SciComm! #ORNITHOLODAY #GrowBirdGrow
@skwinnicki Keep an eye out for our hashtags #ORNITHOLODAY & #GrowBirdGrow. Please feel free to ask questions at any point throughout the day!
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Hi Twitter!
I'm Raha.
I was alpha female of the Lemala clan for 12yrs. Now my daughter Timba has taken over.

@HyenaProject asked me to help compile some cool facts about my species.

I thought this was a good idea.

I did a thread in 4 chapters. Enjoy!

We invented the ultimate anti-rape device!

We are the only female mammal with no external vaginal opening and our clitoris is elongated to form a 'pseudopenis'.

We mate, urinate and give birth through the pseudopenis.

#hyenas #hyènes #Hyänen
Our external genitals look like those of males!

Our outer labiae are fused + filled with tissue to form a 'pseudoscrotum' and our pseudopenis looks like a male penis when erected.

Luckily, @HyenaProject created a cool manual to sex us. 👇

#hyena #hyène…
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Friday #Medthread! I’ve been chatting lately that I should write a #tweetorial about how I’ve put my social media related/based activities on my academic/professional CV. So, without further ado... 1/x
these are excited times, & hopefully this won't be uncharted territory for too much longer as standards are set and more institutions embrace social media related activities...BUT for do you show your uniqueness and innovations via #medtwitter #SoMe?? 2/x
1⃣these are my opinions (grounded in experience & many discussions)
2⃣I use the OHSU CV template (Scholarship/Service/Teaching)
3⃣employers may not be ready to embrace

PS--bonus points--name the TV show the GIF is from!! (probably not known/respected enough...)
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Good morning #SciComm friends! It's Dr. David Shiffman @WhySharksMatter back again!

Today we're gonna talk about ocean science and conservation, and how #SciComm can help with both!
@WhySharksMatter I want to know what YOU know about the ocean.

Why is a healthy ocean important for humans?

What threats does the ocean face?

What science-based solutions to protect the ocean have you heard of?
@WhySharksMatter Thanks for a fun chat about what you know about ocean conservation, friends! I want to move on to some #SciComm mythbusting about the science behind protecting the ocean. There's so much wrong information out here that it can be very confusing for concerned citizens!
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How do you even start communicating science non-fiction stuff?!

I think there are 4 CORE ELEMENTS of a successful communication piece needs. And knowing those, starting to write / script / create your piece becomes much easier.
I am still @DennisEckmeier. If you missed my introdution earlier today, you can check it out here:
Later this week I want to talk about the different formats of communication that I use:
- writing: academic articles, blog posts, twitter threads ;)
- speaking: giving talks in academia
- audio: podcasting
- video: webvideos
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Oh, whoa. PNW geohazards #SciComm dream #job for someone: Share the joy of ShakeAlert, Washington’s earthquake early warning system.

Getting this system in play is big, but getting public understanding & support is HUGE for regional disaster prep.
Between this & the PNW FEMA comms opening, we’re totally gathering up the disaster communications folks into the lands of perpetual overcast.

Joiiiinnnnn ussss... the lack of sun just means we’re vampires, not zombies or borg.
Did somebody declare it "Flood the west coast with amazing #SciComm #job opportunities" week?

Pasadena, California. JPL video commentator, so space (& hopefully not disasters!) this time.
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Psst. Any fav upbeat pop songs about disasters?

It's time to update my PreApocalyptic Planning Party playlist of a musical soundtrack for shamelessly dancing badly while increasing community resilience & mitigating future doom.
How I practice #SciComm:
The lovely lad at the liquor store asked an opener, so just got the 30sec version of “Throw parties & invite your neighbours to survive our next big disaster.”
I'm tempted to add @mikasounds to the disaster prep party pop playlist as name-kin. "Happy Ending" is about breakups, but resilience is resilience wherever you find it...
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OK. It's happening, and I can finally talk openly about it (a thread).

I have decided to transfer from my #PhD into a #Masters degree. I'm currently writing my thesis - I'm due to submit in October.

And I want to talk about it, because we don't talk about this enough.
This isn't a decision I've made lightly, or impulsively. It's due to a plethora of factors, including personal, project and professional reasons. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, and something I should have thought more about before I even started my PhD.
I like studying. I like learning. I loved university, honours was challenging, but a PhD was the next logical step. I took a little time off (not enough)-but getting a scholarship early pretty much confirmed I'm be moving on to the next part of my academic life.
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Dear science/climate twitter. We know twitter is terrible at corrections: it doesn't allow edits, so our only options are to delete (bad because erasing doesn't mean no one read or RT-ed it), or to RT and/or reply with corrections (bad because ppl might only read original tweet).
As @JacquelynGill's epic thread shows, mistakes / imperfect science exist, and it's our job to bring those discussions in public debate. So I've got a modest proposal involving #scicomm hashtags.
1/ #SCunconfirmed means the reader is not 💯 sure the result is robust.
2/ #SCrobust means the result has been read and considered robust by the reader, who has the expertise to make such a judgement confidently.
3/ #SCuhoh means some important caveats / red flags in the study, which need to be taken into account for accurate interpretation.
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A #thread about promoting scientific literature in graduate students, while having fun, and generating results. I hope this is helpful for some, and feel free to Retweet. #WSUEntomology #sciencetwitter #scicomm #scichat #phdlife #phdchat #GradSchool #readingcommunity #science
Many faculty are often frustrated that students seem to have a poor understanding of the literature, or are surprised when students don’t know the “big names" in their field. However, one must realize it is easy to get “pigeon-holed” while you are focusing on your MS/PhD
Reading groups are one way to address this issue – meet weekly or bi-weekly and read literature in a given field. However, too often reading groups are dominated by faculty/postdocs with more experience and students are afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule or embarrassment.
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{Day 1} Resources Thread

So you want to give presentations to broad audiences. Awesome!

🚨UNLESS🚨 your slides are the SAD way of presenting.

SAD = Standard Academic Delivery = SmartArt, bullet points, text-heavy, bad #dataviz, etc

Learn more 👇
🚨 ALSO 🚨

If you choose to do a webinar, then it can't be the type of webinar that encourages people to multi-task & ignore you. 😴

That's NOT effective communication or dissemination. 👏

That's just extra work & no one has time for that 😑…
If your presentations are visually engaging with beautiful #dataviz, then everything else I talk about this week will be easier and faster 🙌

Again, the purpose of this week is to help you * repurpose * materials to save time.

So let’s make sure we can repurpose those slides!
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Our final thread on 'Twitter for science organizations' ! @PrinSciAdvGoI 🥁
Today we discuss Interactions & Mistakes. But before that, let's talk a little more about hashtags
Hashtag choices - Here is a tweet that is part of a series of live-tweets by @NCBStheory during the annual Monsoon School on the Physics of Life, held at the @NCBS_Bangalore campus.
Lets look at what this tweet did right and not-so-right
👍🏽 Its a great idea to intersperse informational tweets with 'lighter' tweets, especially while live-tweeting events. It breaks the tedium and increases audience engagement.
👍🏽The use of media - a photograph helps to prevent text overload for the audience
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LT #ExpoOcéan @Le_Museum Vous ne l'avez pas encore visitée ? Voici un aperçu de ma #visite ! 🌊⛵⛴️🐋🐚🐟🦈🦐🦑🐬🧜🧜‍♂️ (À dérouler) #scicomm #commsci #vulgarisationscientifique
L'#océan a toujours nourri mais aussi fasciné les êtres humains. Son halo de #mystère vient sans doute du fait qu’il s’agit d’un lieu très inhospitalier pour notre espèce. #ExpoOcéan @Le_Museum
Au delà du problème de la respiration dans l'eau, de la température et de la lumière qui diminuent très rapidement en plongeant dans les profondeurs, la limite la plus contraignante est probablement la pression de la colonne d'🌊 (qui peu écraser 1 enceinte sous-marine par ex)
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Have you ever wondered why some cats purr and other cats roar? Did you know that house cats aren’t the only felines that go “meow”?? Why does this happen?! The answer might be more simple than you realize! Let’s get into it! #ScienceTwitter 1/ 🐾
Cats! Everyone’s favorite machines of predation and cuteness are categorized in two main genera, Felis and Pantheras. Some people acknowledge these categories as the “purring cats” and the “roaring cats”. What separates them though?? #ScienceTwitter 2/ 🐾
One of the major distinctions is in the hyoid bone! This is an ossified structure which rests above the larynx allowing for a higher variation of tongue, pharyngeal, and laryngeal movements! Big cats like lions and tigers have tough cartilage that runs up the sides! #SciComm 3/
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