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Excited for Priya Bahri’s plenary session on #scicomm at #ICPE20 #RxEpi starting at 11:15am ET today

#pharmacoepidemiology @ISPE_Exchange
Here we go! #icpe2020
"Is silence better than getting it wrong?" when it comes to emerging medication safety issues for patients - Priya Bahri asks of #drugsafety at #ICPE20
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1/7 A short, updated & ongoing thread about the #ClimateEmergency #wildfires exposing the #disinformation being spread by HORDES of #DenialMachine #trollers.

Please bookmark, read & share often/widely, folks.📲

Help fight back against organized #trollfarms confusing the public!
2/7 When trolls shriek "#Arson!" they're just DISTRACTING you from fuel AND accellerant factors, BOTH of which are FAR WORSE due to climate change.🤨🔥

Read from reputable sources about #wildfire severity, duration and frequency:……
3/7 Here's THE definitive thread on Australian #wildfires & #arson:

More from Dr.Mann:

PLUS another distraction point - fires 'stopping' at borders:

CBS News on wildfires and MMCC:
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"We need to foster an environment in which learning & disseminating scientific concepts is ingrained in our culture so that the population & government can be better informed to make the best choices based on experimentation & evidence."

A thread on why I do #scicomm
The link above is to my first ever tweet. As I've gained a few followers since then, I'll introduce myself.

I'm a scientist. I joined twitter at the start of the pandemic mainly to communicate important information to my friends, but also as a way of combating misinformation. Image
To people desperate for power, control of information is everything. Once you have control of information, you can change peoples views, manipulate the truth and, as we have seen over and over again, decide elections.

Mis/disinformation has exploded through the pandemic.
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Welcome to the 7th (?!) #GlobalScienceShow, this time in collab with @pintofscience & @GlasgowSciFest

We have over 60 #scicomm presenters from all around the world taking part

Follow along below or at the hashtag & let's meet @CoreyHanrahan who is up in 10 mins

Please RT
Keep an eye out for some exciting news coming your way around 2pm this afternoon!

We'll be talking about what's happening for the October show!
First up, we head down under to learn about viscosity with Corey!

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Once again the conversation has started about whether we should change the name “palliative care.”

I appreciate the rationale including points made in a recent @washingtonpost article.

Allow me to present a counterpoint.

A 🧵, with videos:

#hapc #pedpc #MedEd #scicomm

Yes, fear of palliative care comes from an association in some people’s minds with death.

As many including @SoniaMKhunkhun @anandiyermd @ctsinclair have pointed out, that is likely a failure of education and due to a cultural fear of death itself, not palliative care.

When we conflate the scary thing with something that can help with the scary thing we risk missing a big opportunity for support.

As I’ve said before, it’s like confusing the fire with the fire department:


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I was asked why I never do posts about tigers, lions, and leopards. Let me say 1) I have posted about lions and tigers in the past. 2) I try to use my own pictures for a lot of my content so that I avoid unattributed/misattribute pictures, and 3) Have you seen jaguars?

I can admit my biases when it comes to "big cats", and that is I have an affinity for jaguars. They are the only member of the Panthera genus represented in the Americas and they are the 3rd largest "big cat", yet they have powerful adaptations that rival those of tigers!

There is a reason these amazing felines are steeped in indigenous culture throughout their native range despite their enigmatic nature. The heavily-muscled, stocky jaguar is a stealthy hunter, at home stalking prey from the trees, on the ground, and even in the water!

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(1/13) Please RT: our first #tweetorial!

Here's a 🧵on our new paper which is also my 1st time being (joint) last author✍️

Congrats to all, especially superstar med student @LuszczakSabina!

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #womeninSTEM…
(2/13) In #prostatecancer cell lines & human tissue, co-targeting #PIM & #PI3K #kinases seems promising!

We reckon ~20% of prostate cancer patients could benefit from this approach in future & these tend to be the sicker patients.

Scroll for #science!…
(3/13) Fig1a:

From publicly available data we see that some patients overexpress either the #PIM pathway, the #PI3K pathway, or both. Each of these targets have inhibitors in development, that could theoretically be of benefit to any of these patient groups when combined 🤞
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Thread. @nature encourages authors to recommend and exclude reviewers. My personal views on the strategies that are likely to increase/decrease the chances of your recommendations being taken up ... #peerreview #scicomm #climatetwitter
What to do …
Recommend scientists with minimal connections to the author group. One could argue that your previous co-authors, advisors, etc. will be familiar with your work and are therefore well placed to comment. But I will worry about a personal COI.
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#coronavirus: As India eases restrictions on activities this is the time to reiterate that WEARING MASKS NOW IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. More important than when #lockdown was first imposed on 25 March. Because number of active infected persons (dashed line below) is highest. 1/
As long as active infected persons persist in population - and herd immunity or vaccine induced immunity has not been achieved - chances of spreading pandemic is proportional to number of active infected persons, if containment is inadequate. WEARING MASKS PREVENTS SPREAD. 2/
Number of daily new infections is still rising. We are tracking #CoronavirusIndia at @cessi_iiserkol. When observed numbers (blue bars below) fall below our model assessment (red curve) we would know the pandemic is subsiding in #India (but resurgence is possible). 3/
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African S. Typhimurium ST313 has 23 Lineage 2-specific pseudogenes, discovered by @DrRobKingsley in 2009, inc ybjZ.

But what is function?

In collab with Jared Honeycutt @monack_lab, we've discovered that MacB (YbjZ) influences pathogenesis of ST313…
Genomes of 285 S. Typhimurium isolates revealed lineage-specific SNPs = macA & macB are pseudogenes

Suggesting that MacAB-TolC efflux pump is functional in S. Typhimurium ST19, but defective in ST313 Lineages 1 & 2
Beautiful expts designed by Jared Honeycutt & @monack_lab show MacA variant & truncated MacB protein made ST19 sensitive to C18G antimicrobial peptide

& the ST313 macAB SNPs reduced intra-macrophage replication & fitness in murine GI tract

See @monack_lab tweet for details
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Finally done with two weeks in #quarantine. Time well spent (?) making some #SciArt. Here's a series/thread based on our research work on #wildcanids and #stripedhyenas, in #India as part of @wcip_in.
#SciComm #AcademicChatter
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UNPOPULAR OPINION. 99% of my feed is lashing out at this post, but hear me out. The ACTUAL paper is presented as an attempt to replicate known concepts with large-scale quantitative methods. Indeed, the paper addresses its limitations vs. historical linguistics research! 1/8
The article does not claim Groundbreaking Novelty Whoa This Has Never Been Done Before(TM). The tweet and the @physorg_com article do. @kennysmithed here explains it perfectly. 2/8

What went wrong? @physorg_com should not have claimed that this is the "first large-scale, data-driven study" in semantic alignment. It is the first APPLICATION of #MachineLearning to this field. Is it supremely cool? YES. Is it groundbreaking? NO. 3/8
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“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was not an astronomer & didn't have access to a fraction of the images we take for granted, but he knew the importance of space for inspiring change. He wrote this in a comedy play called Lady Windermere's Fan (about a woman who accuses her husband of an affair)
You don't have to be an astrophysicist to appreciate the magnificence of the universe. You need only look up in admiration and curiosity!
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Hi! My name is Juan Carlos Munoz (@astro_jcm). I’m an astronomer in Heidelberg, and this week I’ll fill your timelines with stories about life in the Atacama desert, cool shots of the night sky and the science behind them, and the occasional bad astro-pun. You’ve been warned! Image
I’m originally from Spain, and I did my PhD on galaxy evolution at @unicomplutense in Madrid. Then I moved to @TheNRAO in Charlottesville, USA, where I spied on galaxies at infrared wavelengths with the @NASAspitzer space telescope.

📷: NASA/JPL-Caltech Image
In 2013 I moved to @ESO_Chile as a fellow and then staff. There I got to work with fantastic telescopes & instruments at Paranal Observatory, and enjoyed one of the most amazing night skies on Earth. These two things have shaped my #scicomm significantly! Image
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So piggybacking on @SaskiaPopescu's excellent thread here, which EERILY mirrors an email I sent Thursday - and she and I did NOT talk about the topic recently - I wanna show you all a GREAT paper trying to revise the definition of aerosol transmission.
I have no idea why Thursday was the first time I've come across this paper, since the airborne vs aerosol transmission debate has been a headache-and-silver-hair generating issue in my life since 2014, as neatly summed up by this blog post:…
BUT Jones and Brosseau published this REALLY ELEGANT paper in 2015, trying to develop the concept of aerosol transmission to "resolve limitations in conventional definitions of airborne and droplet transmission.” Which hello yes, WE NEED.…
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🎉🎉 It’s here!! 🎉🎉 Last Friday I promised a thread on prairie dogs & grassland birds! Well, here’s the thread you never knew you always wanted!

Buckle up for an intro to why I’m researching prairie dogs & grassland birds! RT if you enjoy! #ornithology #conservation Image
First, 2 disclaimers:

1) way more comfortable w/ in-person #scicomm so can clarify anything after!

2) thread based on what I’ve read *so far* in reviewing literature; I know lots about birds & conservation, but I am not (yet) an expert on this specific system.

Ok, let’s go!
So why study grassland birds + prairie dogs? Why should we care about either of them, let alone how they interact with each other?

Here’s a basic background & why it matters. Thread: (1/n)
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Today at lab meeting, I took a risk and instead of a regular research update, I ran a workshop (adapted from one I did w/ @BrianAguado) on how to present your research in under 3 mins. I didn’t give them a heads up and I was nervous but it was a HUGE success! #SciComm 1/n
I thought a lot about how to design it so it was interactive and practical. I borrowed a LOT of tips from @echoechoR (she has a class out you can sign up for!) on virtual engagement including: live polliong (using @Mentimeter), chat interactions, and room breakouts #Scicomm 2/n
Outline (took 1h15m)
1) Interactive poll to gauge everyone’s feelings around this topic
2) Why is this important?
3) Bad and good examples by me
4) Tips on how to do it better
5) Individual time to prep
6) Break into trios to practice once
7) Explain someone else’s work 3/n
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Welcome to the 6th #GlobalScienceShow, this time with a climate change theme

We have a fantastic day of #scicomm content from over 60 folks all around the world! Are you ready?

Follow along below or at the hashtag & let's meet @CoreyHanrahan who is 1st up in 10 mins

Please RT
Time to say good evening to Corey, which is ideal as he is talking about sunsets

I've been learning a lot about ocean acidification these past two weeks, so this is right up my street!

Thanks Khemistry Kids!

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#scicomm #epitwitter #idtwitter
Like many here I decided to engage more in social media to try to help balance the polarities and overconfident assertions in evolving COVID19 knowledge: here, potential hazards in doing this are described.../1…
Persistent abusive commentary, complaints and threats are described. I’ve had some concerning messages but no physical threats, and in the past over a disagreement about some tick borne disease data interpretation had some bad reviews of my clinical care posted by strangers.../2
It tells us people are defining themselves by their beliefs to a degree that if their beliefs are threatened they lash out. They also can’t engage to examine the underpinnings of their beliefs and entrench with opposing info...and it’s hard not to do this-.../3
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Wormholes! One of the coolest concepts when it comes to high energy astrophysics, and I am here to tell you exactly why that is. In tonight's thread, I'm going to be discussing the origins of wormholes, the different types, and also some current research on them. #scicomm (1/20)
As always, click here to read the extended blog post version of this thread: (2/20)
Alright, so what exactly is a wormhole? Think of it as some sort of bridge that connects together different parts of our universe. The term was coined in 1957, though it had been studied much earlier than that. The word is perfect because you can easily imagine it as... (3/20)
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A study that does not measure racism but is framed as a study showing that “racism is a genetic trait”.


An example of horrible #scicomm

I saw this title and “thought this is so unlikely to be what the actual scientific paper said” and I was right. First things first – let’s look at the title of the actual paper, linked at the end of the article 2/
Well the article must at least talk about race and racism, right? Right?!

Ope. Never mind then. 3/
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🎙LIVE FROM #SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive🌶️! Follow the game here on Twitter (@CapSciComm Prof/Student Members gain call access:… [1/n]
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies of your team all night long by tagging @TriviaWithBens and #CapSciCommLive 🌶️!
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
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Working to become anti-racist requires that we research & acknowledge the persistence & gravity of structural racism, so we've created a series of 10 infographics about why racism is a public health problem. Here's the overview:
The full series with functional hyperlinks is on our website, & we'll be posting snippets throughout the coming days!…
Here are some myths we'll be disproving around race & public health!

#SciPol #scicomm #ScienceTwitter
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I studied political bias and why people reject scientific evidence for my dissertation.

I spent years working on it and it's finally done. :D

Here's a thread summarizing what I found! #scicomm
I'm focusing on the United States for my work and we have two major political identities here: Democrats and Republicans.

Political polarization in the US is growing at an alarming rate. Just watch this GIF of political attitudes grow apart over the past few years.
This polarization creates very strong political identities. This is key because people are motivated to maintain consistency between the values associated with their identity & information they encounter.

So I was interested in what factors can influence political bias!
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