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Young boy w/ acute onset quadriparesis with areflexia, admitted to ICU with "GBS". You happen to glance at Urine Bag. something is off! The old urine is darker!? The patient is squealing with abdominal pain. Relatives tell you- seizures in the past

This surely doesn't feel like a routine GBS. Young boy with seizures and abdominal pain, think of the Porphyrias!

Our patient probably has one of the acute Porphyrias. Confirmation of the type eluded us unfortunately since genetic analysis is expensive. Probably AIP
Neuro Porphyrias include
1. Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AD)
2. Hereditary Coproporphyria (AD)
3. Variegate Porphyria (AD)
4. ALA Dehydrates Porphyria
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1) Why is biochemistry so commonly disliked by medical students?

Because they are made to memorize metabolic pathways without rhyme or reason.
2) They spend hours memorizing the structures of amino acids and the Krebs cycle.

Its a classic case of missing the forest for the trees.

They never learn integrated metabolism as a whole and with proper clinical correlation.
3) I started MBBS in 2012 and I have checked out several biochem texts over the years.

Harper is the worst --> for 1st year.

The Indian textbooks don't do much better either.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/11/2021…
Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds…

#Arctic, #rain, #snow, #ClimateChange, #models
The United States Is Not “a Nation of Immigrants”…

#USA, #immigrants, #multiculturalism, #ColonialHistory, #settlers
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Since this got some attention, and few asked for details, let me elaborate. People were like this is keto, you don't know gluconeogenesis?, we are without sugar since 5 years, etc. So first some basics. 1/ #biochemistry #diet #nutrition
So, what happens when you have had dinner at 9 pm and slept off?
Okay, before that, the brain is a peculiar thing. Its preferred and predominant fuel is glucose.
The food takes roughly 4 hrs to be digested and assimilated. What supplies glucose after 1-2 am? #nutrition #diet
2 things:
1. We've stored glucose as glycogen in liver. So that gets broken down.
2. After few hours of that process, gluconeogenesis (process in which body makes glucose from 5 different things) starts.
They are overlapping processes, first major, second minor (to begin wth). 3/
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1/ After a year of work, our paper on mRNA Degradation is finally out!

2/ A year ago I was approached with a unique and exciting opportunity: I was asked to help out with setting a Kaggle Open Vaccine competition, where the goal would be to come up with a Machine Learning model for the stability of RNA molecules.
3/ This is of a pressing importance for the development of the mRNA vaccines. The task seemed a bit daunting, since I have had no prior experience with RNA or Biophysics, but wanted to help out any way I could.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/07/2021…
Pre-Columbian Latin Text Proves Early Knowledge of the Americas…

#MedievalHistory #europe #latin #translations
Extinction and origination patterns change after mass extinctions…

#MassExtinctions #consequences #evolution
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Hello all! @SJLahey here, again. Let’s dive right in…

Yesterday, in my introductory overview thread, I opened with a teaser image showing a rather odd-looking piece of #parchment: part of an offcut.

But what does that mean? What is an offcut? 🤔
[A preliminary note: The word ‘offcut’ (or ‘off-cut’) has other definitions than the one below, particularly in archaeology, but also in other fields. To keep things simple, I won’t go into them in these threads—but feel free to ask questions, either here or @SJLahey]
By way of technical definition, in #codicology, an offcut is ‘a piece of parchment originating as a remnant created by the second cuts’ (i.e., when the prepared plano sheet is squared up by pruning away lower-grade material from around its perimeter).
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/24/2021…
Covid’s Forgotten Hero: The Untold Story Of The Scientist Whose Breakthrough Made The Vaccines Possible…

#COVID19 #vaccines #biochemistry #discovery #acknowledgement
Resurrection Genomics: Millennia-Old Palm Trees Live Again…

#genomics #seeds #longevity
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"#Thermodynamics of Far-From-Equilibrium Systems, #Biochemistry, and #Life in a Warming World"

Today's SFI Virtual Seminar by Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU

Streaming now – follow this thread for highlights.…

#Biology #Ecology #GlobalWarming
"If we look at the temperatures at which most biological #enzymes fall apart, it's upward of 50º — but most enzymatic activity fails well below that. What's causing this decline? The Standard Model doesn't account for this."

Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU:… ImageImageImage
Here's why #GlobalWarming is not just going to be "great for plants":

Thermodynamic constraints on living systems mean rising temperatures affect diffusion and transport of molecules across membranes, and too much heat messes with #photosynthesis.

Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU: ImageImage
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Mimicking Simple Life Without Biochemistry

Follow this thread for insights from today's SFI Seminar by Juan Pérez-Mercader (SFI + @Harvard), which you can watch live on our FB page. Recording will be saved for later viewing at this link, as well as YT:…
More info about today's seminar by SFI External Professor Juan Pérez-Mercader (@Harvard) on Mimicking Simple Life Without Biochemistry:…

#astrobiology #biochemistry #complexity
What properties characterize life? The search for a fundamental theory of #biology continues to face some serious challenges:
• n = 1
• no unified math
• can't modify carbon experimentally
• biology is still process-description
BUT: ✨ info-metabolism-replication-evolution ✨
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Check out our latest paper on @biorxivpreprint!

Phosphorylation of the overlooked #tyrosine 310 regulates the structure, #aggregation, and #microtubule- and #lipid-binding properties of #Tau…

Short #thread!

#AcademicTwitter #biochemistry #threadstory
Tau misfolding and aggregation are implicated in tauopathies such as #Alzheimers and #PSP. Tau is extensively post-translationally modified and aberrant pattern of PTMs are found in disease. Tyrosine PTMs have received the least attention, especially Y310.
Tau has 5 tyrosines, and Y310 is in the crucial position within the aggregation-prone MT- and lipid-binding repeat domain. It compacts and folds into beta-sheet structure. We asked:

How would addition of bulky negatively charged phosphogroups to tyrosines impact Tau properties?
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Spectroscopy allows us to spy on molecules invisible to the naked eye. Through a cuvette the spectrophotometer allows us to peer and measure concentrations with the help of Beer! 👉
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
The Beer Lambert law (Beer’s law) allows you to convert between concentration (c) of a dissolved thing (solute) & absorbance of light. Don't have a lot - use a NanoDrop so the UV-Vis fun don't stop!…
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
Do you listen to your spectrograph peaks when they try to speak? Or just look at highest 1 & assume purification's done? Peakiest peak *might* tell concentration - but rest can reveal contamination! 👉
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
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Super cool combination of modeling, biochemistry, and cell biology to show that co-translational topology of a membrane segment in a viral polyprotein stimulates frame shifting during translation…. @tfmiller3 #Ribosome #Biochemistry
A weakly hydrophobic transmembrane segment picks one of two orientations - membrane insertion or not. This is stochastic, and in the cases where it passes through the membrane, the forces from the translocon “tugs” on the ribosome to cause a frameshift.
Cool combination of CGMD simulations of protein translocation and some neat labeling / conditional fluorescence experiments to establish distance between TM domain and site of frame shifting needed to stimulate force-dependent frameshift.
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This preprint has it all - explanation of human genetics, platelets as immunomodulators, a new protein-protein interaction involving a solute carrier, NETs…. And amazing movies! #Immunology #Biochemistry #Platelets
Microfluidics and imaging show binding of neutrophils (and T cells) to activated aIIb-b3 integrin on platelets - independent of known receptors. SLC44A2 binds, and a human SNP linked to decreased risk of venous thrombosis reduces binding. And binding triggers NETosis!
Check out movie 7 - so clear to see the SLC44A2 dependent adhesion of leukocytes to platelets, and the impact of the polymorphism. I love platelet papers for views like those! Looking forward to more biochemistry on the SLC44A2-integrin interaction, but overall very solid paper.
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Hello, I am Edna Matta. I was born in #Ibague, known as #Colombia’s #CityofMusic. A beautiful place near snow-covered volcanos (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forest, lakes and streams where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist
My story starts with #powerful, #strong #women in my #family. I was the third of 4 children and my mom #firstMentor had to raise us practically alone, since my father had to work in a different city, 20h away by car
My mom is a very #strong #woman that taught me #values, to #workhard and to be #self-sufficient #StrongWomen #StrongFamily
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS /1
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After a jam-packed 2 days at #SciOut18🌪(thx @ASBMB & @rockedu_!) it was time to reflect! 🤔 Reflection is so important, but it can be hard to find ⏰ to really just think! 💭 Some of my thoughts 👉
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #sciout #science person looking thoughtful in front of mirrornotebook pagenotebook pagenotebook page
What’s inside? 🧐 It’s FORMAMIDE! 🤗 Formally removing RNA’s form with formamide! 🤓 FORMAMIDE in loading buffer breaks up & replaces the bonds between bases holding RNA's shape together 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person looking through safety goggles with formamide drawn on themformamide RNA denaturant explanation
Bring on the heat! 🔥 To help denaturants get to the huddling hydrophobic bases, we add heat ♨️ 👉 gives molecules more energy so they can “pull apart” more easily ⏩ easier access 👍 More 👇
#365DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #lifeinthelab #science person putting tube in heating block
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