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11 Oct
I looked up at him, his gilet buffeted by the salty wind. His big and worn hands clasped on my shivering form. He stared intently, knowing I wanted to take asylum in his strong arms. He whispered, "call me the Clandestine Threat Commander."
"Storm my dinghy daddy" I whispered.
He slowly removed his utility belt and undid his mobile phone holster. I waited with baited breath for an hour. An exciting hour. He revealed the tattoo on his calf, a picture of Winston Churchill. He could fight on my beaches I thought. Far above Priti watched, I liked it.
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3 Oct
Hey @peta, regarding your link between #autism and cows milk:

1 RCT showing no difference in behaviour between exposure/placebo groups of children with ASD (Link 1)

A systematic review of 19 studies showing no benefit in casein/gluten in ASD (Link 2)

Show me your data
1) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24564346/
2) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28562286/

Reducing meat intake/milk intake has benefits for the planet, but do NOT bring in the neurodiverse and or/autistic community into your damn marketing you plebs.
As a further note, my reference of those within these communities may not be correct and I would encourage them to further guide me and how they wish to identify. It is not my aim to mislabel or speak for such specific things. I will happily take education on this subject.
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3 Oct
Allison Pearson once again demonstrates profound and motivated ignorance

Vaccines are FOR those without the infection and are proven to save lives. When did you last have smallpox dumbass?*

Pearson's razor: If you dont get it, whine

*okay back to my clearly flippant hiatus
Dont save my childrens lives or me and my wine club will bash you.
Seatbelts?! You communist fuck get out of my country!
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2 Oct
John Cena as the dermatology consultant; a thread

Consulting on a patient in the emergency department:
Amongst colleagues at the Dermatology MDT
Responding to an urgent question at 3am
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2 Oct
Covering myself in baby oil so your hate slides right off.
*also works in GMC reviews.
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2 Oct
Please take a moment to read and consider a donation. As much or as little as you can. Please help Jeff and his family by #retweeting

I will leave this pinned until the target is reached xx

'Helping Laura and Katherine get through my death.'
Its made 10,000 already. Keep it up please :)
25k in around 20 minutes. Lets go #twitter
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1 Oct
Flu shots should be administered by blow dart by nursing students in urban camo
Hiding in bushes outside care homes to mitigate highest risk.
For GMC - this is a joke. I am not endorsing hunting the elderly with flu shot blow darts. Id need to do primary research first
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1 Oct
Think twitter needs to add another response button other than "comment, retweet and like." Feel sometimes "liking" tragic news doesnt seem that sensitive. Not sure what we could add for that situation, maybe a flower or other mark of respect. A black band? Thoughts?

Maybe a teddy?
Or two hands interlinked.
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30 Sep
Gryffindor: cardiology
Ravenclaw: renal medicine
Hufflepuff: psychiatry
Slytherin: neurosurgery

Harry: st2 in older persons
Ron: f1 repeating in ED
Hermione: Academic endo st5
Dumbledore: Prof of Rheum
Snape: Micro Consultant
Hagrid: ortho st4

Hogwarts: Peninsula
Beauxbatons: Derm
Durmstrang: Acute care

Viktor Krum: GP st3
Fleur Delacour: Neurology ct1
Cedric Diggory: Resp ct2

Malfoy: upper GI consultant
Voldemort: Matt Hancock
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29 Sep
So @DrRanj joined me for a late night cup of @marmite tea. Recipe is simple, 1 @YorkshireTea and a dollop of that yeasty best and you have a drink fit for the Queen.
@JimMFelton inspired.
Seriously tho this was actually amazing. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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29 Sep
Would you be interested in me starting a podcast about mental health?

Considering a monthly show interviewing professionals and talking through interesting concepts, new research, and making dad jokes.

Please vote, comment (any ideas,) and retweet. One RT = + 1 ego strength
Also, any ideas for guests drop them a tag.
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29 Sep
I'll be honest and say that for almost 10 weeks I have not been anxious or low thanks to therapy and medication. The actions of these people hurt on a deep level, make me feel fraudulent and impotent. Knowing countertransferance I am able to recognise why, but it sucks.
Over the last years I have worked my hardest to help my patients, normalise mental illness, written in national newspapers about my experiences, combated fake information, and advocated for the rights of those who perceived to have been harmed.
These people would rather watch me burn as a sacrifice to their agenda than recognise the work and motivation I have given them. Twitter can be ugly, and this is the face of it. I forgive them as I know this isn't about me, but it hurts.
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29 Sep
Two years ago, I wrote a small number of articles for a science group who approached me. I received roughly 20 dollars for it. Since then it has been brought to my attention that the site hosted some ugly articles and one of the people associated made some ugly tweets.
The content of the articles was based on neuroscience explaining new findings in neurology and research. If I remember correctly, it was about the use of attenuated polio strains in the treatment of tumours. My articles were limited to science and I thought I was doing good.
The group themselves stand accused of conflicts of interest. I am not a lawyer, not part of the accusation, so I will not comment on the legitimacy of these claims. Since 2018, I have not written for them and don't plan to again. I have contacted the owner and asked my articles..
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29 Sep
New show idea for David Attenborough episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 the finale #ClimateChangeIsReal
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29 Sep
Next Olympic opening ceremony should just be Priti Patel punching a poor single mother in the face whilst a jet flies over playing right said fred.

Fuck it go the whole hog and dress an inner city teacher as a grouse and have him hunted by 30 people dressed as tim martin i dunno i love flags.
M8 dont @ me yeah cant find me in my toilet roll fort damn leftists read a book i graduated from the uni of life and watched a david icke so im woke.
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28 Sep
Political disagreement and group thinking: a thread.

Twitter, like any potentially anonymised social modality, presents opportunities to explain and understand the dynamics of group thinking and the examples of behaviours associated with it. This should explain a few things.
Within groups formed around ideology, there tends to be a set of behavioural structures, hierarchies and cognitive approaches that are shared between groups but misaligns these groups in terms of useful communication. These processes are stabilising factors within the group.
One example is the idea of a centralized belief system, where all members must share it or they are excluded. Free debate is stifled within the group to ensure compliance with the ideal. Anyone who speaks out is labelled a traitor. So immediately the group cannot change or adapt.
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27 Sep
Guys I got called a dickhead yesterday. So im gonna start a new Political party with my many many friends and fight the culture war. Please send money.
Did I tell you i got loads of m8s?
If you need me ill be a second rate leonard cohen singing about how sensitive I am.
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24 Sep
@Sci_Phile consider the basilisk as an optimiser, then preventing it would enable future death. As its purpose is to prevent all deaths possible, its utalitarian ideology would mean that it doesnt matter what we do, it would create itself using the same powers.
If it has the power to influence past humans, it has the same power, by extension, to influence a small intelligent and resourceful group to build it and minimise torture of others. This would be more optimal than rokos hypothesis.
So its building is either inevitable and secret, or impossible and irrelevant. The basilisk is prevented from the apogee of its destructive powers by its own morality. The premise of optimisation is flawed.
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24 Sep
Ill be clear on the term "antipsychiatry"; I wont use it. It risks confusing a heterogenous set of ideas and approaches, most fair criticisms by those harmed, others of an agenda that seeks to destroy a profession and risks patients.
We need to listen to the criticisms and consider their value, especially when coming from patients. But we must also challenge disinformation designed to push forward other less honest agendas, which I have seen to also manipulate vulnerable groups. That is our job.
One difficulty I have encountered is how to advocate for those beliefs I agree with, when they are perpetrated as part of grander and more seditious approaches. How do you differentiate between the harmed and a malicious agent with a hidden agenda?
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22 Sep
I know the return of COVID-19 is scary, and I know we have been through a lot as both individuals and as a people. But we have done so well to respond to threat, that this can be seen as another trial to be overcome. I won't portend to cite nationalistic sentiment, but more you.
You have survived an ordeal, months of drastic changes to your life. You have worked from home, worn a facemask, stepped out when you needed to, sacrificed your time and interests for the benefit of others. You have given the #NHS a lifeline to help those less fortunate.
When it comes down to it, every person has made a choice to engage with what has needed to be done. Sure, there may be doubts about the data, this is natural in science, and especially with something new. A year from now we will know much more. Thats how it works,
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20 Sep
Ah, the trolls are at it again. A new set of false allegations, libel and attempts to start a dogpile. As usual, screenshot, report, block.

I feel for these people, I do. Their hate must be hard to bare. But I have my limits.
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