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Work affects #MentalHealth & well-being.

1 in 6 working-age adults are estimated to have a mental disorder.

Globally, 12 billion working days are lost every year on account of #depression and anxiety.

🆕 WHO recommended guidelines to protect #MentalHealthAtWork ⬇️
Risks to #MentalHealthAtWork incl.:
🔸under-use of skills
🔸excessive workloads
🔸unsafe working conditions
🔸limited support from colleagues
🔸unclear job role
🔸job insecurity
🔸inadequate pay
& more

📌 Illustration of a sad looki...
Being out of work is also a threat to #MentalHealth.

Unemployment, job and financial insecurity and recent job loss are risk factors.

📌 A young man is looking at a...
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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patients— patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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⏱️ Every two seconds, one person under the age of 70 dies of a noncommunicable diseases - such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes & respiratory diseases.

Almost 9 in 10 of those deaths are taking place in low- & middle-income countries

#BeatNCDs #UNGA Image
Along with #MentalHealth, noncommunicable diseases - such as cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke), cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases - cause nearly three-quarters of deaths in the world killing 41 million people every year Image
Noncommunicable diseases – such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases - are one of the greatest health and development challenges of this century

#BeatNCDs #UNGA Image
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1/ I want to say a great big thank you to @chris_kammy for speaking out about #apraxia affecting his speech. I’ve been inconsolable over the last few days since I’ve discovered that a complication of B12 deficiency & pernicious anaemiaI’ve been diagnosed with, is #aphasia >
2/ I thought a few low vitamin levels was no big deal. I was having the munchies after an injection so I Googled to see if that was a side effect & I stumbled on the complications associated with B12. I have every single one. Some, like heart problems and reproductive stuff >
3/ are reversible. But the neurological and nerve damage can be irreversible. I have every single symptom and I’ve had them now for years. B12 & folate deficiency can happen if your diet is a bit shite, or if you are vegan/veggie. The hubby cooks from scratch and I’m not veggie >
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🔥 How to have a better life: KNOW the 6 DARK red flags 🚩 of toxic people & stay away from them: 🔥1. Constant Drama 🎭 those that create, spread or are complicit in gossip, lies, manipulation, deception & gaslighting. Many people are unconsciously addicted to drama due to toxic
Childhood/parents, TV, SM, MSM, government. Be honest with yourself and ask “why am I doing or allowing this?” 🔥2. NARCISSISM: The levels of narcissism have reached epidemic proportions in society. Many people think this is ‘normal’. It’s not. It’s unhealthy & dysfunctional
Notice how the conversation goes back to them. Notice how the subject topic is switched back to them. Notice how it’s all about them. Notice how discussions & conversations go back to them. Notice how they ‘fish’ for compliments. Notice how they hate/envious of others success
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#NPSADay is on Saturday. How will you get involved this year? Start by learning the six actions you can take to prevent #physician suicide at #NPSADay

@drbreenheroes #FirstRespondersFirst
Action 1 is to learn the Vital Signs. Prevention begins with understanding suicide warning signs. The HEART acronym helps to easily remember the signs: Health, Emotions, Attitude, Relationships and Temperament. Learn more at #NPSADay
Action 2 is to share suicide prevention resources. Physicians face many challenges, and there are resources that can provide immediate and ongoing support. Help #physicians by spreading awareness of these resources. Learn more at… #NPSADay.
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Do number of hours you put in define your commitment to your job? Is it how you should look at your job? (A perspective)

As the debate rages on #worklife balance vis a vis commitment to work, which in some sections is also now being equated with the no of hours put in by…1/7
employees, I feel, we are missing the real point that is ‘meaningful work’. On this aspect the following three questions are critical:

1. Are you self #motivated to do what you do?

This has a direct linkage with your #purpose to work. The purpose could be linked to…2/7
personal/family/organisational/societal needs. Without getting into a moral debate on what type of purpose is more appropriate, it really does not matter as long as you have a purpose which motivates you to go to work.

2. Do you like what you do?

This relates to…3/7
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Grandstanding? Democrats block @SenTedCruz’s bid for more cops & counselors in #schools in wake of #UvaldeMassacre, as a Dem senator says of the #Texas Republican's push: “This isn’t real. This is a TV show. This is clickbait,” @ByJosephMorton reports.…
2/ Cruz's proposal also has $10 billion in grants for schools to hire mental health professionals, but would exclude those that “Critical Race Theory” in any of their programs. #education #schools #CRT #CriticalRaceTheory #mentalhealth #Uvalde #schoolsecurity
3/ @tedcruz pushes back against Dems: "...Evil exists in the world and if another lunatic attacks a school and there’s not a police officer at the front door to stop him, remember right now, remember this moment when the Democrats said ‘no, we will not protect our kids.’” #Uvalde
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Do you know any #parents looking for better #masks for their kids this fall?

Check out all the helpful comments on this Tweet.

Best for many: @flo_mask & 3M Vflex 9105s
Popular: WellBefore, Powecom, Lutema, Vitacore

The child #MentalHealth clinic I was helping out ended up purchasing the WellBefore masks. Useful in this context b/c they needed disposables in plenty of different sizes.

The clinic runs somewhere between 12-18 ACH to help w/ imperfect mask fit.
When @vitacoreinc heard about this, they donated >200 CAN99/CAN99e masks to the child mental health clinic!

Very kind. Thanks for supporting child mental health in New Orleans!
3/3 masks for children
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The founder is commoditized in the high-risk capital stack.

Thousands sign up for this psychological torture every day and investors put them in shark tanks on TV as entertainment.

Founder #mentalwellness will never be a priority because it isn’t necessary.

Here’s why👇
If one founder burns out there are ten more lined up behind them to take their job.

And don’t think that success will protect you. The investment world is happy to replace even the most successful founders with a seasoned hired operator. In fact they’re salivating for it.
So then, what can founders do to break out of this highly oppressive system?

The answer is to measure and track our psychological health alongside our business health.

The amount of mental health degradation we’re willing to trade for success is different for each of us.
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🧵 on how I got where I am today, seems appropriate for #PainMonth:

At 16yo I was a senior in high school & sophomore in college, simultaneously.

At 18, w/ a double major & a minor within 2 semesters of #graduation, I quit college. I knew it wasn’t for me.

Do I regret it?
1st A bit about happened next:

I joined the #army to follow in my dad & grandpas footsteps.

Was seriously injured in the 1st half of training yet kept pushing. I made it through but needed extensive surgery & physical rehab & still have #Pain.

I came home feeling I failed.
Once I was home & healing, I turned the page.

I spent next years climbing a corporate ladder, making over $100k/yr at 20.

And I HATED every second of it!

I happily accepted a promotion to ‘head cook & chief bottle-washer’. I was married & raising a healthy baby girl.
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5 things you should never say to a suicidal person

#Thread #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #AvonsPracticalTips #HealthyLiving
1. “Suicide is selfish and Cowardly.”

This guilt trip is quite common but many people who consider suicide think their existence is a burden to the people they love. 'Self' is the last thing they care about.
#WorldSuicidePreventionDay #AvonsPracticalTips
Also, it's counterproductive to help someone by shaming them? Naturally, people would do everything possible to avoid death. We won't say suicide is brave but overcoming the fear of death isn't cowardly.
#WorldSuicidePreventionDay #AvonsPracticalTips
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Do NOT suddenly drop venlafaxine for 2 days

#mentalhealth #bipolardisorder #depression #antidepressants
I had the wildest night today.
It started with a really bad dream - an absolutely miserable experience. It was a wild mix between reality, warped cotton-like air and an extremely vivid feeling of being a complete failure as a professional and just as a decent human being.
All the wrong things I did were causing overwhelming pain. Sometimes I almost woke up and saw my real room through my closed eyelids.
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1/ #Oregon Health Authority publishes latest draft #psilocybin rules to implement Measure 109. Some early thoughts: First, the rules allow for a variation of #microdosing. Clients could consume up to 5mg and potentially leave a center after 1 hour.…
2/ Under the draft rules, the minimum length of administration sessions would vary based on the dose of #psilocybin received. Clients consuming 5 - 10mg could potentially leave after 2 hours, and 15 - 25mg would require a minimum stay of 4 hours.
3/ The facilitator to client ratios will also change depending on the doses of #psilocybin received, ranging from a potential 8 clients to each facilitator for doses of 5 - 10mg to no more than 1 client for every facilitator for doses between 40 - 50mg.
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Happening now:

We’re talking #MentalHealth and #Sports: How to help student athletes.

Join @Rebelsportpsych @latbbolch @jaclyncosgrove and @dcoleslo in our @TwitterSpaces event at…
Warning: Our conversation could touch on self-harm, suicide and other triggering mental health topics.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call 988 or visit
.@latbbolch was covering UCLA when he realized he hadn’t from player Thomas Cole for a while.

Cole eventually posted about his mental health struggles.

That led to this story:…
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1) Are you a Yes-person? "Yes-people" identify strongly with always being there for everyone else. Our default answer is Yes, even if inside we are screaming "Nooooooo!". There are all kinds of reasons for this. #selfcare #mentalhealth (see thread) Image
2) Maybe throughout your life you have been praised and rewarded for ignoring your own needs and putting everyone else first. Maybe you're afraid of what will happen if you start saying no. You don't like feeling guilty, or fear people getting angry or not liking you as much.
3) This isn't about becoming a selfish person either (most people who worry intensely about being selfish are usually not being overtly selfish, it's a pretty good litmus test). It's good to want to help people, and it's important to be there for others.
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Burnout is much more than being too busy or overwhelmed. Did you know there's 12 stages of burnout? 🔥​​​​​​​​

A Thread🧵

(based on the work of psychologists Herbert Freudenberger & Gail North)

#burnout #burnoutrecovery #mentalhealth
1. Your excessive ambition compels you to prove your worth
2. Work feels like an addiction & you can't "switch off"
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LIVE: Media briefing on #Ukraine, #monkeypox, #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Yesterday marked six months since the Russian Federation’s invasion, which has had a devastating impact on the health and lives of #Ukraine’s people. Although shaken, the health system has not collapsed"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "WHO continues to support @MoH_Ukraine to restore disrupted services, displaced #healthworkers and destroyed infrastructure, which is essential not only for the health of #Ukraine’s people, but for the country’s resilience and recovery"-@DrTedros
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Today marks 6⃣ months since the beginning of the war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦

♦️ Millions are displaced
♦️ Thousands died
♦️ Hundreds of attacks on health care

WHO and its partners help address immediate needs and support the country reconstructing its health system.
WHO has delivered more than 1 300 metric tonnes of life-saving medical supplies to 🇺🇦 incl.:
⚡️ power generators for healthcare facilities
💊 medicines to manage non-communicable diseases
🩹 trauma & emergency surgery supplies
🫧 oxygen
🚑 ambulances

📌 Truck containing medical su...
Unprecedented number of attacks on health care:

A total of 4⃣7⃣3⃣ verified attacks 💥 on health care have been recorded leading to at least 98 deaths and 134 injuries while that number continues to rise.

Health care is #NotATarget

📌 Illustration of a bomb fall...
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We now have the highest rate of economic inactivity due to long-term health issues for over 20yrs - almost 2.4m people

This is increasingly due to #MentalHealth, something I spent 18 frustrating months advising the DWP on a few years ago

Here's where things are going wrong...🧵
First of all, there are a whole range of factors causing more people to struggle with their mental health:
-poverty & inequality
-poor living conditions
-loneliness & isolation
-the impact of the pandemic
-stressful & insecure work
-difficulty accessing mental health support
These issues need to be tackled through concerted action across national & local government, services & communities

However, the DWP has a key role to play in providing financial support to people who are struggling & (for now) trying to help people back into employment 3/11
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How’s your #mentalhealth today?

Ask yourself and ask a friend. #askthequestion

#disability #mentalhealth #identity

What do you see? 101/1924 790/1924 624/1924 579/1924 ImageImageImageImage
#askthequestion I’ll go first

I’m feeling frustrated to realise that #Twitter shortened a url and I didn’t notice, shared a dead link to my #nftart a few times. Proof: not a #bot!

Feeling anxious about some things next week. Trying not to lose myself.

How about you?
926/1924 926/1924
Offline #answer, shared with permission: #askthequestion

‘I’m #struggling a bit in all honesty. I’m just so #tired all the time and having trouble bouncing back from the whole #heatwave after #heatwave situation’
#disability #identity


101/1924 Image
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Since releasing the Seclusion Report I can’t count how many times I’ve heard of #MentalHealth nurses saying ‘it’s not possible to eliminate seclusion & restraint because of occupational violence’.

I call bullshit on that excuse, and here’s why… 🧵

The cause of seclusion is not because we’re aggressive towards you.

The cause is *your* violent practice—and the larger violent system you work in.

Yep sometimes we’re aggressive towards you. That’s because


So maybe stop that.

What do I mean by threat? You lock us up, force treatments, impose punitive infantilising rules, ignore & judge us, breach our rights. It’s normal to fight back against that.

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Six months of war. A thread about my personal experience and what I've been up to. 1/n

#war #ukraine #russia
2/ Day 0 I woke up early morning. Took my phone and saw
@meduzaproject headline "Война" - War. These five letters since then burned into my brain. This moment set a point in a my mind where past no longer exists.
3/ The first thing I did is called @bulletoleg if he is up. This was just thirty minutes after the first bombs fell on the Kyiv. thirty mile traffic jam stretched from east to the west #Kyiv. All gas stations were empty. Oleg was not able to evacuate.
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Today is International #YouthDay

Healthy behaviours that start in adolescence make healthy adults:
-Healthy diet
-#NoTobacco nor alcohol use Image
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death & disability among adolescents (10-19 years)

In 2019, nearly 100,000 adolescents died because of road traffic accidents.

Half of all #MentalHealth disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected & untreated


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