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We are getting ready, here.
Looking forward to hearing what's been going on in @NHSDigital

@RoyalStatSoc Image
Chris Roebuck from @NHSDigital kicked us off with an introduction to and summary of NHS Digital’s role generally and specifically in relation to the COVID situation.

Don't worry, the session is being recorded and is running with a streamed transcript for accessibility. Image
Sharon Thandi begins with a discussion about a follow-up survey about #mentalhealth that started in 2017 Image
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1. Climate anxiety: the climate crisis is even scarier from a child's perspective; 6 out of 10 say they feel betrayed by their governments.

40% of young people worldwide are hesitant to have children due to climate change.

Thread: How can you help?…

2. Recent research found that anxiety of the youth is related to perceived government inaction.

#climatecrisis #youth #anxiety #climateanxiety #mentalhealth #environment #nature #climatechange #ClimateAction…

3. A UNICEF report published last month provides some context to understand these perceptions of young people better.

The report found that approximately 1 billion children live in one of the 33 countries classified as "extremely high-risk.”…
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I am an inpatient on a psych ward but have been in general hospital for a couple of weeks. I was told at 5:30 I have a CTR tomorrow and that I should attend via teams. I don’t think this is enough notice and not an appropriate 1/2 #mentalhealth #Autism
place to have it. I’ve said I’m not willing to attend under such circumstances but apparently it can’t be rescheduled or cancelled. Surely I’m not being unreasonable? Everyone else must have known in advance that it was happening #mentalhealth #Autism
Update: They’ve listened and it’s been cancelled and will be rescheduled. I am really pleased
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Looking forward to an interesting debate on who will ultimately be responsible for delivering on the government's #LevellingUp Agenda #LevellingUpDilemma
First speaker @jillongovt gives an overview on the decisions the government needs to make on how #LevellingUp will be delivered #LevellingUpDilemma
Rutter looks back to her time at #DEFRA. Says the talks on #LevellingUp "has some of the hallmarks of #SustainableDevelopment conversations in early 2000s" - with all Departments paying lip service to Sustainable Development, but no real deliverables #LevellingUpDilemma
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🧵Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and here at PBS we firmly believe in speaking openly and honestly about #mentalhealth and mental illness. Here’s some resources to inform and support you or someone you know. (1/7)… (From @Rewire_dot_org)
Social distancing and isolation during COVID-19 has had a profound impact on those struggling with mental illness. Here's ways to stay safe during these times. (From @Rewire_dot_org) (2/7)…
This 3-digit hotline has made asking for help much easier and is working to reduce the stigma around mental health issues when asking for help. (From @Rewire_dot_org) (3/7)…
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Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay 

#Suicide is a global public health issue.
All ages, sexes and regions of the world are affected.

There is a lot we can do to prevent suicide
Do you know someone who may be considering #suicide?
Reach out. Offer help.
Let them know you care.


1 in 100 deaths is by #suicide.

Every year, more people die as a result of suicide than HIV, malaria or breast cancer - or war and homicide.


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Why did it take a Gujarat resident 8 years to receive his son’s death claim?

A resident of Anand, Gujarat tragically lost his 22 year old son in 2013 to poor health. He went on to file a ₹5 Lakh death claim with his son’s life insurance policy, where he was the nominee.
However, his claim was denied by the insurance company on the grounds that the deceased was suffering from mental health issues for which he was hospitalized- a detail that had not been disclosed to the insurance company.
The problem was, insurance companies usually keep coverage for mental illness outside the purview of Health and Life Insurance policies. This has long been a point of contention, even though the 2017 Mental Healthcare Act expanded insurance coverage to mental illness.
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Did your @croakeynews bulletin land this morning? It's a cracker! Leading our coverage this week is @lindadoherty21, reporting from #21OPCC on calls to get political on structural barriers including racism, colonialism and transphobia to end-of-life care…
Also featuring is @nmackee2, reporting from #wcepi2021 on the imperative for epidemiology to act in the era of #COVID19 on misinformation and #fakenews…
In this piece, I digest the latest in #climatehealth news, leading with @healthy_climate's RUN survey of HCWs on health and the #ClimateCrisis…
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🧵⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ greatly appreciates the recent action taken by ⁦@USDOL⁩ to help protect patients with a #mentalillness.…

#MentalHealth #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthParity Image
2/ “The DOL action fining United Behavioral Healthcare & United Healthcare $13.6 million is indicative of the widespread violations by health insurers of state & federal #mentalhealth & #substanceusedisorder parity laws, including the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act”
3/ @AmerMedicalAssn wrote:

“We urge the @USDOL, as well as the states, to increase efforts to review plans on a regular basis to ensure they are in compliance with MHPAEA and hold them accountable if they are not.”
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1/I have joined Twitter under a pseudonym because this tweet makes my blood boil. #Homophobic #bullying, which went unchallenged at primary and secondary school, is what led to my daughter declaring she was a boy. Only then she was protected.
2/Only then was there #safeguarding. But it was I who was seen as the safeguarding risk. Her rapid #mentalhealth decline was not of interest. Because #transgender children are magical and special. #safeguarding no longer applies.
3/Our #stonewalldiversitychampion school told me I was the problem: a bigot, a fantasist, a danger to my child. Our #GP did not help, our #MP did not help, our #localcouncil did not help. Instead they recommended parenting courses, for me.
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My experiences of #mentalhealth emergencies have been many and varied, but they have ALL been made worse by a huge fear of being misunderstood or not heard. The absolute terror of being dismissed or ignored when in a crisis has been worse than the crisis itself.
The fear is not irrational. For me it became embodied through experience - experience of being denied care, being completely misunderstood, being hung up on by 111 & 999 because unable to stop crying enough to say your date of birth. Of being left without a support net at all.
I can barely explain the terror of your compellingly urgent and totally life-threatening experience being unknowable, uninteresting, unimportant or un-hearable to others. It's traumatic and makes help-seeking terrifying for fear of it happening again
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THREAD: Too often people, organisations and society in general believe #mentalhealth to be merely mean suicide. Or suicidal feelings. It doesn't. Trust me on this.
That is not to say those feelings do not materialise, because they do, as 21/12/18 will always remind me of...
...but it is so much more than that. In fact, I would suggest suicide is the headline, but so much more attention needs to be focused on other aspects of #mentalhealth.
Let me explain.
#mentalhealth drains you. It tires you out. It makes you question your self-worth...
...the simple things become impossible, scary, an obstacle. Not because you don't want to do them. You do. But you can't. And if anyone asks why, you have no reason. You cannot explain. That makes you feel worse. Upset. Useless. Been there, done that, boy have I got the T-shirt..
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I’ll cap #OverdoseAwarenessDay with this. Data show there was no correlation between Rx opioid dispensing and the drug overdose death rate in 38 states & D.C (represented by the dots) in 2018. The closer R-squared (R^2) is to 1, the stronger the correlation. Here R^2 is 0.00002.
0.00002 is VERY VERY far from 1, indicating that the Rx opioid dispensing rate from state to state had no effect on drug overdose numbers.
Explanation of the data: In simple linear regression, R-squared is known as the correlation coefficient, on a scale of 0-1, 1 being a perfect linear correlation and 0 being no correlation.
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The US drug overdose death count in 1999 was 16,849. This number has increased almost every year since then (2018 was the only decline) and is estimated to exceed 93,000 overdose deaths in 2020.

Here’s a @CDCgov source showing drug overdose deaths from 1999-2017.
This other data set from the @CDCgov shows the contributors. Since the mid-2010’s, a large % of drug overdose deaths was caused by fentanyl. Meth, cocaine, Rx opioids & benzos have contributed too.

👉🏾Exclusively limiting Rx opioid distribution has failed to solve the epidemic.
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The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Children with reading difficulties are at greater risk of developing mental health problems later in life, including depression & anxiety. Source:
The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Non-readers are 28% more likely to report feelings of depression, and about 1.3 million people in the UK say they rarely read because of depression. Source:
The importance of #readingforpleasure on our #mentalhealth from @readingagency #edutwitter
Reading for pleasure increases self-esteem, the ability to cope with difficult situations & is associated with better sleeping patterns. Source:
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15 past-Presidents of the world's leading Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco have issued a joint statement. It is a masterful review of evidence on nicotine vape safety, efficacy for smoking cessation, and teen use.…
15 past-Presidents of @srntorg agree:

Vaping increases smoking cessation. This impact could be much larger if:

- public health paid more attention to adult smokers

- smokers received accurate information on relative risks

"That is not happening."…
15 past-Presidents of @srntorg agree:

"The need to pay attention to ADLT smokers is particularly important from a #SocialJustice perspective."

Today’s smokers are disproportionately:
-lower income
-LGBTQ community
-People with #MentalHealth issues…
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Meiner Erfahrung nach glauben viele Menschen, dass #Depressionen eine Art »Ich hab‘ ne Krise«-light sind.

Sie unterschätzen, dass die Krankheit das Leben eines bislang aktiven und glücklichen Menschen komplett zum Stillstand bringen — und dann in Grund und Boden verwüsten kann.
Deshalb reagieren sie irritiert, wenn eine Person keine Kraft dafür hat, sich zu duschen, eine Tasse Kaffee zu kochen oder etwas Frisches anzuziehen. Sie *können* es nicht nachvollziehen — und reagieren entsprechend.
Viele wissen nicht, dass die Krankheit tödlich sein kann, weil sie Depressionen und Suizidalität nicht als Ursache und Wirkung kennengelernt haben.

Sie glauben, Suizid sei immer eine Stressreaktion — und nicht die fatale Folge einer Krankheit, die alle treffen kann.
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How I approach my own mental health is not the only way and with everything difficult, it’s a journey. So please don’t view anything you differently to me as wrong!

But what do I actually do to take care of my #mentalhealth? (1/8)
1) Understand that there will be very good and very bad days. These may come at random times and without reason. It’s about riding the rollercoaster
2) Take breaks! (Yes - I don’t listen to my own advice)
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🚨 PAHO Press Briefing on #COVID19 🦠 in the Americas 🌎 August 18, 2021 🔊…
Over the last week, 1.4 million COVID-19 cases 🦠 and nearly 20,000 deaths were reported in our region 🌎

COVID infections 🦠 are accelerating across North America, where routine surveillance has confirmed that the ✳️ Delta variant has become the dominant strain based on the variant of concern sequences reported over the past month.

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How I Saved My Life & Self Healed Alone From 28 Years of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Thread

I'm lucky to be alive. I want to live, a healthy life. I want to serve and give. I want to help change things. I need to speak.

#trauma #mentalhealth #ptsd #cptsd
Just wanna say, this thread was inspired by many inc @timferris @DrGaborMate @naval @shl @jackbutcher et al + @BenSessa @RickDoblin @MAPS & especially @paytonnyquvest @NuminusWellness - he & I share a similar story, and he's inspired me to share mine sooner than I thought I would
I was going to wait until later in life to share my story. But today, I'm dealing with more breathing problems, and I feel I can't hold in what I have to say anymore. I've been fighting for my life since I was a child, literally. After 24 years, not anymore. Almost free, finally.
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A #MentalHealth resources 🧵:

Scroll through to see the mental health resources available to veterans and their loved ones.

RT because you never know in your life who might need this information.
The Veterans Crisis Line is available 24/7 to help any veteran experiencing a #MentalHealth crisis.

• Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1
• Visit
• Text 838255
Vet Centers allow participants to discuss how they feel with other veterans in community-based counseling centers.

Call 1-877-927-8387 or click below to get started.
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It's great to see more projects launching on #AcademicMentalHealth
Over time we can look forward to learning from them and applying findings to our practices.
Today I'd like to look back on how we got to this point as many working and studying in unis don't know the history /1
It's so important that #AcademicMentalHealth is being recognised more widely (in some spaces at least) but we need to acknowledge this hasn't come from nowhere and is rooted in a whole range of problems, prejudices and oppositions /2
Using my own work as an example, let's go back to the 90 and 00s when I was doing my PhD and postdoc on sensitive topics. I had no provision made for my own safety, or my participants. I kept asking for this. Minoritised scholars had written on this, but there wasn't much /3
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